divine self / soul self / spirit self

angelic self;  aspects of you not in human form;  True SelfHigher Selfdivinity;
the larger part of your self that has been in a cocoon;  inner being;
nurturing inward feminine part;  Queen part of Oneness;    opp: part of outward expression;

< New Earth 8 > It was important to allow the energetic room for your True Self to come in. That is what has been happening with you in these months that have passed - the preparation of the space and the beginning of the divine self integrating with the human self.

< New Earth 11QA > In the new energy the relationship that will matter, that will be of the utmost importance here is the one with yourself, the one with your Divinity. You will not feel the need to seek outside relationships, though they will come quite naturally and quite beautifully. As a reminder, they may not be with those entities that have crossed into the new energy. For purposes of balance there may be ones that you meet that are on no spiritual path, that are in the old energy. But these relationships can be absolutely appropriate. The first relationship, my friend, will be with your own divine self. From there you will begin to understand the dynamics and the importance and the energy of an appropriate relationship.

< New Earth 13 > This, my dear friends, is the time of the new energy of Earth. With the spiritual physics such that they are, this is truly the first time in the history of humankind on Earth that it is possible to bring in the energy of the Divine Self. Oh, you and others have tried in the past. You have tried to figure out God. You have tried to be holy and spiritual. You have had journeys in past lifetimes in religious orders. You have started many religions, as we have mentioned. But until recent months of your time, it has not been possible to truly begin bringing in this divine energy. The veil was thick. The True Self was in a cocoon of sorts. The vibration of Earth was not appropriate. We come now to the time where it is now possible to bring it in and to begin working with it and to begin using it.

< New Earth 13 > This energy that is here is not a house that you are renting. It is not a house that is mortgaged. It is owned by you. We use the metaphor of the house to help you understand. This is the energy of your True Self, of your Divine Self. It comes from within; it comes from outside. But it is all you.

< New Earth 13QA > As you become the creator, as you activate the neutral energy of your new house, this allows each time for a bit more of your Divine Self to come in, to then be housed here. That is why we encourage you to work actively and daily with understanding how you are the creator in your new house. So this is a process that will take some time. It is up to you personally to work with that. There are no general statements or answers that we can give to this group. Each will be unique and individual.

< Creator 2 > As she laid upon her bed, asking how to accept herself and all of her humanness in order that she may come to know her divine self, it hit her loud and clear. It was simple. The words that came from within her - not from outside but from within her - said, " release your grasp; simply release your grasp."

< Creator 2 > Susan realized how tightly she had been clenching. When she opened up, she remembered the parable of Oryan in the canoe going over the waterfall. She did not care. She opened up. She said, "it is time for me to release all of who I thought I was. It is time for me to release all of the beliefs that I have carried with me. It is time for me release any guilt, any pain. It is time for me, as I open my hands, to accept my human self. As I do, I will surely begin to know my divine self."

< Creator 2 > She realized that the Spirit within always provides the divine moment - always - but that she had been blocking it. Much like when she was a child, she had blocked her own light and had not helped to teach and heal others, as she knew she was capable of. She had put up a wall, the wall of unworthiness. But now as she brought this down in her adult life as a Lightworker, as a teacher of the Crimson Circle, she realized that she could trust in herself to provide the divine moment.

< Creator 6 > Part of our responsibility in the Crimson Council is to offer you perspective, to show you what we see. There are times that you cannot see your own progress, for you are in the midst of your life and your experience. You are so much a part of duality that it is difficult for you to see who you truly are. So we offer you our perspective. And indeed, dear friends, you are not of the same consciousness as you were only a few months ago. You have shed much of the old, and you are beginning to embrace the energy of the new. And this energy is your own divine self.

< Creator 6 > Lesson Two, another foundation lesson: Accept your human self, and you will come to know your divine self. This is perhaps one of the more boring lessons, but my dear friends, you will need to understand this for yourself, and you will need to understand it for those you teach. If you do not accept your human self, return to "GO" and start over again. (chuckling) If you do not accept your human self, if you reject yourself, it will come back later. Your human self will want acceptance, and it will be more difficult to heal later than it is now.

