free will

free will with the veil; duality will; polarity will;
limited free will of humanness in duality and the veil;

< New Earth 3 > Now, because of the dynamics of your earth (duality and the veil) and because of the way that humans were created, you have been given complete free will, even apart from your own True Self. Your True Self can only wait, patiently and lovingly, while you complete 'your journey in illusion' here on this Earth. Your True Self cannot meld with you until you open your heart, and until you invite that return. It is not up to your True Self, it is up to you. Should you choose to go another dozen, another hundred lifetimes without reuniting, your True Self will be there in total love and total acceptance until you are ready to invite this Golden Angel into your life.

< New Earth 12 > There have always been two sides, a light and a dark. You moved into this energy and accepted those parameters. You also accepted free will. You accepted the fact that you would not know who you were. You accepted a "spiritual amnesia (veil)." You came to Earth to begin a long, long cycle of lifetimes and learnings and understandings. It will be revealed to you, each of you individually in these coming times of why it was so important for the Eternal One, for Spirit, to know of these things, and why you have participated.

< Creator 10 > When Jack crossed through the Wall of Fire, as we have talked about so often, this was a very traumatic experience for him. When Jack crossed through this wall from the First Creation into the void, it changed everything, it changed everything. When Jack was in the kingdom all things were one; all things were one. There was singular purpose, there was singular direction and there was singular Will. All things emanated outwards from the center of the kingdom. This was wonderful, this was peaceful and loving and it was the way things were in the first circle, in the first Creation. They were as one, as one will. When Jack crossed over through the Wall of Fire into the void he suddenly had a new attribute and it was called Free Will.

< Creator 10 > When Jack crossed through he now had the attributes of Free Will. It was no longer singular expansion of All That Is. He entered into a new dimensionality. Jack had always been the prince, the son of the king and queen, the one who would one day accept the throne. But now he was experiencing something totally different - Free Will. He did not quite so much know how to handle this. For he always thought he understood his Mission, his purpose and his contract in the singular will of the Kingdom. But now, all things were available and all things possible. There was no prescribed path or pattern.

< Creator 10 > Jack’s journey is your journey. Each of you felt what it was like to go from One Will to Free Will. This has caused many interesting experiences for you. This has caused you to be a free creator in many ways and all of this has been appropriate. All of this is blessed by Spirit. For given Free Will - you and Jack and all the other angels and all of the humans - given Free Will you have been able to expand creation in ways and means that have never been done before. Do you understand the impact of this? You had singular Will - loving indeed, blessed indeed - but it was singular in the original Creation. When you came through the wall you were given Free Will.

< Creator 10 > When Jack came to Earth and took on biology, he still had Free Will, but now he also had something called the veil. The veil prevented Jack from consciously knowing what transpired from lifetime to lifetime. The veil prevented Jack from understanding his journey that had taken him from the Kingdom into the void, to help create the energy and the templates of your Universe. Combine these two powerful elements - the Veil and Free Will - and there is a very potent energy here. It is one that each of you has been living with.

< Creator 10 > You have the Free Will to do what you choose. But you have also had the veil so you could not remember so much your decisions and your experiences. Now, here you are, Shaumbra, coming to the completion of your own circle of lifetimes on Earth. You are coming to completion of your journey, coming to the final clearings that will allow you to go to new understandings. As we have said to you before, you do not return Home from here. You continue going forward. You continue expanding but there will come the point when the veil is released, when you do have an understanding of your journey, you do have more of a complete understanding of who you are and why you are here.

< Creator 10 > In the meantime, here you are going through many changes in your life right now, going through many challenges. You expected this ascension process to be one way and it is another. It is not what you thought it would be! As you come full circle, dear friends, there is something interesting that happens. There is a step that you will take. There is a step that we bring to you today. From the inside, it is one that you know is coming, but it must be conveyed from the outside for confirmation. That step is quite simple. Going into the new energy to be the creator you truly are, you need to step past Free Will into your Divine Will.

< Creator 10 > Lesson Number Ten of the Creator Series: Step Into Your Divine Will. It is a simple but potent step. It is one that seems obvious at first, but when you start thinking of it in your human mind, it might frighten you, for as you are already perceiving, you are being asked to - Cauldre certainly questions us at this point! - you are being asked to release your Free Will and move into Divine Will. Now let us talk for a moment of what the difference is.

