old foundation

old energy foundation;
old energy human ways;

< Creator 8 > The way of the new energy is hardly based on the way of the old! As you have discovered, when you try to build on the foundations of the old energy, you run into a dead end. It does not work so well! You are being asked to look in the new places in your energy and all around you.

< Creator 8 > As you move out of the old energy into the new, you let go of many things that were deeply ingrained within you. You let go of so many of the things that were near and dear to you. In doing this, it creates a void. It creates an emptiness. When Catherine, or you, go back to try to recapture what you knew before, to build upon that, to take what you are learning here in these classes, to take what you are learning as an emerging, divine human and apply these to the old, it does not work. The old and the new are like oil and water. It creates a space of great emptiness.

< Creator 8 > Dear friends, you are changing. You cannot build upon the old foundations of the old energy. You are stepping into the new energy. Bring back the passion that you carried with you from the kingdom through the Wall of Fire to the time before you came here.

< Creator 8 > Now as you know, the rose that represents the expression of love (divine passion) also has thorns. Dear friends, if you attempt to control this passion with your old energy, your old human ways, it will hurt. That is why the thorns are there. If you attempt to use this new passion to simply re-create your old energy human ways, it will hurt. This passion, and the love expressed with it, is designed for the new energy.

< Creator 8QA > The ego has been presented as a "bad" thing. It is not. The ego has been an important element in all your lifetimes on Earth. It has been the foundation of the Earth energy up to now. It is letting go as you let go! It is letting go! It is not some demon that has a life and a control of it’s own. Psychologists in the old energy came to believe that it was all powerful, that it could take control of you and manipulate you. We are here to tell you this is not true in the new energy. You have made a commitment to be in the new energy and in doing so, your own ego, your soul and humanness is ready to move aside. That is why you have been feeling deep changes lately at your inner levels. What comes to re-unite with you is the passion you had before you came to Earth. This is your spiritual passion.

< Creator 8QA > You are transitioning from the human of the old energy, where your foundation was based on the thing that you call your ego. Although you are transitioning to a Divine Human, you are still a human in physical form that still walks each day in duality. But you are now integrating your divinity, your passion and your love. You could not possibly understand what it is like to be an integrated divine human with the consciousness you have at this time. Yet, you attempt to define your divinity before it rises from within you. This is what is causing the feelings of despair and loneliness. Dear friends, these are the thorns of the rose that we spoke of during the channeling!