acceptance / accepting all things as they are

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;  understanding;  sharing;  encompassing;  onenesslove;  unitytrust;

< New Earth 2 > As you transmute the energies, as you process the fear and the darkness into love and acceptance and light, you are making contributions to the whole. We ask you to never again feel selfish with the emotional work that you are doing inside. You are not doing it for yourself. You did not set up the conflicts in your life for yourself. You chose the burdens - what you would call the craziness and the emotional imbalance - to walk through for the good of all.

< New Earth 14 > Soon you will be walking and experiencing something new. What you will be experiencing is one process or one step prior to true Divinity while you are here on Earth in human form.
This process is one of allowing, one of final allowing. This will be challenging for you, for you are ones who have goals. You are ones who have direction. You are ones who push forward on your path. And now you will be asked from the core of your being to allow and accept all those things that are in your life. You will be asked to simply stand back and allow the process to take place.

< Creator 1 > It is no longer about an external pushing to create. It is about a total allowing. It is about a total acceptance of all things that are in your life and the lives of other people around you and the world. It is a total accepting that we are asking you to do at this point. This will be difficult for some. This will make some angry. It will cause a lot of intellectual challenge for you.

< Creator 1QA > As one lightworker said recently, "Trust in yourself, and you will trust in all of the universe." Trust in yourself, and you will trust in all of creation. Trust in yourself, and you will know that all things will come to you appropriately and lovingly. Trusting in yourself, in a sense in our discussion on this day, is the release, the acceptance and the letting go.

< Creator 2 > As she laid upon her bed, asking how to accept herself and all of her humanness in order that she may come to know her divine self, it hit her loud and clear. It was simple. The words that came from within her - not from outside but from within her - said, "release your grasp; simply release your grasp."

< Creator 2 > Dear teachers, we that are at your side today, all that you would call the angels and the archangels, all that is Spirit… we ACCEPT you and LOVE you as human. We accept every thought, every deed, every action, everything in the passion and love and wisdom of Spirit. The Eternal One loves you infinitely, endlessly, and without condition!

< Creator 5 > In the past, we have asked you to accept things. We have asked you to "allow" rather than to "effort." We were communicating to you on several levels. We were communicating that it was time for polarity to stop its game. We were communicating that it is time for the old balance of 2/3 and 1/3 to cease. We asked you in the past to take breaks, to do "no-thing," to be in a quiet space. For all of this time, the three marbles were learning to allow and accept the fourth marble.

< Creator 6 > Jack finally stopped his outer searching. He sat quietly and began to accept. He began to truly listen and began to follow no voice but his own. He put down his books. He put down what the others were telling him and put down the struggling that was taking place in his heart and in his mind. Only then did Jack begin to understand what was truly taking place. The greater part of him that had been in this cocoon, looking inward, had now finished its sleep. It had now finished its introspective look and was ready to awaken.

< Creator 6 > You have come to Earth for a reason. You have gone through many, many lifetimes for reasons. As you get closer to integration with your divinity, indeed there is the tendency to reject your human self. There are some that think they are going to ascend and never come back to Earth. Dear friends, that is not acceptance! You will have difficulty on the path of the Crimson Circle if that is how you feel about yourself. Do you understand what we are saying here? Think twice about the beauty and the joy and the love of being a human. Accept it. If it is difficult to accept, take time to work with this. Work with others who will help you accept. If your desire is to simply pop out, to never return to this challenging place of Earth, oh, dear friends, you will have many names in many future lifetimes!

< Creator 6 > Oh, these have been key lessons. We hope you have not simply read them for the wonderful energy! (audience laughter) These have been the core foundation lessons. They are not the most exciting, but they are the most important. These first three lessons in the Creator Series are lessons of acceptance: Accepting all things, accepting yourself, accepting the moment that you live in. They are the acceptance lessons within the series.

