master / mastery

one who lets energy serve them; 
wisdomsovereign being;  the fully integrated Selfdivine self;  divinity;

< New Earth 1 > But your history, your lineage, goes much further into the universe. It goes into all of creation. This time on Earth has been but a blink of the eye. You have lived under the veil not knowing who you were, not even believing when the great masters came to tell you. When the angels appeared at night you did not believe their words. The duality, the veil, was so strong that each of you continued to choose to return to Earth lifetime after lifetime. You returned for something that would eventually benefit the whole of creation - that would benefit all of One.

< New Earth 10QA > In terms of the Lost Children of Christ, we are referring here to primarily the Christ consciousness, and indeed you have walked with many masters, but you have equally become frustrated with as many masters. That has been appropriate, my friends, for the days of following are long gone. Most who are in this room have followed masters of various types. Most have become frustrated, perhaps not with the master him or herself, but rather with what has been done with the teachings subsequently. Most of you that are here tonight and reading this have walked away from all spiritual involvement, from all religious involvement in total disgust and have walked a lonely and difficult path. Most of you who are here and reading this have vowed to find the Truth from within, and that is why we are here tonight.

< Creator 6QA > We call you Lightmasters because we see you as Lightmasters. We know there is much work that you do, but indeed you are the ones who are the "Masters." The entities who are the outer circles tonight, who have never been to earth before, see you as the Masters. It is difficult for you to see yourself in such a lofty role. But as we have said earlier, there are four issues and the fourth one is self-worth. Dear friends, look deeper into this area. Begin to understand that the work you do as Lightworkers, is at the very leading edge. You are at the very leading edge of this transformation of void into creation. It is why we call you the Lightmasters and we use the terms together; workers and masters.

< Creator 8 > The ones who you call angels and perceive as having wings on which to fly call each of you the Masters, Masters of the Journey. You have been on a long, long, long journey away from Home. You have been away from the First Creation for longer than we even care to remember. Those who are still Home, as well as those who have crossed through the Wall of Fire but are not in human form have so much honor for what you are doing!

< Ascension 1 > The final adjustments to this grid will take place in the next year or so. There is not a firm and hard date when this will completed. It is not like having a building that is christened on a certain day. But you will find, in particular for the next one year until August, 2002, that the final work is being done on the grids. What that means to you is that parts of yourself, your divine self, that have not been available up to now, are now available. It will now start to come in. You and others - other grand, human masters - have been attempting to pull this in, and sometimes you have been frustrated, because it has not been fully available. But we are here to tell you on this day that now that the final adjustments are being made to the grid, it is now possible to pull in these deepest parts of Self. You pull this in through you breathing.

< Ascension 8 > We have all sought other masters. We have all sought other gurus. Oh, in my days, which I like speaking about… in my days we followed masters. We followed prophets. We followed other entities even as humans do today. But, this group, Shaumbra, the ones who have taken the long road, the lonely road at times and the quiet road… ah, you have learned so well that there is only one master. And, I, Tobias, am looking at it right now. That master is YOU.

< Ascension 9 > We all told stories of journeys back in our days. That is how we explained things. That is how we expressed enlightenments. And, indeed, even Siddhartha had four realizations… and four enlightenments… and met four humans on the road. It is not just I, Tobias, that does that! (some audience laughter). There is a significance to the number of "four." It is the New Energy. And, there is a significance to any story of Shaumbra on the road. When Shaumbra is on the journey for truth, you are accompanied by the ones who call YOU master. They go by the name of Yeshua, and Metatron, and Gautama and all of the others.

< DivineHuman 6 > St. Germaine is the master of alchemy and the master of change. St. Germaine did not conform to the Old ways, but rather said, "There is a better way here on Earth." He experimented with energies and practiced his alchemy while he was alive as a human on Earth. St. Germaine went through his own type of ascension process while he was on Earth. He learned how to glide between lifetimes and to meld lifetimes together. He learned how to break down the barriers of remembering from one lifetime to the other.

< DivineHuman 11QA > You see, you have shunned it - so much of the healing, so much of the abundance - you have shunned. You thought this was the way of the Master. We tell you the true Master brings in every tool and every resource that she or he needs in that moment, in that moment, not stockpiled, but brought into that moment. Allow yourself this natural, spiritual phenomena - to have it come to you. We will say this over and over until you truly begin to understand it.

< NewEnergy 11 > You are not who you think you are! You are a Grand Master. We do not call ourselves "masters" on this side of the veil. It is a title reserved for you… always… the ones who went first… the ones who went through all of the difficulties and the challenges of placing yourself in a physical body and limiting yourself to 3-D reality… and then forgetting, not only who you were on this side of the veil, but forgetting who you were in each lifetime. We want you to remember now and allow yourself to remember the grandness of who you are because in the grandness is also a certain amount of humbleness, is also a certain amount of quiet.

