guides and angels / guides and spirit

Human Angel Assistants (HAA);

< New Earth 1 > You have come to a difficult point here. All of these days, all of these lifetimes that you have walked the path, as you know, you have been guided. There have been angels. There have been guides around you. Yes, they have changed but there has always been a group around you. As you have learned in your more recent months and years, these guides could not do your job for you, but they could whisper words of love and encouragement in your ear. They could comfort you when you felt like giving up. They could come to you at night and weep for you and the tears would wash away some of the difficulties and the pain. You have always had others around you for that has been our job to be your family and your best friends.

< New Earth 1 > And at this point on your path it is our time to say good-bye to you. Those who have guided you or have been in your company, it is our time to bid you farewell. For we cannot go where you are going at this time. Those who are and have been your guides for lifetimes after lifetimes, your celestial friends who you visit at night, your family who is the Crimson Council, cannot go with you. And this is a good thing. You may ask why this is - why you must take this next part of the journey alone and it is quite simple. It is not possible for you to know your divinity, to know your Godself again if our energy is interfering, if our energy is surrounding. That is why we say good-bye at least for the time being, sending you on your journey by yourself. It is time for each of you to reconnect with who you truly are.

< New Earth 5 > This event was when your guides and angels, who have always been in your energy field for as long as you have been on this Earth, made their final retreat from your energy. They had always filled a sacred space around you. They had always been close by. Oh, yes, perhaps they could not always fulfill all of your humanly requests but they had always filled a space. They were place-holders and balancers of energy for you. They were the ones who bridged the veil for you, who maintained the balance. While you were in your focused human state, they maintained the balance back to Home.

< New Earth 5 > Your guides left your energy field as appropriate, so that you could begin to take the energy of your True Self into your reality. Your True Self will no longer be maintained in another consciousness (diminsion). You are no longer connecting to your True Self only in your deepest meditative states. Your guides left just as the divas left your Earth years ago. They have now left your energy space to allow you to integrate with your True Self. Your True Self could not come in because the space was taken. When your guides retreated, the space was empty. And there was a reaction on your part.

< New Earth 5 > And they let you know that, even though they left your direct energy field, they did not leave entirely. In a metaphor, they simply left the rooms of the house that they had been visiting in for all this time. And they left the house to you. They left it to you so that you could open the doors and windows of your soul to allow the True Self to come in.

< New Earth 6 > We will also have you know that after you go through the process, those of us who have stayed back as your guides and your angels and your archangels, we will then be honored to go through the process and the tunnel that you have created. You are the first for others to follow. We have stayed back at home to guide you through. It is not us who have ascended and are waiting for you, my friends. You are ascending and allowing all of the rest of All That Is to do the same. And you wonder why we wash your feet, why there are the tears from our side!

< New Earth 8 > Your guides were there to hold the balance of energy safely, the spiritual quotient around you. You are now beginning to accept all of your spiritual quotient for yourself.

< New Earth 9 > You are the first to be going through this. You are the first to be learning of the new energy. You are the ones that are creating the pathways and the tunnels for the other humans to follow. Then the other humans follow. When you the teachers that are gathered here on this night teach other humans how to create their own reality in the new energy, they come through the tunnel into the new energy. As we have said before, my friends, what happens then is that those of us who have died - your angels, your runners, those in the Crimson Council, those in the Brotherhood of Light - then we come through that tunnel also.

< New Earth 9 > Your guides had acted as a balance. They had acted as a conduit to Spirit. They had helped you to balance, and to maintain a focus in your reality of three, your third dimension.
My friends, it was imperative that your guides withdraw from that space that they had occupied. It was important to leave the void so that your True Self, your Divine Self, could begin occupying that space. And so your guides retreated.

< New Earth 10 > Understand that what you have felt for so many years of your lifetime, the dark entities around you, has been true. Just as your own guides and angels left your energy in these past months, my friends, there was a counter to those. You could call them your "dark angels." They were there. For indeed you do not think you were simply a being of light? You are a being of All That Is! And certainly as much as your guides and angels were with you, there was a balance. There were the "dark angels." They now walk past. For all the harm and all the grief and terror and fear and death and destruction that they brought to you over the period of lifetimes, they file past. You watch them in amazement, for in spite of the darkness they brought to your lives, there is a ring of light, an aura around them, an aura of love.

< New Earth 10QA > This was the release of entities and divas that held a certain balance of energy for your Earth. These entities at that time of the 12:12 then departed. Then the guides began to leave shortly after this period. Their energy did not leave suddenly but rather was withdrawn gradually so as to not cause an overwhelming shock on you. Much acceleration has taken place since the measurement of December 13th and the subsequent splitting of consciousness into two (two earths). Many of you still have several of your guides in your peripheral energy. This would be your second level of energy. They have not totally departed.

< New Earth 10QA > First, it is to understand there are no "good" guys or "dark" guys - with the exception of your movies. (much laughter) We have called them, as you may remember, the "shadow" of your angel guides because they are simply a shadow. This is somewhat of a riddle for you. The shadow does not always directly follow the object. It is, in a sense, a residue. They do not necessarily move in unison, although they always create balance. And we will leave it at that for you to come to more understanding.

