gateway into ascension;

< New Earth 1 > And so it is that there came a time for Spirit to understand the balances of energies, for the struggle and the wars in the universes had been long and many. And all sides were tired. There did not seem to be a natural resolution so this place of Earth was created. The energies and the patterns of those energies were set into place and this grand thing called duality was put into force. And then there came the call to the greatest of the angels. These were the ones who had experienced the most and endured the most. They came to this place for what we have called the final experience of the First Creation.

< New Earth 1 > While you are preparing for this, while the process is under way, you will see many changes outside of you in your Earth first. For the Earth is choosing now to release the old energies. There will be great rumblings of the Earth in other parts of your world. Many humans will choose to leave their physical bodies at this time. They know at their soul level that they are not ready to cross the chasm.

< New Earth 2 > This (duality) has been the set up of your earth and truly of your universe. This has been your path by choice - by your choice - to continually transmute, to change, to integrate the dark and the light. That is why, even when you have tried to be only in the light, darkness was still there and this has been appropriate.

< New Earth 3 > Now, we will talk briefly of your beginnings. And we will talk of the new energy of the divine human - of you. We have stated in other sessions that when this place of earth was created eons ago you, the angel, came here. But only a small part of you is truly in consciousness on this place of earth. The other parts of your self - what we call your True Self - are in the grids of earth and in the energetic fields in the other planets.

< New Earth 6 > Now there was a question at the core or the center of All That Is. There was a yearning for a type of creative expression that came forth. And to help manifest and to help understand Creation, this physical universe of yours was created. And the question to be understood was that of polarity or balance or one of opposites. Again, this is somewhat difficult to bring forth in human language. So this place of Earth was created. Indeed this entire universe was created, but it was known that the ultimate experience would take place on your Earth. Now each of you here has created and been in many other parts of the universe and other universes. But when this call came out for those to come to Earth, all that are here agreed to do this.

< New Earth 6 > And then your own soul began a journey, an internal journey. Your True Self had always been an outer creative expression, an expression emanating from Spirit, emanating from the source of love but creating outwards. And now, a group of angels agreed to begin an inner work, to begin going within. That was the reason that your own soul went into hibernation, protected by the angels, wrapped in energy to, in a sense, camouflage it. Your parent (in this analogy), your True Self, went into a very internal task. Part of it, part of who you are, remained external as a continuing creative expression with a silver chord attached to the Higher Self, to the cocoon. The information that was being learned and gathered, the experiences of the balance of light and dark, were constantly being fed back to the cocoon which held the True Self. This information was used continually in the internalization process. My friends, the expression is you on Earth, the portion of your True Self that walks in human biology.

< New Earth 6 > Now we will have you know, that as you move the energies through this tunnel, as you go through this integration and ascension process, you open the way for all other things - literally all other things - to then ascend. It is not just your Earth that is ascending. It is not just your universe that is ascending. All of creation is going through a metamorphosis process. It is so grand, my friends, perhaps that it even takes you by surprise. It is the grandest of the grand! You wonder why we honor you for what you have gone through here on Earth!

< New Earth 8 > It is that you have all lived many lifetimes in many places. Most of you have lived many lifetimes on Earth. It is that you have all known of your mission, or your reason for being here, for coming here to this Earth. It is that most of you have experienced the days of Atlantis or have been Lemurian. There is a reason for this. There is a reason why you come back now at this time, at this most appropriate time.

< New Earth 8 > There was a knowingness in the consciousness of all things that this last century on your Earth would be a both challenging and difficult but potentially a most rewarding time. There was the understanding that your world wars, which were true tests, true battles of dark and light, could terminate the Earth at that point. Then there was understanding that as you entered into your nuclear age that these had the potentials to put Earth at its end - somewhat similar to the endings on Atlantis. There was the equal potential to go either way " light or dark " of the end of this time on Earth or the continuation into two Earths. There was this understanding that each of you have.

< New Earth 8 > Each of you chose to be here in this time frame, for each of you carried in a seed within you that should the Earth continue and move into a new energy, there was an important energy attribute that would be needed in the energy dynamics of the new Earth. Each of you brought in a seed, knowing in advance that there was the potential for termination. There was potential for non-fulfillment of your coming to this Earth. For if there had been destruction, you would have simply passed and simply recorded another human life, but without germinating.

< New Earth 8 > We ask you to remember a time that most of you here were involved in. That time was 2000 years ago, and most who are here walked with one known as Yeshua Ben Joseph - Jesus. Most of you met Yeshua personally at that time. Most of you sat together in groups like this, talking of the need for the Christ consciousness to be brought to Earth, not by one but by many. You experienced a very interesting time then. We ask you not to be ashamed or embarrassed within yourself to know that you were there at that time, that you walked with the Master of Love. It was part of your full contract, to come into contact to learn. For this one, known as Jesus, was the seed that had germinated, that sprouted the fruit that you tasted of. It was important that you tasted of that energy while you walked on Earth.

< New Earth 8 > Now we come to this lifetime. So you chose to come in, most of you in this room, from a time period generally - and this is not limited to - but generally shortly after your last World War up until what would be your approximate mid-1970's, and those are general, my friend. There are some who came in before and some who came in after, but this was a time period when most of you chose to come in - the seed bearers - what we call the Lost Children of Christ. You came in, my friends, each carrying the seed within you, the seed containing the crystalline white energy of the Christ consciousness that would be needed on this Earth should the Earth move into two, should the Earth begin the graduation process. The Lost Children of Christ, the seed bearers, are here tonight and many other places around your Earth.

< New Earth 9 > You have been journeying into new areas that even Spirit does not understand. That is why you agreed to come to Earth in the first place. In your lifetimes in the past, in your current lifetime up until recently, you were working under the veil to help to understand the balance of light and dark. It was not a test. It was a new energy construction. You wondered why when you prayed to Spirit, when you prayed to your guides, that many times nothing would happen. It is not that your prayers were unheard, my friends, for you have never been alone. It was simply that we did not know the answers. It is only through you, through your work on this Earth, your work in duality, that we learn. It is only through your work that we learn.

< New Earth 9 > The new energy is being formulated by those of you that are here on Earth. And it is an awesome responsibility! It has not been done before. Your Age of Atlantis does not even come close to approaching what you have here. You are the ones creating it. We are the ones helping. That is why you are sitting here on this day in the classroom.

< New Earth 10 > If you would, now simply imagine yourself at a grand doorway… the doorway that is the veil, the doorway between Earth and All That Is. Here you are, the human aspect of this lifetime, standing at that doorway, the human aspect that is creating and moving through the tunnel, the tunnel of ascension, of the Second Creation.

< New Earth 10QA > There is the perception on the part of many Lightworkers that when you are released from your physical body that you return to Home. We would tell you that this is not an accurate statement. You are still held by a very strong grid-work or vibrational web to Earth. If you were to return to Home, you would not choose to come back to Earth. There is an outer room that you return to where you are well attended by what you would call angels, those from the angelic realm. You are facilitated between lifetimes, but you do not return Home. Your soul has chosen for the repetition of coming to Earth time and time again. Now, my friend, it was written for you and others that this lifetime would no longer be of lesson but of new experience.

< New Earth 12 > From the very time that you first came to Earth until this event approximately one year ago, there has always been the set up of duality, of two forces in your consciousness on your Earth and in your physical universe. It has been the "yin and the yang," the "light and the dark," and in your judgement the "good and the bad," although that is purely a judgement. It has been "male and female," "young and old." Duality has been something that has been a way of life with you. It was the set up, the condition of your consciousness from the very time that you came here. It is the condition that allowed for this, how to say, grand experiment, grand test, but the test was not about you. You were simply facilitating the test.

< New Earth 12 > There have always been two sides, a light and a dark. You moved into this energy and accepted those parameters. You also accepted free will. You accepted the fact that you would not know who you were. You accepted a "spiritual amnesia (veil)." You came to Earth to begin a long, long cycle of lifetimes and learnings and understandings. It will be revealed to you, each of you individually in these coming times of why it was so important for the Eternal One, for Spirit, to know of these things, and why you have participated.

< New Earth 12 > Now as many of you know, there were predictions that at the end of your millennium would be the end of your Earth. As you know, all of you sitting here, this did not happen. It did not happen because of your intent and because of your work and the efforts of all that walk in human form and all who help. There was a set up that was put in place eons of time ago. If the Earth had come to a conclusion as you know it now at the end of your millennium, there was a set up, a planetary set up that would have allowed for the release of the remnants of energy that remained on Earth.

< New Earth 12 > Do you know that Gaia, Mother Earth, has been holding your energies for all the times that you have walked here? Mother Earth has been holding your emotions and your feelings of all of your past lives. Indeed they (your past lives) die, but their essence, their vibration stays on Earth. The you that walked the Earth 2000 years ago… there are remnants of that part of you… there are energy patterns that have stayed on Earth in the rocks, in the dirt, in the water. They have stayed here. The Earth is filled with memories and energy patterns from all of your lives that you have lived here. Do you know that today you drank water that you drank 20 lifetimes ago? The energy patterns are still here.

