passion / soul desire / divine passion

expression of love;  expression of Oneness/Unity/King+Queen;
outward expression of divinity/all that you were;  spiritual passion  ⇔ human ego;
the fruit of the rosesoul purpose;  divine plan;  soul desire;  finding that you are God also;
ceativity;  idea;  vision;  divine passiondivine willKasama;
new energy passion;  new passion;

< Creator 4 > As difficult as it is to understand here, dear friends, you created with such expression and such passion - passion that is still within you - and finesse that you literally went to the edges of creation. When you got to the edges, there were rumblings. When you got to the edge of creation, my friends, something happened that you and Spirit had never experienced before. It was the transition from oneness into a duality. You were at the fringes of it. You were not in human form at that time. You were in what you would call your light body. But you began to feel changes. You begin to feel something unusual and very uncomfortable.

< Creator 8 > Catherine adjusted her gaze past the typical to the ALL. She then approached the rose, and a knowingness came over her. She was not struggling at this point with the question, "What should I do with this rose?" because she was looking to the ALL. She was looking beyond the obvious choices of: touch the rose, don't touch the rose, or do nothing. She looked to the ALL, and in this knowingness she knew what to do. She didn’t allow her human intellect to go through the regular process of duality, of struggling with choices. She intuitively knew it was time to take the fruit of the rose and to receive it, to place it in her mouth, to digest it, and to bring it within her being.
Dear friends, the fruit of the rose that is in your New House is the passion that exists in the new energy!

< Creator 8 > The Fruit of the Rose is the passion that you left behind. It is the passion you left behind when you came to this place called Earth. It was the passion that you had in the kingdom, in the First Circle. It was the passion you carried through, even through the Wall of Fire. But when you came to Earth, this passion stayed behind. It stayed behind. Your passion, your divine passion was replaced with something you call the human ego. You built your life upon that. Your passions became things of human nature. Your passions were for other people. Your passions were for food. Your passions were for certain types of work and creative expression that you did on Earth. But your passions were based on your human condition, not on your birthright as a spiritual being!

< Creator 8 > When you receive the fruit of the rose, you bring back your divine passion. What was it that Catherine was missing in the room, as she sat there and sobbed? Why was it that she felt such an emptiness? It was because she had let go of her old human passions (human ego), the incomplete passions. There was nothing left inside. There was nothing that came from the heart. There was an emptiness.

< Creator 8 > As you receive of the fruit of the crystal rose, you bring back to you a passion that was left behind. As you do, you will feel renewed in the energy of your body. You will feel renewed in your purpose. You will feel renewed in your purpose. You will bring this important element of divine passion back into your being. The old incomplete passions of the human that were based in the ego have left. That is why Catherine felt incomplete.

< Creator 8 > As you receive the fruit of the rose within your being, it will ignite a passion that we cannot even describe now, for it is not explainable in human words. It comes from an energy that you are not used to right now. This will be an experience that you will have on your own, but it will fill you. You will feel a new glow from the inside and it will emanate out from you. It will not be like anything you have experienced before. It cannot be created out of the human mind. It cannot be manufactured from the ego. For those who say they can try to control it on the human level - this will not work. It resides in this place of ALL. It is available to each of you.

< Creator 8 > We ask you to receive this energy (the fruit of the rose). We know you, as lightworkers, are not so good about receiving! You feel you must start from the ground up and create everything, struggle through everything. Here now is a gift that is yours. It resides in your house. It is something we spoke of eleven months ago. It is yours to receive. It is your spiritual passion. It is yours to receive, to take within you. This will bring about a renewal, but the renewal will be in a different place than you have been used to.

< Creator 8 > Passion, dear friends, is love expressed. Passion was something that you had all the time before, for you were always expressing outward. Jack was always expressing outward. Spirit has always expressed outward until part of you went into the cocoon. When you came to Earth, you put this passion aside. This was one of the templates that you created. You created duality. You created a type of amnesia. You also left behind your true passion, your divine passion. You built your lives on the wants and needs and human passions that are small in comparison to your divine passion.

< Creator 8 > Now as you know, the rose that represents the expression of love (divine passion) also has thorns. Dear friends, if you attempt to control this passion with your old energy, your old human ways, it will hurt. That is why the thorns are there. If you attempt to use this new passion to simply re-create your old energy human ways, it will hurt. This passion, and the love expressed with it, is designed for the new energy.

< Creator 8 > If you are in question of the appropriate use of your new passion, seek the answer from the ALL. Seek the answer from the place that is above, that is more encompassing than where you have looked before. If you are not so sure, dear friends, simply sit in a quiet moment. It will come to you. You will have an answer of knowingness. This will help to ignite your new passion and bring you to new ways of creating.

< Creator 8 > Receive the Fruit of the Rose. Take in now the passion that has always been yours, the passion that will renew your life in the new energy, not in the old. If your expectations are to simply make your old energy self bigger and stronger and more powerful, the thorns of the rose will remind you that this is not appropriate. The passion will be a fuel of the new energy for you. It will be a renewal for you and for Catherine. It will bring fullness and meaning in her life, but in a way she has not experienced in any of her lifetimes of the past.

< Creator 8 > It will be one of the key lessons in helping you to be the creator. How can you create in the new energy without your divine passion, your divine passion combined with the broad strokes, combined with the other lessons that we will review with you? The lessons will help you to truly understand creation in the new energy. They will ultimately help you to become the teachers of the others coming into the new energy.

< Creator 8QA > If you will remember, when you first entered the new house there was only one thing in this new place. There was only one thing that was brought from the past; otherwise your new house was empty. The one thing that was brought in from the past was the crystal rose. The rose bears a fruit and the fruit is the "passion."

< Creator 8QA > When Jack the Prince left the kingdom he had passion. In all of his days in the kingdom, he had passion. This is what propelled him. This is what drove him. This is what caused him to journey to new places. When he went through the Wall of Fire he was shattered in many pieces, yet in every fragment of him there was still his passion. When Jack opened his eyes on the other side of the Wall of Fire, his passion was still within him. The passion was deeper than ever, more brilliant than ever. When he opened his eyes and saw his opposite and when the battles began it was because the passion emerged in both sides of duality. The passion was like a dance. The passion was the reason to continue going forward.

