The story of Jack


Episode 1 < Creator 5 >

Now you see, Jack lived in a magnificent kingdom, and he was prince. His mother was the queen, and his father was the king - and this is an important point. Now this young prince Jack was but a boy, and he enjoyed playing in the kingdom. He had many friends and playmates, and all who encountered Jack honored him and loved him. He led a very good life as a prince in the Kingdom of sIAM.

As Jack went through his childhood days, he had a craving to experience new things. He had a craving to play. He had a craving to learn, and those that saw the young prince shook their heads and remarked, "He is quite the creator, quite the magnificent creator. He is the one who loves to journey and loves to experience. His soul is always playful. He is always moving forward." Oh, this young Prince Jack could not keep his feet in two places at one time. As he grew into his teens, his journeys took him further and further through the lands of the kingdom, to the outer reaches, to the villages that were away from the center of the kingdom. And there he met peoples who were part of the kingdom but were new and different.

Jack took longer and longer trips, often being gone for days or even weeks at a time. He loved what he was learning. He loved the new types of animals and trees that he saw in the outer reaches of the kingdom. He loved the new lands and new skies that he saw. He loved his journey. The young prince Jack never rested, always, always proceeding onto a new journey, always finding a place that he had never been to before, always making friends along the way.

As the young Prince Jack reached early manhood, he knew that soon enough he would be ruling the kingdom. He knew that he would be sitting in the throne. He soon would be king. So he made a decision. He said, "Before I am to be king and must stay at the castle in the throne all day to rule over the kingdom, I choose to go on one final experience, one long journey to a place I have never gone to before, to a place that is exciting and challenging."

The young prince decided not to take the royal contingent that normally followed him on his journeys. He decided to slip out late at night with only a small bag packed for his long journey. So he slipped out and began traveling past the places he had gone to before. He passed the villages that he had visited in his past. He kept on journeying further and further until he came to territories that he had never walked upon before. And the land was new and different and exciting, but it was still within the boundaries of the kingdom of sIAM.

As he pushed forward on his journey, which had now taken months and months of time, he came to the edge of land. He came to water, an ocean like he had never seen before. He had seen lakes, and he had seen rivers, but he had never seen anything like this before. He had heard of grand oceans in the lore of his kingdom. He had heard of the place where land ends. He had heard that it is not to be journeyed past. He had heard that this is where the kingdom ends, and it is not appropriate to go past. Young prince Jack sat up all night long contemplating whether to take the next step. He debated with himself whether to set sail onto the ocean … or to return home.

Oh, and as you know, he was far too restless to return home! So the next day he began constructing a vessel, a small boat that would take him on his journey. Jack worked on this for days and days and days, until he was satisfied with the boat. Then, with a lump in his throat and a pit in his stomach, feeling like perhaps he was breaking a sacred rule, perhaps he was going where he shouldn't venture, he set sail.

The current took him swiftly out onto this ocean. He sailed a good number of days. The waters were calm. The wind was gentle. The sun was bright, and all things felt good. But there was an uneasiness. There was an uneasiness in Jack’s being. The lump in his throat grew larger. The pit in his stomach grew more queasy. He knew something was coming.

One quiet afternoon - somewhat boring by Jack’s standards - he saw a great wall of fire rising from the ocean ahead of him. He started to paddle backwards, trying to avoid this great wall of fire. But as hard as he tried, he could not overcome the forces of the great wall of fire. It was sucking him in, pulling him closer and closer. He could feel its heat, and he could feel its turmoil. He could feel the turmoil within this wall of fire. Jack began screaming as he paddled, trying to go back to the kingdom of sIAM. But it pulled him in. It pulled him into this wall of fire.

What happened from there, Jack did not remember. He only knew that he awoke, feeling exhausted and empty and with no memory. He awoke on the shores of strange land. He could not remember his name, or from whence he had come. Yet there was something within that told him that he was somebody, but he could not remember. It was, in a way, an amnesia.

When Jack opened his eyes, he saw a new land, different from anything he had ever seen before. He knew it was time to get up and start exploring. He explored this new land day in and day out, discovering things that were new to him and new to his soul. All the time he was searching about, exploring this new land… all this time he felt an uneasiness once again. He felt there was something he should know or remember but couldn't, like he was trying to put his finger on something, but it was not there. He was trying to remember his past.

