Korea / land of Orion


< DivineHuman 5 > To help you understand part of where you are, we will tell the story of Joe, the story that we told several weeks ago in the land of Orion, what you call Korea. It was told there, and we will tell it again for all of Shaumbra to hear because it is your story. It is about you.

< MNEC2006-T > The same goes for the lands in Korea. The land of North Korea that, oddly enough, represents the energy of Lemuria, an abused energy of Lemuria, an energy of Lemuria that is sad, that is calling out for attention... and, as you know, a young child will do anything it can to get attention - anything... because the old energies of Lemuria have felt very shut off. It comes up in very insidious ways: in throwing a few rockets here and there, making threats. But the wall needs to come down. The people need to be able to move back and forth, they are brothers and sisters of an angelic order and they can't be separated. And the energy of South Korea, representing an old and beautiful order from the days of Ault or Atlantis. We're going to ask you, our dear Shaumbra in South Korea, to help move the energies so that the walls can come down without Gaia having to do it, without wars taking place.

< Teacher 3QA > The world is not going to end and yes, these countries are developing their weapons. Many energetic reasons for this: number one being attention, and number two being that there is a - definitely as you can see in both places (North Korea and Iran), feel the energy - an imbalance of sexual energy in the leadership as well as in the people. A deep imbalance that is causing the need for attention. They are calling out. It is being done in a rather crude and childish way, but they are calling out for help. They need help. They want help even though they may deny that. Also, these countries have given their energy away for eons of time.

< Teacher 3QA > The North Koreans are descendants of the Lemurian energy. They have given themselves away in the peace, love and airiness - the fluffy energy. As Lemurians, they gave their energy away and now they are coming back like angry children and they're saying "We're going to destroy something in order to get attention." So you see, these things don't mean the end of the world, they just mean a different type of consciousness and attention for these imbalanced parts of the world. And I use the word "imbalance" without any judgment. It is just an evolution of energy.