< Creator 10 > When you came to Earth with your Free Will and you took on duality, your Free Will allowed you to see the mirrors of who you were. The Free Will allowed you to see the light and to see the dark. It allowed you to see up and to see down, but in a sense Free Will with a veil is very limited, as you have discovered. Many of you have even questioned whether you truly DID have Free Will or if you were simply puppets for the angels or for Spirit. But no, indeed you had Free Will the whole time.

< Creator 10 > The Divine Will is not owned outside of yourself. The Divine Will is contained within. When you move into Divine Will, when you release the old Free Will, you once again make a type of connection with Spirit. It becomes a conscious connection and a conscious understanding that you have not felt for eons of time. Divine Will is not sitting and waiting for God, for Spirit, to tell you what to do. It is an understanding that it is already a part of you. It is an inner understanding that Spirit is there, that there are no outside voices to listen to, that Spirit and God and Divinity and the Christ Consciousness is already within you. Divine Will is listening to this deep, passionate inner voice.

< Creator 10 > You are used to the old attributes of Free Will or of Duality Will, as it were. There was a constant challenge and battle back and forth in your mind. As you move into Divine Will, there will come to you solutions that are far above and far expanded from what you have experienced before. You won't feel it is the two old voices of your old human self arguing back and forth as happened quite often. (chuckling) When you step into Divine Will you will feel and sense and perhaps hear a different answer that comes from The All. But understand - and we emphasize this - that it still comes from within you! If you seek outside of yourself for these answers, if you think that there is an entity who exists outside of you that will now start telling you what to do, you are looking in the wrong place! You are looking in the old energy place. Divine Will emanates from within. Divine Will is within you at this moment. As we have told you earlier, and we chuckled about it, we see this light in you but you do not see it yet.

< Creator 10 > It is time now as angels, who have taken a long journey since leaving Home, to release that thing that you first experienced when crossing over through the Wall of Fire. It is time to release the attribute called Free Will. Oh, when you first acquired this it was an incredible toy. It was an incredible toy for an angel who had just gone through the incredible experience of the Wall of Fire. It was frightening as well, for you had never had Free Will. You had had One Will, Expanding Will.

< Creator 10 > But now you were given power, you were given choice like you had never had before. You took that Free Will and began to play with it in the universe, in the void. Your Free Will was like having an incredible, awesome Creator's tool kit. You could do things that you had never done before. You could play in the void, you could make the stars, you could create new energies. You could even battle with other entities! You could not do that in the Kingdom. There were no battles. You could create new places. You could have thoughts and emotions that spanned every different direction.

< Creator 10 > This Free Will was an incredible new toy. But it also caused you much grief along the way. Much hardship and much pain. You took the Free Will and went to places that were at the lowest of the low, at the bottom of the bottom, at the most painful of places that all of Creation could have ever imagined. But you were simply playing with the new energy. Oh, indeed you also took it to wonderful places of love and sharing and compassion in creation of light.

< Creator 10 > You have had this gift and this tool of Free Will ever since it was bestowed on you as a gift from Spirit when you crossed through the Wall of Fire. You have had this gift with you for eons of time now. It has served you well to create something in the void, to create the universes and the galaxies and the stars. Free Will has served you well while you have incarnated on Earth. It has allowed you to make the choices between the light and the dark, the white marble and the dark marble. It has allowed you to experience duality in a very limited way with a veil over you. It has allowed you to experience duality in a very defined fashion.

< Creator 10 > It will be challenging. You will want to keep BOTH your Free Will and your Divine Will. (chuckling) You will want the wonderful attributes of Free Will while you take on the new Divine Will. We are here to tell you that it does not work that way. One must be released before the other can be experienced.

< Creator 10 > What happens then we cannot so much to describe to you. You will move into a new place. You will move beyond duality. You will come to realizations that even we cannot define. You will come to new understandings and new levels of vibration and energy that will make the old energy way of Free Will seem flat. Your olds ways will seem unexciting, undynamic and lacking in passion. When you step into Divine Will things expand quickly! With Divine Will comes the answers, the solutions, and the broader picture. At that moment you will know exactly what to do. You will know what to do with that energy that comes to you in this new Divine Will.

< Creator 10 > You will want to know exactly what it is before you take that step. Dear friends, you
can not possibly define the attributes of Divine Will in the current consciousness that you hold. You must step into it first. Once again we are asking you to cross a chasm on your own, without us being there to take you over. We know all of you will spend some time thinking of the implications of stepping into Divine Will, for it does mean releasing Free Will. Free Will can be wonderful and fun. I know, for I have experienced it! It is an amazing, amazing energy. The Divine Will… the Divine Will is grander, more complete and more fulfilling. You who have been asking, "Spirit, what is it that I should be doing, what of my job, what of my relationship, what do you want me to do now?" Now we say it is time for you - when you are ready - it is time for you to step into your Divine Will. In Divine Will, knowingness will come to you.

