golden cord

the cord that would connect you to your spirit guide;

< Returning 5 > The job of the Human Angel Assistants is to help to maintain a balance of consciousness and energy, help to maintain what some of you have experienced before in your work. We call it a golden cord, versus the silver cord that would connect you to other dimensional parts of yourself. The golden cord is something that the Human Angel Assistants help to maintain for the humans who are on Earth so they don't get completely lost, so that there is always the angelic presence surrounding them, so that they know that they are never alone and that they are truly loved, because without the presence of a guardian angel or angel assistant, for most humans, they would find it excruciatingly difficult, dark and depressing. They would feel that they have lost touch with everything - everything on a higher angelic realm. So these Human Angel Assistants are trained in how to help maintain an energetic space between the human, their divine, the angelic realms, and what you would call a nonphysical reality.

< Returning 5 > Nearly every human on Earth has one. Some have more than one, but generally never more than four. You, Shaumbra, right now, made a conscious choice a number of years ago to release your guardian angels, to release your spirit guides. You knew it was time for you to take ownership and responsibility of your own self, to cut the golden cord so that you could embody yourself, your spirit and your divine from within, from right here. To take off those spiritual training wheels and to really let yourself experience life on your own.