< Creator 6 > Lesson Two : Accept your human self, and you will come to know your divine self. This is a core lesson. Accept all that you are. Accept your human self. Jack came to a point where he had to learn to look in the mirror and see beauty and see love and to see God in the mirror. Do you know what we mean? You need to come to this point within yourself, where you can see yourself as God, for indeed you are! Being in human condition is a joyful, grand and loving thing. There are scores and scores of entities tonight in the outer circles that are desiring to do this, that are desiring for this experience. Accept your human self, and you will come to know your divine self.

< Creator 10QA > They say that there are energy attributes stored in the planets, as a part of the energy make-up of the planet, can be realized by the person moving into the new energy. These energies, that are not only in the planets of your solar system but also exist in the other stars in the galaxies, do not influence your life. They are not the guide walls of your life. These are simply at your disposal for expanding your Creator Energy. So, in direct answer to the question, do not look so much in these areas right now for the power that you need to move into your Divine Energy. That will all come from within. As you bring that up from within, there is a corresponding energetic reaction to the appropriate planet. But if you focus on the planet rather than your Divine Self you will not be able to pull forth the energy. At this time it is not our recommendation to look to these areas for understandings or empowerments.

< Creator 11QA > There is no other being who will restrict your ability to create. There is a core fear that you do not have an outside Father/God energy to watch over and to regulate your creations. You tend to put on the brakes. We are telling you now that in the new energy it is different. Your own divine self will not allow you to create inappropriately. This divine balance comes from within you. It comes from the wisdom of all of your past experiences. It comes from your True Self.

< Creator 11QA > Your True Self is awakening now. It is emerging from the cocoon where it has slept for so long. It is awakening and coming forth. But interestingly enough, even though this is a more complete Self, it is also like your own child who glows from within, a Christ Child. It is yours to care for and nurture and feed. It is interesting that it is the "complete" you, the True Self, the Divine Self. You would think, would you not, that it would be appropriate for you to give up control to your True Self? You would think this would be the Father/Mother God energy coming back for you. But instead it is the Child. It is the Child energy. It is your creation. And it needs your nurturing. Now, we will talk more of this at another time. But in your long journey here, and to get here and your many experiences, you have created your own child, called your divinity, just as the King and Queen through their love created Jack. This will give you something to think about!

< Ascension 1 > The final adjustments to this grid will take place in the next year or so. There is not a firm and hard date when this will completed. It is not like having a building that is christened on a certain day. But you will find, in particular for the next one year until August, 2002, that the final work is being done on the grids. What that means to you is that parts of yourself, your divine self, that have not been available up to now, are now available. It will now start to come in. You and others - other grand, human masters - have been attempting to pull this in, and sometimes you have been frustrated, because it has not been fully available. But we are here to tell you on this day that now that the final adjustments are being made to the grid, it is now possible to pull in these deepest parts of Self. You pull this in through you breathing.

< Ascension 1 > Dear friends, you have the choice on this day, at this moment, to be the victim or to be the creator. And we already know what you are choosing! When it is not about you anymore, how could you possibly be a victim? You are there in pure service to others. We have been looking for - recruiting, as you would say - all across your world a group who will be the teachers, who have walked through the difficult and challenging path, who have had the patience to wait until the appropriate time when the energies of the grids would be adjusted, so they could accept their divine self within.

< DivineHuman 1 > In other words, this new very potent, spiritual energy will not germinate, will not come into your reality until you feel that your wisdom is in balance and you accept your new divine self. Then, that seed will sprout. At the internal levels you are saying, "This is a powerful tool. This replaces any sword that I have ever carried. This replaces any previous belief systems I have ever held. I do not want this new divine tool to come forth until I am truly ready." But, we tell you today, sitting here, looking at you, Shaumbra - Kryon, Michael, Metatron, and Mary, and I, Tobias, looking out at you. You have the wisdom. You have the understandings. Perhaps, you don't have the (divine) self-acceptance yet, but only you can do that. It is appropriate. It is time for you to now bring this New Energy up from within.

