stand behind the short wall / accept all things as they are

remove yourself from the situation;  observation;
having total compassion;  honoring their own journey;  give freedom;
don't try to change;  being out of duality;

< New Earth 3 > You, the Divine Human, will not need to worry about your humanness any more. You will not need to worry about other people. You will be able to accept where they are and where you are. You will be present in the moment, creating in the moment, creating miracles in your now. You do not need to worry of what comes next. All of this comes simply out of trusting from the deepest level of your being. Trusting your own soul. Trusting your own True Self.

< New Earth 14 > Soon you will be walking and experiencing something new. What you will be experiencing is one process or one step prior to true Divinity while you are here on Earth in human form.
This process is one of allowing, one of final allowing. This will be challenging for you, for you are ones who have goals. You are ones who have direction. You are ones who push forward on your path. And now you will be asked from the core of your being to allow and accept all those things that are in your life. You will be asked to simply stand back and allow the process to take place.

< New Earth 14 > As the storm approaches you try to clear this with your mind and to move it away. Yet the storm continues to move in your direction. Soon it begins to rain down on you, and you wonder why you were not able to move it, to alter its course. Now, in the new energy, simply stand in a place of allowing. Do not try to alter the outcome but to simply understand what is taking place. And if it rains upon you, so be it. And if the skies part and the sun comes out, so be it.

< Creator 1 >
To understand the process of becoming a creator, a true creator in this Earth energy, it is important for you to remove yourself from situations as they occur in your life.

The human tendency is to push. The human tendency is to create energy to ram forth, to try to create or change a situation.

My friends, these are things you learned in other lifetimes, 10, 20, and even 100 lifetimes ago. They do not apply now in this new energy.

It is no longer about an external pushing to create. It is about a total allowing. It is about a total acceptance of all things that are in your life and the lives of other people around you and the world. It is a total accepting that we are asking you to do at this point.

We are asking you to, my friends, do not try to affect a situation now. Simply be in acceptance of it, whether it is in your own life or the life of others.

Instead of pushing energy towards one direction or the other, instead of choosing sides, instead of deciding and judging what is right and wrong, if you step aside and simply observe and accept what is happening, you will begin to understand an energy dynamic that will lead you to an understanding of true creation.

We are simply asking you to remove yourself from the situation that is in front of you. If you feel like you need to vest yourself into the outcome, we ask you to remove yourself from that.

Imagine a short wall (around your new house) and stand behind it. Consciously walk over that wall. Stand on the other side of that wall and simply observe what is going on. Observe the dynamics that are occurring on the side of the wall that you just left.

Consciously allow yourself to cross over the short wall. Stand back on the other side as an observer.

We are asking that you do this for a period of time. When you cross into this space of allowing and accepting, you will begin to understand the dynamics of creation. You will become an observer. You will literally start to see energy patterns around others, around situations. You will start to see beams and patterns of energy.

As you come onto this accepting side of the wall you will see a beautiful, almost indescribable shimmering tapestry of energy being woven by humans. My friends, you have been so close to all of the events, you have not seen that there is a spiritual tapestry being woven by every thought and action and deed. As you stand back, you will be able to see the beautiful weave of colors and textures and patterns and energies, all created from a core of love in the events that surround you.

As you step to the other side of the short wall, first you will see the weavings, the under side of the tapestry. It is being woven in front of you. As soon as you become proficient at this, as you become disciplined in stepping aside, you will begin to see the top side of the tapestry. That is where the real beauty and the real art of the human experience are.

You have been so close; you have only felt the commotion of the weaving of the tapestry. As you step onto the other side of the short wall surrounding your new house, you will see how situations are created. You will see the cause and the effect of the actions of other people, other humans. You will see how things are truly woven.

But now it is time to simply stand back, to see the beautiful weavings of duality. It is necessary for you to observe at a distance in order to come to a true understanding of your own creative power, your own creative ability in the next year of time.

Accept all things as they are, even those things in your life. There will be challenges even in the next few days (literally) of your time. You will have the tendency to want to jump into duality experiences.

For those of you who are healers, you have tried to heal your clients through your own being. My friends, continue the work that you have done, and in a sense, step back at the same time.

Do not make judgements of their conditions and do not make judgements of your own abilities as a healer. Simply step back. Stand on the other side of the wall. Observe what is going on. Make no judgement of what is going on.