< NewEnergy 11 > Kathume has been called a Master, for in his last incarnation on Earth, he was able to help balance his own energies. He was able to do something that we are going to talk to you about today. It was in a different time and a different era on Earth, and much of what he learned and taught others went unheard. But, the time is right now for Kathume to come back, for Kathume to come out and play.

< NewEnergy 11 > He helps to bring in the energies of wisdom and love together at the same time. He comes to this gathering of Shaumbra today in his golden robe of cashmere, walking through the group here - walking through even to the ones who are connecting on the Internet - sharing his love, and sharing his compassion. He will be spending quite some time now with each of you, helping you with this whole area of energy balancing in the New Energy, the ability to go between the worlds, the world of the New and the world of the Old. Indeed, he is a Master of this.

< NewEnergy 11QA > We use the term "Christ consciousness" quite broadly. And, at its core it would mean a "crystal consciousness" or a "clear consciousness," not held back by things such as karma and such as duality in its simplest state. Yeshua - or also known as Jesus - was one of the first to come in with this energy of Christ consciousness. So many of you helped to bring in the initial seeds of this several thousands of years ago. It created a potential on Earth at the time that would grow and grow and grow.

The Christ consciousness is not a person. It is an attribute of clarity and simplicity and moving beyond duality. And, it can be embodied and brought into your everyday life. Quite simply it has been brought in by many of those who you have called Masters, such as Buddha, and such as Mohammed, and such as Yeshua. All held within them the Christ consciousness, but it could not be expressed as fully and demonstrated in life as you can now do. So, the Christ consciousness is clarity and release from the past. It is, at its core, also energies coming back into balance and expanding once again.

< Embodiment 6 > Yes, you are learning for yourself also. Oh, you are growing in ways that are difficult for you to see sometimes. You are moving into realms, into dimensions and experiences that no human has ever gone into before. You are moving into areas of the spiritual and divine that not even the masters of old went into… you see. You are moving into areas of knowingness and of inner connection that the masters didn't have. They are in awe of what you are doing. They are in awe of who you are.

< Embodiment 8 > In my lifetime as Count Saint-Germain I worked with many different small groups. I called them my "radiance groups." Many of you participated in those. I worked with groups in my lifetime, such as the Rosicrucians, the Free Masons. I worked with the Knights Templar, the friends of the Templar, and the Illuminati… and many others. Our theory was to have these small - what are now known as - secret groups dispersed all around Europe with a few in America, and to provide a type of radiance, a type of continuing energy that would keep the enlightened ones, what we call the "walking masters"… I don't ever want to hear you call me a "master." You are the Masters, the walking Masters. These radiant groups were put in place to send energy out to all of you, whether you were involved in that group or not. It was like a lamppost or an energetic plug-in along the way. So, the work has been difficult.

< Clarity 8 > You are the ones who are the masters, as we have called you, and as you perhaps may recall, a master is one who lets energy serve them.

< Teacher 3 > Those who study at the New Earth library will study your consciousness, will feel your experience. They will understand the wisdom that you gained. Then they will go off on their own. They will come to Earth, for all must pass by way of Earth. It is written. It is known. All must pass by way of Earth before they can go off to the Third Circle. So what you are doing here Shaumbra is indeed significant. Indeed, you are the Masters. You are the first to go through this, and I, Tobias, ask you never to forget that.

< Teacher 10QA > By default, Shaumbra, when you have these entity visits, you feel an energy lingering around and particularly feeding off of you, by default it is going to be an aspect of yourself first. It is going to be one of these disassociated or parts of you that is still lingering. A part from another lifetime perhaps, but very often an aspect of you even from this lifetime. You are so clever, you're such a grand creator that you can disguise even these entities as something outside of yourself, but understand it is part of you.

Now, with any of these entities, whether they are a part of you or outside of you, you - the essence who exists in this Now moment, the one who is conscious of these thoughts - is the Master ... is the Master in the moment - in every moment - and you can literally demand that these entities leave. If it is an external entity, which does happen - they will play games with you at times, pretend that they have control or power over you - simply demand from your place of mastery that they leave. They have to, by the way. And if they don't leave the first time because they don't necessarily believe you - why should they believe you when you don't believe yourself? - demand three times. Use the I am. "I am the Master. I demand you leave. I am the Master." You say it long enough to yourself, even, you might even begin to believe it! But use those simple words.

Now if it is an aspect of yourself, let that aspect know that you are the Master. Let them know that they are simply an aspect and without you they are nothing. Feel the energy of that aspect. Feel where it is blocked or wounded or hurt and then release that energy. You're not trying to annihilate that aspect, you are releasing its blocked energies. "I am the Master, therefore, I release the blocked, wounded or distorted energies of you."