< Creator 7QA > As you change the vibration of your inner being with the broad brush stroke, it changes the perception and the reality of things outside your house. In the old energy way of creating, you tried to tell your outer world how to be, what to look like and what it should give you. In the new energy, you go inside your house with the tools of grace and acceptance and allowing and trust. With these tools in your heart, take your brush and create the very new vibrations of balance and fulfillment.

< Creator 9QA > Accepting and allowing is also being in the "now," being in a state of grace, knowing your own divinity. When you create the broad brush stroke, there is no need for intent. You do not have to direct your new and emerging energy to any specific place. This will be the challenge for many of you. You will want to take that brush, and you will want to say, "Give me a relationship. Give me $1000.00. Give me one thing or another." This limits your divine power and its potential. Allowing, accepting, and knowing will become the energy of the day. After you create the broad stroke, after you add your passion to it, dear friends, simply sit back. The appropriate things will come knocking at your door. This will take much trust on your part!

< Creator 10 > The first three lessons were about "allowing." Allowing and accepting. Accepting all things as they are. Standing behind the short wall and then learning to accept yourself, perhaps the most challenging of all the lessons. Learning to accept yourself. That is why we spoke at length today about what you are going through; what you have been doing; the internal work you have been doing. You have given yourself grief because you thought you were spending too much time on yourself. We are here to tell you that perception is not accurate! It is about changing something far grander.

< Creator 10 > Lesson Three was also of accepting, of being in the Divine Moment, of no longer being in the past. For the past, dear friends, the past is the future for you in many ways. The past is the future in many ways. We have talked to you about being in the Divine Moment, that Divine Space, about not worrying about has transpired or what will be. It is about being in the Now Moment.

< Creator 10QA > You are breaking through old paradigms that are as old as all the lifetimes you have had on Earth, that are as old as the times you had before you got here. The old energy has its origins from the time that you came through the Wall of Fire. Do you expect to change all of this in one week of time? It will take a bit of work. It can go rapidly if you are able to release. If you are able to accept, the new energy, the Divinity, will arise from within you.

< Ascension 7 > When somebody criticizes you, or is angry with you, do not let that energy stick on you. It is about them. It is, dear friends, about your compassion for them and for yourself, compassion to understand they are still walking through their processes. Have compassion to accept them, and not to try to change them. They are choosing their own path. Shame on those who try to place their thoughts, and their desired outcomes on others! Shame on those who feel sorry for the one who begs on the streets! This is not compassion! This is your agenda! Compassion is the understanding of reasons why that human has chosen to be the beggar on the street corner. Honor that dear human for who they are, for what they wear, for how they smell. Honor them, rather than try to change them. It is not about you any more. It is about learning to accept all of these things around you.

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to LOVE yourself? Are you ready to truly love yourself? Not in the ways that you might have thought of in the past. Not in a way that is simply pampering yourself. Rather, in a way that is an acceptance of everything you have done, everything that you have been, both light and dark. Are you ready to accept that you have been in duality and that all the experiences you have had have built the wisdom that Tobias was speaking of? Are you ready to truly love yourself as much as you have loved others, and as much as you have tried to love God?

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to ALLOW others their space, their consciousness? Are you ready to accept that the things that go on in people around you and energies around you are appropriate? It is not up to you to judge the right or wrong, but rather to be in a place of allowing. Are you ready to allow, to accept other, and all things around you? This is a key to moving into the New Energy. It is what Tobias has spoken of in "standing behind the short wall." In doing so, you will understand how things are truly created, but you will also honor the others for their path. Are you ready to allow others their path, their space, and more importantly, their consciousness? For if you do not, your energy becomes intertwined with theirs, and you could find yourself joining them on THEIR journey, rather than continuing yours.

< DivineHuman 1 > At the same time, dear family, in the emotions that you are experiencing right now, there is a seed of New Energy. It will come to you in your reality at the appropriate moment. But, it is there. The New Energy you are creating… you will also be able to utilize. There is a direct correlation between this New Energy within you and the level of your own wisdom and the level of your own (dinine) self-acceptance.

