giving power / giving your energy balance away

being taken energy;  being fed;
taking junk from others;

< Creator 6QA > There will come a time when you will need to walk through these fears and it will be most difficult and most challenging. See yourself, imagine yourself, or even verbalize to yourself that you are walking through them and understanding that there is resolution, there is a divine balance. Your issues appear so large to you that you can barely fit them into the Oven of Grace. They appear so large and they are so filled with fear that you have turned these issues into giants. The more you give energy to these fears, the more difficult and challenging it will be to walk through them.

Understand that human concerns can be categorized in the areas of relationships; in the areas of abundance; in the areas of health; and the areas of self-worth. Understand that these fears, these issues are not real. They only appear to be real when you give them energy.

< Creator 7 > Now we do not want to get too far off track here with concepts of alternative realities or multiple dimensions. We simply want to reinforce the point that these are you from the past, and they cross over occasionally. The important thing is to know, dear friends, that you are coming full circle in your work. You have gone through traumatic times after crossing through this Wall of Fire. Do not give up your power to another, to any being, to what you would call an alien.

< Creator 7 > Even though this is an aspect of you from the past, it will try to present itself to you and to others as a grand, intelligent being. They will try to tell you - and there is a bit of truth to it - that they are your parent, that they supplied the seed stock for you. Well indeed, they are your past! But do not be deceived that they are grand beings who understand the keys to all things. Dear friends, the vibration of the word "alien" is "a lie." Do not give your power to another. You are so close to completing your circle. This is a time of intensity now, where even you from the past will come back and try to deceive you and belittle you and tell you they are the wise ones. In a sense, even though you are trying to heal this past, it will try to deceive you.

< Creator 7 > First you may come to some fear here. You may wonder what you are really creating, and what is going to happen as a result of your new creation? This fear relates back to the time before you came to Earth. It relates to the shame that you have felt for crossing through the Wall of Fire, for leaving the kingdom. Address this fear. Sit with it in your new house. Understand it and talk to it. This fear could be your best friend, or as a creator this fear could be your worst enemy. This fear, if left unattended, will come back to you. It will come back looking like an alien. (audience laughter) We mean that seriously. If you allow this fear to grow and to have power, it will take you back to places where this fear was birthed.

< Creator 7QA > This accident was a way of jarring and shaking loose some old issues that go way back. The fall literally brought these to the surface. Now you have a situation where old issues have been brought to the surface, because it is time to look at them, to bless them and to heal them. Blaming this on the aliens is giving up your own power. It is giving power back to the very thing we spoke of earlier on this night. It is giving power to 'a lie', giving power to something that does not have power over you. We also ask, why would the aliens want to come into your body and live like that? There are many other places they could go! A fruit tree would be a better place for them to live. (audience laughter) Understand that many of the old imbalances from the past come forward now for you to love and to honor them and to bless them. Then they will go away and you will not be imbalanced. However, if you continue to believe that aliens are running your life, we will gladly sit and watch while you play your game.

< Creator 7QA > You are used to battling fear when it comes in. Your natural reaction is to put it as an opposing energy. Oh indeed, fear will come in and panic and anxiety will come in. These are all appropriate and natural energies now, and will be for a period of time. Instead of battling fear - which gives it power - sit with it when the anxiety of your fearful situation confronts you. Your natural reaction is to worry, to get frantic, and feel you have to do some external activity. You feel you have to do a counter-activity to the fear. Simply sit with it, simply look at this fear (snake). Ask why it is in your life. Ask if it would like to be released now. Perhaps it is waiting to go out of your life. Understand that it is not a reality if you no longer choose it.

< Creator 11 > Give thanks to yourself. There is a reason why this is so important. The energy of your thanks to yourself is like a nutrient for your divinity. It is like food and water for the Christ Seed that is growing within you. When you give thanks to yourself, it is an acknowledgement within. When you give thanks to anyone else or anything else - from the King or the Queen, to your guides and angels, to the runners, to Tobias or any others in between - you are literally giving your power away. You are giving it to another. Indeed we hear it when you thank us. Your thanks, your humbleness, adds sparkle to our lives. We love it when you talk to us, but dear friends, give the thanks to yourself! There is a divinity, this Christ Seed that is blossoming within your being. We see it in you.

< Ascension 2 > Sometimes we ask, "What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?" And then we see you are waiting for a grand being to appear. There are others, not in this room, but there are others who are waiting for these little metal ships (UFO's), and waiting for green people (alians) to get out. And we say to ourselves, "They will wait a long time. (audience laughter) They are still giving away their power to something on the outside." And it amuses us, because we can see your divinity directly within you. We can see how powerful you are, what beings of light you are.