Now, you are tougher to deal with than an external energy because you know all of your tricks. You know your shortcomings and weaknesses, and that aspect entity is going to try to fool you. It's going to try to tell you all sorts of things; that it can't leave until you give it all of these things; it's going to lay a guilt trip on you; it's going to try to fool you, perhaps even tell you that it's not you. But again, you go back to "I am the Master, therefore I release all energies that no longer serve me - and you don't serve me! So I release you back to your pure essence."

Simple as that. If you get more complicate than that; if you get into long discussions with these entities; if you allow them to keep coming back; if you give them an inch, they'll take a foot. "I am the Master and I release you from your blocked energies. And so it is." It's that simple. They will go away.

< QuantumLeap 4> When you truly understand the law of soul attraction or consciousness attraction, you'll never again have to expend your energy on the little things, on those little annoying details. They're just going to be there. The Masters understand this, and you, Shaumbra, are beginning to understand it and apply it in your life. Allow this to come into your life so that you too can show others how easily this works. The Law of Attraction is not a mental exercise. It's not visualization or affirmation. Those are mental exercises and they're going to eventually get you very, very frustrated and again believing that you're not a creator. Feel, sense and choose what it is that your soul or your consciousness chooses to attract.

< QuantumLeap 5 > So here's the fine point, an important point: It's not yours, but yet can you be such a Master and so bold that you can feel it, that you can live it, that you can breathe it in, that you can embody it and understand it's not yours? That is a Master.

< QuantumLeap 7 > It should be no struggle at all. It should be one simple conscious breath, or many if you choose. You don't have to beg for it. You don't have to worry about your technique. It should come from the heart. The moment you take that breath of receiving, an amazing process starts. The process starts at a high consciousness level, a multidimensional, inner personal level that begins opening you up. It is done in the form of consciousness, which is perhaps the highest form of anything. And again, remember consciousness itself is not energy. Consciousness works with energy. Consciousness is the master of energy. Consciousness helps to stimulate energy, which has been resting in a neutral state waiting for its orders.

< QuantumLeap 7 > This is not what you would call a theory. This is the way that consciousness and energy work. They have always worked this way and they will always work this way. Consciousness is divine. Divine is the Master, and the Master sums up all of the energies to serve it. You are consciousness. You are the Master. You take that breath of receiving … let's do it again - the conscious breath of receiving ...

< Returning 6QA > Important, one word: Leadership. Leadership - for yourself first. Lead yourself. It sounds strange, but humans don't generally lead themselves. But for you here, you're in a kind of an interesting - I don't want to say conflict, but you have about five different dynamics going on around you and there's no leader to make the choices and to lead the energy. These are all within you, of course, not external. Leadership within yourself, then more leadership within your family.

< Master 3 > So anyway, Shaumbra, you come to the point here in getting back into trust with yourself. Every part of you - your body, mind, spirit, your aspects, the God within, your divinity, every potential experienced and not, every potential to be - truly wants to serve you. It is you. It is you.

I'm going to be encouraging you to constantly go back to trust. Not control. The captain of a ship controls their ship; but you as the captain of your own destiny, you don't need to control. You're going to turn out to be the dreamer, the creator, the imagination being, and let all the rest of the parts do their thing to support that. It doesn't need a lot of structure. It needs heart. It needs feeling. It doesn't need the brain looking at how to create patterns to get a few extra dollars in your life. This is about living in passion, manifesting in a much simpler way - much, much, much simpler way.

< Master 7 > I said it's only a Master that can provide true service. Everyone else is a slave. So, dear Shaumbra, you've had this slave mentality - letting others enslave you, enslaving yourself - and how could you possibly be in service when you're a slave? You can't. You're a slave. When you rise above that, when you get to the point that we're at right now, you let all that go. You become aware that you are the Master. You're not aspiring to it, you are. You're aware of it rather than in search of it. Then you can really be in service. Then we can talk about changing the consciousness of Earth. Anything else is just Old Energy.

< e2012 3 > When you think about who on this planet are the ones that you would want leading, who are the true Standards, whether it's in government or religion or business, there's not a lot of them out there right now. That can be changed. That can be changed by you becoming your own leader. And that's why I said this is a big one. This is probably … whereas you get an "A" on your religion, you probably get a "C-," maybe even lower, on your self-leadership. That's one of the lower rankings. You haven't allowed yourself to lead. You've got a pack of aspects that are kind of, well, it's like the prisoners running the asylum in a way.

< e2012 3 > So your own leader of yourself - that's a difficult one, because you don't necessarily trust you. You probably wouldn't elect you if you were running for office. You're not sure if you have what it takes to be your own leader, so you defer all the time. You defer to someone else, something else, another time. You're deferring right now, say, "Well, I understand what Adamus is saying, but I'll think about it tomorrow," and you don't. So there's a lack of leadership. It's a boat without the rudder, no sail, no steering wheel, no engine, no anything. It's just drifting.