< Creator 8QA >
Passion is the expression of love. (Jack is the expression of Unity/Oneness/King+Queen.)
Spirit is filled with passion. (Unity/Oneness is filled with desire to express.)
Spirit IS passion. (King+Queen bore Jack. Jack is the mutation of them.)
Spirit is the expression of love. (King+Queen are expression of Unity/Oneness.)

Love (Unity/Oneness/King+Queen) sits in a place of stillness and quiet, peacefulness and serenity.
Love is the acceptance of all things as they are, and acceptance of Self as it is.
When passion (Jack) is added to love (King+Queen), an expression begins, a searching begins, a journey begins.

This (the fruit of King+Queen) is what Jack had and what you had. In the kingdom, on the throne of the king and the queen, sits the elements of love, but they are still and they are quiet. They are complete unto themselves. Passion adds feet to love.

< Creator 8QA > When you came to this place of earth, you accepted many new conditions. You agreed to forget who you were and where you came from. You agreed to forget the journey that brought you here. You agreed to take on a body of biology in place of the energy body as you had known. And, you agreed to leave behind this energy of spiritual passion that you had carried with you from the kingdom.

< Creator 8QA > The spiritual passion that left you when you came to Earth is coming back. It is ready for you, and in Lesson Eight it is time to receive this once again. It has been in your new house - you have just overlooked it. You have just overlooked it. By receiving this back within you, it will give you a new fuel, a new completeness and a new expression of love in the new energy.

< Creator 8QA > The ego has been presented as a "bad" thing. It is not. The ego has been an important element in all your lifetimes on Earth. It has been the foundation of the Earth energy up to now. It is letting go as you let go! It is letting go! It is not some demon that has a life and a control of it’s own. Psychologists in the old energy came to believe that it was all powerful, that it could take control of you and manipulate you. We are here to tell you this is not true in the new energy. You have made a commitment to be in the new energy and in doing so, your own ego, your soul and humanness is ready to move aside. That is why you have been feeling deep changes lately at your inner levels. What comes to re-unite with you is the passion you had before you came to Earth. This is your spiritual passion.

< Creator 8QA > This passion will come back to you appropriately. Then, dear friends, you will no longer be faced with your old choices of positive, negative and neutral. You have always had a limited spectrum of choices for your answers. You have always been posed with decisions of whether to go left, right or down the middle. This will change. It will change over a period of time; but it will begin changing now. Instead of a left, right or middle; instead of positive, negative or neutral; instead of light, dark and neutral, there will be a new knowingness. It is the new answer that we have called ALL. The solution will come from a place that you have not been looking. Much like the rose has been there all the time, but you have not seen it. This knowingness will come from a new place.

< Creator 8QA > There is a tendency in the old energy to analyze, to intellectualize, to dissect, and to try to figure out. This is a characteristic of the human ego. You will find your divine passion is a - we are struggling for the word here - it is a completely different thing than your human ego. Divine passion comes from allowing. It comes from being. It comes from knowing. It does not come from the mind, it does not come from one of seven chakras. It comes from your soul, for indeed it is your soul! Each of you will have a personal experience as it comes into your life. Divine passion cannot be forced and it cannot be controlled. It simply is.

< Creator 8QA > You are transitioning from the human of the old energy, where your foundation was based on the thing that you call your ego. Although you are transitioning to a Divine Human, you are still a human in physical form that still walks each day in duality. But you are now integrating your divinity, your passion and your love. You could not possibly understand what it is like to be an integrated divine human with the consciousness you have at this time. Yet, you attempt to define your divinity before it rises from within you. This is what is causing the feelings of despair and loneliness. Dear friends, these are the thorns of the rose that we spoke of during the channeling!

< Creator 9 > With the broad stroke you initiate a vibrational energy that begins to work at very deep core levels. These energies begin to resonate from within your new house, and then you add the passion - the fruit of the rose. This adds fuel to the vibration that has been created by your broad stroke. This new creator energy has an effect similar to when you throw a stone into the water. It creates ripples that move outward. It creates waves of energy, and these waves of energy permeate your house.

< Creator 9 > As you have noticed, we did not include intent here. We did not tell you that there must be specific intent when you created the broad stroke, or when you added your passion. There is a reason for that, which we will cover. The broad stroke begins the expression. The passion adds fuel to the expression. The waves are sent out. The waves of vibration of love, of the new creator, are sent out past your new house, past the short wall around your new house. These waves of love vibration are sent out into the people around you, into the city around you, into the Earth that you helped to create. There are waves and waves and waves of love that go out. Why would you need to tell those waves of love vibration what they should do or what they should be? They come from within you. They are you.

< Creator 9 > We are going to make it so very simple for you. Take your broad brush. Create a stroke. This begins a vibrational sequence at the highest levels of spiritual physics. When your passion is added to this, the waves of vibration go out. They affect others who are ready for it. They change the nature of things outside your new house, if the recipient is ready. Then the reflection of these waves brings back to you all things that are appropriate. This could be people, relationships, abundance, or health. The waves will bring it back. The runners facilitate this process to assure that it gets back to you, in spite of things that may try to block its way.

< Creator 9 > Lesson number nine, one that is so very easy, but one that will cause you to have to rethink the way you have been doing things. Simply being in your new house, creating in broad strokes and adding your passion, sends out waves of love without intent and without agenda. It IS perfection, and then it brings back everything that you need in perfection. This lesson will challenge you! Once you begin to understand, you will be amazed at how you could have gotten along without it.

< Creator 9QA > They cannot do it for you, but they can facilitate the process that you began in your own house. They stand in neutral until they are activated by your brush stroke, by your passion, and by the waves of vibration that you send out. For those who will go home tonight and lie in bed and say, "Dear runners, please bring me such and such," it does not work that way. It does not work that way. They work with the energies that are coming from your house, from your one chakra. They facilitate the path going out, and the path coming back in. They are a team of angels who have volunteered to work for you. They are in service.

