Middle East


< Creator 1QA > We will not call this old or new. We will simply say that in this classroom it is time to stand back, to cross over that "short wall," to stand on the other side. In doing so you will come to new understandings of what is happening in your Mideast and why it is happening. We know you have spent much energy and have love in this area. We know this has been done from your heart for healing. There are others now who pick up the work that you have been doing. It is not like there is a great void that is left.

< Ascension 3QA > When you pray, you do not understand so much what you pray for. When you pray for peace, what does that look like? What is peace? If you pray for peace, but yet there is darkness that needs to be released, then it is glossed over. There is a sugar coating on peace, and it will not hold. That has been the problem in the area of your world called the Middle East. There is a sugar coating that is saying, "Let us shake hands and be friends." But, the moment they turn around, the snake arises within, for it has not been addressed. It has not been released.

< Ascension 6QA > We are not so much into predictions of world events, but from what we can see from our vantage point… we see there will be much worldwide good that comes here in the next several months. These are understandings related directly to these events of your 9-1-1. There will be much good. But, as we said, this will be a year of swings. In one moment you will see peace in your Mideast. And, the next moment you will see terrible bombings. There is the potential for your Mideast to end up in a major, major clash this year. It is an attempt to find resolutions to old energies. It is up to those involved, and also all of you, whether that is done in anger and war, or whether it is done in release and compassion.

< Teacher 11QA > That is one of the areas that is most sensitive to the rest of the consciousness of humanity, because of the energies in what you would call the Middle East, both in consciousness and in the land itself. You see, this is where, if you take a look at it, the major religions of the world today had their roots in this very small part of the world. This is where beliefs grew. This is where consciousness grew. This is where the concepts of spirituality and God grew. So obviously if there are wobbles on Earth right now, this area is going to wobble as well. But a wobble is not necessarily bad. A wobble means moving things out of its old structure. So it does create the potential for a whole new type of alliance in this area - a peace potential that has not been available for as long as I can possibly remember.