< DivineHuman 1QA > But, we had to back away from so many of you, because you were so dependent on us. Your divinity cannot express itself if you are always giving your power away to others.

< NewEnergy 6 > Interestingly enough… you have only used a small part of the blessing of your mind because you are afraid of it, afraid of yourself, Shaumbra. They talk about only using 10 percent of the mind's capacity. Oh, that's not even close to accurate! Humans use a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the potential that's available. It's not contained in the physical vessel. It's contained in the energy all around you. But, you haven't felt safe within your own mind… so unsafe that some of you have gone to pieces. You've given up control to these other voices and these other things in your mind. You call this condition being a "multiple"… so unsafe that you give up to these other aspects. It's all you in the first place. But, it's not the primary you… aspects… little fragments that you have given all of the power to because you didn't feel safe within yourself.

< NewEnergy 8 > You say you wished you were stronger. You say you wished you had more will and determination to overcome these things. It is not about having strength. It is not about willing them out of your life. In a sense, when you try to overpower these things you don't like about yourself, it only gives them more energy. It is about understanding why you gave yourself this thing… why it manifested, or came into creation in a certain way… why it didn't serve you anymore… and why you can release it. No more trying to force things, Shaumbra, out of yourself - it is about releasing. Releasing means with love and with the greatest of compassion.

< Teacher 2 > Humans give up their - I'm going to use the word here, initially - power, although power is an illusion. It doesn't exist. It is manufactured. The word "power" itself connotates something very strong that has motion and direction, but power is a lie. It doesn't exist. It has been created as something in the fabric of human consciousness. Put in there, embedded in there, hypnotized in there so that humans actually believe in this thing called power, and by believing in power, they can become dis-empowered. There is no power. There is no power. But humans believe in it so I'll use that word "power." What's really a more accurate representation though, is the words "energy balance."

< Teacher 2 > You see when you give your energy away, your energy balance to someone else, all of a sudden you're going to get energy hungry. You're going to want to get some energy, but you're not feeling real good about yourself. You're not feeling worthy, you're not feeling appreciated or, more than anything else, you're not feeling energy balanced. So you're going to go out and get some energy junk food. You're going to go steal some energy somewhere else.

< Teacher 2 > So, Shaumbra, understand that your students, when they come to you, they're going through the same process, and if you confront them on it right away, if you say "You're giving your energy away, you're giving your balance away," they will insist and demand that you're wrong. So listen carefully, through your gnost, how to state it to them. Have them start working on one small thing.

< Teacher 2 > By the way, so often a client or a student will come to you with their problems about, let's say, relationships. It has very little to do... that's where they're placing the focus, that's where they're perhaps leaking the most... but it has to do with so many other issues. So start small with them to help them to understand how they're giving their energy away. Give them one little example to work with, to help them see.

< Teacher 2 > Tell them... right then and there, use that as an example of owning - owning that beautiful hair, owning the beautiful eyes - or whatever it is. Your gnost will know what to tell you.You can focus on that one small and very personal example to help them understand the difference between "giving it away" and "sharing it." You see, so often humans will just give that energy away. They can share it, but they can still own it. You can share the entirety of who you are with every other being, but you don't have to give yourself away, you see. A subtle difference but it makes a huge difference in the personal energy balancing.

< Teacher 2 > Work in the very simple form to help them to understand how to take back ownership of themselves. That's what you have been doing for seven years - getting back into ownership. Getting back into creative mode rather than victim mode. Victim is nothing more than one who is giving their energy to someone else. No matter how extreme or severe the victimness is, that's all that is happening. You're giving yourself away. You are empowering somebody else. You're empowering the abuser.

< Teacher 2 > Humans give their power away, their energy balance away, in so many different ways. We mentioned the churches. They give it away to a God that they don't know... a God that is some artificial, manufactured creation of human consciousness and religion... and they give it away. "But God may not be happy with what I'm doing..." They have just given their energy balance away, because they are God. When they start projecting it outwards, they're giving it away.

< Teacher 2 > They give it away to silly rules that were written in a book two thousand years ago and they continue to quote it. They have just given their energy balance away to something that's not even applicable anymore. It's not, it's an old story - a boring story too! And they're still fighting over it because they put so much energy and then continue to do so. All around the world - the Christian faith, the Hebrew faith, the Jewish faith - are still putting their energy balance in this old book. That in itself creates another type of energy that causes countries and peoples to go to war over it.

< Teacher 2 > It perpetuates itself. This whole thing of giving it away creates up a crazy feeding, an energy feeding scenario. So when you're working with your student, the first thing to understand, the core of all of their problems, the root of all evil for humanity and the reason for darkness on Earth: humans give away their energy balance.

