Receive the Fruit of the Rose


< Creator 8 > The Fruit of the Rose is the passion that you left behind. It is the passion you left behind when you came to this place called Earth. It was the passion that you had in the kingdom, in the First Circle. It was the passion you carried through, even through the Wall of Fire. But when you came to Earth, this passion stayed behind. It stayed behind. Your passion, your divine passion was replaced with something you call the human ego. You built your life upon that. Your passions became things of human nature. Your passions were for other people. Your passions were for food. Your passions were for certain types of work and creative expression that you did on Earth. But your passions were based on your human condition, not on your birthright as a spiritual being!

< Creator 8 > When you receive the fruit of the rose, you bring back your divine passion. What was it that Catherine was missing in the room, as she sat there and sobbed? Why was it that she felt such an emptiness? It was because she had let go of her old human passions (human ego), the incomplete passions. There was nothing left inside. There was nothing that came from the heart. There was an emptiness.

< Creator 8 > When you came to Earth and descended into biology, you broke yourself up into even more parts, parts that you call chakras. You had these chakras in your human biology in the number of seven, and you had those that you carried in your etheric fields in the number of five. As we have mentioned, these now are coming back together into a single chakra. They are being bridged back together. The ones that are etheric and the ones that are in your physical body are coming back together into one, the "one chakra."

< Creator 8 > As you receive of the fruit of the crystal rose, you bring back to you a passion that was left behind. As you do, you will feel renewed in the energy of your body. You will feel renewed in your purpose. You will feel renewed in your purpose. You will bring this important element of divine passion back into your being. The old incomplete passions of the human that were based in the ego have left. That is why Catherine felt incomplete.

< Creator 8 > As you receive the fruit of the rose within your being, it will ignite a passion that we cannot even describe now, for it is not explainable in human words. It comes from an energy that you are not used to right now. This will be an experience that you will have on your own, but it will fill you. You will feel a new glow from the inside and it will emanate out from you. It will not be like anything you have experienced before. It cannot be created out of the human mind. It cannot be manufactured from the ego. For those who say they can try to control it on the human level - this will not work. It resides in this place of ALL. It is available to each of you.

< Creator 8 > We ask you to receive this energy (the fruit of the rose). We know you, as lightworkers, are not so good about receiving! You feel you must start from the ground up and create everything, struggle through everything. Here now is a gift that is yours. It resides in your house. It is something we spoke of eleven months ago. It is yours to receive. It is your spiritual passion. It is yours to receive, to take within you. This will bring about a renewal, but the renewal will be in a different place than you have been used to.

< Creator 8 > Dear friends, you are changing. You cannot build upon the old foundations of the old energy. You are stepping into the new energy. Bring back the passion that you carried with you from the kingdom through the Wall of Fire to the time before you came here.

< Creator 8 > Passion, dear friends, is love expressed. Passion was something that you had all the time before, for you were always expressing outward. Jack was always expressing outward. Spirit has always expressed outward until part of you went into the cocoon. When you came to Earth, you put this passion aside. This was one of the templates that you created. You created duality. You created a type of amnesia. You also left behind your true passion, your divine passion. You built your lives on the wants and needs and human passions that are small in comparison to your divine passion.

< Creator 8 > Now as you know, the rose that represents the expression of love (divine passion) also has thorns. Dear friends, if you attempt to control this passion with your old energy, your old human ways, it will hurt. That is why the thorns are there. If you attempt to use this new passion to simply re-create your old energy human ways, it will hurt. This passion, and the love expressed with it, is designed for the new energy.

< Creator 8 > If you are in question of the appropriate use of your new passion, seek the answer from the ALL. Seek the answer from the place that is above, that is more encompassing than where you have looked before. If you are not so sure, dear friends, simply sit in a quiet moment. It will come to you. You will have an answer of knowingness. This will help to ignite your new passion and bring you to new ways of creating.

< Creator 8 > Receive the Fruit of the Rose. Take in now the passion that has always been yours, the passion that will renew your life in the new energy, not in the old. If your expectations are to simply make your old energy self bigger and stronger and more powerful, the thorns of the rose will remind you that this is not appropriate. The passion will be a fuel of the new energy for you. It will be a renewal for you and for Catherine. It will bring fullness and meaning in her life, but in a way she has not experienced in any of her lifetimes of the past.

< Creator 8 > This is a simple lesson. There is little homework, dear friends, other than to find the appropriate quiet time on your own to approach the front entryway of your new house, to feel the vibration of the vase with the crystal rose. Then when you are ready, when ALL guides you, simply take of this fruit and receive it within you. This will start a new round of physical changes within your being, some which may be uncomfortable, but it will only be for a short period of time. This will increase the sensitivities of your body and of your energetic feelings, and you will also notice that you will start to see beyond what is obvious.

