prince of the kingdom

the heir to the throne of the kingdom;

< Creator 5 > Jack lived in a magnificent kingdom, and he was prince. His mother was the queen, and his father was the king - and this is an important point. Now this young prince Jack was but a boy, and he enjoyed playing in the kingdom. He had many friends and playmates, and all who encountered Jack honored him and loved him. He led a very good life as a prince in the Kingdom of sIAM.

< Creator 10 > When Jack crossed through he now had the attributes of Free Will. It was no longer singular expansion of All That Is. He entered into a new dimensionality. Jack had always been the prince, the son of the king and queen, the one who would one day accept the throne. But now he was experiencing something totally different - Free Will. He did not quite so much know how to handle this. For he always thought he understood his Mission, his purpose and his contract in the singular will of the Kingdom. But now, all things were available and all things possible. There was no prescribed path or pattern.