< DivineHuman 1 > In other words, this new very potent, spiritual energy will not germinate, will not come into your reality until you feel that your wisdom is in balance and you accept your new divine self. Then, that seed will sprout. At the internal levels you are saying, "This is a powerful tool. This replaces any sword that I have ever carried. This replaces any previous belief systems I have ever held. I do not want this new divine tool to come forth until I am truly ready." But, we tell you today, sitting here, looking at you, Shaumbra - Kryon, Michael, Metatron, and Mary, and I, Tobias, looking out at you. You have the wisdom. You have the understandings. Perhaps, you don't have the (divine) self-acceptance yet, but only you can do that. It is appropriate. It is time for you to now bring this New Energy up from within.

< DivineHuman 5 > Joe realized that he didn’t have to ask if he was he ready for his enlightenment. The answer was already there. He didn’t have to ask the angels. All he needed to do was to accept himself with total compassion and love, just as the angels accepted him. But, he needed to do it within himself. At that moment, Joe achieved his enlightenment. At that moment, his divinity glowed within him. He realized, in the moment, that everything was perfect and right. So ends the story of Joe.

< DivineHuman 7 > "What is love? What is love?" Ah, that is a simple one. Love is the acceptance of all things. When we tell you that Spirit loves you unconditionally, it means that Spirit loves everything about you, accepts everything you are, and everything you have ever been. Love is the acceptance of all things. It is that simple. Love is compassion. Compassion is acceptance. Compassion is the wisdom and the understanding that everything is appropriate, no matter how it appears on the outside. Love is also expression. Love has the desire to share itself on all levels. Love looks inwards. It also expresses outward. When you left the comfort of Home and of the Kingdom, it was the desire to express this love that caused you to leave. Love is acceptance and expression of joy.

< NewEnergy 1 > Spirit has always had compassion in the form of total acceptance of everything that you are, everything that you were, everything that you did… total acceptance, never a frown on Spirit's face, never a suggestion that you did it wrong. That is a conditioning that you get from your parents, that you get from your society… not from Spirit. Spirit has always had honor for everything that you are and everything that you did because EVERYTHING was sacred.

< NewEnergy 1 > It does not mean indifference. It does not mean apathy. Quite the opposite - in compassion you have total love, total acceptance, total passion for the others. Standing behind the short wall doesn't mean not caring. It means stepping out of the Old Energy way of doing things, the dualistic way. It means taking a look at how things are truly created. This is the one where we truly, truly ask you to work on now here for a while.

< Embodiment 2 > In the New Energy, the force is NO force. The force is no force… you see. There is still this mindset in consciousness that things have to be willed and forced and pushed. And, it doesn't. As you have learned over these years, it is about acceptance and honor. And, that is one of the messages that Ohamah brings in. Ohamah will continue with this message in his school, coming to understand how physics really work.

< Embodiment 2 > It begins in the Now. And, don't ever forget this. You can't access The Field… you can't access the corridors of dimensionality if you are not in the Now because it will throw you off. It will throw you into a type of wind tunnel. It will throw you into a state of imbalance. You are here right now. From this source in this anchor of Now you can expand to the other dimensions. How do you do that? Oh, not by force and not by thinking. You can't think your way into the other dimensions. Sometimes you can force your way, but there is an equal and opposing force when you try to do that. It is about allowing and accepting. It is about knowing that you are not just the physical body. You're not limited to this identity in this lifetime. It is about giving yourself permission.

< Embodiment 8 > So, perhaps you have fallen deeply in love with your own story. And, perhaps it is time to let that connection go. Perhaps, the way to let the connection go is the full acceptance, the full embodiment, that you are the Creator of that story, the full responsibility that you are creating every moment.