< Creator 9QA > Accepting and allowing is also being in the "now," being in a state of grace, knowing your own divinity. When you create the broad brush stroke, there is no need for intent. You do not have to direct your new and emerging energy to any specific place. This will be the challenge for many of you. You will want to take that brush, and you will want to say, "Give me a relationship. Give me $1000.00. Give me one thing or another." This limits your divine power and its potential. Allowing, accepting, and knowing will become the energy of the day. After you create the broad stroke, after you add your passion to it, dear friends, simply sit back. The appropriate things will come knocking at your door. This will take much trust on your part!

< Creator 9QA > In a sense, the new energy passion is the kundalini. Passion rises up from within you. Passion becomes the fuel of the vibration of who you are. Passion will help to rejuvenate your biology. Passion will go into your DNA strands, the strands that do the dance together, that emulate the very nature of kundalini itself. The kundalini of the new energy is the passion that comes from the rose.

< Creator 10 > When initiating this process of being a Creator on Earth, there is an energy that is needed for this to manifest, for this to happen. That is where we talked to you about receiving the fruit of the rose (Lesson 8), about taking back the passion that has always been yours but has laid dormant for quite some time. Yes, perhaps a simple exercise, but one that is very potent. This brings back a Divine Energy that was not carried forth with you when you came to this Earth and took on the attributes of a human, the attributes of biology. But it is time to integrate with that passion again. It is time to receive it within your being.

< Creator 10 > After initiating the process with a broad-brush stroke, after taking in your passion which is the fuel, then vibrations go out of your new house, out into the world around you. These are vibrations of love and compassion and wisdom that you emanate to others. It is like a light that is shining out to them, but there is also a reverse vibration that comes back to you. With the assistance of your runners, this vibration brings back all of the appropriate things to you, to the front door of your house (Lesson 9). This is part of the creation process. It is being in your new house, it is saying I AM, it is initiating a process that then is fueled by your passion, then goes out into the physical world around you and what comes back are all of the appropriate things for you.

< Ascension 5 > Then, there is the sixth sense. We always wonder why your scientific types have not identified it, for it is there. You have a sense of emotion. It is a sense. It is different from any of your physical senses, yet it is a very important sense. Your emotions. This will be changing also. The Language of Ah will burst forth through your emotions. You will have new understandings and new passion as this does. In the meantime, you may cry a lot and not understand why. Your emotions may be up and down like a roller coaster, all over the place. The Language of Ah is coming through this basically non-physical sense called emotion, and as it does, you will have so much more compassion for yourself and for others.

< DivineHuman 7 > You talk about ideas, and creativities, and passion. They are all in your feelings. You wonder why sometimes you don't feel passion in your life. It is because you are not feeling anymore. You are trying to do passion in your brain. It doesn't work. Your brain is passionless. You, angel, and you, God, are filled with passion. It comes through your feelings. If you want to know where the passion is, it is in that thing called feelings. It is there, but you are trying to discover it in your brain.

< DivineHuman 7 > "Why is it that I feel no passion?" Such a contradiction in words… you are not feeling at all, so why would you feel passion? (audience laughter) When you allow yourself to feel at the very deepest levels of your being, you will feel your passion. You are trying to create passion in your mind. It does not work that way. You are trying to manufacture passion, drawing it out on paper. You are trying to be architects and builders of passion. You will never find it there. The passion, the Fruit of the Rose, has always been within you. It is there right now. It is accessible when you feel, when you open up, when you allow yourself to drop the old ways, when you get out of your mind, and get into your heart, dear friends.

< DivineHuman 10 > Creativity, life force energy, moving unbounded in you and through you is the essence of the New Energy. Do something, beginning now. If you're not sure what, breathe in, breathe in, and then follow your passion. It is that simple, dear Shaumbra. You have made it complex. You have approached it with the Old Energy mind. Now, approach it with a New Energy spirit and creativity. It wants to come out. You want to come out and play. It is time.

< NewEnergy 1 > It does not mean indifference. It does not mean apathy. Quite the opposite - in compassion you have total love, total acceptance, total passion for the others. Standing behind the short wall doesn't mean not caring. It means stepping out of the Old Energy way of doing things, the dualistic way. It means taking a look at how things are truly created. This is the one where we truly, truly ask you to work on now here for a while.

< NewEnergy 4QA > Sometimes you wonder what your passion should be. You wonder what you should be doing. You already are doing it. It is interesting that when you come to that point of wondering what your passion is… this is the greatest time for clearing. You see… there are what we would call artificial passions… divine passions, which are real… artificial passions, which are part of the human plan.

< NewEnergy 5 > But, you had a passion, a strong drive. This changed many times in this lifetime, the passion you had as a child, followed by the passion as a teenager, and then an adult. But, there has always been even an underlying passion beneath that - the passion to bring New Energy into this world… the passion to change the consciousness… to change how other humans perceive life… the passion to reunite with Shaumbra… to create this whole thing called the Ascension process. And, for so many of you the passion then left. The passion went away.

< NewEnergy 5 > The passion left, in a sense, because it was Old Energy. It had to go. It had to leave. Old Energy passion was generally based on a challenge, or struggle, or trying to change something. Old Energy passion worked with the opposite elements in so many cases. There was always the opposing force of the passion, no matter what you were doing. Allow yourself to feel that for a moment. Even though the passion had such wonderful merits to it, it was also based in duality, based in Old Energy. So, the passion left.

< NewEnergy 5 > Much like Old Energy is based on vibration - back and forth, up and down - Old Energy passion was based on the same thing. New Energy, as we just explained, is based on energy that moves in all directions simultaneously. It expands and contracts. New Energy passion is the same. It moves in all directions simultaneously. And, it is based on the joy and the expression of Creator energy.

< NewEnergy 5 > As this New Energy passion comes in, it gives such new meaning to life and to death. Death is such a funny thing in your reality. Most humans, most all humans are so afraid of it. Even you, Shaumbra, are afraid of it. You know it's inevitable. You are going to ask us questions over and over again, "How can we avoid death?" And, we will tell you, "You won't." You can change the dynamics of death, but you are not intended to stay in this human body forever. We will talk about that in just a moment. But, dear friends, this New Energy passion gives a whole new meaning to life, and to death, and to why you are here.

