masculine and feminine / male and female

both aspects of Spiritmirror for each other;  elements of dualitysexual energy;
father and mother;  the king and the queenyin and yanglight and dark;
outward and inward;  giver and receiver;

< New Earth 12 > From the very time that you first came to Earth until this event approximately one year ago, there has always been the set up of duality, of two forces in your consciousness on your Earth and in your physical universe. It has been the "yin and the yang," the "light and the dark," and in your judgement the "good and the bad," although that is purely a judgement. It has been "male and female," "young and old." Duality has been something that has been a way of life with you. It was the set up, the condition of your consciousness from the very time that you came here. It is the condition that allowed for this, how to say, grand experiment, grand test, but the test was not about you. You were simply facilitating the test.

< Creator 5QA > This clear marble that we speak of in our metaphor does not take on the full energetic characteristics of the white or the black (with gay people). It will lean towards one or the other, but will remain more in the gray shades. With other human, the clear marble will take on the full characteristics and aspects of either the white or the black. The purpose is to have more flexibility, and to have less specific definition to the balance of energy. The purpose is to provide a bridge, in a sense, between light and dark, rather than take on the characteristics of duality. It is also to provide a new balance of the duality of male and female energy. The male/female energy is one of the strongest examples of duality in the second creation. This unusual attribute of the clear marble was specifically chosen by the human angels who you call "gay."

< Creator 11 > For those who walk on earth in the female biology in this lifetime, you will appreciate the fact that in the Kingdom, sitting on the throne, is predominantly a "female" energy. It is not balanced 50/50, male to female. In your way of thinking, Spirit and All That Is is predominantly female. And again, we caution here. We are using terms for the easiest understanding.

< Creator 11 > Those males who will become fathers of children in the new energy in the next few years to come - what we call the clear fathers, for there will not be a lot of old energy attribute - they will have a new strength and they will have a new balance. These new clear fathers will have a closer and stronger relationship of love with their own biological children. They will spend more time playing with their children than fathers of the past. They will help to raise them and care for them because they will have a better balance within their being. They will have a better balance of the male and female.

< Creator 11 > The female energy, as you know, is one that births. It is one that is creative. It is one that is filled with love and nurturing. The Kingdom is predominantly nurturing, predominantly creative, predominantly birthing. So therefore we say that the energy of Home is predominantly female. Isn’t it interesting that in your society you refer to God and to Spirit as "Father." It should be "Mother"! It should be Mother. And that is why we are speaking of this in this energy. It is time for a healing to take place. It is time for a change in the energy. The new energy, dear friends, that you are moving in to has a dominant "female" energy. It is balanced, but it reverts back to what you knew in the Kingdom.

< Creator 11 > This creation (Jack) of the love of the King and the Queen was male in energy for many reasons. The male energy is generally - and again, we use metaphors and symbols - the male energy is an energy that goes to journey. It seeks and journeys. Even in the Kingdom, the male energy was one that had the strength and stability and was also the one that journeyed. So the King and the Queen gave birth to a son, one of male energies, so that it could journey on their behalf.

< Creator 11 > The energies of Jack and of all of you have been predominantly male. This male energy was needed to journey outside of the First Circle, the Kingdom. Each of you has carried a strong male energy, even if you are female in biology. It is time for healing of that (male dominance) now. It is time for healing. It is time for a rebalancing. As you move into the new energy, you will have much more of a "female" balance to your being.

< Creator 11 > You needed a male oriented strength to leave the Kingdom. You needed this. But this male oriented strength, this energy of the journeyer, was also warrior energy. When you left the Kingdom and you came into the void, indeed you started battling with other. Indeed, this male energy that you have carried with you has been one of structure and discipline. It has been an energy of intellect and not so much heart. It has been one of defending and journeying. You have all carried this with you. It is time on this Day of the Father to heal that and to balance it and to release it. That is what the visitors who come in now are here for.