< New Earth 12 > In our channeling with you two months ago, we walked you through what we called an exercise. We told you it was simply imaginary. At that time we said that Christ will come back. The dead will rise from their graves. They will be judged, and they will be released. We did this as an exercise two months ago of your time in order to prepare you for tonight. Indeed all of the vibrations of all of who you have been in the past are waiting to be released from Earth and from you. You wonder sometimes why it is so difficult to make progress in your human form now, why it is so difficult to create? It is because you are still carrying the energies of all the past. They are still influencing you.

< New Earth 13 > This, my dear friends, is the time of the new energy of Earth. With the spiritual physics such that they are, this is truly the first time in the history of humankind on Earth that it is possible to bring in the energy of the Divine Self. Oh, you and others have tried in the past. You have tried to figure out God. You have tried to be holy and spiritual. You have had journeys in past lifetimes in religious orders. You have started many religions, as we have mentioned. But until recent months of your time, it has not been possible to truly begin bringing in this divine energy. The veil was thick. The True Self was in a cocoon of sorts. The vibration of Earth was not appropriate. We come now to the time where it is now possible to bring it in and to begin working with it and to begin using it.

< New Earth 13QA > It is to say that in the consciousness of all humanity it was known that Earth could either go through a period of destruction, or there was also the potential for Earth to ascend, as you would say. There are some that have been doing more study and preparation, so the changes were not so radical. And this group in particular, those here on this day (and those reading these messages) have been working very deeply, so in spite of the seeming roller coaster that you have been on for the past several years, you are much more prepared to handle this energy than most others.

< New Earth 14 > With the understandings that come from allowing, you will then see how true creation works. You will then be able to create from a space within your being that you have never felt before. Much of this is why you have come here to Earth in the first place, to arrive at this point, to arrive at a point of the integration of the Divinity, your Godself, with your human consciousness. Each of you has been walking under the veil, separated from Spirit in your consciousness for eons of time. As it was said earlier on this day by the speaker, Dr. Reynolds, the greatest feeling of loss was the separation from Spirit. You have gone full circle to the point now where you can accept this Divinity within.

< New Earth 14 > Creation had reached an impasse. The way to get through this impasse, the way to come to understandings that would allow creation to go forth, was a tiny little place called Earth. You chose to come here. You chose to take the veil. You chose separation from Spirit. You chose something very powerful called duality to help move past the limits of creation as you knew it. That is why you have gone through so much here on Earth. That is why you have not understood who you truly were. That is why you have been limited in your ability to create - or seemingly. That is why you are here.

< New Earth 14 > As we have said before, the very work that you and the other humans do here on Earth is freeing all of the rest of creation to continue expanding, to continue growing in a way that it could not before. Again we ask that there is no judgement on this event, this impasse. It simply was. It simply came to a point that deeper understandings were needed. And for those understandings to take place, a certain group of angels would come to a place with a heavy veil, would be separated in their consciousness from Spirit. And so you chose to come here. And so you have given so much to all of the rest of creation. What comes forth from your work here is what we have termed "the second creation."

< Creator 1 > You, the humans, are in a circle of your own (the Second Creation). It is a circle that is different than the one that the rest of Creation resides in. You have chosen to go beyond the circle of Spirit, creating new dimensions, and a new circle, that will benefit All That Is. That is why you have chosen the many lifetimes on Earth. That is why you are sitting here now in this classroom. This is important information to remember - that the humanity of Earth exists in a separate circle (reality) than the rest of Creation.

< Creator 2QA > There is tremendous energy form and structure and activity taking place, things that are not necessarily seen with the human eye. There are tremendous weavings taking place of a new tapestry. And when Cauldre looked into the sky and realized that there was not much out there and that that is not where heaven exists, he asked why would there be such an expansive universe without much there, other than Earth. And our answer was simple - and this is the foundation and the template for the second creation - you are creating it as you go.

< Creator 3 > To help you understand a bit more of your creative nature, of how things are created, we go back now to a time when you were in the original circle, when you were in the first creation. There you had certain creative powers and abilities. We say "certain," for they were somewhat limited - difficult to describe - but there were underlying parameters of the type of creation that was possible in the first circle. When you came to the edge of this first circle, to the edge of creation, and when you crossed over, you came to this place of Earth that was outside of the first circle. You began living upon Earth. You began walking upon Earth.

< Creator 3 > Your true creative ability, your true Creator ability, was hidden from you in the very essence of duality. There was a reason for this. Part of the reason, as we have mentioned, is that the second circle, the circle of the energies of Earth and of your physical universe exists outside of All That Is. You deal with an energy called "duality," which is the two different sides, what you would call the "light" and the "dark," the "good" and the "bad," the opposite face, the reflection in the mirror.

< Creator 3 > Because you existed outside of All That Is, in a sense, you existed in a void, and you were turning void into reality. In order to create in your Earth environment, it was necessary for you to go into the future. It was necessary for you to go into the void and create based on thoughts of what would come to be. In other words, you were always projecting yourself into the future. These vibrations created the pathway for your tomorrow. This is the way you have operated ever since you first came here to Earth. You were bound by the memories of the past (karma), and you created the future by projecting yourself into your tomorrows. This is how most humans on Earth create. This is how the future is created. The future reality is an assimilation of vibrational frequencies from all the humans on Earth.

< Creator 3 > This is all evidence showing that there is a new energy here on Earth. You are in duality. It will be difficult to overcome duality as you know it here. It is not appropriate even, friends, to return to singularity. You are in duality, but there is a new type of duality that you will come to know soon. The number 4 will represent this. The number 4 will remind you of this.

< Creator 3QA > Your space, your energy (3-dimention) that has been created around Earth and your physical universe is unlike any other. It is, as we have said, existing outside of All That Is. It is not at all getting a bad rap! It is only the most difficult to go through. From my own personal experience… I had walked the Earth in many, many lifetimes and found it to be extremely difficult to be in duality, to be cut off from connection with Spirit. It was overwhelming. That is why there is so much respect and honor from our side for what you are doing. All realities, all dimensions indeed have validity, but there is none other in all of creation that is like what you are experiencing here. It is the most challenging but yet it provides the greatest potential of new creation.

< Creator 4 > In this zone at the edge of the first circle is where you have experienced some of the most traumatic and difficult things that your soul has ever gone through. If there is ever an understanding of what hell is like, it was there. If there was ever true war and combat, it was there, and this hurt you deeply. It is something you and the others who were there never felt or experienced before. There was disharmony, and there was to an extent an energy destruction.

< Creator 4 > But friends, understand that none of this was a mistake. There had been an agreement with Spirit that you would be explorers, that you would go out to areas of creation that had never been explored before. You would learn something new, and none of you, neither you nor Spirit, nor any of us, knew what this would be. It is now called duality. There was so much energy behind this, so much focus here, so much intensity in this experience at the edge of All That Is, that it literally catapulted you into a new place called the second circle, the second creation. It took you from the caterpillar through the cocoon to be here on Earth.

< Creator 4 > We have said to you before, this idea of karma we do not like so much. We do not like using that word. For it was not karma. It is not karma. What is it, dear friends? For all of the experiences and the events that you experienced at the edge of the first circle, you are now trying to understand, trying to define and solidify and deal with by having a parallel experience on Earth. Separation: you have experiences of separation to help you understand happened at the edge of creation before you came to Earth. Pain: you find experiences of pain here on Earth to help understand and define what happened in that zone before you left the first creation. Imbalance: you find experiences as humans with others humans, experiences of imbalance in your emotions, for instance, to help you understand what happened at the edge of creation.

< Creator 4 > Do you understand what we are saying to you? There is nothing that you have done wrong here on your Earth! You have chosen experiences to help you understand something and to help Spirit understand something that happened a long time ago, but not that long ago. You use Earth and the elements of duality, the physics of duality. You use mass and matter to help you and Spirit understand. You use physical bodies to help you understand, to help you RELIVE the experiences that you had at the edges of the first circle. Your experiences on Earth relate to the experiences in the original Creation. You are now playing them out in duality and matter for deeper understandings and definition. It is not about karma, rather about a REENACTMENT of something that happened in any other time, in another place.

< Creator 4 > You who thinking of your child right now and the difficulty they are going through: understand what they are truly doing. That is compassion, when you can understand. Dear friends, what you are experiencing here on Earth is helping to understand and helping to define that experience that you had at the edge of creation. And you have done that well.

< Creator 4 > As we have mentioned before, many of the dreams that you have now, many of the terrors and the nightmares that are in your life do not relate to this lifetime. They do not even relate to other lifetimes. You wonder where these terrors come from? Dear friends, much that is coming to you now has to do with the experiences that you had before you left the first circle. You are experiencing these in another way - in your dreams - to help create the fabric of what we have call the second creation. This is your universe, your Earth, an extension of All That Is.