< NewEnergy 5 > To have New Energy passion requires total compassion. What is total compassion? How does God feel about you, the God that is in this room today as our guest? God has total compassion.

< NewEnergy 5 > Quite simply it (total compassion) is the principal of standing behind the short wall, getting out of duality. They are still in duality. You are not. When you have total compassion, and you are then a Divine Human here on Earth, then you will understand how to apply this New Energy passion that you have. You are not going to be fixing the world or changing it. You will have such a deep wisdom and understanding. That in itself sets up the potential for those who want to change. It is all about creating the potential for those who want to change.

< NewEnergy 5 > When your New Energy compassion… when your new passion starts birthing and expressing fully within you, then you will have the understanding of how things truly work, how to apply your energies, when to apply them. You see… right now you are still dealing in the Old Energy way, battling back and forth, struggling. The New passion is so different… New passion, based on total compassion. It is that simple. It should be such a guiding force in your life from this moment on. Watch yourself. Watch how you react to things. Watch how so often you are trying to change it. You don't like it. Take a deep breath. Have total compassion for everything… everything… nothing held back, dear friends.

< Embodiment 1 > In this moment of beingness without purpose all of a sudden you begin to get it. All of a sudden a new passion comes out. You don't have to try to create or manufacture a passion anymore. You simply know it. A passion comes out. The "fruit of the rose" comes out, re-immersed also in a whole new way. Ah, then you understand what it is like to be a Creator. Then, you understand that - anything you choose to create and anything you choose to do - all the tools are there… nothing hidden from you… nothing held back. You don't have to guess anymore. The knowingness comes through.

< Embodiment 5QA > There is going to come a point where you feel disconnected and dispassionate from everything that was Old, and the New hasn't moved in yet. So many of you are literally allowing yourselves to be - how to say - reconnected to this thing we call "the field," the source of all energies. In this process of reconnection you are going to feel an experience - this loss of passion, loss of enthusiasm, or excitement - because you are really totally rebooting your entire system.

You are moving into a whole New method of living and operating. Therefore, you are going to experience things like the depression and the anxiety that we spoke of earlier. And, that is a natural result of being reconnected on "the field." And, you're going to feel a loss of passion… passion for your work… passion for your family… and perhaps even passion for yourself.

But, did you not give yourself… actually ask for this whole change process to take place? Did you not ask for this time of being reconnected to "the field" and reconnected even to your own divinity? Embody the process, instead of fighting it. Ask the process that you are going through what it is there for. It is not about a lesson, but it is about an energy dynamic, a changing energy dynamic.

We can say from working closely with Shaumbra that it is just part of the process that occurs for a relatively short period of time. Breathe through it. Embody it. Don't try to run from it. Understand why it is there.

< Embodiment 6 > One of the things that holds you back is your resistance to use your imagination, your lack of imagination. You actually have a very potent imagination, don't you? You've been shutting it down for a long, long time. As a child you were scolded for your imagination. We remember… we were there with you. You have been trained not to use it. You have been trained to use the mind only. One of the things that causes depression, by the way, is not using your imagination. For those of you who have been experiencing depression and anxiety and lack of passion, it is because you have put your imagination on the back burner. You have hidden it. You have suppressed it. No wonder you get depressed!

< Embodiment 9QA > Letting go of all control releases all energy. That is when the unexpected begins to happen in your life. That is when the depression leaves and the passion comes in. Letting go of the control frees every bit of energy you put into a structure. It sounds simple. And, it's not.

< Embodiment 10 > Oh, and you will get angry with us, and you will cry out, and you will say, "Tobias, this a some type of trick. You say that it (the solution) is there, but I have looked everywhere." If you've looked everywhere, look at the parts and pieces of you that aren't loved, that aren't accepted. The Fruit of the Rose, the passion of passions, is a total love and acceptance. Oh, we're not talking about an intellectual love here, but a true love from the heart, a true love of everything that you are.

< Clarity 7QA > But in terms of the purpose itself, the purpose is very obvious and very clear. Most people don't want to look at it. Or the overlays, the hypnosis that they're under, prevents them from doing that... and some would call these un-sacred words... but to discover that you are God also. If you want to boil down everything and make it simple, what Shaumbra is learning, what your entire passion is here, discovering that you are God also. It is the fruit of the rose.

< Teacher 5 > You see, the passions - what you study, what makes your heart sing, what makes your brain click - they tend to follow you lifetime after lifetime.

< Teacher 5 > So in the New Energy there's truly not a place for the philosophy. But there is a place for grand creativity. In the New Energy that you are allowing to soak in right now if you choose, this creativity is like a new fuel for you, a new passion. The creativity simply needs to be stimulated by you. By you. What do you choose to do with it? What do you choose - not what they choose - what do you choose to do with this creativity? How do you want to experience it in your life? Oh, don't try to figure it out. Let yourself experience it.

< Teacher 6 > Belief systems make up everything. Belief systems ... some can be more in truth or in alignment than others. Some can be closer to your true soul passion, your soul energy. And anytime you adapt a belief system or create one for yourself, it is like a factory. You've just put energy in. You've create the working manual for your little consciousness factory and then you start churning out your product or the reality. Belief systems are everything.

< Teacher 6 > Some new ones will come to the forefront. Ones that aren't into the energy of your desire and passion, they step backwards. You see the energy comes forth to meet and greet you and now, instead of millions of potentials to choose from, now the primary ones, the ones that resonate most with you, move forward. And now you have it down to a point where you can make a very simple decision: What do you choose?

< Teacher 6 > If you don't (choose), you're going to die. Indeed. You will. You will die because these potentials are there to serve you and if you don't choose them, they're going to go away and when potentials go away - again, view potentials as bubbles - when these bubbles go away, you're going to go away too. When your spirit and your consciousness sees that there are no potentials left, it basically signals the end of your physical existence. It also plays real hell when you get to the other side. If you don't have any potentials it creates some very interesting dynamics on this side. Choose something. Don't ignore the potentials. Choose something and go with it.