< Creator 11 > They ask you now if you are so ready to release and to heal the ancestral karma that has been part of your blood line. They ask you now, in your heart and your silence, to release this. It will release and heal them also. Be in silence for a moment to feel this energy of the male, this energy of the father, that you brought with you. You have carried it with you ever since you left Home. It wants to be balanced and healed now. The karma, the energy of the Father, wants to be healed. And in doing so dear friends, it allows the loving, nurturing, life-giving energy of the Mother to come forward in more balance. If it is appropriate for you to release and heal this, not only the energy of the Father but the energy of your ancestors, do so now.

< Creator 11 > One of the attributes of a male-oriented energy is that of strong ego. It is not to say that women do not have this also. We would classify the ego as a male-oriented energy. Ego. Dear friends, it was important that Jack took on the male energies. In doing so, the ego was accentuated. This was important and necessary for the long journey that Jack would take.

< Creator 11 > You have learned well of the ego! It has served you well while you have been in human form, and even before you came here. But you have a feeling that this ego is a bad thing. There are those who have been involved in spiritual work that feel the ego must be killed. They feel the ego must be destroyed for you to move forward. This is not true. The ego only needs to be melded and healed and balanced. This male-oriented energy has served you well.

< Creator 11 > As you move into the new energy, the ego is transforming. It is changing. You are transforming and changing. Instead of "I go" you are becoming "I Am." I AM. This is the new energy. This is the new balance of the male and the female, the King and the Queen. That is the new balance. Dear friends, be kind and gentle to your ego. It is a father or male oriented energy within you. Love it and bless it as much as you would love and bless your own biological father in this lifetime and the fathers who have come before them, and the Father from the Kingdom who helped to birth you.

< Creator 11 > It will take a bit to get over the old concerns of ego. You will have to work through this. You will have to bring in your own balance of male and female. It will take a bit of work. Some of you will be so challenged by it that perhaps you will even give it up and go back to the old ways. We are challenging you to move beyond the old feelings of the ego, which was filled with that male energy that we have spoken of. Move beyond to understand that the ego has served you well. Understand that you are going from the journey, that could be defined as "I GO" to the new energy which is the "I AM."

< Creator 11 > You are beginning to understand now that there is not a Father in Heaven as you have been taught in your schools. We will tell you now it is the King and the Queen and the energy is predominantly female, or Queen. The energy of All That Is is predominantly that of birthing and nurturing and loving. Your energy as Jack has been that of a journeyer. It has been that of strength, it has been that of moving forward.

< Creator 11QA > These are core issues. You are done with your other basic issues. You have walked through and processed those. We are now coming to the core issues. The issue of the fear of being Creator. We talked much today of the ego, of the male energy, of the battling energy. These are all fear issues that will come up.
In a sense, you would like to be "junior creators", or "sub-creators". You would like to have an energy higher and stronger and above you that places controls or limitations on the extent of your ability to create. Dear friends, it is not meant to be that way! There is not meant to be another who is higher. As we said in our story of Jack, one day Jack will inherit the throne.

< Ascension 3 > Samuel, the fourth lightworker who was balanced in male and female energy, knew in a terrifying and difficult moment that he could not think fast enough to pull all of his tools in when confronted with the first snake. But he knew one thing that was simple - breathe, breathe in divinity. As you practice this each day, it becomes an unconscious thing. As you breathe in, the divinity comes with it. Samual knew in a moment that the breath would bring him to a balance and anchor his divinity.

< Ascension 3 > Most of the energy of duality is held in those places that were built to worship God. Most places that were built to worship God hold a tremendous imbalance of a male and female energy. That must come to a stop in order to move into the new energy. The ones who hold the power of these places, of these churches and philosophies, understand this. By understanding it, they become more fearful, and they make ignorant remarks to the press (referring to Jerry Falwell’s remarks after the September 11 events). By becoming more fearful they will also become more righteous, and they will hold on tighter than ever before. It is because they feel they are losing their grip. They are losing their foundation. As the new energy comes to be, it is not appropriate for that old imbalanced energy of duality to be there.