< Creator 4 > Understand that quite unlike what your books tell you and what other teachers tell you, there was never a fall from grace. There was never a Lucifer that was thrown out of heaven. These are all metaphors. You experienced the very edge of creation. You experienced something that you had never done before, and it was called duality. That sent you into the second creation. There was an energy that was needed to send you beyond the limits of creation. This duality, this friction created the energy that catapulted you into the second creation called Earth, into where you are right now. It was like feeling the power of the rockets exploding with so much force that it made you forget where you came from. But there was not a fall from grace. We look at it like it was a step from one into two, a step that was taken in love for Spirit and all of us who will follow behind you.

< Creator 5 > You were the ones who were restless and wanted to explore. You went to the very edges and the limits of the kingdom. You were ones who set sail and went beyond the first circle. You ended up in the place that you now call Earth, that is encompassed by a universe that you are helping to create, even as we sit here on this night. You are the ones who are building the new village, creating the new ways, discovering new things that you could not possibly have discovered in your old kingdom. You are the ones who are creating the templates for the second creation. You are the ones who are trying to remember where you came from, what your roots are, what your origins are.

< Creator 5 > Like you, the wall of fire is changing. In a relatively short period of time, it will be possible for the others of the kingdom to come through. And at that point, dear friends, the boundaries of the kingdom of sIAM will expand. The kingdom will expand beyond the great wall of fire. It will expand into this new place you have created. There will come a day, that most of you will experience, when the rest of the kingdom will come through to you. You will recognize the angels, and then you will remember Home. And then we will coexist with you. The kingdom of sIAM will be a grander place for the work that you have done on Earth.

< Creator 5 > Prior to coming to this place of Earth, you had always been in the "oneness" mode, the singular mode. All of your creations were done in a framework of oneness. When you crossed through the wall of fire, you took on the attributes of duality. This was Jack's experience. This is what Jack wanted to feel and experience. And indeed he did. And indeed you all did! There was no longer the oneness that you felt, but rather "two." There was the light and the dark, the positive and the negative, however you want to state this. As we have mentioned before, there was always the balance of energies of approximately 2/3 and 1/3.

< Creator 6 > Prince Jack spent an eternity in the zone of the wall of fire. It shattered him into pieces. Those pieces, in a sense, reorganized themselves into two areas. A small portion of the pieces reconnected and fell through the universe onto a place called Earth. They resurrected themselves in a human body. In this human body, Jack was destined to walk the Earth many, many times, to repeat the cycle of lifetimes, to gain experience for something on a very grand scale.

< Creator 6 > Part of Jack, the larger part of Jack that was shattered, spent a bit of extra time in the zone of the wall of fire. These pieces of Jack spent time in turmoil and difficulty within the wall of fire. But then they banded together again. They found each other. They found the vibration of each other. They came back together. They then wrapped a large weaving of energy around them to protect them. You would call this a cocoon. And within this cocoon, the larger part of Jack that had come back together again went to sleep, protected by an energy cocoon, protected by many other types of unseen but loving forces.

< Creator 6 > When you left the kingdom and went through the great wall of fire, much of you was left behind. Much of you went through a turmoil that is very difficult to describe and difficult for you to even understand within your being. A small part of your total energy came to this place called Earth and has walked for many, many lifetimes. But the part of you that was left behind - your True Self - is now awakening. This is what is happening within you right now. This is why you are feeling the things within your body and your mind that you do. This is why we gather here. This is why we honor you.

< Creator 7 > Now, Jack did not go straight to Earth. There was an interim period. This is somewhat difficult to describe, but we will attempt to convey it working closely with Cauldre. Beyond the Wall of Fire was nothing, a void, total darkness. It was the void that would later become your physical universe. When Jack crossed into the void, there were no stars. There were no galaxies. There were no energies present. There was simply a nothing.

< Creator 7 > At some point there came, as we have talked of before, an impasse. Things could go no further. The conflicts, the battles between what you would call the light and the dark were at a stalemate. The universe, as you knew it, even stopped growing. At that point there was a decision, a consensus, an agreement to go to this place of Earth, and for once and all cross through the final veil. You agreed to cross the final barrier, to literally take on a very dense human form, to have your being go into that form that you know of as your body. You agreed to live in complete amnesia of who you were, to walk through the cycles of life and death, and what you call karma, to come full circle back around again, to remembering who you were before you ever crossed through the wall of fire.

< Creator 7 > That is why you are here! That is why you have been here for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes. You have been walking the cycle of Earth lives in an agreement to bring things full circle. It is an agreement to heal all of the past, to heal this time of going through the Wall of Fire, to heal this time of the building of the void, the creation of your universe as you know it. You have walked all of these lifetimes to heal and to rediscover.

< Creator 7 > At some point there came, as we have talked of before, an impasse. Things could go no further. The conflicts, the battles between what you would call the light and the dark were at a stalemate. The universe, as you knew it, even stopped growing. At that point there was a decision, a consensus, an agreement to go to this place of Earth, and for once and all cross through the final veil. You agreed to cross the final barrier, to literally take on a very dense human form, to have your being go into that form that you know of as your body. You agreed to live in complete amnesia of who you were, to walk through the cycles of life and death, and what you call karma, to come full circle back around again, to remembering who you were before you ever crossed through the wall of fire.

< Creator 8 > There were many, many angel entities in your new universe at the time, and of course, most of these wanted to be part of this new place of Earth. When there was an asking for volunteers, dear friends, you were among the first. You were among the first. You initially came to Earth in non-physical form. You shifted your energy with the assistance of many, many entities on the other side. You shifted your energy in such a way that you could enter the energy dimension of Earth. You visited Earth in your angelic form a long time before you ever came here in biological form. You and the others came here to set up the energy templates and the grids. You came here to set up the weavings and the foundations. You visited this place to become acclimated, as well as to help set up the energies. There was much assistance from the angels that were not going on your journey.

< Creator 8 > At some point, dear friends, each of you descended to Earth and eventually took on the human body. You began your cycles of incarnation. You began to walk the Earth in many different forms, physical forms. You walked the Earth one lifetime as male, another as female. You walked through in many different ways to experience this thing called duality.
Now, you who are here and you who are connecting to the Crimson Circle across the dimensions, you are the ones that are completing your cycles on Earth. You are the ones who have come the long way. You are the ones now preparing yourselves to reunite with All That You Are. You are the ones that will then stay on this place of Earth to be the teachers for the others coming through.

< Creator 8 > When you came to Earth and descended into biology, you broke yourself up into even more parts, parts that you call chakras. You had these chakras in your human biology in the number of seven, and you had those that you carried in your etheric fields in the number of five. As we have mentioned, these now are coming back together into a single chakra. They are being bridged back together. The ones that are etheric and the ones that are in your physical body are coming back together into one, the "one chakra."

< Creator 8 > PASSION IS LOVE EXPRESSED. Passion was something that you had all the time before, for you were always expressing outward. Jack was always expressing outward. Spirit has always expressed outward until part of you went into the cocoon. When you came to Earth, you put this passion aside. This was one of the templates that you created. You created duality. You created a type of amnesia. You also left behind your true passion, your divine passion. You built your lives on the wants and needs and human passions that are small in comparison to your divine passion.

< Creator 8QA > When you first came to earth, you were not in biology. You came here and planted the "seeds" that would later become your own biology. The "seeding" was not done by some other species. You visited here and you began weaving energies in and around your earth (grids?). You placed part of who you are in the very core of earth itself and this became a singular entity that you now call Gaia. From the seed energies that you placed here, life forms, vegetation and biological forms began to take shape. This happened a long time ago, yet not so long ago. Now the earth contains many essences of you and your collective energy. There is a direct correlation between earth, the inner earth and who you are. This is a constant reminder from Gaia about why you came here in the first place. The energy of the inner earth, and the reminder of why you came here can be accessed by you in the ALL.

< Creator 9 > The work you are doing is powerful. It is incredible. It is done in the greatest service to Spirit and All That Is. And you do not yet see it! You do not yet see who you are or the effect that you are having on the people around you. You do not yet see the effect that you are having on your Earth and the consciousness of this planet. You do not yet see how you are changing your universe, and how you are changing the place that we call Home. The very work that you do today, tomorrow and in the days to follow is changing everything around you. Indeed it is changing the very nature of the kingdom from whence you came.

< Creator 9 > Before you came to this place of Earth, there were many preparations that had to take place. Your energy took on biology. You took the physical form. The preparation for this took eons of time. But before you came here in physical form, you visited Earth in spirit, in the light form that you were. As the universe were beginning to take structure, you journeyed to Earth in light body to get adjusted to the attributes of this planet, to get used to the dimension of "two" which is expressed in matter. You needed these visits to Earth, and they were done over much time, but that were not done in physical body. They were done in your light body, for you had to adjust your being to this new, slow-vibration energy of Earth. You were used to vibrating very fast. You had to adjust to vibrating very slowly in order to adapt to a physical body.