< e2012 3 > These are all happening right now, and they're all happening within you simultaneously. You see the correlation? You can change the planet, or you can contribute to the change that people are asking for on this planet, by taking it within yourself, by developing your own leadership, by bringing in New Energy, by allowing abundance, by everything we've talked about today. It's not about going out and joining some political action committee or renewing your membership in some energy holder group. It is about doing these things on the list for yourself. For you.

< e2012 6 > A long time ago you chose ascension, self-realization, knowing yourself as God also, not dependent on anyone else, not contingent on you knowing you're God also. You can be a Master. It shouldn't have to be. It doesn't matter. Compassion is the acceptance that she's absolutely experiencing it how she wants to. You're actually both ascended. You already are. There's no time and space.

So you've already ascended. Now, the soul says, “Yeah, well, that was great, but how did I get there? What wisdom did I accumulate through my experiences to get to this ascension?”

What you have right now is kind of an incomplete ascension. I mean, it's completed, but the experience of how you got there – that's absolutely up to you. Absolutely up to you how you want to get there. You want to do it on your hands or knees? Or you want to do it with a big, happy, rich smile on your face? Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter.

< e2012 6 > So here I am in service as a Master. I have a saying that only a Master can be in service; everyone else is a servant. They're on their hands and knees beholden to someone else. A Master, once he has that realization – “I Am that I Am, nothing else matters” – then the Master can be in service just for kicks and grins. That's all. That's all.

I love being in service, but I'm not obligated to it. It doesn't really matter if you choose to sit here and listen to me or not. It really doesn't because I'm not invested in the outcome. I'm doing this because it's enjoyable. It's amusing, truly is. I have a good time, but because also we've traveled together over a long period of time, and I kind of like all of you, all of you too. Actually, I'll go so far as to say that I actually love each and every one of you.

< e2012 8 > And then, suddenly, you're just being. You're not trying to perfect anything. You're not trying to find yourself. Now you're just being. In that, the creative energies that we talked about earlier rush in now. The mind can slow down. The need to try to make things right or perfect or in some sort of delusional ideals of old gurus goes out the window. That's when you can sit here today and say, “I am the Master. I don't care what they say, I am the Master. I am the Master.” It's that simple.

< freedom 1 > “Only a Master can be in service. Everyone else is but a servant.” Master is free and can give and share with others freely and openly and lovingly without any sense of obligation or need to get anything back. It's an amazing thing, but a very hard thing, particularly if you have children, spouses, other people relying on you. One of the greatest human excuses for not having freedom is, “Well, my kids need me.” Actually, they don't.

< freedom 2 > You've heard me say before, “Only the Master can be in service. Everyone else is but a servant.” It's true. Only the Master with total compassion can be there in service, because the true Master doesn't really have an agenda about the outcome. The Master is doing it just because. The Master doesn't really care if the student graduates, because the Master understands that it is up to the student. The Master is there simply for the joy of being present during the student's learning experiences. The Master is there not to tell the student what to do. The Master is there to be a presence. To be the I Am.

Often the student doesn't even see the Master; doesn't want to, even though the Master is there. Oftentimes, the student tries to emulate the Master, to be like the Master, to copycat the Master, and when that happens, with the true Masters, they leave. They step aside, because they realize, first of all, they don't want anybody to be like them. Sovereign is sovereignty, period. Secondly, the Master doesn't want any student to get attached, so they will leave. Oh, to the great disappointment and to the great consternation of the student. But they will leave.

< freedom 2 > However, if a loving balanced Master, who is in their I Am energy, happens to just want to go there – energetically or by airplane – wants to go there and do nothing more than just stand on the street corner breathing and shining their presence, because their presence is so balanced, that illuminates potentials. Potentials. And one of the things I want to really drive home today is potentials.

< freedom 2 > First of all, being a Master, enlightened, is self-appointed. You don't go to Enlightenment College and get a degree. It's truly self-appointed. There's not a committee of angels up there that is going to judge you. Well, that would be anti-enlightenment. It's yourself. Only yourself. When you're ready, when you say, “I'm enlightened,” then you are. It changes everything.

< freedom 3 > The esteemed beings that I hang around with, they do not want you doing enlightenment like they did or like I did. They have no concept of living ascension. They have no idea. The energy is very different, consciousness is different, and the word “enlightenment” is different. I'll tell you right now one thing I do know by watching you, you, as an enlightened being, are not going to be a bliss ninny. You're not.

No. You're going to be real. You're going to be in life. You are going to be more clear and more arrogant and stronger than I am with you! No truly. Why? Because as an enlightened being living on the planet, your tolerance level is going to be low. And you probably thought enlightened beings just had all of this patience. Not at all. You're going to have less patience than I do. No patience. Why? Because you are going to know it can be done. There are no excuses. You did it.