< Teacher 7 > Your creations, Shaumbra, any of them, are Sam also. Your creations are brought to life through this process we call the progression of desire - a soul desire. A soul that has no needs or wants. It just wants to express and create. Every soul has desire. We talked about this recently at School III on the island (referring to a recent Shaumbra event on the island of Kauai), the difference between a "soul need" and a "soul desire." You all have soul desires. Things that go deeper than the mind, go deeper than what you would call the heart, go far, far deeper than the human need. In a way you could say the soul desire doesn't even understand things like human needs and in a way it doesn't care. It doesn't want to get blocked up, doesn't want to get suffocated. It is a desire, a passion, within each and every one of you. It's not what you think it is. It doesn't relate to anything on your human level. It is just a desire to expand, to express, to discover.

< Teacher 7 > Many of you stop here because of two things. The idea is a beautiful energy, a passion energy. You can feel it racing through your body. You have an idea to invent something, create something, write something, but it stops there because you're not sure how to get it to the next stage. And in a sense you like that energy of idea so much you just want to bask in it for a while - which is fine. You just want to revel in that energy and go into kind of a dream state, thinking about taking your idea and implementing it and having others appreciate it and feeling that feeling of success and reward, knowing that you've done something. Knowing, ultimately, that you're a creator.

< QLCeleb 3 > Feel the energy that you have created in this room. It is sweet. It is thick. It is new. It contains the entire potentia (many potentials) of all that you are, all that you can be. It is the potentia of your healing, of your joy. It is the potentia of your passion - what brings you into this life, what makes you feel whole and complete. It is here in this moment right now. So allow me to be the first one to work with you, to feel this New Energy potentia right here, right now. Now, how do you do that? You just choose. Choose to let yourself expand into this greatness of New Energy potentials.

< Master 4 > So this (=consciousness) is you. Consciousness uses energy. It calls on energy. It attracts energies to it based on its desires. It could be to know thyself, express thyself, play with thyself, learn for thyself, anything. But at a very deep inner level, it's calling on energy. Energy is basically potentials, probabilities that are sitting in a dormant place, neutral place. They're sitting over here in neutral land waiting to be called upon. Energy is motion and stimulation. Energy breathes life into consciousness. Consciousness, therefore, calls on this, brings it in and starts to use it. Quite simple.

< Master 4 > And then you also have elements that are key here. I want you to pay particular attention to these words. You have desire or passion or - how do we say this - your intention, the forcefulness … not quite the right word, Cauldre. Your … your desire - how much desire do you have to do this? Intensity. Absolute brilliant word - intensity. These are actually the biggest factors that come into play in this very important time between when you bring in energy into what you would like to create until it gets manifested. It might get manifested on a different level, different dimension - it's out there somewhere. If you desired to win at a casino, it might have been somewhere else, maybe not here. Desire, passion, the intensity of what you want comes into play, and that will make the biggest difference in your life.

< Master 4 > I'm going to add one other element for my good friend here - simplicity. Simplicity makes a big difference. Could you just take for a moment to feel into … you have some sort of desire of the soul, something your soul wants to create, and then your mind gets in there and makes it complex? And the mind is what doubts. Your soul never doubts really; the minds doubts. It all gets in the way of this terrible drawing that we're doing here, but you're getting the point and I love to draw.

< Master 4 > So we have the breath and the word. What's the word? Well, the word is expression. The word is expression setting forth. But what about the word? The word. The word is trapped. It's trapped. The word is trapped within you, and we're going to get it out in a few minutes. When I'm talking to you and I say, "What is it you want? What do you want to have happen? What are you choosing?" And I hear this little voice, this tiny little voice. I'm not talking about volume; I'm talking about intensity and passion and desire. What happened to it? And if you can't express it through your voice, who's going to believe you? Not your soul. Your soul doesn't hear you. And I'm not talking about yelling. I'm talking about being real and authentic and letting it out.

< Master 4 > And if you can't speak in a human voice and get your passion into it, now that energy is suppressed. All that energy and potential is just stuck and trapped in these different places, and it explodes sooner or later. And what happens when it explodes? Well, you scream out. You yell out. You're real and expressive, but it's usually too late. You've usually done a lot of damage by then. Ah, you can always correct it, but it's a waste of time.

< Master 5 > The moment a separation occurred, and to this day a moment separations do occur in a cosmic sense, it creates a desire to return, a desire to integrate back, a desire to become whole again. And that created energy (old energy). This desire to, yes, to experience yourself as masculine/feminine, light and dark, spirit/human, the desire to experience duality, to come to know yourself is grand, but there is a bigger desire and a bigger passion, and it's called "Come back together. Be one again. Infuse or meld back who I am."

< Master 5 > So here you are as a consciousness being, drawing energy into your reality. You draw it in - you attract it. There is a law of attraction, but be careful, because the law of attraction, as most people understand it right now, is very mental. Very mental. The true law of attraction and the ability to create reality and to manifest comes from passion and desire. What are the original … what are the core passions and desires for any souled being? To come back to yourself sooner or later. You can never truly lose your connection with yourself, with returning.

< Master 5 > So the soul passion. Feel your own soul passion for a moment. That is what's causing your reality. It can be stated in many different ways; I just gave you four simple basic statements of the soul's passion and desire. It could be stated in a lot of different ways, but it's to know thyself, to express thyself, to bring thyself together again and to move thyself into levels never realized before. Some of you might call that the Third Circle, sovereignty. Yes, yes with a twist, and the twist is New Energy.

< Master 5 > "Well, what then creates reality?" Well, as I mentioned before, the driving forces are desire, passionjoy and simplicity. These things create … they actually are creating your reality, but you're just not aware of it. These are true motivators or the true dynamics behind creation of your reality. So the false motivators, the false dynamics, where a lot of people get very - well, where you get confused. The ones that aren't working right now are force. So you have these false motivators that, again, come from the mind, not from the true heart. And they are force, they are power, and they are efforting. Efforting.

< Master 5 > You dream about it, a seductive dream. But if you really wanted it you would have it. And for those of you who say you want enlightenment, I have a bit of sympathy with you for you enlightenment searchers, because you're so vulnerable to the programming. The searching. How long have you been searching for enlightenment and how long has it been right in front of you? But you're searching. So, no, you really don't want it; you like to dream about it. You like to seduce yourself. You like to be seduced. You're playing a game, Deb, and all the rest of you.