< Creator 9 > You first came here when Earth was somewhat of a barren place. You came to seed your very energy on this planet, as well as to get used to duality in a slow vibrational state. You would come here and place your consciousness and your energy into the Earth herself. You would place your energy in rocks, so to speak. You would place your energy and your consciousness in the dirt. As the essence of life began to form on Earth, you placed your vibration into the smallest life forms to experience being birthed into a living organism on this planet. Over ages of time, you placed your energy into the more sophisticated life-forms that were developing on your Earth. All of this took place over a very long period of time. But from the dimension that you operated in, it was not so long at all.

< Creator 9 > When you first started coming to this place of Earth in your light body, you found it particularly comfortable and appropriate to place yourself in the states of water, for they were not as harsh to your being as the land. You spent much time placing your energy into the aqueous forms that were developing on your planet. Dear friends, among your favorite life-forms were the whales and the porpoises and the dolphins. You spent much time experiencing these new life-forms, for you loved this energy. You loved the playfulness. You loved your ability to express a spiritual wisdom within this physical body. Even to this day you have an affinity for these beings.

< Creator 9 > Make no mistake about it, it was you and the other angels who came here that seeded this planet with energy, that now has transformed a rock in space into a living organism, into Gaia, into life that has sprouted. You came here in light body and set the energy templates for Earth and transformed it into a dynamic living and growing force. Gaia is you, for you came here and seeded this place. The oceans and the lakes are you, for you swam in them before you ever came here in physical body. The trees, the flowers, and the plants that feed you … are you.

< Creator 9 > Gaia is a living organism. She is you. When you look out into your stars, there are not other places that hold the attributes of Gaia. You did not go there as angels to seed. You came here. Indeed there were some journeys to other planets, as you would say, prior to all agreeing that you would work on this place of Earth. There were light body explorations to other stars and other planets, but dear friends, Earth was the planet of choice, the place that you came to, the place that you chose to come into biology.

< Creator 9 > There was much preparation before you ever came here. It was known that when you came to Earth, and you began placing your energy into physical matter and eventually into a body, that you would need a team working with you. These are what have been called your "guides." There were generally two angels that journeyed with you. They did not take on physical body like you did. They stayed in light body. They stayed at your side through your many lifetimes on Earth. They have been with you. Their role was simple - to maintain a balance of energy, to maintain a spiritual quotient, to keep you balanced. They were like the messengers from the other side of the veil who always accompanied you. If you had come without this entourage of angelic guides, there was the possibility that you would have become so immersed in duality that perhaps you could have never gotten out.

< Creator 10 > When Jack came to Earth and took on biology, he still had Free Will, but now he also had something called the veil. The veil prevented Jack from consciously knowing what transpired from lifetime to lifetime. The veil prevented Jack from understanding his journey that had taken him from the Kingdom into the void, to help create the energy and the templates of your Universe. Combine these two powerful elements - the Veil and Free Will - and there is a very potent energy here. It is one that each of you has been living with.

< Creator 10 > When you came to Earth with your Free Will and you took on duality, your Free Will allowed you to see the mirrors of who you were. The Free Will allowed you to see the light and to see the dark. It allowed you to see up and to see down, but in a sense Free Will with a veil is very limited, as you have discovered. Many of you have even questioned whether you truly DID have Free Will or if you were simply puppets for the angels or for Spirit. But no, indeed you had Free Will the whole time.

< Creator 10QA > There was a time when you first came through the Wall of Fire, past the original Creation, when you could travel in the void simply by thought, simply by desire. As you continued your experiences and you came to Earth and took on body, all of these processes slowed down so that you would no longer THINK and BE simultaneously. Now you are coming full circle. You are coming back to a point where you can be in a consciousness simply by allowing yourself and it will be there very rapidly. You do not need complex exercises to move to Divine Will. See your left foot or your right foot doing the dance step that takes you there. And keep it simple.

< Creator 12 > Some 2,500 years ago the energy of Earth was appropriate to begin bringing this seed of divine consciousness - what we sometimes call the Christ consciousness - from the outer realms and dimensions where it existed. For you know your consciousness does not truly exist within your biology. It exists on levels and planes surrounding you. It is much like your movie projector. The consciousness - the film and the projector - are in one location, and the image is projected onto another. In a sense, you are the image of your consciousness projected into 3D, projected into this body that you carry, projected into this Earth that you walk on.

< Creator 12 > Some 2,500 years ago it became appropriate to begin bringing more of this consciousness to Earth, to your reality, to your 3D. At that time there were families of angels who chose to come in to help facilitate this process. There were individuals who received notoriety for this. There was the one who is called Buddha - Siddhartha - who came in with many, many others. It was not just the Buddha who brought in the consciousness. It was all who came in at that time and the surrounding times.

< Creator 12 > Then there was a group also, the ones we call Shaumbra, who came in 2000 years ago. You came in, knowing it was time to bring this Christ consciousness from the outer realms to Earth. You were the carriers of this. You helped to bring this in. Many of you here walked with Yeshua Ben Joseph. Many of you lived in surrounding lands at that very time. Many of you came in right after the time of Jeshua Ben Joseph when the energy was still strong and sharp. You helped to set up the new churches. These churches were the incubators for the Christ consciousness. You are the ones who helped to bring this in.

< Creator 12QA > You come to this place of Earth to help determine a new balance, to create a nest, to create a new home to birth a new type of divinity. That is why you are here. This Earth is a nest, a home. You are birthing a new type of divinity (new ascension status) that has never been seen in all of creation. You come here to create the new energy, what we have called the "second creation."

Dear friends, when you ascend, you do not go back Home. Home will eventually come here to you. It will come here. We do not know how to say this so well - you cannot go back Home. You cannot. But Home can come to you. Creation, All That Is, the First Circle will expand into where you are. It will come to you.

Ascension means going into this new energy where your divinity shines in this new place (second creation) where you have birthed it. It is not about going BACK Home. It is about creating something new for Spirit that could never be done before. You who are here… you exist outside of All That Is. Oh, Cauldre has challenged us over and over on this, but we continue to say that when you left the Kingdom, you went outside of All That Is. But someday All That Is will come to you. It will expand. That is the whole reason why you left the Kingdom in the first place.

< Ascension 1 > And until 2,500 years ago, it was not so possible to bring in this seed that you have been carrying with you ever since you left the kingdom. Then as individuals, as groups of humans, as families, and entire nations, you began coming to Earth, returning after other lifetimes. You began to come back, but this time with the awareness that you were going to bring in this seed. You brought it in with you in your consciousness to plant it, knowing that it would take a while for the seed to germinate and to grow. It would take a while before any harvest was possible. But you all agreed to this.

< Ascension 1 > 2,000 years ago, many of you who sit in this very room, and who read these words and listen to them in other formats… you came to Earth in strength and in numbers, and you placed yourself all across the world. You placed yourself in Jerusalem, in England, in the Africas, in Asia, some as natives here in this country of the United States. There was a shower, a rain shower, of you who now call yourself Shaumbra, of you who came in to plant the seed. The one you know as Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus) was the one who got much attention. But all of you are the ones who have helped bring this seed in. In the subsequent years and lifetimes since then, you have been working in earnest. You have been working diligently to provide the fertile ground, the fertile energy for this Christ seed to blossom.

< Ascension 2QA > Most ways you approach how to make money, how you draw in your abundance, will be different than what you have learned in the past. You have been taught this thing about working for an hourly pay. This does not make sense in the new energy. It is different. It is, in a way of speaking, an entirely new physics revolving around this number 4, which we have spoken of so often. The "quad math" ties in with the quantum leap that you are all going through. The convergence of science, of technology, of knowledge, and of spirituality is coming together at a very rapid speed. It will converge in these next few years of your time. Do not assume what you learned in the old energy will apply in the new. There is a new physics on Earth.

< Ascension 3QA > Why? … is such a good question, and it is about your journey. It is about your search. It is about your ascension. It is the question that has been asked by entities ever since we left Home. It is about your journey on Earth. Ever since you left Home there has been one basic thing - the search for God, the search for God. When you were in the void and creating this Second Creation, the real question was about where to find God, how to get back Home. As we all matured, we understood it was not about getting back Home. It was about creating something new. But, the search for God continued.

The Order of the Arc was created, it was to help define a very imbalanced energy (duality), an energy that was searching for God. It was an answer to the question "why." It was about a venue and an experience that would enable you, and then ultimately us, to once again know God, but a different relationship than you had with the King and the Queen when you were Jack. The relationship now comes from within you. The relationship is yours to hold personally. It is about integrating your divinity.

Why? If you return to the story of Jack, you will recall that we chose our words very carefully. It was said that Jack was the prince, the son of the King and the Queen. One day he would inherit the throne. But, he wanted one last journey. Why? It was to understand how to bring the energy of Home, how to bring the energy of God, how to bring the divineness into you directly, into your experience and your being. Jack did not have ownership of this when he was in the Kingdom. In order to be a true creator, Jack needed to discover this on his own.