< freedom 3 > You've been modeling yourself after Yeshua. There is this model also of Yeshua as this holier than thou being. He wasn't. He fornicated. He drank. He got drunk and puked. Yes! No, he really did! And he told racist jokes. He told politically incorrect jokes about the Romans. Wouldn't you have if you lived in Jerusalem back then?! It's like, “Hey, did I tell you about the Roman who …” So that's a model that's imprinted into many of you. And then you hear the stories of walking on water. That was totally fabricated. And the stories of the healing. Yeshua was the first to say he wasn't a healer, but he knew how to bring out the healing within you.

< freedom 3 > He knew how to get so laser focused, and he wasn't necessarily nice about it. If a beggar or a sick person would come up to him, he didn't do the “oh you poor thing.” He's like, “Are you going to heal yourself or not?!” And he would look them straight in the eye, and when they started doing the mumbo-jumbo, he would laser focus on them until they felt it within themselves. And then he would basically say to them, “When I see you next time you better be dead or healed!” You laugh! That is what you're going to be doing, because you're not going to have the patience for all the games, all the feeding that's going on, all the excuses.

< freedom 3 > You're not going to have the patience for it. You're going to say, “Get rid of the old models, the old concepts of what you thought enlightenment is going to be.” Let those go – this state of perfection or turning lead into gold or any of the rest of those things. It's all child's play.

< freedom 3 > If you had an actual Standard right now – one person – that you'd say, “Ah, it could be done,” but they haven't come out to you yet. There have been a few. There have been a few. They're wise. There was one recently, a young man in Brazil, very young man. Nobody knows about him. He wasn't part of a spiritual group. He lived in a small village. Obviously, he had been working up to this for lifetimes. He didn't have coaching. He didn't have the benefit of Crimson Circle. Suddenly, he just walked into it. He's going to stay quiet for a while. Quiet, for a lot of reason. But if you had one of you that suddenly walked in here next month and suddenly you all knew that this person just got it, it would give you a model or a template.

< freedom 3 > It's probably not going to happen, because you're probably all going to do it at about the same time, general timeframe. But I can tell you right now it will be good. Eh, no that's wrong. It'll be … you use words like awesome, amazing; highly overused words. It will be beyond. It will be so beyond, and it is going to happen.

< freedom 7 > Grace is the ability to receive. Period. That's the definition of grace. A Master allows the energies to serve them. That's grace. Without questioning how much or when. “Do I deserve it? Are there others in need?” No. You don't ask those questions. That's out of grace. Grace … grace is receiving energies without question, without doubt. Grace. A Master allows energies to serve him without question. Without question. Period. That's grace. Pure, simple, beautiful.

< freedom 8 > The few who came before you and became the Masters, the few who came before you never had to take into consideration the use of energy. But you do. What's different about you and the Masters of the past, whether it was Yeshua or Tobias or Buddha or any of the others; what's different? They knew they weren't staying on this planet. There was no consequence, no consideration about using energy. They had the knowingness, in this impending crash with their ascension, their awakening, they had the knowingness that they weren't going to stay. But here you are, becoming Embodied Masters, Masters in awakening, and energy will be a way of life for you.

< freedom 8 > The Masters who came before you, they did not need to learn about energy – energy applied here on Earth – but my friends, dear Masters, we teach this now to each and every one of you, because energy will be your tool, guided by your consciousness and your awareness, brought forth to you in your own life, with the knowingness that when it's done once, it could be repeated. In other words, if you do it, others who come next will be able to do it also. As Bringers of Energy, you're going to bring it into your life. You're going to feel it in all of its different elements and states, sensations and responses.

< freedom 9 > What is embodied enlightenment? – very few can actually give an answer. But the interesting thing is you may not be able to give the answer from right here (head), but you already know. That's why it is such a passion, such a desire. You have such an insatiable desire for this thing we've called embodied enlightenment. Once you make this true and conscious choice for embodied enlightenment, which I assume most of you have; once you make that choice, you're no longer a student. You are a Master at that point. You are truly a Master, and you start attracting the energies that a Master – and only a Master – can attract.

< Discovery 5 > I talked before about waiting for just five, and there have been a couple actually. But what's been even more impressive is the consciousness within each and every one of you has gotten to the point that it's going to happen. That critical mass has been achieved so that all of us, or all of you who choose, can go to this next level. So it ends. The awakening portion ends. We go to the next level, and that is the mastery portion. Sounds great. Tough in a way, but yes, indeed, great.

< Discovery 5 > So I say it ends because we're not going to be talking about the basics of awakening. I'm not going to be having any tolerance for self-doubt or self-loathing. There is not going to be any allowing of this doubt, which is really actually very self-indulgent. Doubt is extremely self-indulgent. It is a human luxury and hopefully you're beyond. We're going to go beyond the doubt. We're going to go beyond the processing. We're going to go beyond the toe-dabbling, the just tinkering with awakening, and I'm asking for those who want to come to this next level to join me. It's going to be about mastery. Absolute mastery.