< Master 5 > Old Energy was created out of the soul's desire to one day return back to itself. New Energy is the result of returning back to Self. Old Energy was the result of this intense desire to return back to Self, to be whole again, to have a - what do you say - a process of fusion take place within Self. When the process of fusion takes place - or begins to take place, I should say, begins to take place - you no longer have the need for the masculine/feminine, for the light/dark. You don't meld these two back together and come up with something that looks like this or whatever.

< Master 6 > You're led astray by what you think you're supposed to want. You get yourself into a lot of ruts and traps, because you want "this" one day, you want "that" the next day. One day your priority, you think, is your human needs - you want things in your life - and the next day it's spiritual needs. You don't know what you want. And the good news is you're exactly where you should be. Exactly where you should be! What is that supposed to mean? Excellent question. First of all, just let's take this moment to take a deep a deep breath and say, "Thank God." Thank yourself. You are exactly where you should be in this - not knowing what you want.

< Master 6 > You should have total comfort with yourself, total being at ease with yourself. So you've gone through this tremendous transition - no longer just a human with just human needs, but now you're allowing the divine, the God within, to come out. It doesn't come from out there. It comes from within. You're allowing this integration of human and divine in this moment - no longer just a philosophy, no longer just some words, - but actually really allowing it. Actually really doing it.

Therefore, in this process of transition, this integration, everything that you thought you wanted is going to become blurred and confused. Everything that you held important you don't know about anymore. Any future goals suddenly don't have much meaning. What you thought was your passion suddenly doesn't have much excitement to it. What you thought you wanted you don't even know if you want anymore.

< Master 6 > The reason why I mention all of this, the reason why this is important, dear Shaumbra, is first of all to give yourself some relief to know you don't have to know what you want anymore. It's going to be a strange way to live, but you'll find it really lets you live.

< Master 6 > You are going to come to an understanding sooner than later - not today. You're going to come to an understanding of something that transcends real wants. You will have a passion that is so deep, that is so meaningful for the first time in a long time that it will help you to understand how you've been creating your reality, help you to understand really who you are. But it won't be a want like what you've thought. You're going to come to a - for lack of better words - a real passion with yourself. And I'm not talking an occupation or a hobby or anything like that, but I mean a passion about yourself; a love of yourself, but a love that is intense and expressive.

< Master 6 > And from that point it doesn't really matter what you do or don't do. With that kind of soul passion that you have, it doesn't really matter. It doesn't have to matter anymore; it just is. Now, you see I'm having to go to use words here that become a bit intellectual or we get esoteric, but I want to share with you what is happening and what is going to happen. Going beyond wants into passion. Passion is, for lack of words - how do you express passion? - the true understanding of the I Am. The true brilliance of what you've been doing on the human level and now bringing in the divine level.

< Master 6 > When there is no true meaning in anything anymore, you're in the right place. And in you're in the right place and it's appropriate, and don't panic. Just trust - in yourself, not me, not anybody else - because this New Energy is even probing that. The nothing, the void, the in-between, the total sense of loss - it's trying to understand that. It's trying to understand you. It's you. You could say - this isn't quite right - but it's you from the future coming to you right now. But it's not the future in terms of a time line. It's you of all the potentials that you are, now coming to you right now. Not just coming to visit, but moving in. Moving in. And that's what's happening.

< Master 8 > We talked in our last conversation about the Body of Consciousness, but the Body of Consciousness has different - I'm going to call them - waveforms or different dances that they do. Your spirit has a waveform. It's a beautiful waveform. Don't take this literal, this is symbolic. Your spirit is on this journey, and it has a few of its own desires. The desires can be summed up very easily. Your spirit, your self wants to know thyself, in answer to the age old question you asked a long time ago, "Who am I?" It's finding out. It wants to know thyself, and it does it through what I call the three X's - triple X-rated - which are experience, expansion and expression.

< Master 8 > Spirit has its own song. It's floating down the river, riding the waves. It kind of doesn't care, because spirit, your divine, is getting experience. It's expanding and it's expressing even if the expression means screaming and yelling. It's expressing. A health issue is a form of expression. And spirit is going along. It's not that it disregards you, but its needs are different. Its desires, passions, are different.

< Master 9 > You had consciousness, represented by this (Adamus draws the circumpunct), and you had energy, which was created by your desire to go back Home, that came in to consciousness (Adamus draws) - energy, consciousness - to create reality, to manifest so consciousness could experience itself. They were two separate components - consciousness, energy. This thing we call New Energy is very different, because it's not consciousness and it's not a separate element of energy. New Energy is literally the integration of consciousness and energy together in the same packet.

< (Next) 1 > It's consciousness and energy moving together, and that's what it's all about. Remember consciousness, energy, used to be two separate things? You did whatever you could to try to make them work together. Consciousness would call out for energy to try to support its desires, its dreams, its manifestations, but now what's happening in all of this is they don't need to be separate. It is truly what I would call wholistic consciousness and energy contained in the same vessel, contained in the same dynamic together. That's what, by the way, we call New Energy. They're together.

< (Next) 6 > How do you attract potentials? A lot of it's done through desire for change, because you're tired of the old way. How else? Imagination. Imagination is the ability to go out of your mind, to go beyond your mind. Imagination is not necessarily even understandable by the mind. When you truly imagine, you go so far beyond the mind that it can no longer interpret, comprehend or analyze. That's pretty scary, because you're letting go. You're letting go. But you're not, because you can feel into those energies and those potentials.

< (Next) 6 > You feel into their essence and understand that it's just an experience. Now you're ready to grasp it. You're ready to ride with it. So you attract potentials through desire for change or by imagining farther than you've ever imagined, beyond the spectrum of color, beyond physical attributes. You imagine into what we call the crystalline realms. That makes you more aware of potentials and it attracts.

< e2012 11 > What is motivating this boson? What is causing it to be there in the first place? What's it doing? It's like a traffic cop, actually. It's slowing things down (materialize) at the appropriate times. It's speeding or letting other traffic pass by. But why? Why? Consciousness is the answer. It's like a traffic cop and it's directing energies, but what created it? What determines what energies are put into matter, what energies go somewhere else? Where do they go? It is consciousness. But what has the biggest effect on the consciousness is the passion behind it.