You have been searching for God ever since. You are beginning to understand the dynamics of this and how this works. It is difficult. It does not come so easy. Why? It is the fulfillment of a circle that started the moment Spirit contemplated Self and began a whole dynamic of new creation, of duality, and of experience. It is the completion of Spirit’s quest to know Self, to know of expression by living through experience.

< Ascension 5 > Do you know, when we sat together with you in the Order of the Arc, creating the very reality of Earth and your dimensions around it… do you know, it was designed as a playground? It was designed for you to go and play. And, along the way perhaps, you have forgotten who you are, who you were, and you have forgotten how to play.

< Ascension 6 > When you were at home in the Kingdom eons of time ago - but not so long ago at all - the energy was about oneness and singularity. When you left Home, went through the Wall of Fire and eventually came to Earth, it was about "2." It was about polarity. It was about the mirror image. It was about seeing yourself, dear God, in a new and different way that you could have not seen in the energy of "1." So, you created "2." You have been in that energy for so very, very long. Earth has been about the energy of "2," polarity, light and dark, the lessons of good and bad, male and female, opposites. Your journey on Earth has been to understand, at the most intimate levels, what duality, what "2" was about.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron helped to architect the technology and the physics and the math of your universe and planet. Metatron came to Earth, never as a human, but he did come to Earth when the energies were being formed. He came to help you and the others create the energetic templates for Earth. He helped place within Gaia certain crystalline energies that would surface at the appropriate time. Metatron returns now to be with you. With the changes that the Kryon has made in the grids, Metatron can now come in and be of assistance to you in the work that you are doing.

< Ascension 6QA > It is a grand celebration that Metatron can come to Earth now. It has never before been possible, other than in the early days before Earth was truly matter. But, now that it has developed and mature and ready to go to the next level because of the work you've done, this energy comes in. That is why we are celebrating today; celebrating your work, celebrating a grand shift that takes place.

< Ascension 8 > When it came time for what we have called the Order of the Arc, when the Earth was created, you came to Earth once again, carrying these energies of duality with you. You had the energy of duality, the polarity of the "plus" and the "minus," the "black" and the "white," the "high" and the "low." And, you also had the veil, the veil, which brought you to a new level of experience. Now, not only had you forgotten the energy of Home, but you had also forgotten the energy of home away from Home. It provided the opportunity to come to this grand place to take on body, to slow things down so that you could make conscious decision, so you could make conscious choice - all this a way of helping you to understand who you truly are.

< Ascension 8QA > Indeed as the grids are being changed, this reduces the strong grip of the veil. As the grid work is being completed, it also provides the potential to release duality all around you. Duality, in a sense, is held in place by the magnetics of Earth, so you will find polar shifts occurring more erratically than they have in the past. The magnetic poles of Earth have always shifted, and there are patterns within these shifts. At times they are rapid, and at other times, they are very slow. If you would ever plot these changes in the intensity of magnetic shifts, you will see that they correspond to consciousness changes on Earth. You could almost map these compared to world events. So, now you will see more erratic changes in the polarity of Earth. Is that not appropriate, as you release duality, that the Earth poles would also, in a sense, lose their grip?

< Ascension sp > We have asked to interrupt your regular series to be here, not only for your path, but also for all of our paths. Consciousness, dear ones, the consciousness of Earth, and what happens on Earth affects all of us. So goes the consciousness of Earth, goes the consciousness of the universe. The decisions you make not only affect the consciousness of who you, but also have a direct affect on consciousness of all other parts and places. It pierces through the dimensions. It pierces through space - your consciousness and the consciousness of all who are on Earth. The delicate balance that humanity is in right now, affects us, affects us.

< Ascension 9 > We said earlier that when you left Home, the Kingdom, a finite amount of energy came with you. No new energy has ever been created outside of the First Circle. You have just changed and transformed the existing energy base. And do you remember when we have spoken to you about all things in the Second Circle coming to an impasse? The energies of the universe came to a standstill at one point. Duality could no longer re-express itself. It was the "star wars" period where energy could move forth no more. It came to an impasse. It stopped. That is when the Order of the Arc was created to find a solution to the impasse. Earth was created to find solution to the energetic impasse that occurred. When you gaze into the stars at night, you are looking at your past. When your scientists use the new, sophisticated telescopes to probe the universe, they are also looking at your past. They are looking at what you left behind, at what you created. That is what it is.

< Ascension 10 > We will tell you a little bit about Archangel Michael. He asks you to simply open up to his vibration as we talk. Michael, in a sense, carries a responsibility for each of you. Michael is one you work with very closely at many different levels. When the Order of the Arc was formed in an effort to bring about the New Energy of the universe, it was Michael who worked with you, helping to train you, helping to prepare you for your journey to Earth that began so long ago.

< Ascension 10 > Michael has never taken human form. He is an architect who, along with you, helped create the templates of Earth and human biology and human consciousness. Michael, in a sense, was your drill sergeant before you left the Order of the Arc to come to Earth. Michael was the one who gave each of you a Sword of Truth, a symbol of your own journey. The sword is part of your own consciousness and your own biology, given to you by Michael before you embarked on your journey to find your own truth. The sword was given to you before you left for Earth. It has been part of who you have been ever since.

< Ascension 10 > Those who teach your Bible and scriptures tell the story of Michael and how he fought Satan, or Lucifer in the giant battle in the heavens. Michael threw Satan out of heaven. Dear friends, the story is somewhat mixed up, because in the story, the one that is Satan is really you! (audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) But, it made a better story to present it as the devil. It was YOU that left the Order of the Arc, or what would be called "heaven." It was Michael who trained you. It was Michael who gave you the sword and sent you on your way. You were not thrown out of anywhere. You chose to leave this "heaven" and come to Earth. You agreed to it in advance.

< Ascension 10 > The New Energy is not just improved Old Energy. It is truly different. As you move into the New Energy, as you take responsibility for your ascension status, this also releases the identities of who you have been in the past. It releases your past lives. In a sense, you could say your past life identities depart the family of your own energy, of your own soul. They will always be a part of you, but in a sense, you set your past life identities free. These aspects of you then go out and create their own new identity. This does not initially happen in the realms of Earth. These aspects of you will go out to other places in the universe to begin creating their unique identities.

< Ascension 10QA > The children come in with a heightened sense of awareness. They come in with more sensitivity. The veil around them is not quite so thick as it was for you when you were growing up. They remember these things we have spoken of. They remember past lives. And, in particular, they are troubled by the energies and the memories of the times before they ever came to Earth. They are troubled by the times that are being replayed in so many ways, replayed on your movie screens, replayed even in the experiences that you have today. What is being replayed are the times before you came to Earth when you were in the void, creating the universe.

< DivineHuman 2 > Others of you (Shaumbra) do wait. You do wait for a period of time. You spend time on our side of the veil in these types of classes. You spend time traveling, for here we can do interdimensional travel. We can go to other parts of your physical universe, and other parts of all the dimensions that lie around it. You travel around. You come back to a remembering of who you are. You review past lives to help put them into perspective. At some point you are drawn back to Earth. Once you taste the human experience, you want to come back. You are connected to Earth. Indeed, there are even aspects and energies of yourself from the past that are still in the Earth. You are drawn back to the Earth sooner or later.

< DivineHuman 2 > Once a spirit, once an angel has been in human form, they stay in that cycle until completion, until completion. They are drawn back over and over again. When you come back to this side of the veil, there are many tears. There are many stories. There are many jokes. But, all the time, we can see it in your eyes. You want to go back, back to Earth, back to human form, back to learn more. For, in any lifetime, whether it is long or short, there is so much that is gained, so much wisdom that is brought to your spirit, so much love that is in there. That is why you who say, "This will be my last lifetime on Earth…" dear friends, there is a pull. It is like a spiritual gravity that brings you back to experience once again.

< DivineHuman 2 > By being a human, dear friends, you can come to know something special about who you are. You can go through many experiences, dripping with vibration, dripping with feeling. But, yet you want to ignore all this. You want to live in the past, or live in the future that hasn't been created. Being a human is a gift because it helps you understand your identity. You are focused on the identity of a human in one lifetime. But, the gift is when you understand, while in human form, that you are much more than the name that is on your driver's license. You are much more. By going into the human condition and taking on physical body, you accelerate your own growth process, tenfold and a hundredfold, versus the entities who have never been to Earth.

< DivineHuman 2 > There are many who have not been to Earth, many, many, many who have never been to Earth. Many of them wait for the time that they can come to Earth. Others wait for the time when the literal New Earth is created in your universe. You see, right now, there is only one planet of Earth. But, in the days ahead there will be many places of Earth vibration. The work you are doing now will create a New Earth and a New Earth after that. And, the universe will begin to open up and provide the opportunity for other entities to experience human consciousness and ultimately Divine Human consciousness. Now, dear friends, do you understand the importance of the work that you are doing?