Accept all things as they are. Become an observer of life, of your own life even. Do not worry of what tomorrow will bring, for it matters not. Observe what is going on now in your life and around you. Pass no judgements - oh, that will tempt you! Do not feel the need or desire to change others or to change yourself now.

There are questions we know you are already asking! "Is this the period of do 'no-thing' that we experienced recently?" And we say to you, "no, it is not." This was different. The period of do 'no-thing' that we have discussed with you before was a necessary transition point where we asked you to make no rash decisions. We knew there were things in your life that compelled you to want to make major decisions. It was not, energetically, a good time. That is why we asked you to go through a time of do 'no-thing.'

This is a time of accepting all things as they are. You will continue walking through life. You will continue doing what you have done for a period of time, but you will use each opportunity along the way to observe, to accept. That does not mean that you will not feel suffering or compassion or love or joy. You will feel these but simply accept and observe them.

My friends, it is also a time to release your grasp, to release your grasp. You have held tightly to belief systems. You have held tightly to concepts of who you thought you were. You have held tightly even to your 'new age.'

It is time to let your beliefs go. This again will be difficult and challenging. But my friends, if you continue to hold on, it will be difficult for you to come to understandings of the weavings of the tapestry of life.

Now release the grasp. You will come to new understandings. You will let the old beliefs go. There will be times within your being that you will feel the greatest terror. Ultimately through this process you will learn to truly understand the illusion. You will learn to understand that you are the Creator. You will learn to create new rivers if you so choose, canoes with wings if you so choose, whatever it is. This is a phenomenal journey that you have been on, a difficult journey, we know, but a phenomenal journey.

< Creator 1QA > We will not call this old or new. We will simply say that in this classroom it is time to stand back, to cross over that "short wall," to stand on the other side. In doing so you will come to new understandings of what is happening in your Mideast and why it is happening. We know you have spent much energy and have love in this area. We know this has been done from your heart for healing. There are others now who pick up the work that you have been doing. It is not like there is a great void that is left.

< Creator 2 > She said, as she released her grip and opened her palm, "I will now live in the NOW. I will no longer fear a future that does not exist. I will live in the NOW." She began living in the NOW, as she continued to practice standing behind the short wall in acceptance of all that is. As she began to consciously release her grip on her own guilt and pain and the past, she realized that she was creating a moment, a divine moment, in all of the NOW that she was living. She was learning once again to trust self. She was learning that there was no need to project a future fear scenario, but simply to live in the NOW. As she did, there was a unique melding of her humanness with her divinity.

< Creator 2QA > Now again this (divine moment) does not come from outside of you. It comes from within, and it comes when you allow and accept all things as they are. It is when you accept your human that this divinity, this light - the light that is waiting to be released from every cell and every strand of DNA and every vibration within you - can come forth. It is waiting to be released. When you open up and allow and release the fears, it can find the path up through your being.

< Creator 3QA > You will see things begin to change around you. But you must begin the process with the conscious intent to stand in your divine moment, to stand on the other side of the short wall, and then just be in that moment. It should be no struggle. It should not be difficult. As you consciously intend this and practice this on a regular basis, it will become more natural. It will become easier and easier. This divine moment wants to be part of you. It wants to come forth in your life. It is not like you have to make it happen. You simply have to allow the space for it to happen in.

< Creator 3QA > Your meditations have been, for the most part, struggling and difficult. Indeed they helped you get to this point. We ask you to always honor that part of yourself. But as you move into the new energy, you do not need to sit and meditate daily for a prescribed period of time and fight the thoughts coming through your mind. All you need to do, friends, is to allow and accept all that is. Accept yourself, and live in the divine moment. You will find that you will desire quiet time to be by yourself, but it will be like a river of wisdom and love flowing through you, rather than a structured meditation.

< Creator 6 > The first three lessons, dear friends, were foundation lessons. Lesson One: "Accept all things as they are." This was the lesson of the short wall, of standing behind the short wall. This was the lesson of stepping out of duality and drama, standing behind your short wall and observing all that goes on around you. From this lesson you came to understand how easy it is to get trapped in duality. By standing behind the short wall, you have seen how easy it is to feel the addiction of wanting to jump back into the fray.
By standing behind the short wall, you gain a new perspective, a somewhat distant perspective, but not necessarily disimpassioned. You a better vantage point to watch all that happens, and you see the interesting dynamics of other humans. You begin to understand duality as it truly was.