< Creator 10QA > We are suggesting that you release a gift given to you by Spirit long, long ago when you first left the Kingdom. You are being asked now to let this go. There will be the thoughts, and feelings that you are now selling yourself out; you are no longer hanging onto something that was given to you by Spirit. These feelings and emotions will definitely come up. We cannot answer this directly for you, other than to ask you to feel your own emotions, to feel what this is like. When the time comes and it feels appropriate, you will know. You will step into your Divine Will. You will understand that in a sense you are really releasing nothing, that you are moving into something much grander. In a sense for you - we tell you in particular for we know the way your mind works - Free Will is truly a subset of Divine Will.

< Creator 10QA > "Can we put Free Will in the Oven of Grace?"
This is most wise and most appropriate.

< Creator 10QA > Your perception is …very wise and very accurate. You will learn more about this as you truly transition into Divine Will. In a sense Free Will was an illusion. Free Will was an illusion. In a sense, Divine Will has always been and do not think about this so much in the mind, but feel it from the heart. Divine Will has always been at play. There was an illusion that there was something called Free Will. This does not mean that you were not free as angels to do whatever you have chosen to do. But under the guise of Free Will there has always been the current of Divineness. In all of your journeys you have felt separated and alone from Spirit. This has created an illusion of Free Will. But in reality, you are never alone. What we mean by this is that Spirit has always been with you. Spirit has always loved you and supported you. Spirit has always been you.

< Ascension 4 > We talked to you in that series about Divine Will, and we know some of you were quite angry or confused. You did not understand why you would need to release your Free Will. But now, we look at you. You understand. You are learning more and more each day to understand what Divine Will is. It is a consciousness that sits above Free Will. It is a consciousness that melds together all things and seeks an answer at the highest possible level, not the answer in duality. Divine Will seeks an answer above that, an answer that you could not have possibly known was even there before.

< Ascension 6 > Now, we will tell you that when this occurs, if you go intellectual on yourself, you will get stuck. It will be difficult to work your way out of self-doubt. It is at this point, when you have the intense self-doubts and these grand questions, to be in a place of peace and acceptance of yourself. Within your being, ask what is happening. Ask why the doubt comes in, and ask your Divine Will to provide the answer. Divine Will is what transcends. It is above free will. There is an answer in Divine Will that was never obvious to you before. When you get into a deep self-doubt situation this year, go to your Divine Will. Go to your inner divinity and listen for the answers. Tune out those old voices of the parent calling you, telling you to come home, telling you to get off your playset. 2002 - the year of self-doubt.

< Ascension 6QA > Dear friends, after your September 11th the world did not fall apart, because you had changed your consciousness. There was a group that got out of duality, a group that stood behind the short wall. Difficult as it was during those times, you stood behind the short wall. You brought in Divine Will, rather than "polarity will." You helped to influence. You helped to make this a much more peaceful and smooth transition. Indeed, there were events that were difficult to understand or embrace at the time. But look, in these few short months, what change has occurred in the world. It was not the end of the world in terms you would have thought. It was not major war and conflict.

< Ascension 7QA > We brought this discussion of agenda up a week or so ago of your time in front of a group that is behind walls (at a federal prison). They are incarcerated. These dear Shaumbra - indeed they are, just like you - they do not have the freedoms that you have. They do not the full capability of free will as what you have. You have much free will. You can make many choices in your life. They do not have nearly as much as you do. Watch how they work with this energy of knowing no agenda. They will have it, in a sense, easier, and it will be more understandable for them. That should tell you something about the nature of free will! Free will, in a sense, is limiting. It is part of duality. The ones who are behind walls will come quickly to understand the true nature of Divine Will, free of the restrictions of duality.

< Ascension 11QA > When you left Home… when you went through the Wall of Fire, you went from singular, or One Will, to Free Will. You created a new identity for yourself. You had Free Will. Through all of the times before you came to Earth, through all the planets, and the galaxies that you visited, through all the lifetimes you had before you ever came to Earth, you brought this attribute of Free Will with you.

Free Will is simply Spirit saying, "You can doing anything you want, and I will love you unconditionally. You can play any game you want, including the game of cancer, including the game of abuse, including the game of being a victim. You can play all of these games." And, Spirit says "I will love you unconditionally."