< Ascension 4QA > Relationships are one of the first casualties of the New Energy. This is truth, because relationships with a male and female were created and are grounded in so much old duality. It was one of the original expressions of duality.

< Ascension 6 > When you were at home in the Kingdom eons of time ago - but not so long ago at all - the energy was about oneness and singularity. When you left Home, went through the Wall of Fire and eventually came to Earth, it was about "2." It was about polarity. It was about the mirror image. It was about seeing yourself, dear God, in a new and different way that you could have not seen in the energy of "1." So, you created "2." You have been in that energy for so very, very long. Earth has been about the energy of "2," polarity, light and dark, the lessons of good and bad, male and female, opposites. Your journey on Earth has been to understand, at the most intimate levels, what duality, what "2" was about.

< Ascension 11 > Do you know that there has been an imbalance of the Mother and the Father energy on Earth for quite sometime? It is time for that to come back in balance. You will find that the Mother energy is coming forth now because her presence is being allowed back in. It is bringing a new balance to the energies of male and female.

< DivineHuman 5 > She joins us now as the symbol of the feminine energy, as the re-balance of the feminine energy within you, within society, within the churches. She comes in as the energy of Mary, what you would call "Mother Mary." But, it is not just the persona of the one who was in the Holy Scriptures of the Christian churches. Mary represents the goddess. Mary represents the feminine balance. Your Earth is coming into a new balance. The feminine energy is coming in so very strong right now… strong, in order to be able to be balanced side-by-side with the male energy that has dominated Earth for so many centuries. The Queen returns, the energy of the goddess, symbolized through Mary.

< DivineHuman 5 > The energy of the Queen, of the feminine, represented here today by Mary, helps to fill the space that has been long neglected in your societies. She comes here to take her rightful seat for a new balance of feminine and masculine, the return of the Queen, and balance with the King. Allow yourself to absorb these energies of dear Mary. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the Queen within you. These energies will be so important in these months ahead because they are nurturing and compassionate. They are giving of life. They are the receiving energies. And, oh, dear friends, how it is that each one of you needs to receive, needs to receive!

< DivineHuman 5 > The energy of the Queen, of the feminine, represented here today by Mary, helps to fill the space that has been long neglected in your societies. She comes here to take her rightful seat for a new balance of feminine and masculine, the return of the Queen, and balance with the King. Allow yourself to absorb these energies of dear Mary. Allow yourself to feel the energy of the Queen within you. These energies will be so important in these months ahead because they are nurturing and compassionate. They are giving of life. They are the receiving energies. And, oh, dear friends, how it is that each one of you needs to receive, needs to receive!

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth you will be a receiver of energies, as much as a giver. Do you know, here on the Old Earth you give… and you give… and you give. It is an outward expression (male explorer energy represented by Jack) all the time, giving in to creation, giving in to creating new forms and new identities. On the New Earth you will be giving AND receiving. On the New Earth you will be a balanced energy of male and female. In a sense, there won’t even be a male and a female anymore. That was Old. That was duality. You will be totally integrated.

< DivineHuman 5QA > Duality was a wonderful game that you (God) created to help you see both sides of yourself, to help you see the mirror in order for you to understand who you were (* in the kingdom). But, now you are moving into a time and energy of "I Am. I Am Spirit. I Am God also. I Am the light, and I Am the dark. I Am That I Am." (* re-uniting of the king and the queen, male and female)

< NewEnergy 1 > Look at the changes in two short years at the highest levels of the churches. Look how the churches, the patriarchal churches, are changing. Some of them in their heart of God are actually acknowledging humans, humans who call themselves gay. What a change, dear friends… it is more than a headline in the newspaper, the underlying energy of balanced energy coming back to some of the churches. Those who do not open themselves to allow for the balance of male and female and the acceptance of everyone for who they are… their walls will come tumbling down. They will.