< Embodiment 8QA > It's about releasing your limitations and accepting your "I-amness." Your limitations are, in a sense, all of the stories that you have created, your past life aspects. They are just stories, but there is a tendency to believe that they hold the power, that they hold the energies. They are just stories. It is about releasing them.

They want to be released. They want to be set free. They are in this - how to say - this type of crystal or structure that we talked about before, frozen in time and space, waiting for you to let them have their own freedom. When you do this, it lets go of your limitations and your acceptance of this hypnotic state that you have been in.

When you accept everything… everything… including what you consider crazy thoughts in your mind… when you consider what another… when you accept what another person does… when you accept your children… when you accept the world as it is… when you accept everything that happens… this also sets you free in a whole new way. It allows you to go beyond the limitations of the hypnosis.

Hypnosis requires limitations. Acceptance lets you fly past those. So, accepting, which is the compassion that we speak about so often, is so essential for your total freedom. It is very simple, and don't get so much into the head about it.

< Clarity 5 > If you ever want to, what you say, quote/unquote activate the "shadow biology," it is simply a matter of being in a safe space, being in a point of that stillness, that quiet, where it's you and your breath. You're giving yourself permission to be who you are and enjoy life. Well, then it's automatically activated. It automatically starts coming into your new reality base that you have. The "shadow biology" doesn't need to be brought in from other realms. It simply needs to be accepted in your life. You can't push it or force it. It doesn't work that way. It's about accepting it, and it's about looking at how your belief systems are creating your body, creating your physical being.

< Teacher 1QA > The mind is a beautiful thing, and the mind is a wonderful thing. We actually spent tremendous amounts of time and energy and resources in Atlantis developing the mind to make it such a perfect thing, but we overdid it. We put too much focus on it, and your mind is highly tuned, highly trained...and overworked, indeed. And in a sense the overworking of the mind has also caused you to activate control systems that should have never been activated. Now you're letting go of it all. You're releasing it all. Can you accept that it's a natural process and that you don't have to control it to have it happen? "Acceptance" means "natural."

< Teacher 6 > You could put two little children together - two little five year olds - and they play for a little while and they discover something about themselves in the other person. But after a longer period of time, they'll generally start to fight. It is energy colliding. It is energy trying to discover more about itself. So the kids fight. Not that there's anything wrong with the fighting, they are in a stage or in a phase of discovery. Discovery. They played, they discovered something. Now they fight and they discover more. They get tired of fighting, trust me. They'll get tired of fighting and then they'll go into what you would call a type of peacefulness or acceptance. It is the natural way energy works (in duality).

< Teacher 6 > First playing, exploring yourself and then, when you wanted more depth, you start dividing and fighting with yourself to the point where you finally get tired of that, you come into point of acceptance of yourself. That allows the energies to totally change their interrelationship. It allows the energies to dispel with this thing called duality. It allows the masculine and the feminine to join back together. It allows the dark and the light to reintegrate. It allows the acceptance of everything and then when these energies are at that point of acceptance, they're exhausted in the old way, willing to move into the new, that's when real creation, real creativity really start coming back to the forefront.

< (Next) 1 > How to get out of the mind? It's really simple. It's absolute acceptance. That's all. Absolute acceptance. Don't think about it. That is the I Am. That is the breath of life. Absolute acceptance - of what? Everything. Everything. Don't start laying out a structure and a pattern and, you know, putting this into a 12-step program. It's for you right now, absolute acceptance. Wow. Wow, absolute acceptance. That's an easy one, isn't it? Or it's a tough one. Which potential do you want to choose? (Shaumbra says, "Easy") Easy.

< (Next) 1 > The mind has a very difficult time with acceptance. It's not programmed for acceptance. It's programmed for constant analysis, and it's programmed for judgment, and it's programmed for expression of its weird mental ways through drama and emotion. It doesn't really know what to do with acceptance. It really doesn't. The mind doesn't know how to put its tentacles around acceptance. So what happens? It bypasses. The mind just does a 'duh' for a moment. Just "huh?" - and it bypasses. It goes straight to the heart, straight to the I Am, straight to the You. Absolute acceptance. (Adamus snaps his finger) You just got out of your mind.