But, when you choose to stop playing these games, when you choose to move from duality into the New Energy, then your Divine Will comes forward. Divine Will is a remembering of Home, remembering why you left Home in the first place. Divine Will is saying, "I'm tired of the games now. I'm tired of duality. I have learned enough. I have grown enough. Now, I choose Divine Will, which is divine fulfillment."

You still have Free Will. It does not leave. But, now, now it is embraced by Divine Will. It is the understanding. It is the clarity. It is the remembrance of Home, of who you are, and of why you are here. There are no angels on the other side pulling the strings, like you are a puppet. Spirit still does not pull the strings, because in the consciousness of Divine Will you come to understand that you are Spirit, you always were Spirit, and you always will be Spirit. It is simply saying, "Let us come now to a time of fulfillment of our journey."

Some of you have reacted quite emotionally when we talked about releasing your Free Will. But, it is the very thing that you are striving for. Divine Will, which is the higher understanding of your journey… Divine Will provides for the completion of your journey.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, have chosen to be here. We have not been placed here. We have not been sent here. We have not been banished here. We, Shaumbra, have chosen to stay here at this time in this lifetime. It is by our own Divine Will. It is by our Free Will that we have chosen to stay here. We, Shaumbra, take responsibility for that. We have chosen to stay at this time of great change and great transition.

< Master 8 > You have the human down here who's struggling for survival and identity. And yes, you want to say, "Well, I'm creating my reality." Well, that's actually not true, because a lot of your reality is being created or influenced by this waveform (spirit), other waveforms we're going to talk about in our mental health workshop, other waveforms that are up here on the divine level that you're not aware of. You actually aren't creating much of your experience at all. At all.

< Master 8 > And in answer to the question do humans have free will? No, they don't. They absolutely don't. If they did, they would be totally different. They're under the influence of something. Their strings are being pulled by something. Karma? Well, sure, if they believe in it. Religion? Absolutely. All of these other things, their strings are being pulled. They strongly want to think that they have free will and they demand it - "I have the will to quit my job when I want." Well, they don't. "I have the will to live where I want," but they don't. They live next to where they grew up.

< Master 8 > You have divine will. Tobias said it to you years ago, and that's the channel that you forgot. You didn't want to hear it, truly. He said, "There's divine will." The will of your spiritual wave, spiritual dance, actually will override the human will (snap) like that. Instantly. And it accounts for a lot of the things that have happened in your life. Your spirit isn't inflicting those negative experiences, but there are things that are far more important to your spirit, your divine, than silly human antics and desperate attempts to control, to have pleasure, to fix an identity and to survive.

< Master 8 > It doesn't matter! Spirit's going to survive, there's no death. Yeshua proved that on the cross. There's no death. He didn't die to atone for your sins. Yeshua came to a point - and it was a collective consciousness, so it's a little different - but Yeshua came to a point of saying, "I'm going fishing. I'm going to intersect. I don't care if I live or die. I'm tired of being in my own prison as a human. I'm tired of not being with me. I'm tired of these two always being apart. I want back with me." Boom! They crossed. Ooh, did I say cross? They merged. Heaven, Earth, coming together. The waveform of divine and the waveform of human finally intersecting.

< Master 9 > I said last month that, "Do humans have free will?" No. They might have had it at one point, but they gave it up, through their free will. They gave it up. They gave it to a lot of other things. In this zone, the "X" zone that we're coming back to, it begs a question from you. In here ("X"), free will, to use your definition, but sovereignty - free will - can be brought back, resurrected. You could have that tool once again, but it has to be from a very conscious acknowledgement of your divine will. That will give you something to ponder for the next month. Free will returns to the human when the human consciously acknowledges their divine will.

< Master 9 > Divine will is not to be confused with destiny or some distant God. The divine is you, and therefore that will, that waveform is you. When the human acknowledges its waveform as divine, as they come to this "X" spot, free will does come back. When sovereignty is accepted and realized, true free will about everything - about everything that's going to happen to you - absolutely comes back. So in answer to the question, humans had free will … back way up. Angelic beings had free will. They gave it up. They gave it up. That consciousness was brought to Earth and humans have been told that they have free will, but nobody's ever questioned it.

< Master 9 > So, no, humans don't, but you, my dear friends, can integrate the divine will, the free will, back into the I Am where it's no longer differentiated. The I Am is everything. You don't need free will at that point. You don't even need divine will. The two come together, and it becomes the I Am.