< NewEnergy 2 > There are religions on Earth right now that treat women like second-class citizens. Those women have agreed to be treated like that. They are carrying a burden from the past, a time long before you ever came to Earth, when the feminine energy was in power and was very abusive. The feminine energy had learned how to be the seductress. It still is. There was an abuse of power, so now there are many women who allow themselves to suffer and continue to suffer for this. They wear veils over their faces. They cannot even sit in the churches. They cannot allow themselves to be seen. They are covered in a shroud of guilt. They suffer for old wounds. It is time to let go of that.

< NewEnergy 2 > The churches continue to tell you that you were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, that Adam and Eve had done something wrong. Dear friends, this is an old, old story. It is not true to begin with. There is a great misunderstanding about the metaphors that were originally created about the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. Indeed, it does represent the Adam Cadman energy, also the Eve, the female energies, the feminine. It represents, in a sense, your own leaving Home to go out on a wonderful journey.

But, dear friends, this is so much a part of religion. They say that you have to work your way back to God. Those who call themselves devout pierce their skin… damage their body… crawl along the ground… and get bloody so they may be seen as worthy in God's eyes. Dear friends, God does not need this, want this, or enjoy this. These are Old Energies that are stuck upon your Earth.

< NewEnergy 4 > They have been separated. Don't you see? They have been separated for a long, long time. The core energy of separation is the male and female energies, the Adam and the Eve. Ever since you left Home, you see - ever since you began exploring Self - you divided yourself. You do it now in physical form, male and female. There is a masculine and a feminine energy, a yin and a yang. That is all the Star of David is… separated, pulled apart (like a diamond split in half). What happens when these two are brought back into alignment together? Instead of six points, there are four.

The energies (male/female, light/dark, divine/human) were meant to be brought together. And, in seven days from now is the time. It is the potential for this to start, for these two equilateral triangles to come back together.

< NewEnergy 4 > The divine plan was the grand reintegration of the energies of the masculine and feminine (King and Queen). It has always been part of the plan. The separation took place so that you could truly experience and understand yourself. We are not talking about the male body and the female body. We are talking about the yin and yang energies, the feminine and the masculine, both so appropriate. The divine plan was to bring them back together.

< NewEnergy 4QA > But, for those Shaumbras who are in this land of Israel and any of the neighbors surrounding that land, it is a time for the realization that this can be healed. It is a time to bring back together the Star of David, which originally was the shape of a diamond - four points - to bring these back together in this New Energy of four. It is time to bring this together for all of you here - even in your own lives - to provide the melding of these two pieces back together, as we spoke of… the male, the female, the light, the dark, the divine, the human… to bring these all back together.

< NewEnergy 5 > It is difficult to translate into human words, so we won't go for the exact pronunciation. But, you would call these the "daughters of Isis" who come in today. They began flowing into your reality, into your space after the energy of the Harmonic Concordance. They will continue to be here for some time, working with you to heal the wounds of Isis, to integrate the masculine and feminine.

< NewEnergy 8 > When she (Myriam) met Yeshua after the crucifixion, she was the only one there. And, they met, for indeed they had a dear, and sweet, and loving relationship. They never married. She never bore his child. They had tremendous respect and love for each other, but at the time in that society, it was not - how to say - appropriate for them to have bonded together in marriage or with children. But, the love was deep. The admiration was mutual. There needed to be a balance (of male and female). The church has written this out because they wanted it to be simply a male energy. But, Myriam was as important as Yeshua… in a sense, a teacher for him. Even after he had learned from the priests in the temples and from the mystics, he learned so much from her, something that we are going to talk about today, an opening that we are going to do today.

< Embodiment 3QA > Indeed, so much of the energies that you and others have been working to create for this balance of masculine/feminine came into manifestation, came into this reality, with the advent of the Harmonic Concordance. Now those energies are available for you and for everyone else to use.

The balance of the male and female is really understanding all of the aspects - the sensitivities, the empowerment - all of these aspects. It is just bringing it into your life. It does not necessarily mean there is going to be drastic physical changes. It is on more of the emotional or the spirit level this balance of energies.