< Creator 1QA > It is NOT the same for all humans. It IS the same for those who are in the Crimson Circle, those who have come to these meetings, have read the words, or have been touched by them. In brief, a year ago in August of your time we announced (to the shock of some) that the guides were beginning to depart. Now this has been occurring with some lightworkers for several years. Some have only recently begun to feel it.

< Creator 1QA > When you came to Earth as an angel, there was a need for balance so you did not become totally lost. When you came here, you had "guides" that filled parts of your energy field, part of your etheric field. They were, in a sense, your silver cord, your connection back to Home, back to Spirit. They were your tether.
our guides had the responsibility of maintaining a balance, maintaining a connection for you. There has been much misunderstanding in the past of guides and angels. The guides, as you would term them, were the ones who occupied, maintained, and filled a space around you until the appropriate time came when you could hold that space on your own. That time began to come within the past several years. Your guides hugged you and kissed you farewell, and they retreated from your energy field. Oh, they still exist. They still linger outside of your direct energy field.

< Creator 1QA > There are also angels, as you would call them. They are entities who come and go, depending on your needs, who speak with you, who are like dear friends. But they cannot come in as close to your energy field as your guides could. There has been misunderstanding certainly about guides and angels. There have been beliefs that the guides or the angels could do things for you. Many believed that they could give you answers, that they could tell you to turn left or to turn right. This has not been so, my friends. This has not been so.
There are many angels that come in and speak with you. There are many that come and sit with you and say nothing but send you love. These angels are different from the guides who held the responsibility of your silver cord.

< Creator 6 > Jack sat quietly and listened within his being and allowed at the deepest levels. He allowed at the level that meant total release. He finally began to hear and finally began to understand. He finally began to integrate with all that he was, what you call your True Self. This is what some of you mistake for your guides, what some of you mistake for an outer energy, even Sananda, Yeshua ben Joseph. These are all ones who come to guide you and to work with you and to give you love, but dear friends, the integration and the inner discovery is of something far grander.

< Creator 9 > There was much preparation before you ever came here. It was known that when you came to Earth, and you began placing your energy into physical matter and eventually into a body, that you would need a team working with you. These are what have been called your "guides." There were generally two angels that journeyed with you. They did not take on physical body like you did. They stayed in light body. They stayed at your side through your many lifetimes on Earth. They have been with you. Their role was simple - to maintain a balance of energy, to maintain a spiritual quotient, to keep you balanced. They were like the messengers from the other side of the veil who always accompanied you. If you had come without this entourage of angelic guides, there was the possibility that you would have become so immersed in duality that perhaps you could have never gotten out.

< Creator 9 > Several years ago, in this very room where the circle now gathers, the Kryon explained the other attributes of the guides. They stated that as you go through experience, and you reach a new understanding or enlightenment as a human angel, your energy would fill the vessels that the guides carried with them. It was like a golden, liquid light that filled these grand vessels carried by your guides. It was filled with your enlightenment and your new understanding. The guides would collect this wonderful energy of golden knowledge and wisdom that you exuded.

< Creator 9 > The guides would collect this energy, and then another group (runners) would come in when these vessels were full. This group would take the vessels and replace them with new empty ones. They would take this incredible honey of substance - golden and sweet and nurturing - back on the other side of the veil. This energy would be used to continue creating your universe. This energy would find its way back to the kingdom from whence you came. This golden honey energy that you were producing here on Earth through your enlightenments and understandings would find its way to the kingdom to change the very nature of Home, to expand All That Is. It was the greatest gift of love that any entity has ever given. And you wonder why we honor you and why we weep when we sit in front of you, knowing that you don't recognize who you are!

< Creator 9 > There was a group, and there continues to be a group, that we call the "runners." They are the ones that go back and forth from your side of the veil to ours. They are the ones that continue to serve as messengers and adjusters of energy. They are the ones that take things of your dimension of duality, that are in your consciousness. They then help to facilitate bringing these energies back through the other side of the veil. They are runners, for they run the energy from you back to the other side, and then they bring back with them the new tools, the new vessels, and the new energy. They are very busy these days, these runners, for there is much work that you are doing! They no longer interface with the guides. It used to be that the runners would work directly with your guides. The guides were always positioned like pillars of love directly beside you. Now the runners, dear friends, are seeking to work directly with you.

< Creator 12 > Your guides had to leave. They had to leave that direct energy field around you, so you could begin to understand your own relationship with Spirit. Those who have been with you for ages and ages, lifetime after lifetime, had to stand back for a period of time in your life, particularly these last few years. That is why it has been so challenging and difficult for you, but they had to stand back to provide you the space to bring forth your own divine seed. You have carried with you ever since you left Home. It is time for it to shine from within you. Bring these elements and this light into your reality, into your day-to-day life with the simple breath.