< Teacher 2 > You give all of your energy balance or your power away so that you have to then go find it. And when you have to go out searching to find it, you're going to learn many, many things along the way - some very difficult, some very challenging - you're going to learn. You've given it away so that you have to go find it and when you find it you're going to find it was there all along. You never really did give it away. But when you find it, you're going to discover that it has more meaning than ever before. You're going to understand the four simple words "You are God also" in a new and profound and non-intellectual way.

< Teacher 2 > The world's problems can be solved tomorrow morning if every human would understand this simple concept. I have to give a lot of the credit for this to Kuthumi. One thing he discovered in his searching for himself, is that he had given himself away so that he would have to re-find it. But it was always there. No need to give it away. Pay particular attention when you're working with your students.

< Teacher 2 > It's always been there. This isn't a new tool, but it's been neglected, forgotten, downtrodden. It's been pushed away because you have been giving your energy balance away for so long. You didn't want to even know that there was something so simple, so sweet. You were so busy that you didn't want to take a look at what really works.

< Teacher 2 > Sometimes... there are many, many reasons for the weight, but sometimes it is because you are out of energy balance with yourself. Therefore, you have to feed somewhere, don't you? Well you feed on literal food and then you store it, trying to re-balance yourself.

< Teacher 3QA > The world is not going to end and yes, these countries are developing their weapons. Many energetic reasons for this: number one being attention, and number two being that there is a - definitely as you can see in both places (North Korea and Iran), feel the energy - an imbalance of sexual energy in the leadership as well as in the people. A deep imbalance that is causing the need for attention. They are calling out. It is being done in a rather crude and childish way, but they are calling out for help. They need help. They want help even though they may deny that. Also, these countries have given their energy away for eons of time.

< Teacher 3QA > The North Koreans are descendants of the Lemurian energy. They have given themselves away in the peace, love and airiness - the fluffy energy. As Lemurians, they gave their energy away and now they are coming back like angry children and they're saying "We're going to destroy something in order to get attention." So you see, these things don't mean the end of the world, they just mean a different type of consciousness and attention for these imbalanced parts of the world. And I use the word "imbalance" without any judgment. It is just an evolution of energy.

< Teacher 3QA > We're going to go back to the number one problem with humans right now: They're giving their energy away. They've been giving it away for a long, long time. There is a... not all, but part of the indigenous of the African regions come from a spiritual family that has very interesting and long story. As a matter of fact, one of the projects that I, Tobias, would like to do is to write a story to follow this spiritual family through the heavens, down through the Order of the Arc and to Earth. And there has been a history of giving it away.

< Teacher 3QA > This history, this energy is so strong that it's affected even those who are not in the immediately spiritual family. It has become part of the way of doing things in this region of the world. In a sense you could say that Africa is also taking on many of the problems, many of the darknesses for the rest of the world. It is part of their process of giving it away. They give away what they have and they take everybody else's junk. There was a while when that energy balance served a type of distorted purpose, but it doesn't need to anymore.

< Teacher 5 > Now sharing is an interesting energy. It doesn't mean giving yourself to others and feeding them. It means mutually enjoying the moment with them. It doesn't mean trying to fix them. It doesn't mean giving everything you have to them. It means enjoying that moment. Being together, sharing an experience. You know, when you share an experience with another human, no matter what it is, that goes on record. You have that in common from here to eternity. You have now a wonderful, beautiful bond between you that can never be taken away, can never be buried or destroyed. It is one way that you get to understand yourself by sharing with the others.

< e2012 3 > Don't take second best for you anymore. And you've absolutely been doing it - "Well, this is good enough." No, it's not. Do you really deserve second best? I mean, between you and yourself, would you give you or yourself second best? Absolutely not. So don't do it. Don't tolerate it. And, as I said a number of years ago, don't negotiate with others. This is the way it is for you. Don't negotiate a lack of quality. You all start out with quality in your life - with love and with this beautiful, sensual nature, and then you negotiate yourself out of it with other people. You give it away. Don't! Not at all. And, again, I don't care if you are 25 years old, if you're 50 or 80 years old. It's never too late. Never too late.

< freedom 2 > I would say that even if a conspiracy did exist, and there's been a few little ones over the ages, and they still exist in Rome. Even if they … (lots of laughter) I didn't say what it was, so please don't have any pre-assumed notions – church – but, um … (more laughter) Never give your power to a conspiracy, and the moment you do, the moment you're in that duality, you're in that dynamic. You are no longer a sovereign being. You are now part of the conspiracy, because they need their victims and you need your perpetrators.