The very fact that you ask this question indicates that you are bringing this balance in. You are aware that both masculine and feminine need to allow and to hold a space for each other. And, then they naturally do. It is a - this balance of masculine and feminine - is a natural process. It is. The energies want to come back together. They want to share with each other what they have learned while they have been separate. They want to come back together. So, we say there are no techniques or gimmicks. There is no particular school you have to go to. It is about creating the safe space. And, they will reunite with each other.

< Teacher 3 > When they go crazy it hits the most sensitive direct area within them, the part that is the most out of balance. And what is the most out of balance thing right now in nearly all cultures of the world? It is sexual energy. Sexual energy. Sexual energy is directly related to the balance of the masculine and feminine; the balance of the human and the divine; the balance that the human has with the angelic levels; the balance that the human holds of their own consciousness.

< Teacher 3 > What happens deep within many people, many humans right now who have not addressed the balance of their own masculine-feminine, is they tend to have a very twisted, and sometimes very dark and depressed, sexual energy within them. When they try to seek out a way to re-balance - but they are lost, they don't know where to go - they tend to go feeding because they have been fed on also.

< Teacher 4 > These forces at their core have to do with the integration of the masculine and feminine energies. Tobias has talked to you about this before and he puts on a most excellent school dealing with this reuniting of the Isis and the Adam energies - the reuniting of the masculine and feminine. But it's more than just the masculine and feminine as you would think in your mind. It's much more than that. These two energies of masculine and feminine - Isis and Adam - represent the original split. The masculine and feminine aspect of any souled being was the first split in self, the first division of consciousness, even at the angelic realms.

< Teacher 4 > This division of masculine and feminine came before the split of light and dark. It came before the split of negative and positive. This masculine and feminine separation of the soul, or the illusion of the separation, goes far, far, far back and there are many, many implications of it because of the division that was caused in energy. There are many energies and groups and individuals who are very bought into this old split. Many who are very vested into a more masculine energy, many who are vested into a more feminine energy. So right now here on planet Earth you are experiencing some of what is taking place with this New Energy of evolution that is seeking to bring back and reunite masculine and feminine.

< Teacher 4 > All in a way of saying that there are many forces on Earth that do not want this to happen. They are very satisfied with the power that the masculine has over the feminine. They are very satisfied with the way that the masculine energy basically has a type of control over politics, over religion, over so many of the affairs of the world. And there are many who are vested into the feminine energy because they can play games. There are sexual implications. There are a certain amount of very provocative and seductive energies associated with it. So there are some who are more weighted or balanced towards the feminine who do not want to see the reuniting of these energies at all.

< Teacher 4 > But at the very core of things, the battles that are taking place on Earth right now, have their roots, have their origins in this whole desire for the masculine and feminine to want to come back together. There's a reason for this need to reintegrate the two so that you can go beyond the separation of the soul, go beyond the need for a masculine or a feminine. Eliminate that need all together. That split between male and female - masculine and feminine - is an illusion. It doesn't need to be anymore. But as I said there are many who are vested into the old separation that don't want to see things coming back.

< Teacher 4 > Nearly - I'm going to actually make a statement - every conflict and battle that is taking place on Earth right now has to do with masculine and feminine energy. The wars that you have raging - they are not wars about land ultimately. They are not wars about money, and they are actually not wars about religion. At their core it's about bringing back the masculine and feminine. The battles that so many individuals have in their lives, the psychosis, the problems with what you would call your serial murderers, the problems you have with those who are very unbalanced, it is because of the masculine/feminine energy - because it is trying to come back together and there are forces that are trying to keep it separate.

< Teacher 4QA > The process of the reunion will be experienced by all of you in your own personal and very beautiful way. It doesn't necessarily happen in an instant. It could unfold over months of time. The masculine and the feminine have been apart for far too long. The tears have been far too many. The desire to return back to the original core energy but now in a new way is so very strong that it in itself overcomes any of these outside pressures.