< Discovery 5 > I'm going to come to those who are going to go with me, I'm going to come as the Master, but I'm going to require, expect that you come as the Master also. In other words, no “I don't know.” No victims. No energy feeding. No power. So, my dear friends, you have the opportunity – and again, it doesn't matter, this is not about numbers or anything – you have the opportunity to come to this next level. It's going to be, I hope, exhilarating on one hand. It's going to be tougher. I'm going to have no tolerance for those who are still victims, for those who are still thinking about awakening. It's mastery or nothing. Mastery or nothing.

< Discovery 5 > But it is time. There is such a beautiful, beautiful critical mass, I call it, of the Shaumbra consciousness, and it was brought to my attention recently at the Ascended Masters Club. And one of the Ascended Masters asked, “Well how goes that Shaumbra group?” So I thought I'll really check into it. I'll really feel into it. And it even surprised us, delighted us, as we felt into each and every one of you – Where is this entity called Shaumbra? Where are you? – that there was such a critical mass, such a passion and desire. We said it's not about just five, although a couple already have, it's about where you're at. That's when I said, “I'm leaving. I'm leaving so that I can now work with the Masters.” I thought it was going to be just a few. I think it's going to be a few more than that.

< Discovery 5 > It's a big moment for Shaumbra. Big moment. Now, and let's do this without talking or speaking. It's the opportunity to walk out. And it's symbolic of walking out of the old ways, the old life, the old excuses, the old limitations, and walking back through that door as a Master, ready to go into 2014. And mark my words, 2014 is going to need some Masters. Walk back in as a Master. We'll go from there.

< Discovery 5 > The amount of responsibility you accepted when you walked in that door as a Master probably isn't fully yet aware within you, but a tremendous amount of responsibility. Good to see so many of the seats still filled. So much so that each and every one who walked back in through that door I would like to gift you with an Adamus Award. It's the symbol of ascension. It's the spade, which is also about ascension. It's the heart as well, depending which way you turn it.

< Discovery 5 > So how does it end? It ends just like this. It ends with saying farewell to the old ways, saying farewell even to that awakening human, and becoming the Master.

< Discovery 6 > A Master is one who is conscious of their consciousness. They are aware. That's pretty much it. They're aware. You can throw in a lot of other words – enlightened and everything else – but it's really the awareness. Most humans, they know that they are living. Even though they're desperately trying to have feeling in their life, life in their life, they know they're living through their suffering, through their lack, through things they don't have. Oh yes, at times through romance and love and accomplishment, but mostly, mostly they're not aware of themselves. They're not conscious of their consciousness.

< Discovery 6 > Indeed, they get up in the morning and go about their routines – routines that have been very deeply programmed in – but never, if very seldom, do they stop and say, “Ah, I exist. I Am. I Am.” The Master – the Master knows they are conscious, conscious of their consciousness. It's that simple. A simple, simple awareness – “I Am. I exist. Here I am, nothing else matters. Not what came before me, not what happened in another lifetime, not what happened yesterday. It doesn't matter. I Am in this moment.” That's a Master.

< Discovery 6 > And how good it is to address you as Masters. And the first thing I would like to do in our new journey going forward is absolutely release any concept, notion, thought, belief that you had about what a Master was, because it came from the old mind. It came from old archetypical energies, old examples, mentors. That's not what you're going to be. You're not going to be like Yeshua. You're not going to be like any of the other Masters. You are the New Energy Masters.

< Discovery 6 > And even if you don't feel that way right now, even if you have doubts and are questioning it, even if you're thinking, “Well, maybe I'll get there. Maybe I have a little bit of Master. Maybe I'm 42 percent Master right now,” fake it. Like I said, just act it, because there is an energy dynamic associated with consciousness that moves the energies, aligns it towards you. You just start acting like a Master. You start acting in consciousness and then it's there. Yo Soy El Punto. I am the point.” The minute you choose it, you become it. “Yo Soy El Punto. I am this now.” (snap!) You don't think about how you're going to get there. You don't wonder if you got there. You don't question if it's of value getting there. You don't wonder if you have the capability or the talent. “Yo Soy El Punto. I am that point. I become it.”

< Discovery 6 > We released what the concept of a Master was, because, you see, the true Master, the true consciousness of consciousness has just been sitting there waiting. Without power, without force, without having to do any exercises, it's been waiting. Let that true Master come to you without force. See, what happens so often you get, “Okay, now what do I have to do,” and you have that anticipation, that waiting. Waiting for some reaction, waiting for something to come over you. You want that kind of mental high burst, you know, that releasing of chemicals in the brain that gives you that temporary exhilaration. It's not going to happen. It's not supposed to happen anyway.

