imbalance / out of balance

imbalance of two/duality (light and dark / masculine and feminine)

< Teacher 3 > When they go crazy it hits the most sensitive direct area within them, the part that is the most out of balance. And what is the most out of balance thing right now in nearly all cultures of the world? It is sexual energy. Sexual energy. Sexual energy is directly related to the balance of the masculine and feminine; the balance of the human and the divine; the balance that the human has with the angelic levels; the balance that the human holds of their own consciousness.

< Teacher 3 > What happens deep within many people, many humans right now who have not addressed the balance of their own masculine-feminine, is they tend to have a very twisted, and sometimes very dark and depressed, sexual energy within them. When they try to seek out a way to re-balance - but they are lost, they don't know where to go - they tend to go feeding because they have been fed on also.

< Teacher 3 > And when they go feeding they will go after what they consider to be the easiest. They will go after what they consider to be prizes. They will go after those who they consider to be holders of more pure energy (children). Then you have incidences like what have taken place recently, shootings in schools. It wasn't about the shooting. It wasn't about anger even. It was about twisted and imbalanced energies - sexual energies. You're going to see more and more of this. Not necessarily in the schools, but you're going to see more and more examples. And when you look at these things and you read the headlines, take a look behind the scenes what is really going on. It's going to tend to be a sexual energy problem.

< Teacher 3 > You have congressmen who have a sexual energy imbalance and then that imbalance is exaggerated by the position of power and control and authority that they were in. And because they think they have to maintain a certain type of identity - a hold on their own how they present themselves to the rest of the world - sooner or later that imbalance will come up. Here you have a congressman who tried to maintain a facade and he couldn't help himself because he had a sexual energy imbalance that was not addressed. So inappropriate things happen and you saw what happened in the news. Now you have a change in power.

< Teacher 3 > What you're going to see instead are things happening on a much more personal level. People going crazy, individually. People falling apart. Your leaders falling apart. The churches... the churches hold a tremendous amount of suppressed sexual energy. They have to. They have to hold it because they have been suppressing it for so long. They have been in an imbalance with masculine energy, denying the feminine. Sooner or later, as consciousness evolves, that has to change. We've seen the examples of it.

< Teacher 3 > We've talked about it before. It's popping up all over, and it's going to continue. It's going to continue to be an issue in business - the sexual energy in business - there's been an imbalance. You're seeing right now how it can topple some of the largest companies in the world. This whole issue of sexual energy is simply one about re-balancing, coming back into a wholeness and completeness.

< Teacher 3 > Shaumbra, you have moved past most of that (imbalance). In this lifetime of yours you have addressed the deep issues, the dark issues. You've addressed your balance of masculine and feminine, and sometimes we know it hasn't been pretty. Hasn't been fun. You've addressed so many of these issues within you. So we're telling you this so you can help to understand what is going on in this world. What is going on with you is quite something else. Quite different. Please don't compare yourself to the rest of humans right now. You're going through a very, very different process than what most of them are.

< Teacher 3QA > The world is not going to end and yes, these countries are developing their weapons. Many energetic reasons for this: number one being attention, and number two being that there is a - definitely as you can see in both places (North Korea and Iran), feel the energy - an imbalance of sexual energy in the leadership as well as in the people. A deep imbalance that is causing the need for attention. They are calling out. It is being done in a rather crude and childish way, but they are calling out for help. They need help. They want help even though they may deny that. Also, these countries have given their energy away for eons of time.