Living in the now / being in the moment

to be in the now;  to be present;  being at home;  I Am Here;
to be all of who you are;  to be fully present;  to be fully aware;  fully centered in the now;
when you open up and realize that everything is complete in the moment;  ISnessI Am;
not worrying of the past and the future;

< New Earth 3 > The Divine Human will not have needs. You will be without need for you will know that all things come to you as appropriate. You will not have wants. You will not fear what comes next. You, the Divine Human, will be now and present and not worry about the future. For you know that the divinity within you will provide you all things.

< New Earth 3 > You, the Divine Human, will not need to worry about your humanness any more. You will not need to worry about other people. You will be able to accept where they are and where you are. You will be present in the moment, creating in the moment, creating miracles in your now. You do not need to worry of what comes next. All of this comes simply out of trusting from the deepest level of your being. Trusting your own soul. Trusting your own True Self.

< NewEarth 4 > It is not a simple, two-dimensional road that you will be on. The scenery is multi-dimensional and will change constantly all around you. You simply need to be in the Present Moment. You do not need to worry about where you should be or what you should be doing next. For when you sit still upon your bicycle, you will come to a knowingness that all things are as they should be. That you do not need to worry about you next experience, for it will be drawn to you from the grand potentials. From the choices that are out there, the appropriate new "backdrop" will be brought in to you.

< Creator 1 > Accept all things as they are. Become an observer of life, of your own life even. Do not worry of what tomorrow will bring, for it matters not. Observe what is going on now in your life and around you. Pass no judgements - oh, that will tempt you! Do not feel the need or desire to change others or to change yourself now.

< Creator 2 > As she lay awake at night with a tremendous feeling of release surging over her, she came to another realization. She realized that she had been living in the future, and she had been creating a picture of fear for what the future might hold. She realized that she was worrying about unpaid bills in the future that never existed. She was worried about illness that may come to her. None of these were real, but she was projecting her own sense of unworthiness into the future. The future represented a lack of trust in her divinity. She found that she was spending much of her time and energy in the future with her fears.

< Creator 2 > She said, as she released her grip and opened her palm, "I will now live in the NOW. I will no longer fear a future that does not exist. I will live in the NOW." She began living in the NOW, as she continued to practice standing behind the short wall in acceptance of all that is. As she began to consciously release her grip on her own guilt and pain and the past, she realized that she was creating a moment, a divine moment, in all of the NOW that she was living. She was learning once again to trust self. She was learning that there was no need to project a future fear scenario, but simply to live in the NOW. As she did, there was a unique melding of her humanness with her divinity.

< Creator 2QA > This is another example of getting caught in the duality, of choosing a certain right and wrong, and certainly within the human a feeling of righteousness about things. We ask you when these feelings come over you to understand that it is time to be in the now and present, to understand how you are creating divine moments each step of the way. This will have much more of an impact on any type of healing for other humans or the planet than worrying about something in the future that has not occurred.

< Creator 3 > Oh, it is so simple. It is so simple, and in it is contained much power! You have spent many lifetimes creating into a future, creating a future from a void. Take a moment to think about what we are saying. You have lived in your thoughts of what tomorrow will be like. This has been appropriate. And it is still appropriate for many who walk the Earth. But as you become creators in the new energy, you will learn the importance of living in the divine moment, the moment that is now! You will be tempted many times to want to live in the future, to want to project what your tomorrow will be. You will be tempted to have fears of tomorrow, to create scenarios in your mind. But as a new creator in this new energy, you will find much power of "living in the divine moment," which is now.

< Creator 3 > It may seem difficult to comprehend how you can be a creator by not pushing thoughts and vibrations into the future! But, dear friends, as you learn to accept all things as they are, and as you learn to accept your human self, and you learn to "live in the divine moment", you will be able to go to places, like Aaron, that you could never have imagined before. These are places that you could never have charted and plotted and directed yourself to "in your mind." As you go to these new places, you will begin to understand a new power within. You will begin to understand a new way of creating.

< Creator 3 > You lie awake at night and project into the future. You lie awake at night and worry about what will be. You lie awake at night and plan for how you would truly like tomorrow to be. To "live in the divine moment" will be somewhat of a challenge for you, to say the least!