< Discovery 6 > Because letting that true Master come to you doesn't have any of the old dynamics. It doesn't give you the, oh, those little temporary highs you used to give yourself. I know they were important; they were real nice, but they were kind of artificial. Now you just let it come to you. It doesn't have a power to it or a force, but it's there. You can't think your way into it. It's not about beliefs. Beliefs are really … beliefs are a mental construct with a frosting of power on them. It's not about beliefs. It's about just allowing. That true Master … remember, we let go of the old concepts of a Master, but now the true Master … comes in.

< Discovery 6 > I say “come in,” but it's always been there. But it wasn't integrated. Why? Because you were searching for this Master/God/golden angel/grand powerful being, and you couldn't find it, because that's not what it is. You were looking for something, oh, you could say, to kind of rescue you, something to give you more power. Maybe you never thought of it in that way, but something grander. And the fact is it's not what divinity is or Spirit or I Am-ness. It contains none of that.

< Discovery 6 > But yet those who seek power and a powerful God, powerful angels, they will seek this thing, this very thing that I'm talking about right now, because they think it has power. They think it will give them grandness and greatness. They think it will rescue them. So they seek it and they will not find it. But you, in this state of allowing, in this state of being a Master, you let it come in. In the past, many of you have said, “Oh, I'm not very good at doing this because I never feel anything.” There is no feeling or what you would define as feeling to it. There's not these bolts of lightning and suddenly everything is some sort of nirvana. There's not, because those were old, dealing with mind and power. This – this is real. It's allowing the Master.

< Discovery 7 > There is nothing quite like being here and on this planet; the sensual experiences that one can have. And can you imagine now doing it consciously? Consciously having experiences – experiences of your choosing. It's not that it's going to be without challenges. Mastery does not mean that there's not going to be outside challenges, but there is inside balance. There is … consciousness and mastery is humor. It is humor. Being able to smile and laugh at all of the things going on around you, and even at yourself, with good humor. Not sarcasm necessarily, but with good humor. Smiling. Sarcasm.

< Discovery 9 > First of all, let yourself really, truly feel into all of this – your anger, your frustration, your confusion, be angry at me, if you want – because it's real. It's happening and there's a reason for it; because you're bored, you want something more, but because of still having the boxes and some limitations and the fear of letting go of control, you stay in the pattern. Back to your question, the choice. The choice can be to get out of the rut. But, my friends, when you get out of that old template, when you get into your light body, your divine intelligence, your I Am, it changes everything. And there are so many that want a little change. Mastery is all or nothing. Mastery isn't just a little better matrix than you had last week. It is all or nothing. There's either freedom or there's limitation. There's not kind of free limitation. There's not. And there's really not even limited freedom.

< Discovery 9 > A lot of other things happen. When you live you become a Standard for others. When you live, you have vitality and health and abundance. When you live, you inspire others. But the joy, the passion is just to live – wide out, no brakes on, wide open. So I invite you to take this moment to drink deeply, to eat deeply, to love deeply, to breathe, to experience all of these things deeply. The Master drinks deeply. The unawakened, they drink very shallow. But the Master drinks deeply, fearlessly, without limitations.

< Discovery 10 > So where we are in the New Energy, still surrounded by a world of duality. It is truly a challenge, also an amazing experience, to now be walking and talking as a Master in this New Energy, but still surrounded in a world of duality. Something the other Masters didn’t do. They left. They left the physical body. It was difficult on their physical body. They hadn’t prepared the physical body. As a matter of fact, there was almost a rejection of the physical body. So in their enlightenment, they left shortly afterwards. But you said, “We’re going to stay.” You’ve come to realize that enlightenment isn’t a mental thing. No, no, no. You can read all the philosophy in the world, and none of it will give you the experience of enlightenment that you can give yourself.

< Discovery 10 > But if you're going to go into your true mastery, into enlightenment, that body is going to go with you. That body is going to be integrated, one of the things that the other Masters prior to you did not do. As a matter of fact, they spent many lifetimes trying to deny the body and trying to even manipulate the body, control the body from the mind. It simply does not work. But if you're going to go into true enlightenment, be a true walking Master, it's essential that this body is healthy.

< Discovery 11 > It's a difficult way to live, always worrying about what next, and I ask you simply to take a deep breath and live your own life as best you possibly can, as consciously as you can. Not even trying to stop those who would have their political, religious or financial agendas, but to live your own life in the highest form of embodied mastery. That is what will make the biggest difference on this planet. That's what will add the element to consciousness that's missing in so many places. As I've said over and over again, the greatest thing you can do for this planet, actually for this universe, actually for all of creation, is to be the Master that you truly, truly are.

< Kharisma 2 > The Master understands that it's all happening at one time, many layers and levels; is not trying to filter out the garbage. And there's garbage in here. Not just yours, but coming from this planet, coming from other places, coming from all over – a lot of garbage. The Master doesn't run from it. The Master doesn't distract into non-reality from it. The Master understands it's all of these things that are occurring. That's the beauty of being a Master. You're no longer limited to one or two feelings or thoughts.

