< NewEnergy 3 > At this time of the quantum leap, it changes the physics of all things. It is so difficult to explain to you what will happen afterwards. It will take a bit of time. It won't happen overnight. But everything will begin to change. You've been going on a linear path with everything from technologiesmedicineconsciousness… all of the things have been linear. But, with this quantum leap all of the physics change.

< NewEnergy 3 > Your physics and your reality is comprised of energies that are vibrating at certain levels. They go in cycles. For instance, sound travels as a cycle. It goes up, and it goes down, depending on the range. The speed and the distance of the cycles determines how you perceive the sound. Everything vibrates around you right now. That is what helps to create this reality, this thing you call matter and mass. Your body is not solid, although it may feel that way. It is energy particles that are vibrating at various speeds. That is what your entire reality is comprised of. That is what even communications are made from - vibrations. All the elements are vibrating. They go up. They go down. They go at various speeds. But, there is a yin-yang to the vibration. That is what creates everything around you. It is all about vibration.

< NewEnergy 3 > When you get to this point of quantum leap , the elements will begin… they will not vibrate any more. Reality will not be created from elements that are vibrating at opposing energetic levels. At the quantum leap there will be a new type of physics that's introduced into your reality. It will take a while for the scientists to understand, even know it's there. The particles will no longer vibrate to create their reality. Instead, the particles will expand in every direction. Energy will expand inwards and outwards… and sideways… and up and down in unison. You will not need the dualistic energetics of vibration to make reality happen. Instead, it will be the expansion of energies that will create the new reality. It will take quite some time for this to integrate and for the scientists to learn how to use it.

< NewEnergy 3 > We mean TOTAL "stop-trying-to-figure-it-out." The answers are already there, but in a whole New way. The answers will come to you in a whole New way. As we talked about with a group recently, the answer that will come to you is so much grander than the question that you could have asked. But, you're so busy trying to figure out every little thing. You're wearing yourselves down. Mark our words - you will need your energy these next four years. Stop trying to figure it out. It comes to you. You see… you think that if you stop trying to figure it all out somebody can come and take you over. We already told you they can't do that. The physics just aren't there.

< Embodiment 2 > In the New Energy, the force is NO force. The force is no force… you see. There is still this mindset in consciousness that things have to be willed and forced and pushed. And, it doesn't. As you have learned over these years, it is about acceptance and honor. And, that is one of the messages that Ohamah brings in. Ohamah will continue with this message in his school, coming to understand how physics really work.

< Embodiment 2 > Oh, physics work when you force on them, but there is always a force then at the other side. Ah… yes… yes. If you do things right now, Shaumbra, in the sensitive, highly energized state that you are in with a force, there will be a backside force. We are not saying that is good or bad. We are just saying to beware of what kicks you in the backside (some laughter). Right now the New Energy is about NO force. Oh, energy, there is. Dynamics, there are. Passion can be fully experienced, creativity fully expressed. But, you don't have to will your way through it.