September 11


< Ascension 3 > There is an energy that enters this room now, at our invitation and for a reason. It is an energy may be difficult for you to handle. The energy that comes in now is of three who you would call of Middle Eastern descent who were terrorists, They are the ones who were part of this plan and this plot, who were on these airplanes that caused these horrific events of September 11. There are three that asked us to be here on this day. After much consideration, we have allowed them to be in the energy of this place. They are the ones who planned for murder. They are the ones who held firmly to their beliefs. They meticulously plotted and planned the intentional demise of fellow humans.

Their energy enters the room. And we remind all of you that first, the energy of Raphael came here and was planted and established. These three who come today are not doing so well. They are not doing well. They thought when they crossed over Allah would be there to greet them, and to have ceremony, and tell them how they have defended the kingdom of Allah.

But instead, these three felt the suffering, the mass suffering and the pain and the agony. They stood in the tunnel of nearly 6000 who crossed over on that day. They watched each one as they came through. They felt the confusion and the imbalance and the anger and the sorrow. And when they thought it was done, when some 6000 humans came through, and they felt that horrible energy, then they felt the energy of the families and friends in the prayers that came through afterwards. They felt the grieving and the sadness and the tears.

Then they felt something that has changed them. They felt your loving thoughts and feelings, and of all the other humans on Earth rise up. They felt the hope. They thought - and their co-conspirators to this day still think - that their actions would have torn at and ruined the fabric of the new energy, of the new Earth, of the new way. They thought the toppling of several buildings would start a chain of events that would go so deep that it would topple all of those things that have risen up within humanity in these past years. They thought this would start clashes and demonstrations and riots in the streets. What they saw was empowered, divine and loving humans caring about each other, looking to immediately rebuild something that had been torn apart. They saw humans who were grieving, but humans that more importantly were hoping.

And this has changed the three that come here today. None of them who are here - they are standing on the stage, if you would like to look to the right of me - none of them here expected what would happen. It has changed them profoundly, for they saw a new truth. They saw the power of hope and love. They have seen how quickly the fabric of the new energy is being woven. They are still in deep sorrow for what they have done, for they understand, when they came to an awakening quite recently, that there was another way to do this. It did not have to be done through violence and killing and righteousness. There is another way to handle the changes. There is another way to handle the imbalance.

The ones who stand here today do not ask for forgiveness, for they know this is not appropriate. They do not come here to ask this. What each one of them asks for - this is plain and direct - what they ask for is simple. They ask nothing for themselves. They know there will have to be much transmuting and processing within their beings. But they come here today, and when they told us what their cause was, that is why we opened the door for them to let them in. They come here today to ask each of you to continue your work. We have asked you time and time again to continue. The world needs teachers of divinity at this time. They come here today to ask in a way stronger than I, Tobias, could ever ask.

They ask you to continue. They have seen the effects of what love and hope and truth can do. They ask nothing from you, other than to continue with what you are doing. If there was ever a statement that would give credibility to all that you have been doing in this lifetime, and even the others, it is the three that stand here. We ask you to hold the energy of this moment, if you should ever doubt the work that you do.

They know, these three, that they have much clearing and cleansing to do. They know it will be a difficult road and a difficult journey. They know that Raphael will be there with them on their long and difficult journey. You do not need to send them healing or love. You do not need to feel sorrow or anger. You just need to understand the effect of what you are doing. Four weeks and four days ago, they saw the effects of enlightened humans all over the world. They clearly thought, from their perspective, that this would be the domino effect, that it would break down things. Do you know that they felt so strongly about this that their second level plans were almost nonexistent?

Now, we are here to tell you that there will be much work for you to do. We are not asking you to pick up any specific belief system or philosophy. We are not asking you to read any specific books or do any ceremony. As you know, we are not so much in favor of these things! We are asking you to go within, for the answers lie within. We are not asking you to teach this work of the Crimson Circle, lesson by lesson. We are asking you to embrace the essence of it and to help bring it forth. We are asking you to be there when the knock comes at your door and to begin your work.

The three that come in today are asking you the same thing. The three that are here today, just maybe, just maybe, may be the ones in a new physical body who come knocking at your door. You will be an old and wise and sage teacher. You will perhaps recognize their energy from this day, perhaps it will be 20 or 30 or 40 years in the future, but they may come knocking, saying, "I don't know what it is about you, but I see a light. I see a balance. I see a joy. Help me to understand."

< Ascension 3 > Look at the world situation now. If your country of the Americas had immediately responded to the events of September 11 in anger, which in a sense, many of these terrorists had hoped for, it would have made the situation so much worse. But yet, the world held a balance of energy that prevented any immediate strikes. It prevented an assimilation of what was going on. Anger will not solve the problem.