After much time exploring this new land, one day he came upon a woman (mirror). They talked, and they rejoiced in seeing each other. There seemed to be a familiar bond, but they did not know from where. She brought him back to a village where there were others. In this village they were making buildings. They were having children. They were creating a new civilization, but none who were in this village could remember where they had come from. They could not remember who they were. They just knew it was time for them to move forward. It was time for them to continue on with their lives...


Episode 2 < Creator 6 >

Now what we did not talk to you about in our last gathering was what happened to Jack when he came to the place where the land ended. He pushed his boat out onto the great sea, where it was calm for a number of days. And Jack became bored.

This was a traumatic experience for Jack - and for you. For the first time he felt he was not in control, when this wall of fire pulled him in, and he screamed within. This was the first time that Jack had ever felt terror. This was the first time Jack had ever felt a splitting apart within his own being. He had always been a prince, the heir to the throne. He had always had the freedom to create in whatever way he chose.

But now the wall of fire changed all of that for him. While he was passing through the wall of fire, it burned at the core of his very being, and it awoke within him conflict and pain and sorrow and suffering - all things he had never experienced before while he was in the kingdom. It awoke within him something called guilt. As he was tumbling through this dreaded wall, as he was wondering what he had done, he felt the guilt of having gone too far. He felt he should have stayed home in the kingdom where all things were good and right.

While he was in this wall of fire, it shattered him, dear friends. It shattered the oneness that he had been, and in a sense, you could say it created a war within him. There were experiences that he had during his brief moment that he passed through the wall of fire that seemed to last an eternity. Prince Jack, the one who was a creator within the kingdom, had experiences within the wall of fire that were filled with the deepest of sorrows, that were filled with anger and hate.

Oh, we know some of you have a hard time hearing this. But all of this was appropriate. All of this was meant to be. And all of this, you will see in its finality, was filled with the greatest of love.

Prince Jack spent an eternity in the zone of the wall of fire. It shattered him into pieces. Those pieces, in a sense, reorganized themselves into two areas.

A small portion of the pieces reconnected and fell through the universe onto a place called Earth. They resurrected themselves in a human body. In this human body, Jack was destined to walk the Earth many, many times, to repeat the cycle of lifetimes, to gain experience for something on a very grand scale.

Part of Jack, the larger part of Jack that was shattered, spent a bit of extra time in the zone of the wall of fire. These pieces of Jack spent time in turmoil and difficulty within the wall of fire. But then they banded together again. They found each other. They found the vibration of each other. They came back together. They then wrapped a large weaving of energy around them to protect them. You would call this a cocoon. And within this cocoon, the larger part of Jack that had come back together again went to sleep, protected by an energy cocoon, protected by many other types of unseen but loving forces.

While these pieces of Jack were sleeping in this cocoon, they looked inward. Jack had always been the outward creator, the adventurer, the one who sought new lands. Jack had always been an outer expression, but now most of Jack lay within a cocoon, deeply asleep, looking inward.

This had never been done before. There was in a need on the part of Spirit, through Jack, to look inward, to look from a new perspective, rather than to create outward.

Now back to Jack, the human, who lived many lifetimes and forgot who he was and forgot about his angelic origins. He came to think and believe that he was just a human. Oh, he even forget that he had past lifetimes on Earth. He began to believe his existence was merely being born and living and then dying. He would forget from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime who he was. And his name would change from lifetime to lifetime. His gender would change occasionally. He had many experiences.

One day in one lifetime he began to question "why." He began to ask who he was. He began to ask who his father truly was. And the words that he was told did not rest well within him. The words that he had heard from those in churches and from the ones who controlled the spiritual doctrines did not resonate within him. He knew there was something more, and he sought to find it. He sought to reunite with something he knew was there, but could not put his finger on. He could not define it. Jack spent a number of lifetimes in search of himself. He spent these lifetimes in loneliness and solitude. He spent these lifetimes searching and struggling and banging his head against the wall.

After many trials and tribulations, and after going through pains of the body and the mind and the spirit, Jack finally gave up one day. He did not care if he lived or died again as a human. He loved his family and he loved those he had met along the way, but he did not care so much any more. He did not care or have the passion for being a human any longer. And this was not a sad thing, dear friends. This was not a sad thing. It was time. It was time to release being human, of holding the human belief, of maintaining the human condition.

Others thought Jack was going out of his mind. They worried for him, and they talked amongst themselves, saying Jack was perhaps suicidal, and that Jack had gone out of his mind. They thought Jack should get a simple job, doing simple things and not worry about such grand events as finding himself once again.