< Creator 3 > The divine moment is now. The divine moment has no judgements. The divine moment is complete in itself. It needs no other fulfillment than just to be. It is a quiet place. The divine moment is a space where you can feel love, where you can feel love washing through your entire being. The divine moment is not held back by the past. It is not plotted into the future. It is simply in the now. And it is perfect in all things. The divine moment can last for a fraction of a second. It can last for hours. In this case here, dear friends, our divine moment extends at least through the period of our gathering in the circle on this day. It is here surrounding each of you. This is indeed a divine moment where there are no needs or wants. You are all that you are.

< Creator 3 > We will help you to understand more of the physics of this. As you are in the divine moment, there is a new type of vibration that emanates from you. It attracts all of the appropriate things to you. In the past you have had to seek those things to bring them to you, to seek your abundance, to seek even your happiness, to seek a mate. You have had to go out into the void of a future that does not exist and to create a reality within it. That is how reality has been shaped on Earth, but you as the new creators will be discovering a new way.

< Creator 3 > As you live in the divine moment there is no longer the need for the two different parts of duality, or for the two different tines of your tuning fork to be out of phase. As you live in the divine moment the energies of these two can now come back into phase. They can begin to resonate at the same frequency levels that are appropriate. There is no longer the need here for a balance of 1/3 and 2/3. The balance is brought back to one and one.

< Creator 3 > Imagine that within you is this tuning fork. Imagine it as part of your being. It has been deliberately out of phase. There has been vibrational friction up to now. Imagine this now within your being, singing harmonious tones with itself. At this moment, dear friends, allow this vibrational duality within you to come back into harmony, to come back to sing beautiful tones, rather than tones that contain friction and duality. As you live in the divine moment and allow the duality to resonate in harmony, in beauty and joy together, they will come back into balance.

< Creator 3 > The tines of your tuning fork will still have duality, but they will sing together. As they do, as there is harmony between the two. As you live in the divine moment, all things that are needed and all things that are appropriate then will come to you. They will come to you! You will not need to go searching for them. You will not need to force them into your reality. You will be creating in a new way. You will still be transmuting the void into reality, but you will be creating in a new way, in a very powerful way.

< Creator 3 > The two tines of your tuning fork represent the DNA, the two known DNA strands that form the helix. There is a light and a dark, or a positive and a negative. They have been singing out of phase with each other intentionally. They have been operating at frequencies that cause friction. This was to help you understand duality. Now, dear friends, as you live in the divine moment, as you allow this tuning fork to come back into frequency, it is at your very cellular level. It is at the core of your DNA that these two strands will begin working together again. As they do, it will draw to you all things that are appropriate in your life. As they do, it will also help to heal all of the past scars within your body. It will reverse the process of aging that is taking place within you. It will mend the wounds both physically and emotionally, but it will require you to live in the divine moment.

< Creator 3 > As you begin to allow the two primary strands to come back together in appropriate vibrational harmony, it will then change the way the other magnetic strands interact and embrace. It will change the whole way all of the strands are composed. As you live in the divine moment - as you change the frequency within you - understand that all of the appropriate things will be brought to you. You will be like a magnet with a new charge that will attract things to you.

< Creator 3 > But for now you are going through many changes with releasing things from this lifetime. This allows the divinity that has always been within you to truly begin coming forth. As you live in the divine moment, this allows your divinity to come forth. As you allow yourself to live in the divine moment, it changes the very nature of the duality that has always been part of you. It changes the vibration of the two sides of who you have been. It changes the way you create on Earth.

< Creator 3 > After working with this concept of living in the divine moment, go out to one who reads the energies, to those who are psychic, those who see auras. Go to them. You will scare them! (chuckling) They will tell you that you do not exist anymore. They will not be able to see an aura around you, for it will have changed. They will not be able to see your chakras because they will have turned into one chakra. They may be afraid of you! (chuckling) They will wonder what is going on. Sit in your divine moment with them. Sit in a place of love with them. Do not brag of what you have done or who you have become. But let them know energetically that they too can move to those new levels.