< e2012 11 > It is passion. And it's not energy. Not at all, and it's not thinking, because thinking is not passionate. Passion is not from the mind, but it can inspire the mind. Passion is actually not really creativity, but it can bring the creativity forth. Passion is simple. It is expressive. It is open. It is free. Where is the passion? It is just your immense desire, your soul desire just to experience. Just for the sake of experiencing, without worrying about the end result of it, unless you don't like where it's going and you want to change it. Just for the experience.

< freedom 1 >
Here is consciousness. This is you, souled being. The beautiful circle with a dot. Pretty soon you're going to inherit that dot. It's going to be your own. And no, that's not the original sin. That's your essence. Consciousness contains no energy. Energy was created out of the deep passion and desire to either go back Home or go into freedom. So now, consciousness, this thing that you already have that's awareness and all of your potentials – not that was given to you by anybody else, but you gave to yourself – this consciousness inspires energy. Energy is just sitting there. Neutral.

Energy is free to those who are free. That's another great quote. What's wrong with humanity right now? They're not free, so energy is not free. See, all this is really simple. Consciousness inspires energy, gets it out of its neutral state, and there's a lot of it. When consciousness is open and free, that energy is Just free and abundant, and it kind of just looks like the sun, it's just radiating. There's no control of it. It just is. It's very literal. Very literal.

Consciousness in its freedom will create anything it needs, wants, choose – cars, nice houses, any of that, any of that – and you should have it. That's the first reason. Second reason: If you're going to be a true Standard for others, Walk like a Master. You should have gold shoes on. Humans need to see that. You can have grand abundance. When are we going to do it? When are you ready?

So consciousness, when it's open, when it is free, the energy moves so easy. When consciousness is limited by beliefs, by the mind, by mass or group consciousness, when it is limited because of its fear of becoming free, what you have is very weak, little tiny spurts of energy, which account for a lack of abundance, lack of passion in your life, lack of friends, lack of self-esteem, all lack, lack, lack, lack, and the energy does not move. And then you wonder what's wrong.

< freedom 5 > In here (heart), there's a dream, a real aspiration, sometimes coming from the soul, sometimes from the self, sometimes the soul self, and it has passion attached to it, and that passion is what brings dreams into reality. That passion is what breaks through barriers, and there are a lot of barriers to break through in bringing your dreams in. That passion is what draws energy, and energy then helps to manifest and make real your dreams.

< freedom 5 > The soul created this aspect that would go into human experiences before all of it came in. And it gave this human aspect, who has had many, many lifetimes, a large degree of freedom and free will. But there are times when the soul has superseded or overruled some of the things of the human. It's given the human a very, very long line (lineage). And this human is the soul, but the soul in its brilliance didn't send all of itself within itself right away. The soul said, “To know myself and to love myself, I'm going to dive completely into me.” And in that moment, this aspect, this fragment of the soul that would go into the human experience, went forth, paving the way, blazing the trail or adjusting the frequencies so that ultimately the entire I Am-ness could be present within itself.

< freedom 8 > Energy exists outside of consciousness, and it does exist in all sorts of dimensions. (he draws a circumpunct with energy around it) Any dimension that consciousness ever visited or imagined. Energy exists everywhere that the consciousness ever felt into or imagined into; suddenly, energy is there. Energy was breathed in by the passion of consciousness. The passion of consciousness is having the sensory experience of feeling its existence. That's the passion of consciousness – feeling that sensory, that experiential – “Hey, I exist!” That's the passion right there.

< freedom 8 > That passion of its existence – to know its existence and to feel it – created energy outside of itself, but some would say that it was the passion of going Home – I have actually said it before myself – partly true, but where is Home? Humans like to think of Home as being heaven, God, oneness, All That Was, all the rest of that crap. It's not. The true journey Home is not back to some celestial palace. The true journey Home – right there (tapping his heart). That's all there is to it. You don't go back to the oneness; you are the oneness. You go back to awareness.

< freedom 8 > Energy is literal. What I mean by that is it responds literally to the passion. It responds just a tiny little bit, tiny little bit, to the mind, to all the thoughts. It is just very literal. It responds to passion and it doesn't care about good or bad, anything else. The mind will literally restrict the level of energy that's coming into your reality, because it doesn't understand it. It can't trap it. It can't own it.

< freedom 8 > Passion has been put down, suffocated through the mind, through hypnosis, programming, and ultimately you – as a souled being, as an I Am Presence – you cannot continue to live in a passionless reality. Ultimately, you cannot. It's not going to kill your existence. You're just going to have to blow up to get yourself out of there, and there's no need for that. But no, what happens is when you're living in a relatively passionless reality, what does one do? They create drama. They create a lot of drama as kind of a very false type of passion. But that's not passion. That's living in the world of the blind.

< freedom 8 > You've been used to using Earth energy. It's very crude, it's very old, it's very slow. We're going to go beyond that. You are the Bringers of Energy – cosmic and crystalline – and you're going to learn to come back into resonance with your core I Am energies that respond to passion. Very simple. Stop focusing on money or abundance or those other things. Start looking at how you're going to bring in these energies. How do you bring in energies? Passion! You bring in energies in passion. It's the passion, and it starts with the passion of choosing life. It's only about the extent you're going to allow it out, and it's joy.

< Discovery 4 > The new age movement, for instance. There's not a central office. There's not a hierarchy. It's pretty loose. Really loose. But in spirituality, it's a lot of searching and seeking. It's a lot of putting your toes in the water to test the temperature, and it can lead to a lot of makyo. Not that it always does, but it can lead to that, because you can forget about the true desires, the knowingness that I talked about last month. You can forget about that and get all caught up in, let's say, an essential oil, and you spend years and years going through all of the essential oils. The only essential oil that's really worth a damn is your own sweat. You can quote me on that!