Jack finally stopped his outer searching. He sat quietly and began to accept. He began to truly listen and began to follow no voice but his own. He put down his books. He put down what the others were telling him and put down the struggling that was taking place in his heart and in his mind. Only then did Jack begin to understand what was truly taking place. The greater part of him that had been in this cocoon, looking inward, had now finished its sleep. It had now finished its introspective look and was ready to awaken.

Dear friends, when the greater part of Jack that was in the cocoon decided to awaken, it was like an infant. Oh, you think the True Self is like your father or mother? No, it is like the infant. As it awakens, the first thing it longs to do is to reunite with you. As the True Self is awakening and coming forth from its cocoon, it is seeking to find you. When it does, dear friends, this is what we call the awakening of the Christ consciousness that is within.

Now Jack sat quietly, and he listened for a long time. At first he tried to listen in ways he had been told to listen by others. This did not work so well. He found himself out searching again, even while he was trying to be quiet, out searching in his mind, trying the right technique or process. When he finally gave those up, when he finally began allowing and listening in no one else’s way but his own, did he then begin to hear the energy, the love, the longing and the passion of the part that had been left behind.


Episode 3 < Creator 7 >

Jack was a prince in the kingdom of sIAM. He was a great traveler, a great explorer and a great creator. He was easily bored. He journeyed to the ends of the kingdom where he then set sail onto the waters. Jack came upon the Wall of Fire, which signified the edge of all creation as it was known. This frightened him. He tried to go back to the kingdom but the non-energy, the vacuum, and the suction from the Wall of Fire pulled him in.
The period of time he was in this Wall of Fire seemed like an eternity. His being was shattered, broken into many, many, many pieces. Some of these pieces went into a type of "cocoon" to go for a long sleep, to go for an inner experience. Jack had always been an outer-looking creator and being. Part of the energy of Jack did not go into this inner cocoon, this inner-looking energy. Part of him continued to travel.

Now, Jack did not go straight to Earth. There was an interim period. This is somewhat difficult to describe, but we will attempt to convey it working closely with Cauldre. Beyond the Wall of Fire was nothing, a void, total darkness. It was the void that would later become your physical universe. When Jack crossed into the void, there were no stars. There were no galaxies. There were no energies present. There was simply a nothing.

Energetically, Jack was not in his light body that he knew from the kingdom, and yet he was not in dense physical form. His energy was spinning faster than that of humans on Earth as you know it, but significantly slower than when he was in the First Creation. We are not speaking of the vibration or the quotient of love here. Jack was not solid. Jack was not "light." He was in between (chuckling), in what you would think of as a gaseous state of being.

When Jack (you) popped through the Wall of Fire, he saw his opposite. He saw his mirror. He began to have experiences, first with himself and then with other entities. These early experiences created an energy that poured out from him (you) and then set up structures and patterns of energy in the universe that had previously been a void. Jack (you) was going through experiences that then created energy weavings, tapestries, foundations that would later become your stars and your galaxies and your solar systems. This was a very interesting period of time for Jack (you).

Through his experiences, Jack began taking on a new self identity. He began to group with other similar energies of entities who had also crossed through the Wall of Fire. He began to bond with others, and form "energy" groups. These energy family groups traveled to, and in a sense, resided in certain parts of the universe. And as you would know from your current experiences with families, there became internal battles. Jack and the others began fighting. There became wars. The groups that had formed became fractured and split.

This was a very chaotic time. Jack was still learning to adjust to his transition through the Wall of Fire. He had never felt anything like this before. He was trying to remember and discover who he was, but he was taking on new attributes that he could not even relate to. He was beginning to take on strange feelings and vibrations about his own energy. Where Jack had once been only light, he was beginning to take on a thickness, a heaviness of being that would later become a body.

Jack did not like this so much. He did not like feeling the slowdown of his energy, the descending from thought to light to electra. He did not like this one bit. He sought to get out of it, but did not know how. He was becoming more and more solid. As he did this, your universe also became more and more solid. Planets began to take shape and to form and to take on mass.

Oh, dear friends, Jack - you - did not like any of this. You felt like you were falling and falling and falling. Your energy and vibrations were slowing. You fought it. You felt that at a certain point, you would never again remember who you were, or where you came from. You were desperately trying to hold on to the vibration of the kingdom. You cursed going through the Wall of Fire!

You were in chaos. There were terrible wars in your universe. This was a time where the concept of killing and death first began to appear. There was anger towards others and towards yourself. There were groups that roved in the ever-solidifying universe, trying to take power from others. They thought that if they took power and energy from another being, it would raise their vibration and send them back home to the kingdom.