< Ascension 3 > We see that with the events and the major leap in consciousness from four weeks and four days ago that changes will continue to sweep the world. What we see is that there will be a change at the core level of your own churches and religions. There has been much energy focused on these recently. This will continue. The churches that hold an imbalance of energy, that hold duality, can no longer survive in the new energy. The churches that promote separation between God and man cannot hold their own as you move into the new energy. The churches that create an enemy, the devil, other religions… they cannot move so well into the new energy.

The churches hold a tremendous imbalance of duality energy at this time. You will see them always associated with the core of the problems, as you have for thousands and ten of thousands of years. You will see this continue, but you will see their walls come crumbling down, meaning they will be forced to change, to be more open, or they will crumble and be out of existence.

< Ascension 6QA > Dear friends, after your September 11th the world did not fall apart, because you had changed your consciousness. There was a group that got out of duality, a group that stood behind the short wall. Difficult as it was during those times, you stood behind the short wall. You brought in Divine Will, rather than "polarity will." You helped to influence. You helped to make this a much more peaceful and smooth transition. Indeed, there were events that were difficult to understand or embrace at the time. But look, in these few short months, what change has occurred in the world. It was not the end of the world in terms you would have thought. It was not major war and conflict.

< Ascension 6QA > We are not so much into predictions of world events, but from what we can see from our vantage point… we see there will be much worldwide good that comes here in the next several months. These are understandings related directly to these events of your 9-1-1. There will be much good. But, as we said, this will be a year of swings. In one moment you will see peace in your Mideast. And, the next moment you will see terrible bombings. There is the potential for your Mideast to end up in a major, major clash this year. It is an attempt to find resolutions to old energies. It is up to those involved, and also all of you, whether that is done in anger and war, or whether it is done in release and compassion.

< Ascension 7 > Let us talk for a moment about this "9-11." It has shifted Earth. It is not something that you can read about in your papers per se, but it has caused a major shift in consciousness. You could say this is measured by certain resonance factors (referring to the Schumann Resonance). There are some potential scientific equations. There are ways that you think you can measure the "spiritual quotient." You are getting close. You are not quite there.

But, there was a shift that took place on that day. As we said at the time, the three days that followed were the most important in modern Earth history. For what happened in those three days, in the hearts and the souls of humankind, would determine the direction for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years of time to come. Humans responded. Oh, how they responded! How it showed across your world in the tears and the caring!

It was interesting. With all the chaos and the destruction and the sadness that took place with this event of "9-11," we were somewhat shocked at the response. In the three days that followed, what came over the Earth for most of humans was a quiet, and a compassion, and a true sense of unity and oneness and caring.

What came over the Earth at that time surprised us to a degree. But, I guess we shouldn’t have been. There was little agenda, other than loving each other. The overall, predominant energy of humankind was not to take up arms, was not to go slaughter another and perpetuate even more duality. The overall agenda was not to seek revenge. So often this is the way of both your religions and your politics. Instead, in the hearts and the souls of the individual humans on Earth, it was a time of reflection, and quiet, and caring, and no agenda.

A major shift occurred, a shift that is allowing us on this side of the veil to work more directly with you. It has helped Metatron work closer to the Earth plane. This September shift bumped up the consciousness and the vibration of All That Is.

< Ascension 7 > Speaking of agenda and of recent events in your world (9-11), there are those who have agenda for terrorism, for dominance over other humans and control over other humans. It is an old agenda. It comes from the time when you left Home, when you were trying to consume another entity’s energy as a way to get back into the Kingdom, as a way to get Home. Wars are as old as the very time you left Home.

< Ascension 7QA > Now, an interesting thing happened shortly after your time of "nine-eleven" (September 11, 2001), this great test of duality. It was the agenda of one side of the energy to create such a turmoil that it would cause an equal or perhaps stronger energetic reaction, perhaps an equal or stronger agenda. In a sense, it was Old Energy. It was duality trying to perpetuate itself. It could feel itself getting weaker. It could feel itself begin to fade from the face of Earth, this old duality. So, it created an event to help prop it up, to give it energy.

And, what happened in your beautiful, wonderful world, as you were silent in the days following the attacks? You were compassionate and. You did not strike back immediately. You did not go for revenge at the impulse … spontaneously. You went into a time of quiet and reflection. What happened is what didn’t happen! You didn't spark the energy of duality to continue the battle. This was monumental! This was energy-changing! You left your agendas out. You did! You just placed your beingness and your love and your compassion on Earth.

< Master 6 > There's been other lesser changes, shifts in consciousness over the years, a little here, a little there. There was a big shift in 2001 (Sep.11), as you know. It didn't do so much at that point to affect technology as it did to affect values and morals, and I'm going to go so far as to say the shift of consciousness in 2001 is leading now to the practical shift in finances and in government, to a degree in religion. So the event, the shift in consciousness back there, is now manifesting, and you've seen it in things like the financial markets in the world, and you're going to be seeing more of it in government changes in the world.