energy balance / energy balancing

energy balance of the entity; their resonance; their power;

< NewEnergy 11 > Kathume has been called a Master, for in his last incarnation on Earth, he was able to help balance his own energies. He was able to do something that we are going to talk to you about today. It was in a different time and a different era on Earth, and much of what he learned and taught others went unheard. But, the time is right now for Kathume to come back, for Kathume to come out and play.

< NewEnergy 11 > He helps to bring in the energies of wisdom and love together at the same time. He comes to this gathering of Shaumbra today in his golden robe of cashmere, walking through the group here - walking through even to the ones who are connecting on the Internet - sharing his love, and sharing his compassion. He will be spending quite some time now with each of you, helping you with this whole area of energy balancing in the New Energy, the ability to go between the worlds, the world of the New and the world of the Old. Indeed, he is a Master of this.

< Teacher 2 > Humans give up their - I'm going to use the word here, initially - power, although power is an illusion. It doesn't exist. It is manufactured. The word "power" itself connotates something very strong that has motion and direction, but power is a lie. It doesn't exist. It has been created as something in the fabric of human consciousness. Put in there, embedded in there, hypnotized in there so that humans actually believe in this thing called power, and by believing in power, they can become dis-empowered. There is no power. There is no power. But humans believe in it so I'll use that word "power." What's really a more accurate representation though, is the words "energy balance."

< Teacher 2 > Everyone, every entity, every being, human or otherwise, has a very specific energy balance. If you take everything about the entity - for instance, your Correspondent - you take a look at all of their experiences, even though they have never been human, they have a very specific energy balance. It is a type of ratio or mix or blend. It is very well orchestrated by the entity's beingness. It has a particular resonance that some of you are going to feel... perhaps in music, perhaps in a vibration, in a variety of different ways... but an entity's energy balance has a resonance. It vibrates or interrelates to itself in a very harmonic way.

< Teacher 2 > What tends to happen though with entities, particularly human entities, is they start giving it away. They start giving away their power, as they would call it, but they just start giving away themselves to others. Now, humans do it every day. They give their energy balance to their spouses, to their bosses. Oh, they'll scream and complain about it all day long - "That boss is the biggest son of bitch that ever lived!" (laughter) - but they are continually giving their energy balance, their energy essence, to that boss. They are playing the game now, and you know what? The boss is feeding on them. The boss is accepting that rather distorted and twisted energy that is coming from the poor employee and feeding on it.

< Teacher 2 > You see when you give your energy away, your energy balance to someone else, all of a sudden you're going to get energy hungry. You're going to want to get some energy, but you're not feeling real good about yourself. You're not feeling worthy, you're not feeling appreciated or, more than anything else, you're not feeling energy balanced. So you're going to go out and get some energy junk food. You're going to go steal some energy somewhere else.

< Teacher 2 > So, Shaumbra, understand that your students, when they come to you, they're going through the same process, and if you confront them on it right away, if you say "You're giving your energy away, you're giving your balance away," they will insist and demand that you're wrong. So listen carefully, through your gnost, how to state it to them. Have them start working on one small thing.

< Teacher 2 > Tell them... right then and there, use that as an example of owning - owning that beautiful hair, owning the beautiful eyes - or whatever it is. Your gnost will know what to tell you.You can focus on that one small and very personal example to help them understand the difference between "giving it away" and "sharing it." You see, so often humans will just give that energy away. They can share it, but they can still own it. You can share the entirety of who you are with every other being, but you don't have to give yourself away, you see. A subtle difference but it makes a huge difference in the personal energy balancing.

< Teacher 2 > Humans give their power away, their energy balance away, in so many different ways. We mentioned the churches. They give it away to a God that they don't know... a God that is some artificial, manufactured creation of human consciousness and religion... and they give it away. "But God may not be happy with what I'm doing..." They have just given their energy balance away, because they are God. When they start projecting it outwards, they're giving it away.

< Teacher 2 > Sometimes... there are many, many reasons for the weight, but sometimes it is because you are out of energy balance with yourself. Therefore, you have to feed somewhere, don't you? Well you feed on literal food and then you store it, trying to re-balance yourself.

< Teacher 3QA > This history, this energy is so strong that it's affected even those who are not in the immediately spiritual family. It has become part of the way of doing things in this region of the world. In a sense you could say that Africa is also taking on many of the problems, many of the darknesses for the rest of the world. It is part of their process of giving it away. They give away what they have and they take everybody else's junk. There was a while when that energy balance served a type of distorted purpose, but it doesn't need to anymore.