< Creator 8 > It will be one of the key lessons in helping you to be the creator. How can you create in the new energy without your divine passion, your divine passion combined with the broad strokes, combined with the other lessons that we will review with you? The lessons will help you to truly understand creation in the new energy. They will ultimately help you to become the teachers of the others coming into the new energy.

< Creator 8QA > If you will remember, when you first entered the new house there was only one thing in this new place. There was only one thing that was brought from the past; otherwise your new house was empty. The one thing that was brought in from the past was the crystal rose. The rose bears a fruit and the fruit is the "passion."

< Creator 8QA > When Jack the Prince left the kingdom he had passion. In all of his days in the kingdom, he had passion. This is what propelled him. This is what drove him. This is what caused him to journey to new places. When he went through the Wall of Fire he was shattered in many pieces, yet in every fragment of him there was still his passion. When Jack opened his eyes on the other side of the Wall of Fire, his passion was still within him. The passion was deeper than ever, more brilliant than ever. When he opened his eyes and saw his opposite and when the battles began it was because the passion emerged in both sides of duality. The passion was like a dance. The passion was the reason to continue going forward.

< Creator 8QA >
Passion is the expression of love. (Jack is the expression of Unity/Oneness/King+Queen.)
Spirit is filled with passion. (Unity/Oneness is filled with desire to express.)
Spirit IS passion. (King+Queen bore Jack. Jack is the mutation of them.)
Spirit is the expression of love. (King+Queen are expression of Unity/Oneness.)

Love (Unity/Oneness/King+Queen) sits in a place of stillness and quiet, peacefulness and serenity.
Love is the acceptance of all things as they are, and acceptance of Self as it is.
When passion (Jack) is added to love (King+Queen), an expression begins, a searching begins, a journey begins.

This (the fruit of King+Queen) is what Jack had and what you had. In the kingdom, on the throne of the king and the queen, sits the elements of love, but they are still and they are quiet. They are complete unto themselves. Passion adds feet to love.

< Creator 8QA > When you came to this place of earth, you accepted many new conditions. You agreed to forget who you were and where you came from. You agreed to forget the journey that brought you here. You agreed to take on a body of biology in place of the energy body as you had known. And, you agreed to leave behind this energy of spiritual passion that you had carried with you from the kingdom.

< Creator 8QA > The spiritual passion that left you when you came to Earth is coming back. It is ready for you, and in Lesson Eight it is time to receive this once again. It has been in your new house - you have just overlooked it. You have just overlooked it. By receiving this back within you, it will give you a new fuel, a new completeness and a new expression of love in the new energy.

< Creator 8QA > It is no wonder that Catherine and that you have been feeling empty, depressed, and emotionally heavy. The old human passion that you have built upon during your times on earth - what you would call your ego - is going away. It is going through a death of it’s own. It is fading away.

< Creator 8QA > The ego has been presented as a "bad" thing. It is not. The ego has been an important element in all your lifetimes on Earth. It has been the foundation of the Earth energy up to now. It is letting go as you let go! It is letting go! It is not some demon that has a life and a control of it’s own. Psychologists in the old energy came to believe that it was all powerful, that it could take control of you and manipulate you. We are here to tell you this is not true in the new energy. You have made a commitment to be in the new energy and in doing so, your own ego, your soul and humanness is ready to move aside. That is why you have been feeling deep changes lately at your inner levels. What comes to re-unite with you is the passion you had before you came to Earth. This is your spiritual passion.

< Creator 8QA > This passion will come back to you appropriately. Then, dear friends, you will no longer be faced with your old choices of positive, negative and neutral. You have always had a limited spectrum of choices for your answers. You have always been posed with decisions of whether to go left, right or down the middle. This will change. It will change over a period of time; but it will begin changing now. Instead of a left, right or middle; instead of positive, negative or neutral; instead of light, dark and neutral, there will be a new knowingness. It is the new answer that we have called ALL. The solution will come from a place that you have not been looking. Much like the rose has been there all the time, but you have not seen it. This knowingness will come from a new place.

< Creator 10 > When initiating this process of being a Creator on Earth, there is an energy that is needed for this to manifest, for this to happen. That is where we talked to you about receiving the fruit of the rose (Lesson 8), about taking back the passion that has always been yours but has laid dormant for quite some time. Yes, perhaps a simple exercise, but one that is very potent. This brings back a Divine Energy that was not carried forth with you when you came to this Earth and took on the attributes of a human, the attributes of biology. But it is time to integrate with that passion again. It is time to receive it within your being.