< DivineHuman 6 > Your God-Self, your divinity comes to you in the simplest of ways. It takes care of everything, everything. YOU take care of everything in your life. You will be surprised at how easy it is to allow your Divine Self to come through and provide the divine answers. No more stressing in the mind. No more struggling with things. Your divinity is you. In a sense, it has been away from you and separated from you for the longest time. This God-Self has been… oh, in a sense, it has been away from you. You have not been able to connect to it. But, it is here now, coming in with so much love and compassion for you, coming in with the compassion at the deepest levels.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear friends, when there is a challenge in your life, understand that you have already solved the problem. Your Divine Self has already solved it. When there are difficulties in your life, do not panic. Understand that the solution is already there. It is within you. YOU ARE YOUR OWN GUIDE. This divinity wants to take care of you, wants to be with you, wants to handle everything. But it requires that you let go of the old ways of handling problems. Let go, as we say, release, and allow. The divine solution will come forth.

< DivineHuman 6 > Dear friends, you had those dreams to prepare yourself, to prepare your body, your mind, your emotions. You were took those trips in your dreams to prepare the divine part of yourself to come into your world. That part of yourself is here now. It is here within you. It is the grandest love. It is the greatest compassion. It is your soul mate, in a way, because it is you, the part that was not able to come in before this time. It is you. We hate to even use the term that it is separate. It is you. Feel this. Feel this now in your being.

< DivineHuman 6 > This Divine Self is you. It always has been. It comes in now. It comes in to be such a part of you. It wants to share in a way it never could before. You will find now that as you rely on yourself for your own guide, that as you stop looking outward, as you stop looking for external dates that keep you from being divine… you will find that this Divine Self truly takes care of every need. You, God, truly take care of every need that you have. The abundance will flow into your life. Your health will return. The relationships will come to you appropriately when you do not focus on them, when you live in the Now, when you are divine.

< NewEnergy 1 > And, coming in now to the energy of this group is the beloved and gentle energy of Buddha, Gautama, who comes in also, smiling from ear to ear… happy to have been human… and happy to be divine… happy that there is a group of humans on Earth who are coming to the understanding of what true integrated enlightenment is. This is the melding of the human and the spirit. This is the accepting of the (human) Self and the Divine (Self) all together.

< NewEnergy 1QA > We have talked before about the difference between free will - the ability to make choices - and Divine Will. Divine Will is the acceptance of all things. It is changing your whole energetic makeup so you have a built-in divine guidance system. It is you. It is yours. It does not come from us. When that trust between the human self and the divine self is established, you will see how things change. You do not need to worry so much about what you asked for, or the wording of how you ask for it.

< NewEnergy 7 > So much information is downloaded to you from your Divine Self, from the runners who work with you, from the angels who work with you. It is residing within you (your energy field) right now. You don't have to project your energies into some far-off space to find them.

< NewEnergy 10 > So, now it is a matter of - now that the birthing is coming to its completion - now is the time of the expression. Now is the time of the nurturing of this Christed energy within your reality. Now is the time of the imagining and the melding. The Christed energy - what you would call your Divine Self - wants to come to play with you now. It truly wants to come in.

< Clarity 6 > There's been a disconnect between you and soul. You've been crying out for things that perhaps really weren't that important to the soul. Ultimately, the soul wants simply to expand and to re-create over and over again. The aspect that you hold on so tightly to in your life, that aspect of you, the human, sitting here in the chair, wanting just a few more years of life on Earth, doesn't really matter to the soul. It doesn't care. That part of yourself isn't concerned about things like that. Sometimes that part of you, which you blacked out, knows far better, knows sometimes it is time to end a life in order that it can re-create itself.

< Clarity 11 > Any other theoretical lifetime that you have had was not the same. There is not that relationship between the soul and the human. The soul essentially created an energy in a past life and then let it go and released it, gave it its own freedom, it's own ability to go off and do things. But the connection was generally very loose and it wasn't as - what you would say - real or spiritual. This lifetime, this time you are embodied in, is VERY special. The relationship between spirit and human has always been there. The links are very strong, the connection. In a sense it is ubiquitous, it is all the same. It is just the illusion that the divine, the spirit self is not here right now.