< Ascension 8 > You will begin to have a new level of trust within yourself. Things will start coming together. Things that you have been yearning for will start coming together in strange and mysterious ways, but ways that YOU have set up. You will begin to understand how you can truly be your own guide. You do not need a guide that is an angel. You do not need a guide that is a human professing a certain philosophy or selling a feel-good-quick scheme. Your soul (divinity) is your own guide.

< DivineHuman 4QA > It was not so long ago when you released your guides, the ones who had occupied that space around you. They helped you to hold the balance of all who you were, and helped you to maintain the link between your human consciousness, your divine consciousness, and this side of the veil. You released your guides. It was difficult. You felt alone. But, there was another part of you (divine self) that opened up to and accepted your new space.

< DivineHuman 4QA > Do you know that your guides, the ones who were beside you for so very long, were truly aspects of yourself from the past? They were parts of you that had died if they had been human form and remained on this side, our side, of the veil, but could come back to you to service your soul and to service your evolution. Other guides were parts of you that had never taken on human experience, but understood your experiences before you ever came to Earth. Your guides were you. Was it not appropriate to release them, to release yourself, to release your past? Was it not appropriate to take off the training wheels so that you could come into full expression?

< DivineHuman 9QA > For so long on Earth there have been energy placeholders and balancers. All of you had spirit guides at one point. They were energy placeholders. They left when it became appropriate for you to own your divinity. There are many elementals and animals in the world that held energy for so very long. They were balancers and placeholders. Many of them have chosen to leave now or to change their job.

< NewEnergy 3 > Your guides were in your direct energy field. They held a space all around you. They were there to balance your energies. They were there to keep that space occupied until you were ready to accept all of your space, all of your consciousness, and all of your potential divinity. Your guides, as you know, left that space quite some time ago. Some of them come in from time to time to work as runners or as "shuttlers" of energy for you.

< Returning 5 > Most of the spirit guides have never been to Earth before. Their job isn't to answer the questions. Their job isn't to pave the path for you, because it would defeat the entire purpose of your journey. But the job of one of these Human Angel Assistants - the acronym being "HAA" - haa!

< Returning 5 > The job of the Human Angel Assistants is to help to maintain a balance of consciousness and energy, help to maintain what some of you have experienced before in your work. We call it a golden cord, versus the silver cord that would connect you to other dimensional parts of yourself. The golden cord is something that the Human Angel Assistants help to maintain for the humans who are on Earth so they don't get completely lost, so that there is always the angelic presence surrounding them, so that they know that they are never alone and that they are truly loved, because without the presence of a guardian angel or angel assistant, for most humans, they would find it excruciatingly difficult, dark and depressing. They would feel that they have lost touch with everything - everything on a higher angelic realm. So these Human Angel Assistants are trained in how to help maintain an energetic space between the human, their divine, the angelic realms, and what you would call a nonphysical reality.

< Returning 5 > Nearly every human on Earth has one. Some have more than one, but generally never more than four. You, Shaumbra, right now, made a conscious choice a number of years ago to release your guardian angels, to release your spirit guides. You knew it was time for you to take ownership and responsibility of your own self, to cut the golden cord so that you could embody yourself, your spirit and your divine from within, from right here. To take off those spiritual training wheels and to really let yourself experience life on your own.

< Returning 5 > They are there to love and accept, no matter what. Granted, they are also learning, because they are - guardian angels are preparing to come to Earth themselves - so through their compassion, through their constant love, they are also learning some of the qualities, some of the most brilliant qualities that they want to embody when they come to Earth.

< Returning 11 > It was the time of departure of the guides ten years ago, to take away those spiritual training wheels. And, oh, dear ones, sometimes right now you think you're having difficulty right now in this Now moment. Back then it was true difficulty that you went through. It was the true dark night of the soul. When you released the angelic beings who had been with you for so very long - your nearest, closest friends - they felt so much like a part of you. You felt they were you. They were the angelic beings who were at your side helping to keep all of the energies between your humanness and your divine, between you here in this lifetime and your spiritual families - your angelic families - to help balance the energy of this very harsh 3D environment with the energies of all of the other dimensions, and they left.

< e2012 8 > There is actually two moments where the angelic beings are not with you. They're real close by, but one is when you truly decide you're going to be sovereign. You let go of the spirit guides that have been with you for a long time, and it's what some of you call the dark night of the soul. But it's not a night. It lasts a couple of months. (laughter) It's a long time. All the beings have to step away. You've gone through that, so now I can say I'll be with you every step of the way, up until the moment of your enlightenment. That – out of honor – I'm not going to be there or the others. You do that so personal.

In that moment of enlightenment, it's just an acceptance. It's just saying, “Whatever. I Am that I Am.” Suddenly, all the aspects come back in. It's a time of very personal integration. They all fly back in. So we kind of get out of the way and let the aspects come back in so that we don't get sucked in along with them. (laughter at Adamus' joke) We do it so that it can be the marriage or the union of you back into yourself. So nothing wrong there. It would have been totally disrespectful and a lack of compassion for me to stop. First of all, I couldn't. This was her choice, her journey.