You began traveling in groups, some large groups, some small. As you did this… as you, in a sense, held hands and bonded your energy, there came to be around you an energy "ship." You lived within that and traveled all over and had many, many experiences. It was interesting, because you could travel quite well on the energy corridors that were developing in your universe. You knew how to get from one part to the other, what could be millions or even billions of light years away, using your current measurement system. It would take you only a moment. You were proficient at this.

But all of this time, each of you were resisting this slowing down, resisting this solidification that was taking place in you, in your entire universe. You started having strange experiences. You started crashing into things! You didn’t pass through objects any more. Energy did not pass through energy. Things were becoming so solid, so slowed down, you actually would find yourself crashing into stars and planets and meteors and asteroids. This surprised you, and it depressed you. The wars continued. The battles intensified. This was not a good time. There were pockets of those who were trying to find the way back Home, trying to find the proper vibration, discovering things about the energies of love and light. But for the most part, things were spinning down.

< Creator 7 > At some point there came, as we have talked of before, an impasse. Things could go no further. The conflicts, the battles between what you would call the light and the dark were at a stalemate. The universe, as you knew it, even stopped growing. At that point there was a decision, a consensus, an agreement to go to this place of Earth, and for once and all cross through the final veil. You agreed to cross the final barrier, to literally take on a very dense human form, to have your being go into that form that you know of as your body. You agreed to live in complete amnesia of who you were, to walk through the cycles of life and death, and what you call karma, to come full circle back around again, to remembering who you were before you ever crossed through the wall of fire.


Episode 4 < Creator 8 >

Jack was a prince in the kingdom. He went on many long journeys to satisfy his need to create, to expand, to learn more, and to allow his love to pour forth. While on a long journey, Jack came to the end of land. He came to the great ocean. He was posed with a question at that point - whether to continue on, or to go back to the kingdom. But as you know, Jack could not resist the temptation to journey onward.

He set sail upon the waters, on this new type of energy that he had never been never experienced, this energy that we metaphorically call the water. And he sailed and sailed until he came to the Wall of Fire, a metaphor for the end of the First Circle. It was the end of all creation as it was known. He tried paddling backwards. He tried not to be drawn into the Wall of Fire, but indeed he was, indeed he was.

When Jack went into the Wall of Fire it shattered him into billions and billions of fragments. This was a very traumatic event for him. When he came out the other side of the Wall of Fire, he was different. The greater part of his energy and his consciousness had retreated into a "cocoon." It was wrapped in an "energy cocoon" for a long, long sleep. The purpose of this was to experience an inner journey. Up to that point Jack had never looked inward. He had always been an outward expression, but after going through the Wall of Fire, there was a new inner look occurring within this cocoon.

Part of Jack, though, did not go into the cocoon. Part of his being continued past the Wall of Fire where he entered a void. He entered nothingness, total darkness. When he opened his eyes on the other side of the Wall of Fire, Jack saw the mirror image of himself. He saw his opposite. He saw duality. For the first time ever Jack was no longer an extension of oneness. He was now "two." And this was the beginning of duality as you know it.

As duality took form in the void, great wars broke out. There were many battles among the many entities who had crossed through the Wall of Fire into the void. There was you and Jack and many, many more. There was a struggle to return Home. In a desperate effort to return Home to the kingdom, you tried to take energy from one another. There were wars, as one tried to capture the energy of the other, thinking this was a way of returning Home, thinking this was a type of fuel.

The battles empowered this thing you now call duality. The battles intensified and made duality - the energy of two - larger and stronger. During this time of the great battles the void was being transformed into a new reality. Your physical universe with all its stars and galaxies was being created.

The battles became overwhelming. Neither side could dominate or win, to use your terms. So at a point, dear friends, there became a stalemate, a standoff. It was known that the battles could no longer continue. Something had to change in order for Jack and you and the others to continue to forth.

There were many, many entities in your new and growing universe at that time, and the standoff had gotten to the point where neither side, neither energy of duality could function or move. There was no expanding forth of energy, for at the very core of all things there is always the desire to expand forth. This was counter to all things that had ever been known by Spirit, and all things that had ever been known by Jack. We speak in many metaphors on this night.

Dear friends, there was discussion between the many groups that existed in your universe. These were not entities that have physical form like you would know. These were entities that had definitions of energy and vibrations, but they had not descended into physical matter. There were many who met and discussed the need to truly understand the nature of duality. As they met and discussed, they realized the battles of the two sides had proven little. It was time to end these. It was time to move on and to expand with the next portion of the journey.