< Creator 3 > Aaron learned on his journeys in his second lifetime not to worry of the wind and the rains, not to worry of the currents, not to worry of what lands he might go to. He lived in the divine moment. He appreciated each day, and each day a new gift was brought to him. Each day he understood he was attracting it through trust in his own divinity.

< Creator 3 > You will also notice, dear teachers, as you diligently and earnestly work with these foundations lessons - somewhat boring perhaps but important lessons for where we are to go from here - you will begin to notice in particular the number "4." You have been in duality up to now. You have been in "two." You will begin to notice "4." We will explain more of this in the future. But to understand, to use your mathematics, 2 squared is 4 (22 = 4). Understand that you are moving beyond duality, but you are not overcoming duality. It is not being eliminated. You are going to a new type of dimensionality. The number "4" will become important. You will begin seeing it. It will jump out at you. It is a reminder. It is a reminder to live in the divine moment. It is a reminder that you are changing from within.

< Creator 3QA > It indeed will be, not only to those who read your energy, but also to those who look at it under a microscope, although their observations will come later. They will be somewhat shocked. They will ask many of you to undergo further testing. This is a good point to bring up here, for there is the potential for this to bring up fear within you that there is something wrong, that there is illness. We remind you to simply live in the divine present moment to let them test, if you so choose. They will see subtle differences begin in the areas where they can more readily observe them, particularly in cellular structure and alignment. They will see changes in those outward elements of your biology, including your skin and your eyes and your hair. And yes, indeed they will notice differences in your blood, in the balance of red and white cells, and also in the way the blood cells now attract new types of cells, particularly those that provide healing and prevent illness.

< Creator 3QA > You will see things begin to change around you. But you must begin the process with the conscious intent to stand in your divine moment, to stand on the other side of the short wall, and then just be in that moment. It should be no struggle. It should not be difficult. As you consciously intend this and practice this on a regular basis, it will become more natural. It will become easier and easier. This divine moment wants to be part of you. It wants to come forth in your life. It is not like you have to make it happen. You simply have to allow the space for it to happen in.

< Creator 3QA > Your meditations have been, for the most part, struggling and difficult. Indeed they helped you get to this point. We ask you to always honor that part of yourself. But as you move into the new energy, you do not need to sit and meditate daily for a prescribed period of time and fight the thoughts coming through your mind. All you need to do, friends, is to allow and accept all that is. Accept yourself, and live in the divine moment. You will find that you will desire quiet time to be by yourself, but it will be like a river of wisdom and love flowing through you, rather than a structured meditation.

< Creator 3QA > This is one of the most challenging areas, for many of those who are in the spiritual service find themselves alone. We know there is the desire in the heart to share with another. But there is a reason why you have given yourself this quiet time, this time of being alone. It is so that you could truly focus on your own process without distraction. Indeed it is not that you are not worthy or capable of love, but you have asked to be in the house by yourself, to go through the processes of the new energies so that you could become a teacher of the new energy. As you live in the divine moment where it is now a balance and a harmony - oh, they will be attracted to you. They will come to you.

< Creator 3QA > We ask you to go within to the vibrational tuning fork to allow it to be balanced, to allow the harmony. Then all of these frustrating things that you would normally experience with purchasing a house will resolve themselves. Indeed you will need to be present. You will need to have the intent to be in this house, but the paperwork, your loans, your timetables, and all the other processes will seem to flow together. Now as you know, many times it will occur at the last possible moment. It will not all be laid out for you well in advance. Simply release any fears associated with it, and it will come into play.

< Creator 4QA > In the old energy you created the future by projecting your thoughts and your energy into it. This essentially took the void and transformed it into a reality. Creation in the new energy will be quite different. It will not be projecting into the void, it will not be projecting into the future. It will be staying in a moment, in a space, in an energy, creating in that moment, and emanating the energy out, not specifically to your future, but into all moments.

< Creator 6 > Lesson Three: Live in the divine moment. Dear friends, as you know so well, it is easy to live in the past. It is easy to worry of the future. As a creator, you will not be in the past or the future. You will be in the moment, the divine moment. Interestingly enough, the divine moment includes the past and the future. If you are in your divine moment, you are healing your past. You are creating a future that is awesome. In the divine moment you are in the past and the future all at the same time, but you are truly in what we would call "no time."