< DivineHuman 5 > There is a question here - wondering, wondering if entities like I, Tobias, or Mary, or any of the others can go to this New Earth at any time? In a sense, yes, we can, but we cannot stay there. They can visit. That is the best way to put it. In order to truly be a resident of the New Earth you must go through the entire process of enlightenment (new ascension status) on the Old Earth. That is the pathway to get to the New Earth. The angels on this side of the veil cannot by-pass Earth to get to this new place.

< DivineHuman 5 > What happens to the Old Earth? We don’t know yet. It is up to you. It is up to the other humans. We see the strong potential for the same changes that are taking place on the New Earth to also happen on the Old Earth. We see that the understanding of "I Am" can occur here on this physical Earth, just as well. We see that the Old Earth, the physical Earth, also has the potential to release duality. We see the potential that you do not have to carry around the physical body all of the time on the Old Earth. We see the potential where there are not wars because there is nothing to battle about anymore. With the understanding of "I Am" there is no need to battle.

< DivineHuman 5 > The Old Earth has the potential of changing. The Old Earth has the potential of bringing in the attributes of the New Earth. The Old Earth also has the attributes, dear friends, of being a place for souls who want to continue playing the old game, who want to continue to be in search of the answer to the question, "Who am I?" The Old Earth has the potential to continue wars… to continue pollution… to continue mistrust… to continue the emotions of anger, and hate, and rage. It has that potential also. Which way the Old Earth goes really depends on you and the other humans at this point. It really depends on the work that you do within you, deep within you.

< DivineHuman 5 > It is at a point where we cannot tell you, one way or the other. We do not see that the Old Earth will go through any sort of destruction or termination, but it could be that it could remain as the playground of old duality. This will be known here in the next few years of time, in the time of what you have talked about, as calling "the quantum leap." That will help determine which way the Old Earth goes. But, what we know right now is that a New Earth is being built. It is being built by you.

< DivineHuman 6QA > Here is how it works. When you, all of you, first came to Earth before having physical body, you seeded Earth with your energies. You seeded this rock of earth with new life. You placed very special energies all around the Earth that now form a crystalline lattice, a crystalline gridwork. These crystalline grids then helped to bring life as you know it on Earth - the plants, and the waters, the animals, all of these things. The crystalline grids help to bring that to Earth. The crystalline grids are the giver of life to Gaia. Now that your consciousness has changed, now that you are putting two feet into the New Energy, this changes the crystalline grids and adjusts them. It also releases a whole new energy. In a sense, you could say that you buried this energy in the Earth long before you came here. You buried it and said, "It will not be available until my consciousness, my vibration, is at a certain level. And, then it will come forth from the Earth."

< DivineHuman 10 > This is a point of separation, the fulfillment of a journey that began when you left the Kingdom, when you left Home. It was a potential to leave Home to understand your identity as the Prince and the Princess of creation. It was a potential to know that you too had Creator energies, and that you could create something called the "cosmos." You could create something called the Order of the Arc, where the energies of the archangels reside. It was fulfillment to know you could come to a place of Earth as the launching pad for New Energy.

< DivineHuman 10 > The Earth was created to resolve an issue with energies that had become stuck. But, that was only part of it. You came here to Earth as the place to launch New Energies, to take fulfillment to a whole new level of understanding. You did this by disguising yourself from yourself… by taking on duality and the veil… by taking on a human body. You, the Spiritual Artist, designed this as a way of coming to understandings.

< DivineHuman 11 > In the early days of Earth the angels were not grounded at all. Gaia had to work very hard to help pull the energy into the feet, into the Earth. She gives you life force energy from Earth. You receive from below as you receive from above. She has been such a supporter for you in this way. She gives back energy to you, just like she is doing through your toes right now, giving you life force energy, helping to release the Old Energy that no longer serves you, and bringing in a fresh supply, over and over again.

< NewEnergy 3 > When the Order of the Arc created this place called Earth, this was a method to help come to a new understanding of the energies in all parts of the cosmos. Earth was created as a neutral place where you could re-experience things from before - "before" meaning before you were ever human, before you were ever on this planet. On Earth you could walk through Old experiences in a very slowed down fashion… you could walk in matter in these human bodies… you could forget who you were and where you came from. Earth was designed this way on purpose so you could re-experience things that happened to you eons of time ago, so that you could come to points of choice and points of understanding, so that the past could be healed. The future IS the past healed.

< NewEnergy 3 > When this place of Earth was created and the call went out to the angels, it wasn't just what you would consider the good angels. It wasn't just the light angels. There had to be an exact balance of energy on Earth as it was in the universe. So, a wide variety of angels came to Earth. What you call the reptilians, the grays, the lizards - these again are your terms, but there are certain attributes that are amusingly correct about this - they came also. They were part of the seed of Earth. Now all of these angels who came to Earth to help resolve an interesting situation, to come to new understandings for all of the universe… they came to Earth neutral. It had to be that way.

< NewEnergy 6 > From the New world, from the New Earth, you will not only be able to manifest physical body when you want, you will also be able to travel the conduits, the inter-dimensional conduits back to this Earth, this Old Earth in a way that even we cannot do. Even the archangels, and the angels, and all of the others… we have great difficulty when we try to come through to your world. It requires a very elaborate system where - how to say - there are other entities who, in a sense, are creating a tether line for us, for it is very easy to get lost in the energies of Earth, to get stuck in the energies of Earth.

< NewEnergy 7 > This planet that you are on right now was just a rock. You impregnated it with life force energy. You brought it to life… all of you… all of you, Shaumbra. All of humans created this place… a place so beautiful and so joyful… so filled with the expression of Spirit that you wanted to live inside of it… to come to life… yes.

< NewEnergy 9 > Back when the Earth was first being formed, long before you had physical bodies, so many of you came here as angels and planted an energy into the Earth (crystalline grid). The Earth held it for you. Gaia held it for you. In this place that you now know as Israel, very close to this - how to say - "Lake" of Galilee (some laughter over Tobias using Cauldre's word to describe the Sea of Galilee), was placed an energy in the land. And, it was the energy of the divine melding, the melding of the human and God together. It was a potential that was placed there… you see. It would come forth at the right time.

It was the energy of God walking on Earth as human, realized in material form. It was the energy where there was no separation anymore between the two. It was placed there so very long ago, waiting for the right time to come forth. Is it no wonder then that Abraham found himself drawn to the area, drawn to the land that was known as Canaan (pronounced as KAY-nen), Canaan (now pronouncing it as CANN-en)… that he made his home there… and that over millennia of time other groups have come there?

< NewEnergy 11QA > Dear friends, if all of this sounds familiar, it is. It is how the energy of the omniverse has been for quite some time. It was stuck. That is why you chose to come to Earth - to find resolution… to find balance… and to allow the expansion to continue once again, but in a different type of way. You are experiencing now all of this in your personal life - how to get out of the rut… how to let the energies come back to balance… and to continue the expansion or the expression of Spirit. That is why we have been working with you on the multi-dimensional.

< NewEnergy 11QA > It is not certain at this time. There are so many things that are not determined as of yet that we will know within the next three years of time (before the quantum leap). There are so many who are hoping that this what you call the Old Earth will morph into the New Earth. There are some who very strongly feel that they will be two separate Earths for quite some period of time. It is all changing.

So, it is still in the process of being developed, and all of you - including you - are helping to develop this and helping to determine what will happen, truly happen, to the Old Earth. It has not been decided as of yet by the consciousness.

< Embodiment 9QA > Basically water is an element that you created to help stabilize an angelic or divine energy as it came to Earth. It is an essential part of, not only your body, but it is an essential part of holding you here on Earth. If there is anything you should ever be upset with for keeping you here, it should be water, for it is truly the single most important element of holding you here on Earth.

Water is also the greatest transmuter of energy outside of yourself. It has the incredible ability to cleanse and to purify and to change the wavelength nature of any energy. Most of your Earth is covered and surrounded in water for that very purpose. It literally holds vibrations. It literally is the element that - how to say - holds the magnetic grid of Earth in place. And, also water is also the element that holds the Earth grid or the crystalline grid of Earth in place.

So, the water is very important. It, as you know, shifts and changes from time to time where the oceans, where the lakes and the rivers are. The water also holds… one drop of water holds the memory of everything that has ever occurred on Earth. Every lifetime of every individual is contained within that water. It is the holder of every potential, and it is the partner of the imagination here on Earth.

< Embodiment 10 > "What is the Second Circle?" you say. It is everything outside of Home. It is your playground. It is where you are learning to be Creators. It is Creator-ship training. That is what you have been doing. You have been learning how to be Creators. You have been doing it in various ways, multi-dimensional. Then, you come to Earth, and you do it here in this very limited, very harsh reality, your last step and your last stop before going on, before going on into the Third Circle.