There were many entities who gathered. This is the forming of what you would now call councils or energy families, celestial families. They met, and at the highest levels of these families, there was an agreement to descend, to lower the vibration of certain entities, certain angels, representing both sides of duality. In this lower vibrational form these entities would take on what you now know as biology. They would take on mass. Part of the reason for this was so that creation would not occur so fast as it had before. It would be slowed down. There would be opportunities to live through experience. There would be opportunities to assess and evaluate and to help balance. When you were angels in your newly forming universe, you created almost as quickly as thought. At times this got out of hand. At times, dear friends, you did not know which side you were on! You did not know how to properly assess your own energy and things seemed out of control.

It was decided that there would be a slowing down of energy by placing your spirit into mass. It was also decided that you would not remember the journey that brought you to this point. You would not remember the battles. You would not remember going through the Wall of Fire. You would not remember the kingdom from whence you came. This would be a new start. It would allow you and it would allow Spirit to truly understand the nature of duality and the nature of "two." Up to the point of the crossing through the Wall of Fire, Spirit had always been an expression of "one." By coming to Earth with no remembrance in physical form, it would allow the true understanding of duality.

There were many, many angel entities in your new universe at the time, and of course, most of these wanted to be part of this new place of Earth. When there was an asking for volunteers, dear friends, you were among the first. You were among the first. You initially came to Earth in non-physical form. You shifted your energy with the assistance of many, many entities on the other side. You shifted your energy in such a way that you could enter the energy dimension of Earth. You visited Earth in your angelic form a long time before you ever came here in biological form. You and the others came here to set up the energy templates and the grids. You came here to set up the weavings and the foundations. You visited this place to become acclimated, as well as to help set up the energies. There was much assistance from the angels that were not going on your journey. We will speak of this more in future sessions.

At some point, dear friends, each of you descended to Earth and eventually took on the human body. You began your cycles of incarnation. You began to walk the Earth in many different forms, physical forms. You walked the Earth one lifetime as male, another as female. You walked through in many different ways to experience this thing called duality.

Now, you who are here and you who are connecting to the Crimson Circle across the dimensions, you are the ones that are completing your cycles on Earth. You are the ones who have come the long way. You are the ones now preparing yourselves to reunite with All That You Are. You are the ones that will then stay on this place of Earth to be the teachers for the others coming through.


Episode 4 < Creator 10 >

When Jack crossed through the Wall of Fire, as we have talked about so often, this was a very traumatic experience for him. When Jack crossed through this wall from the First Creation into the void, it changed everything, it changed everything. When Jack was in the kingdom all things were one; all things were one. There was singular purpose, there was singular direction and there was singular Will. All things emanated outwards from the center of the kingdom. This was wonderful, this was peaceful and loving and it was the way things were in the first circle, in the first Creation. They were as one, as one will. When Jack crossed over through the Wall of Fire into the void he suddenly had a new attribute and it was called Free Will.

This is somewhat difficult to describe in the human words, but we will continue work it. When Jack crossed through he now had the attributes of Free Will. It was no longer singular expansion of All That Is. He entered into a new dimensionality. Jack had always been the prince, the son of the king and queen, the one who would one day accept the throne. But now he was experiencing something totally different - Free Will. He did not quite so much know how to handle this. For he always thought he understood his Mission, his purpose and his contract in the singular will of the Kingdom. But now, all things were available and all things possible. There was no prescribed path or pattern.

Jack’s journey is your journey. Each of you felt what it was like to go from One Will to Free Will. This has caused many interesting experiences for you. This has caused you to be a free creator in many ways and all of this has been appropriate. All of this is blessed by Spirit. For given Free Will - you and Jack and all the other angels and all of the humans - given Free Will you have been able to expand creation in ways and means that have never been done before. Do you understand the impact of this? You had singular Will - loving indeed, blessed indeed - but it was singular in the original Creation. When you came through the wall you were given Free Will.

When Jack came to Earth and took on biology, he still had Free Will, but now he also had something called the veil. The veil prevented Jack from consciously knowing what transpired from lifetime to lifetime. The veil prevented Jack from understanding his journey that had taken him from the Kingdom into the void, to help create the energy and the templates of your Universe. Combine these two powerful elements - the Veil and Free Will - and there is a very potent energy here. It is one that each of you has been living with.