< Teacher 2 > These Correspondents help to convey a consciousness back to your spiritual families. Correspondents also bring back a type of information or consciousness back to you. Let's not call it energy here because it's more of an information. They carry back news from the other realms. Now, as they are carrying it back, bringing it into this 3D reality of yours, it has to be put into - at least temporarily - put into something that is definable and understandable by your human mind. So when they are bringing back basket-fulls of wonderful information for you, some of it gets - how to say - lost in translation. It doesn't disappear; it's not gone.

< QuantumLeap 9 > There is a divine central in him. It wasn't just the aspects. There is the purity of his personal consciousness that has no aspect that overrides the others. It just is. There is that part of his divine purity that always has been and always will be, and even though it creates these aspects and some of them get lost, fragmented, wounded, that the core is always there.

< Master 1 > Come to understand, right now, that the divine doesn't care. It doesn't need to protect anything. That is an artificial belief. Protect you from what? From the love that's already within you? From the status of ascension that you're truly already in, you're just are experiencing getting there? From the fact that everything is in its perfect state of being? It's time to get over this whole belief system, that was implanted and acted upon a long time ago, that a darkness or another force can take you over. It doesn't work. There have been attempts - you've attempted it with others, they've attempted it with you - it doesn't work.

< Master 9 > A healthy trust in yourself - not a blind trust but a healthy trust - requires or beckons you to really open yourself up, let those formulas dissolve away. A healthy trust that you're going through a process that's very appropriate and ultimately isn't going to be a process anymore. The process falls away. A trust that you are God also, but don't be stupid or blind to it. Really, really let your human self, your human consciousness feel into it. Does it feel right for you? Does it feel right to open up to your divine? Is it absolutely like a blank wall? Is it like a big abyss when you open up to the trust of your divine? If it is, take a deep breath. There's no rush. There's no race.

< (Next) 3 > Your soul self wants to be with you, and you've called out for it. And when you did, that brought about a dynamic that's unstoppable, and it's going to happen. And thank god that there's wisdom in your soul that's going to … now, your soul didn't create these accidents, but it was an energy between you and your divine, an energy that was put out there and brings back the manifested experiences to make this all possible, and will continue to bring those experiences in.

Now, what gets in the way? That humanoid aspect. That human aspect that doesn't like change, that doesn't want to move forward. That human aspect that doesn't believe its own self. It really doesn't. It doesn't believe itself, because the human aspect is not real. It's manufactured. It's an act, and it really doesn't believe itself because it knows it's an act, but unfortunately you don't know it's an act - yet.

< (Next) 8 > Sleeping actually is very important, because it's a quiet time where you reconnect with your spirit self. You also go through dream sequences all night long on multiple levels. You're not just having one dream for a half hour. You're dreaming all night - all night - and on multiple levels. You could have 30, 100 dreams going on at the same time, but that's your real nature. That's who you really are. And when you're going through dream sequences, you're actually refreshing your spirit. You're refreshing yourself.

< e2012 4 > We’ve talked about it many times. You’re walking backwards through time to experience how you got enlightenment, and now you just take a deep breath and say, “Yes, I am enlightened.” And suddenly – you say it with a smile and a laugh – suddenly, it changes. Everything – the energy, the amount of wisdom that comes in, the reunion or the reconnection between the human self and the wisdom (=divine) - and it comes in and it says, “Wow! Glad to hear you finally admit you’re enlightened. You’re no longer on the path. You’re no longer striving for enlightenment. You no longer care. It’s just, ‘Yeah, I’m enlightened!’” Why not? Let’s enjoy life.

< Discovery 5 > And that divine, that soul of self, is filled with love and compassion and acceptance and would love for itself as the human expression to have abundance and joy and everything else. But it kind of doesn't care if the human doesn't pick that. Because to the soul, it's just a big experience. It's just grand experience. There really is no death. There's no finality. It's just a big cosmic “Wow.” See, the human cares. The human gets all wrapped up in it. But imagine now if that soul, that God that was out there now just slowly makes his or her way over and it's like “Let's just do the dance together now.” Yeah. You lead.