< Embodiment 12 > One of the things that all of the angels of the universe, the archangels, came to feel and to know was that at some point we had to slow all of this down. We had to come to this material form of existence… what you call the Earth… matter… slowed down energy… third dimension… in order to have a truer, grander understanding of ourselves… in order to release us… or in a sense, re-integrate us in this Wall of Fire (limitation of 3-D). So, one of the things that we are literally experiencing right now is that we are still in the Wall of Fire. And, we are choosing yet another potential to be in a third-dimensional, material reality as our choice, a way to re-integrate what we feel to be all of those parts and pieces that were shattered, shattered on purpose, shattered in great love. But, to bring them back we felt the path of 3-D, a material world, would be the best.

< Clarity 8 > We have to let you know that it is not always easy to come in this close. It is getting easier and easier for us but, for instance, if we're doing a very intensive gathering with you where we were breaking new heaven and earth, it is sometimes very difficult for us to maintain our energy this close. So, for instance, with the recent workshop we had about energy abuses, after totally pouring myself into Cauldre, into each one of the attendees, into the staff, my own energies felt depleted. So, whether it is I or any of the other angels, we find that we have to back away for a little while. We have to do our own form of rejuvenation.

< Clarity 8 > It is not like we are sleeping. We definitely don't go to - how to say - other facilitators. We know how to find the space within us, the space of what we call the One Breath, the space of our own crystalline realms, to rejuvenate our energies. The Earth is very draining - very, very draining on any energy. It is not just the magnetic pull of Earth, it is not just being in matter. But the way that Earth and humans and those who are in the near realms feed off of each other. It becomes very draining.

< Clarity 8 > When we bring our energy in close, we find that we get caught, not in the Shaumbra issues but, right now literally as I, Tobias, am here talking with you, I can feel the heaviness of Earth. I can feel the drain of mass consciousness. When I am in a state like this with you, there are those who are in the near realms - they are not in a physical body - but they even come in. And they want to take energy.

< Clarity 8 > Being in matter can be very draining. It is an unnatural state of being for an angel to be in a physical form. That can be draining. So we find that we work together as a team on this side. A whole group of us - the Crimson Council - continually working with you, continually coming in, expanding our energies in your space, but then we also have to withdraw at times.

< Clarity 9 > A very heavy energy on Earth right now. Part of this is because of the impending Quantum Leap. Part of it is because there was an opportunity in this past month for a melding of the energies of Old Earth and New Earth, the beginning of a melding of these. And it did not take place Shaumbra, and it's not going to take place for quite a while. We know it was the desire, it was a dream of so many of you to have this energy of New Earth and this old physical Earth meld together so they can have a type of a marriage and type of a blending. So the two could work together, so that there wouldn't be a separation of the Old Earth and the New.

< Clarity 9 > There was a type of a measurement that was taken a few days after our last Shoud. It was a type of time to either move forward or not. After the measurement was taken it was very well understood that Old Earth doesn't want to move forward. It doesn't want to meld with the New. So we'll continue to have a separation for a period of some thirty or more years, where the two energies still don't come together (audience disappointment). And you've been feeling that. You've been feeling the sadness, the disappointment. You've been feeling that perhaps it could be much longer than 30 years or more before the two even begin to meld.

< Teacher 3 > Those who study at the New Earth library will study your consciousness, will feel your experience. They will understand the wisdom that you gained. Then they will go off on their own. They will come to Earth, for all must pass by way of Earth. It is written. It is known. All must pass by way of Earth before they can go off to the Third Circle. So what you are doing here Shaumbra is indeed significant. Indeed, you are the Masters. You are the first to go through this, and I, Tobias, ask you never to forget that.

< QuantumLeap 8 > The Earth as you know it right now - the physical Earth as well as the electromagnetics, the magnetics, the portals of Earth and all of the other associated structures that help create Earth - can hold approximately 10 billion people under the current systems that the Earth has. You're at 6.5 billion now. This number of 10 billion will be reached in approximately 2033, based on current growth rates and potentials. So that leaves, dear Shaumbra - you can do the math on it - that leaves approximately 25 years. Twenty five years is something that nearly all of you are going to see in your lifetime.

< QuantumLeap 8 > In order for Earth to continue to be able to sustain itself now with the responsibility placed on the humans and being taken, gently, but being taken off of Gaia, consciousness needs to continue to expand but at a greater rate. New technology needs to come in to support a larger population or, in a way where things tend to work themselves out, the population will not be allowed to go beyond a certain point. Or, as you can imagine, it opens up the potential of things like disease, large natural destruction and all of these things that would bring the population back into a more reasonable level. I don't want to get dramatic here, I'm not sounding any alarms. I'm trying to state that consciousness on Earth right now... consciousness needs to grow faster.

< QuantumLeap 9QA > You want to be able to feel everything. You want to feel right now there's some activity in the core of the Earth that hasn't ever been there before. It's in - how to say - it's not just seismic or that, but there are vibrational activities in the core of the Earth and your body feels it.

< Master 10 > This planet is amazing. There are a lot of other life forms out there, a lot of others, but none like the human life form. None that is the gateway into ascension. None. No life forms that are more intelligent or, let me say, wise. Oh, there are some intelligent life forms out there, but they're really not very wise. They have yet to learn that. Kuthumi was talking to me before our gathering. He said, "Wouldn't it be amazing to do a movie about a very intellectually advanced society but that really has no wisdom, that has never really learned for the soul. Wouldn't that be amazing?"

< (Next) 1 > We move into the next zone. It entails allowing yourself to transcend the old limits of the mind. The mind is probably one of the most adaptable, programmable and actually flexible and amazing parts of you. The angels - the angelic beings - do not have minds. So they don't really understand how brilliant a mind is. You now are a Body of Consciousness with mind and spirit and body and gnost and aspects and everything else. It's really quite amazing. There are non-human, non-physical beings who would kill to have what you have - literally, if they could. Fortunately, they can't, so they manipulate instead. They want this.

Can you imagine? Just imagine for a moment: you're an angel, you've never come to Earth. But imagine just contemplating having more than just this fuzzy wuzzy angel being self; very … kind of … airy fairy, I guess, is the right word; the integration of a mind; the ability to take on physical form; and eventually to be able to be in or out of physical form by choice. You have to experience it. You have to really get into it first.

They want this. They want it because it's a type of fulfillment. It's a type of - they feel - the advanced being. That's why I have to laugh when I hear people talk about these ETs, these aliens, these advanced civilizations. Until you've been in physical form and had a mind, been here on Earth and learned to integrate the I Am or the Godself, there is no more advanced form anywhere. Anywhere. It's just a bunch of mind junk.

With a being who says they're from an advanced civilization - I highly doubt it, and I have been around a little bit. Haven't met anything more advanced than a conscious human being, because you have the body, the mind, the spirit; because you are learning right now how to choose, how you want to work with those. Do you want to be physical or do you want to be non-physical? Do you want to be mental for a moment to help figure out something that requires mental or be the divine? Or how about the combination of all of it? That is the most advanced species in all of creation and can only be found here on Earth and can only be had by experiencing lifetimes on Earth through the birthing process.

< (Next) 5 > There's not just one New Earth anymore. The original New Earth that we talked about, this mirror of physical Earth, was a starting place. Remember, there are billions of angelic beings who have never been embodied in matter, who've never had a physical experience, that have been waiting to come in. Your spiritual families, standing back and watching as you've been going through your experience, wanting to go through their own. This Earth, this physical Earth that you live on, can accommodate about 10 billion, maximum, right now, for a lot of reasons. So where do the others go? To the new New Earths. What are the templates for those new New Earths? Right here.

< (Next) 9 > What's important about this planet, actually? This is like a shrine. This is for all other beings from all of creation to behold, for this was the first place of physical reality. And you are the first ones to have gone through it. This should be a shrine. This should be a historical monument. This is a cathedral. This is the library of the New Energy, right here. So it's actually very good that Gaia is allowing humans to take responsibility and for everybody to be more aware of this planet and their relationship to it.

< (Next) 10 > Gaia is a spirit like you, an entity like you, an angel supported by millions of other angelic beings, including many of you. Deep connection to Gaia. Gaia comes from the House of Isis and is a very pure, loving, what you would call a feminine energy, beautiful energy, a creator energy. Gaia, the angel Gaia, came to this planet, I'd say millions of years ago, to infuse a life force energy into this rock. She was preceded in her literal journey here by other angelic beings, coming here, not in physical form but in celestial form, who provided what you would call the design or the imprint for crystalline energies that would ultimately allow Gaia to stay here for awhile. This planet is filled with crystalline energies. You have a crystal grid. You don't have to study it; just feel it.

< (Next) 10 > There are crystals, physical crystals in Earth, of course. These same crystals were used in the times of Atlantis for your energy sources, but now no longer do that. The Earth at the core is a large crystal. I don't care what your scientists say, it is a crystal. You think it's bubbling molten lava down there? At some levels it is, but in the core of the Earth - there has to be - there is a beautiful, large, physical crystal, as well as energy crystals surrounding it. It keeps this planet kind of together, and it allowed Gaia to come here.