< (Next) 2 > You actually don't have to do a lot. You don't have to go and beat yourself, please. You don't have to drink twelve gallons of water a day; three or four is good enough. (1 gallon = 3.8 liters) There's not a lot other than accept. Accept. That's it. Anything else is makyo.

< (Next) 6 > Ahmyo is the total acceptance and the trust in yourself, knowing that you are God also but taking it from an intellectual concept, taking it from a few words in a cliché, and really feeling it, absolutely, every one of you. You're not want-to-be Gods. You're not Gods in training. Maybe you're Gods hiding the fact that you're Gods, but indeed you are.

< (Next) 6 > So, I Am that I Am, because I don't give a damn. I Am that I Am, because I accept all things as they are; all things as they are in their perfect state of being. People would say, "Well, you know, you should care. You should care about politics. You should care about the environment." No, because actually you're going to be more effective in a potential change of consciousness by not getting caught up in the drama. By not getting caught up in all the drama.

< e2012 2 > You know now that the only way to heaven, which is actually just awareness, the only way that I know of, that the other Ascended Masters know of, is to love yourself. That's it. It is so simple to me that when you love yourself, it means you've accepted yourself. You've had total compassion for you without having to go to confession or without any sort of remorse - any at all. And I hear the "buts" come out all the time. "But … I did this really bad thing." "But … if I give myself full forgiveness, then I'm probably going to go back and do something bad again." Absolutely not.

< freedom 6 > You can study. You can work hard, but ultimately it's only the love of self that will bring you into the I Am-ness of yourself. It's not how much you know, how much money you have, how many spiritual rituals you've ever done that will bring you to this wholeness. It is simply the acceptance, the compassion and the love of self. Period. Nothing else needs to be studied. Nothing else needs to be attained. Nothing needs to be bought or bartered for. Simply the love of self, but perhaps also the most difficult thing you'll ever do.

< freedom 6 > This psychic gravity will pull you deeper until you know love within yourself, until you know completion, acceptance, compassion for yourself, it will not let you out. It will not let you emerge. It will pull you back for what you call lessons. It will pull you back for all things unresolved and uncompleted. You designed it that way. You put together the game that way and said, “I will not find my way out until I find myself.”

< freedom 6 > The true Master is sovereign, is unto themselves, is no longer trying to save the world or hold the energy for anything. The true Master does not go around trying to heal people. Why? Simply because their presence is all the healing anyone would need. That's it. There's no force. There's no trying. The stories of Yeshua working with others, healing them, were quite inaccurate. All Yeshua had to do is stand before another, look into their eyes, see the I Am within the other, spark something within them. That's all that needed to be done. The true Master in the New Energy, walks by themselves. The true Master – totally sovereign. No feeding. No more stories. The true Master accepts Earth, humans, Spiritual Family and all things as they are, recognizing it's all in perfection.

< Discovery 10 > Enlightenment isn’t about knowing everything. Enlightenment is knowing that you’ll know the right thing in the right moment. Not carrying around all this knowledge and facts and figures, but just absolutely implicitly trusting you’re going to know exactly at the moment you should know. And it’s not coming from anywhere else. It’s coming from you. Enlightenment is truly an experience that very few have ever given themselves. I would say the bold and the outrageous. Some of you would say the crazy. It’s an experience. You could say it’s integration. It’s a total integration of yourself.

< Discovery 10 > Enlightenment is the acceptance. It is the acceptance of Self in a loving way. It is the recognition that there’s no need for power, and that’s a difficult one. And again, we’ve talked about that time and time again in our gatherings. It starts out as a mental concept or an intellectual concept. But until you allow yourself to experience it, there’s no need for power, because all of the energy that you’ll ever need is here.