< Creator 6 > While in this divine moment, dear friends - to give you some incentive to be here - your aging process is greatly reduced. That makes sense if you are both in the past and in the future and in "no time." If you choose to reduce the aging process of your biology, be in the divine moment. Healing of your physical body is exponentially faster if you are in the divine moment. The work that Dr. Mindy Reynolds spoke of tonight with the new machines will show this to be true. When you are in the divine moment, the healing process is exponentially faster and the aging process is slowed.

< Creator 6 > Oh, these have been key lessons. We hope you have not simply read them for the wonderful energy! (audience laughter) These have been the core foundation lessons. They are not the most exciting, but they are the most important. These first three lessons in the Creator Series are lessons of acceptance: Accepting all things, accepting yourself, accepting the moment that you live in. They are the acceptance lessons within the series.

< Creator 9QA > Accepting and allowing is also being in the "now," being in a state of grace, knowing your own divinity. When you create the broad brush stroke, there is no need for intent. You do not have to direct your new and emerging energy to any specific place. This will be the challenge for many of you. You will want to take that brush, and you will want to say, "Give me a relationship. Give me $1000.00. Give me one thing or another." This limits your divine power and its potential. Allowing, accepting, and knowing will become the energy of the day. After you create the broad stroke, after you add your passion to it, dear friends, simply sit back. The appropriate things will come knocking at your door. This will take much trust on your part!

< Creator 10 > There are words of power that you will soon learn to understand. You have thought these words in your mind, but you have not so much brought them into your life. It is the simple energy of the words of "I AM." This is the essence of our teachings dear friends. That is why we say to you it is no longer appropriate to give intent. Intent separates you from reality. Intent says that you are not quite there. "I AM" places you in the moment, in the now. It is not separate or different or apart. IT IS and it emanates from within you.

< Creator 10 > Lesson Three was also of accepting, of being in the Divine Moment, of no longer being in the past. For the past, dear friends, the past is the future for you in many ways. The past is the future in many ways. We have talked to you about being in the Divine Moment, that Divine Space, about not worrying about has transpired or what will be. It is about being in the Now Moment.

< Ascension 2 > You have a body to get you around, to focus you in the now. You have a mind, which is a way to take all these symbols and put them together in somewhat of a logical sequence. But it is your Spirit, and it is your heart that needs to sing now, to come forth, to express itself. Your divinity does not come through the intellect. The intellect is simply a way of organizing and understanding. The divinity flows through your entire being.

< Ascension 9 > It is very detrimental to try to avoid the lows. That is why we have spoken against these psychotropic drugs that put a blanket on living in the now. Ah, the lows! They have been so precious. They have been such a part of your journey, and such a part of Gautama’s journey. This is the way duality has worked. We know so many of you fear these lows. You loathe the lows. You do not want to be in these. You think there is something wrong with them, but they are a natural part of duality. The waves of high and low have brought you to this point on your path.

< Ascension 9QA > From our perspective, and talking to those who crossed over to our side, there were so many humans who sat in meditation with expectation. There were so many who attempted to clear the mind. And, as you know, this does not work so well. These were times of denial when you put up the blocks and keep the waves of energy from coming through. Ultimately, you struggled so much with this thing called meditation. Others used meditation to deny living in the "now." They used meditation to escape duality, their humanness and life around them. Being in ascension status means being in the moment. If you are in the moment, there is really no need to meditate. You do not need to DO meditation. You ARE a walking, living, breathing meditation.

< Ascension 9QA > The Fruit of the Rose is your divine lineage. It comes truly comes through and manifests when you sit in the void we have discussed today. It is the solution that has not been brought in yet. It is a potential solution that exists in a neutral or dormant state. But, it has always been there. It is all of the answers that you have ever sought, but you could not come to realizations until the appropriate time. We have said before that, in a sense, you have already buried the answer for yourself, along your path. You have already created all of the potential solutions before you got there. This is the Fruit of the Rose. It IS your divinity. It IS that part of God that you brought with you from Home. It is your individual identity in meld with the essence of Spirit.