< (Next) 10 > Gaia came here after these crystalline seeds (imprint for crystalline energies and core crystal) were planted into this whole rock. Gaia came here - what's the first thing she did? She breathed into it just like you can breathe into rocks and anything else and bring it to life. And when she had done her job and created the species, the walking species on Earth - many that don't exist now, but the prototypes of life, the potentials of biology - she sent a message to the Order of the Arc, and said, "I'm ready. I'm ready, bring 'em on." And the angels started coming here.

< (Next) 10 > The integration of this physical Earth into New Earth, you've been working on it. You, my friends, have been working on it, and everything that you do here on this planet, everything that you're doing on the new Earth, now it's become new Earths.

< e2012 3 > But it (love) was created right here on this planet. That is one of the things that makes Earth so amazing. It wasn't created in the Pleiadians or in the Arcturians or in your spiritual family or anywhere else, my friends. It was created right here. And now it's being radiated, being shared on every level, in the Near Earth realms, with other dimensions and even other planets.

< e2012 3 > Consider some of these things that make this planet so special. Love. Love has now gone into the other realms, but this is still the place to experience it like no other place. Love for yourself now. I can't stress enough that there are not these other grand planets of highly evolved, intellectual, spiritually enlightened beings. There's not. It's here. It is right here in this moment - the most highly evolved planet or dimension of all. There's more intellectually advanced planets, but without love, without the sensual experience. What is all the intelligence that you could have? What is it? It's nothing. It's a dead end street. Without feeling, without having this amazing experience in this very dense, very real, very feeling reality that you're in, what is all the intelligence? It's nothing.

< e2012 3 > So, this is truly the most enlightened of all planets. It's the only planet that combines the animal kingdom with the plant kingdom with the human kingdom, the only one. You're not going to find another planet anywhere that has all those attributes. This is the only planet where you can really get lost - absolutely lost - in a very physical, very real way, and not really remember how to get out. There are some other dimensions where you can kind of play a game like you're getting lost, but you're really not. This is the place if you want to get lost, if you want to get so lost that you have to re-find yourself.

< e2012 3 > And this is the only planet that was seeded by Gaia, the only one. She didn't run around to all the other planets and seed them. Only Earth. It leads to some spectacular, amazing experiences. It's the only planet that has - how to say this - incarnation, as you would know it. Other planets have kind of a repetitive, kind of a renewal of life force, but this is the only planet where you have true death and incarnation. There are many, many things, and I hope to write a book about it soon, that make this planet so amazing.

< freedom 1 > When the energies stopped moving in the angelic realms a long, long time ago, that's when you, as angelic beings, decided to come to this planet – a way of understanding consciousness and energy, a way of understanding yourself as unique beings, a way of understanding yourself from within, very deep in an experience. You knew from the very beginning that sooner or later your own call to freedom would come forth, and here we are. It's not just the end of the Mayan calendar or some cosmic astrological cycle or even just the Atlantean cycle. It's the end of an era that had you dependent on something or someone else, including Spirit.

< freedom 6 > And when the call came out from the House of Gabriel for those who would come to Earth, you spoke your spiritual name out loud. And so it was that a contingent of angelic beings came to this place that you now call Earth. It had no life force energy. It had no trees, no animals, but they imagined – they imagined into this rock called Earth – they imagined abundant, living, dynamic beings, and so it became. How long it took doesn't matter. And then it was time for you to go, to journey forth from this thing called the Order of the Arc. You came down to this place called Earth.

< freedom 8 > Energy comes from, number one, the Earth, this planet. It's probably your most immediate connection with energy. It's always flowing up from Earth, and the atmosphere. It's always here. You use it every day for everything that you do. Earth-based energies. You could say there's a reservoir of energy that's here serving humans on this planet. It resonates at human vibrational level. In other words, it's kind of slow. It's – I would call – murky, but it's still here. You're used to working with it. It's kind of animalistic. That's not bad, but it's just – it's crude. But so is Earth.

The problem is it is rather crude, and you're always trying to get more Earth energy. When you're trying to get more Earth energy, it sometimes is hard on your body because of the crude nature. You're trying to pull this into your physical body, and then you get over-sensitive and you get over-tired and you start feeling aches and pain. So you're like – at some level within you're thinking – “Enough of this energy stuff. I'll just take that little bit every day, what I can handle, because it's too overwhelming,” because you're working at that level.

Now, it's an important level, because it keeps a grounding force. If it wasn't for Earth energy and its associated magnetics and electromagnetics and other earthly type of characteristics, if it wasn't for that, this all wouldn't be held into place. It would be difficult to stay in the human body. But it's at a very elemental level.

< Discovery 8 > We just look at the energy factor and the energy movement. In other words, how much overall energy is there and how fast is it moving. There have been times on the planet where there's a lot of energy, but it's really not moving. But this is unprecedented, the amount of energy – and that's how we see things. We don't see you as the physical beings that you see yourself as. We just see like balls of energy. We look at this planet as an energy whole. Within it are a variety of, you could say, colors, levels, nuances. But we see it as just kind of the wholeness of energy and the activity. And it's both right now.

< Discovery 10 > This biological vessel has been foreign for a long time. When you came here to Earth for the first time in your angelic body, your nonphysical being and suddenly started taking on biology, it was very awkward, very uncomfortable. Now, you spent lifetimes and lifetimes trying to adjust to it, but more than anything, the biology has been like monkey on your back – a monkey that's constantly smacking you in the head, constantly chittering in your ear, constantly crapping on your back – and you put up with it. You put up with it and you just get used to that monkey on your back, but something intuitively tells you that it's a foreign object. It's not really supposed to be there.

< Emergence 2 > You know, the human component of the trinity – you have the I Am, some would call the soul, the Master, which is the wisdom of all the lifetimes and the future, and then the human – the human I think has the job that's the most fun, because they're all about experience. And the nice thing is when all this was kind of created, you know, this whole I Am/Master/human thing and the I Am sent forth an expression of itself to come to Earth as a human, if you remember this, the I Am – some people call it the soul – the I Am said, “You know, you're the experiential part of me. You're that facet of me that is going to go forth into experience. Not learning. There's nothing to learn. Simply experience for the joy of I Am-ness, existence.” You see, the I Am is like this constant big orgasm.

< Emergence 2 > Until finally there was, well, Tobias talks about it and says all the energy slowed down. I have a different take on it, just different ways of saying the same thing. I'm going to say that what happened with all these experiences outside of physical reality and time, with all these experiences that were going on with no memory, it wasn't that energy necessarily slowed down. Energy stopped serving you in the way that it had. You got out of touch, out of sync with your own energy. It stopped serving you.

< Emergence 2 > So, I guess Tobias was right. It appeared to slow down. There was a fear that it would stop altogether. There was a fear that all of creation would just collapse, go to nothing, absolute nothingness. Zero point. So this thing called the Order of the Arc was created – and this is real, this isn't just a metaphor – but where all of the angelic families got together and said, “Energy is not serving us anymore. We're out of sync. Let's find the answers. Let's find out what's going on here.” So, the Earth was created and you came here.

< Emergence 7 > Somewhere along the way, with all the dynamics of creation, beautiful dynamics, energy came to kind of a standstill. You can read or watch more about this in Tobias’ Journey of the Angels, and it’s kind of ametaphor but kind of true. There was – I guess I would put it a little different – there was a big issue about consciousness and energy. Youwere a named being but without form, without any real adeptness at energy. You were children of consciousness, but not really attuned tonow this thing that comes forth from the I Am; it’s called energy. It comes from consciousness. “What do I do with this?” Tobias tells the story that all energy and creation came to kind of a standstill. I say it a little different. I say that it was more of a question what to do with it. It wasn’t like this big bad thing happened and everything turned to molasses. It was like, “I don’t even know whatto do with the molasses. What do I do? What is my relationship to energy?”

< Emergence 7 > So, this great place of Earth was created through the Order of the Arc. It is, I would say, the greatest experience/experiment in all of creation, because it is so limited. It has so much gravity. It is so sensual, but yet it's so difficult and challenging. It's a belief that you can get lost in. Earth itself is just a belief. I'm not talking about the physical planet; I am talking about the experience here, it's just a belief. And that's why I say it's not about what you believe, it's about what you allow.

< Emergence 7 > But actually, it's really not round. That's just a belief. But yet science says, “No! No! It's round. It has to be round. We measured it.” Actually, more of a close analogy is Earth is like a string. If you're going to say anything it's like a string. You know, it's really not a round ball, but go ahead and assume, believe that it is and so it will be. But one of these days you're going to realize it's a string. It's very flexible. I'm talking about physical planet Earth. It's very flexible. Sometimes it just dangles and sometimes it flows. Sometimes it wraps in knots. Sometimes it will create the illusion of being round and other times flat. Earth is really like a string. So, yes. Now you're all going to be worrying about that tonight (some chuckles). And that's where they got String Theory from (more chuckles).