< Creator 6 > Oh, these have been key lessons. We hope you have not simply read them for the wonderful energy! (audience laughter) These have been the core foundation lessons. They are not the most exciting, but they are the most important. These first three lessons in the Creator Series are lessons of acceptance: Accepting all things, accepting yourself, accepting the moment that you live in. They are the acceptance lessons within the series.

< Creator 7QA > There are some who pray for others with inappropriate energy. They pray that others are not so bad! They pray that others should come to their senses! (audience laughter) They pray that others should not be so wrong. Dear friends, as Shaumbra you are learning to honor others for where they are. You are learning to create balance within yourself, and this is changing the way things appear on the outside.

< Creator 12 > In the old energy it was difficult to accept all things as they were, for the veil was thick and strong, and duality was the game that was played. But in the new energy, it will be easy to accept things, because you will see the grander plan. You will understand the grander vision of these things in the new energy, in your new relationship with Spirit. You will understand why humans do the things they do, why you are on the path that you are on.

< Ascension 7 > When somebody criticizes you, or is angry with you, do not let that energy stick on you. It is about them. It is, dear friends, about your compassion for them and for yourself, compassion to understand they are still walking through their processes. Have compassion to accept them, and not to try to change them. They are choosing their own path. Shame on those who try to place their thoughts, and their desired outcomes on others! Shame on those who feel sorry for the one who begs on the streets! This is not compassion! This is your agenda! Compassion is the understanding of reasons why that human has chosen to be the beggar on the street corner. Honor that dear human for who they are, for what they wear, for how they smell. Honor them, rather than try to change them. It is not about you any more. It is about learning to accept all of these things around you.

< Ascension 7 > Look at some of the energy behind this lesson. It is a continuation of some of the lessons that we have already discussed. It is important to bring up at this point in your journey. Having no agenda means allowing Divine Will in, Divine Will to open up new potentials. Having no agenda is indeed an extension of the lesson where we talked of "standing behind the short wall." However, when we introduced that lesson, we were asking you only to stand behind the short wall. We knew that you still had agenda. We knew you still had your own opinion of the outcome.

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to ALLOW others their space, their consciousness? Are you ready to accept that the things that go on in people around you and energies around you are appropriate? It is not up to you to judge the right or wrong, but rather to be in a place of allowing. Are you ready to allow, to accept other, and all things around you? This is a key to moving into the New Energy. It is what Tobias has spoken of in "standing behind the short wall." In doing so, you will understand how things are truly created, but you will also honor the others for their path. Are you ready to allow others their path, their space, and more importantly, their consciousness? For if you do not, your energy becomes intertwined with theirs, and you could find yourself joining them on THEIR journey, rather than continuing yours.

< DivineHuman 3 > The up and down cycles of your Earth are appropriate also. When you see these things happening around the world, when you see all of these shakeups, and when you hear the talk of war, stand behind the short wall. Step out of duality for a moment. Step into your own divine grace. Take a look at what is really happening, not what appears on the surface and what is written in your headlines. Stand behind the short wall and take a look at what is truly happening.

< DivineHuman 6 > The drama is what Tobias talks about in the lesson of the short wall. It is about being in our own place of peace, when we are also in a place of total compassion for others and their journey… whether they are having a difficult life, or a wonderful life… whether they are going into self-destruction… or whether they are in great pain… or whether they are totally being fulfilled in life… we have compassion for them. When we have total compassion for our fellow humans, we do not need to get involved in drama. We understand the game that they are playing, and we love them for it. We have compassion.

< NewEnergy 1 > It does not mean indifference. It does not mean apathy. Quite the opposite - in compassion you have total love, total acceptance, total passion for the others. Standing behind the short wall doesn't mean not caring. It means stepping out of the Old Energy way of doing things, the dualistic way. It means taking a look at how things are truly created. This is the one where we truly, truly ask you to work on now here for a while.

< Kharisma 2 > Quan Yin is here to teach compassion for those who need to hear about it, and there are many who do – compassion for themselves, compassion for others – allowing them to really accept things as they are. That's the true definition of compassion. It's not about feeling bad for someone. That's really screwed, because you're conveying a psychic energy – “Oh, I feel bad for the poor beggar on the street.” That's not compassion. That's your own set of limitations being inflicted or projected on them. So she's taught a lot about compassion, but generally these beings that are in this consciousness – really not ready for enlightenment. They're on their way, but they're not ready. So there's not a lot who she has taught who are now ascended beings.