< Discovery 9 > There's a tendency for the human mind to think about why you came here, but it's not really why you came here. The thought, any thought, about why you came here, the passion, is a limitation. It's limited into itself, because it's a thought. Any thought is limited. Period. No exceptions. Thoughts are nice. They're fine. They're going to come and go. They serve you in some ways, but it's always limited. So in this experience, then you allowed yourself to go beyond some of the thoughts, because there is that thing, that feeling, that passion that's right there that's causing your aggravation and your anger and your frustration and your unease; your unease, and by the way, unease is far better that disease. And that's where it ends up, if you ignore it. If you're not aware of it, it ends up as disease.

< Discovery 9 > What was it, what was that passion, that deep, deep passion we talked about in our last musical experience? I don't really want to put words to it, but I'll give you a hint. It was to live. It was to live. And not just to exist. Not just to go through life, but after all these lifetimes and incarnations, the passion was to live. That was it. You're not going to get stuck. You're not going to get lost. You're going to live. You might live irritated at times with people. There might be times when some of the very limited energies and consciousness of the planet drive you crazy, but you can still live. That's the passion. That's the sensual engagement.

< Discovery 9 > A lot of other things happen. When you live you become a Standard for others. When you live, you have vitality and health and abundance. When you live, you inspire others. But the joy, the passion is just to live – wide out, no brakes on, wide open. So I invite you to take this moment to drink deeply, to eat deeply, to love deeply, to breathe, to experience all of these things deeply. The Master drinks deeply. The unawakened, they drink very shallow. But the Master drinks deeply, fearlessly, without limitations.

< Discovery 9 > A lot of other things happen. When you live you become a Standard for others. When you live, you have vitality and health and abundance. When you live, you inspire others. But the joy, the passion is just to live – wide out, no brakes on, wide open. So I invite you to take this moment to drink deeply, to eat deeply, to love deeply, to breathe, to experience all of these things deeply. The Master drinks deeply. The unawakened, they drink very shallow. But the Master drinks deeply, fearlessly, without limitations.

< Kharisma 4 > And, my dear friends, it's here. It's done. There is nothing that you have to work at anymore. There is nothing that you have to study. It's the time of the realization, what already is. I used this term “Kasama” with Keahak recently. We're going to be experiencing that, all of us, in a variety of different ways. It's what has already been done, already there. Whether it's enlightenment, whether it's a few extra dollars in your pocket, whether it's your health or your light body or any of that, it's done. It came through a vision, through a desire. It's there. Not out there. That song didn't need to stay out in the future somewhere. That wild expression of creativity or abundance or knowingness or simplicity doesn't need to be out there, out in the distance. Nothing to strive for. It's here. Kasama is the destiny of the soul.

< kharisma 10 > The algorithm basically comes from passion and desire. Not human so much, but a deep inner passion that creates what I want to call light, but not like these lights; a stream of light, basically kind of like a stream of consciousness, but not quite. So let's just call it a stream of light, a radiance of consciousness (=kyeper) that goes out. It attracts, basically in this reality, three different types of energies  (Bon) – electric, magnetic and something I call plunk. It's right up there. Nobody knows about it yet. Science doesn't know about it, but plunk is basically – it's a real word that we use – it's basically gravity but in kind of a different way than what you know gravity to be, and it has a tremendous influence on ultimate manifestation.

< Kharisma 10 > Gravity just isn't a physical phenomenon; it is an emotional phenomenon. There's gravity in your emotions. It's a phenomenon of your passion, your desire, as well. It attracts or repels things. So you put that in conjunction with magnetics and with electronics, electric impulses, so you've got this beam of light, kind of like the stream of consciousness coming in picking up all these energies, negatively and positively charged in the form of electric, magnetic and plunk; suddenly, you have reality. Suddenly, you have the algorithm of God. Suddenly, you have manifestation.

< WalkOn 5 > From here, from light comes energy. Energy is basically the compassion of the soul that's been so condensed, so brought into itself that it actually goes through a crystalizing process that turns it into energy. The consciousness was aware enough to give itself a means to experience itself, and that is energy. Energy is, as you know from our talks, is neutral, absolutely neutral until it is activated by passion and desire, not by thought; until it is activated. So the energy then comes to serve the Master. Energy is there to serve you. Never to work against you, never to be accumulated by you or anyone else.

< WalkOn 6 > This is timeless, what I call the Ineffable Moment, the Ineffable Presence. Ineffable means without description. No trying to quantify it. No trying to define it. Just floating. Not being pushed here or there. Just floating. The Ineffable Presence, the I Am, surrounded by this ocean of potentials that exist beyond time and space. That's what that water is – all potentials. It's also time and space, but it's very different than the river, because the moment you choose now to experience something, the moment you choose to be creative, the moment you choose to express yourself, suddenly that nonmoving water, that time and space, which is not moving, suddenly gets activated. Suddenly. Then it moves in absolute perfect response to your desire. But unlike the river, it doesn't just flow for an eternity. You can change it. You can move it. You can adapt it or it rather adapts to you the moment you choose something. And it's out of time and space.

< Transhuman 3 > Allowing means getting out of your way, getting out of the human way. There is a natural evolution, natural cycles that, when one allows, will bring in new levels of light, literal light into that body of yours; light that will take you out of patterns, even when the human is still trying to hold on to it, if you allow. And I say light, again, because light is – we're not talking about the lights of the sun or the studio here – but it is the movement of the passion of the I Am. It's light, and this light then attracts energy. The energy is what literally changes the structures and the mechanics and the outer world, but it's the light let into the body that will change the patterns of the body. It's the light that's allowed, eventually, into the mind that changes the mind.

< Wings 3 > Compassion is from the soul, from the I Am. The compassion, the joy of being. Not of accomplishing anything, not of getting from point A to B, but simply the joy of being. That is the thrill of the soul, of the I Am. It doesn't have to climb mountains. It doesn't have to perform big tasks or huge accomplishments. The compassion – if you feel into it for a moment – of the soul is simply being. “I Exist. I Am that I Am.” Wooo! That is such compassion and a thrill and a joy and all of these other things. “I Am that I Am!” That's the compassion or the passion of the soul.

< Wings 3 > That passion, compassion of the soul, is the very thing that creates or brought forth energy. Energy is condensed compassion. What is in your heart is compassion. Love, compassion, whatever you want to call it, admiration for others – that is energy. You are an attractor. You attract energy.