< Teacher 6QA > Indeed. You are all becoming blended ones. This is the melding of the masculine/feminine. It is the collision of the energies of Isis and Adam within you, but this collision doesn't have to be painful or difficult. It could be just as sometimes the atoms collide with each other. It can create a whole new energy. One of the things I would suggest here personally is to let go of some of the - what do you call them - titles or monikers you've given yourself, whether it's gay or lesbian or straight or neutered or whatever you want to call it. (some laughter) To let go of some of these titles because those names tend to create some types of limitations as well. It tends to put you in a box or a compartment.

For everybody on Earth, no matters what they call themselves - what sexual orientation they have - they're all going to go through a process of reintegrating the masculine/feminine. It takes place with a small group of humans first who recognize that they are no longer man or woman and no longer even human - no longer light and dark. They are that they are. That sets up the potential, because they are the standard, you see. They set up the potential for other humans who are ready to end that internal separation and conflict that they've been having. So this is having - the work that so many of you are doing right now in this arena - is having a profound effect on consciousness in general but also the ability of the sexual energy virus to continue to proliferate. The virus in its own way knows and understands this is happening, and in a sense you could say it doesn't care or it's even happy about it. But in another sense it still has its own programming to continue to feed and to grow.

< Teacher 10QA > Women are generally more intuitive and they're able to extend their energy or expand their energy into these other realms easier than men are. Men are, what you would say, more grounded or mentally-oriented, but women are more timid about bringing that energy back and allowing it to be expressed through them. Men can take just a little bit from the other realms and make it into a big deal here! (much laughter) Women can expand into the other realms and receive a phenomenal amount of energy, but will basically not trust in themselves and be very timid about bringing it back in. So they generally find it very difficult to bring anything here. That causes them to live bi-dimensionally in a sense. In other words, they have the information right here but they're living here and they're not allowing the two to meld. So they actually tend to stifle it or short-come it before it comes back in.

So if there is any extended training for women it would be how to bring in ... how to allow that - we're going to take something from Janice and Kuthumi - how to bring spirit on board? How to get it in here now? For men, it's about how to allow yourself to go beyond the near realms or the mental realms into the realms of sans definition. So you see now, if you get a man and a woman together, as we have the case with Cauldre and Linda, the balance here working together allows much more energy to come in, you see.

< Master 5 > Next you created what would be a, you could say, a masculine/feminine aspect of yourself and a light and a dark and an inward looking and an outward looking. You created separation of yourself in many different ways. It was brilliant, because separation, diversity, division allowed you to see yourself, to know yourself, all in answer to the question that you asked - perhaps you shouldn't have - "Who am I? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?" All of these questions of the consciousness caused you to separate. You now had a yin and yang. You had the mother/father, light and dark. You had all these different dualities within yourself.

< e2012 6 > True love will never be found in another person until you find it in yourself. You’ll never have a partnership with anyone else that’s healthy and balanced until you have it with yourself. Then every relationship will be different. They won’t be feeding. They won’t be used to balance your masculine or feminine side or balance whatever. You’ll never select a partner again to complete something within yourself.

< kharisma 9 > Look at what's happening in many of the countries of this world – allowing same sex marriage. Oooh! What a big step for this planet! First of all, they should realize this isn't the first time on the planet it's happened. First of all, Lemuria, for the most part, most of you had both masculine and feminine organs and body parts. So now, you weren't just like marrying somebody of the same sex; you were both, and you were together in the same body. You're all masculine and feminine together and the real balance is bringing them both back. But anyway, back to the diversification, back to same sex marriage. It was commonplace in Atlantis. Actually, marriage wasn't so commonplace, but it was commonplace to love who you chose to love without somebody interfering and saying, “Oh yeah, but they have to be the opposite sex.”

< kharisma 9 > So you're going to see more and more diversification. The acceptance of what you call transgenders. You know, it's interesting to see what's happening with that. It's gone from being the weird and kinky, to the, “Oh wow, there's something to that.” Not that you all need to get operations, but … (a few giggles) You're masculine and feminine. It's hard, hard, hard living in a body that you try to be one in – just male, just female. You're both! Time to let it out, open it up and then let the two kind of fuse together, to coexist together.