< Kharisma 2 > And the true Master is never stuck in any one particular feeling, thought, emotion or experience. It's happening all the time. A true Master can experience it all. The Master feels multiple things and doesn't try to filter them out. That's one of the things the unconscious try to do. They're always trying to filter things out and trying to stay in a certain focus. Not at all. It's all there, everything, and that's the beauty. The masterly state is so free, because you can experience it all. And not just in a linear fashion. Not just one thing at a time. Imagine for a moment being able to experience all of this simultaneously. Ah! That's the amazing thing, a bit hard for the mind to imagine, but it's simultaneously. You're just experiencing in it all at once. It's amazing. Hm.

< Kharisma 2 > There's Yeshua, and that's the true being that lived some 2,000 years ago. It was a, what you would call, the collective consciousness. It was a combination of a lot of beings putting their energy into what you could say a Standard, Yeshua who was truly a Master, Yeshua, who got angry, Yeshua, who had sex, Yeshua, who challenged why he was here, therefore in a way you challenging why you are here, Yeshua that came to plant the Christ seed consciousness – which means the crystal or Christos consciousness – on this planet. There's not too many that actually remember Yeshua, but for most of you, he was your teacher also, as he was mine. He was your teacher. So you could say that there's quite a few in the Ascended Masters Club that had the true Yeshua as their guide, as their teacher, as their Master.

< Kharisma 4 > And in the meantime … and I don't really care because it's happened already anyway. I can see it when I look at you, any of you. It's done. The realization, the mastery, the enlightenment, whatever – it's done. So I'm not worried about it. The only thing that I find painful is when you're just surviving, when you're not truly alive. The only thing that I find difficult is looking at you knowing that it's already there, knowing that you're afraid to realize it, maybe. You're putting it off. You're waiting for that other kernel of corn next to you to pop first to make sure it just doesn't pop and go invisible when it does.

< kharisma 9 > I know you've heard stories of past Masters who they walk into a crowd and suddenly the whole crowd feels blissful. That never happened! (laughter) It really didn't. I couldn't even imagine; unless they were deliberately trying to hypnotize the group, that doesn't happen. When a Master is present, it brings controversy and conflict. It exposes both the light and the dark to the real light. It exposes what has been hidden. It exposes true passion. It exposes something we're going to talk about later today – the true compelling nature of you, of your soul.

< WalkOn 6 > That child that you were, that child that was unsafe at some point is here right now, along with the Master. The Master that some of you would call from the future. But it's not. They're here in this pool with you right now. Those aspects of you that you've struggled with, they're in this pool right now, along with the fully integrated Self that you are. All right here, fully integrated. You know, there doesn't have to be linear time and space. You don't have to stand in the river anymore. You can be in this pool. That child that you were that felt so unsafe can be here right now in the absolute safety of this pool, right with that Master. That Master that you're trying to become is right here. There's no separation. There's no distance. They're all here.

< Emergence 1 > It is the trinity of the Master, the I Am and the human working in unison, for they are the same, but working in unison. The human having its experiences, but now experiences of its choosing and of its joy, the Master always bringing wisdom to everything. And now, instead of wisdom occurring at death or years after an experience, the wisdom occurs simultaneous with the experience. Therefore, no wounds. Therefore, no doubts. It is brought to wisdom in the moment. And the I Am, in its constant radiance of joy, its constant knowingness of the I Exist, I Am, its constant being in its own creation, for true creation is simply the I Am in joy, the human going in to experience that creation, and the Master always bringing it into wisdom and back into the heart of the I Am.

< Emergence 2 > You know, the human component of the trinity – you have the I Am, some would call the soul, the Master, which is the wisdom of all the lifetimes and the future, and then the human – the human I think has the job that's the most fun, because they're all about experience. And the nice thing is when all this was kind of created, you know, this whole I Am/Master/human thing and the I Am sent forth an expression of itself to come to Earth as a human, if you remember this, the I Am – some people call it the soul – the I Am said, “You know, you're the experiential part of me. You're that facet of me that is going to go forth into experience. Not learning. There's nothing to learn. Simply experience for the joy of I Am-ness, existence.” You see, the I Am is like this constant big orgasm.

< Emergence 2 > We get to this point and it's about diving into conscious experience, but experience that has wisdom. So, right now, let's invite in that facet of you. It's been hidden for a long time, but, like me, has always been there. It's never been gone, just been ignored. That facet is called wisdom. The wisdom of every experience you've ever had in this lifetime. It's what I also call the Master. You know, the Master, it's a facet of you. It's always there. Let's call that in right now. How do you do that? Well, it's like choosing the safe space. “I choose awareness of the Master.” And, therefore, it is.