Now, that does not mean that the answers have already been worked out. It means the energy for the solution is there. It still takes you living in human form, living in the "now," to bring the solution to realization. There requires participation at all levels of your being. Your divine consciousness has been behind the seven seals that are now opening. The Fruit of the Rose is the unrealized solution, but the solution that has always been there. The Fruit of the Rose does not contain the exact road map and directions for the solution, but it contains all of the energy for realization of it.

< DivineHuman 1 > Each one of us will do it in a unique and a powerful way. Each one of us will be in the moment. We will not be hiding anymore. We will come out. We will allow our divinity to express itself in every way… at our jobs… in our relationships… with our artwork… and with our books… with our songs… and with our poems… with the way we smile at people. Do you know that we have been holding back our smiles for others? We have been holding back the hugs. We have not been allowing our energy out. Now as Shaumbra we tell ourselves that expression in the moment is a sacred and divine thing. We encourage ourselves to express and to be all of who we are.

< DivineHuman 2 > Spiritual abundance cannot be figured out with a plan from your mind. Abundance comes when you sit with yourself, when you acknowledge your divinity, when you open up and realize that everything is complete in the moment. When you stay in the moment, it is filled with abundance.

< DivineHuman 2 > In the New Energy silence will be so golden. Silence is how you will renew yourself. It won't be through saying mantras and doing chants, reading books, listening to tapes. It will be sitting in the moment. It will not even be about having a prayer or trying to do meditation. We have seen so many well-intended humans just messing themselves up with trying to meditate! In the silence there is the breath… the breathing in and out… a knowingness that the life force continues… the knowingness that creation continues to expand.

< DivineHuman 2 > On this side of the veil, we can create whatever it is we want to create. We can create a beautiful cottage. I, Tobias, have a place I love to create, based on my experience of being a human. It is a cottage in the country filled with trees, filled with sunshine, and a stream out back, and animals all around. I loved my animals when I was a human. So I recreate this place. But, dear friends, it is nothing like being able to create it in material form like you can do as humans. It is like the wind, compared to the human experience where you can be in material form and truly experience it. You can best experience it as a human when you live in the moment, rather than worrying of the past, or what will come in your tomorrows.

< DivineHuman 3 > In the New Energy you remain centered and balanced and fully present in the moment. The road move. We talked to you about this quite some time ago. We gave you a bit different metaphor. At the time you were just beginning to come to the consciousness where you could realize and understand how life truly works. Now, we can come back to you several years later with the message.

< DivineHuman 3 > This is living in the moment. Now, we say the road moves. What does that mean? It means that things will come to you. All of the roads, all of the energetic movements, will pass through you. It will bring everything appropriate to you, whether it is abundance, whether it is a certain relationship, or a new opportunity. It will come to you, for the road moves, and it passes through you. As you move into the New Energy, everything appropriate will come to you. This is what we meant when we said, "Dance with what comes to your front door." It will come to you.

< DivineHuman 3 > It is quite simple, dear friends, but it will take a bit of working with. You remain in the Now. You remain fully present, filled with life and vitality in the Now. This is what we call your rest stop, your wayside. The roads move. The roads move, and they come through you. That is the energy of the New Times. That is the change in paradigm that allows you to draw to you everything needed at this time. Stay in the Now. Stay fully present. Understand it comes to you. Understand that some things come simply to be touched by you. Others will come to dance.

< DivineHuman 3 > It will take a bit of work on your part to be present. You are so used to living in the past, or worrying about the future. The past, dear friends, was killing you. Living in the past creates death - period. When you live in the past, you are thinking about what happened before. It sends a signal to your system, to your biology, to begin the death process. When you live in the future… when you worry about what will be… when you worry about your retirement… when you worry about what the world will look like in 10 or 15 years… when you worry if you are going to get a pink slip at the office next week… this causes you to suffocate, to suffocate, to extinguish the fire of the divinity that is birthing within you. The past will kill you. The future will suffocate you.

< DivineHuman 3 > Live in the Now, in the moment, fully present, fully available to do what is needed when those things come to you. This is the energy of the New Times. This is the shift in paradigm that will be so important, particularly in these next few months ahead. We know this is the energy of the New Times because we see it on this place we call the New Earth.

< DivineHuman 3 > Living in one world was difficult enough… and, now we’re living in two worlds. But, as we live in the two worlds, we are finding that there is another simple tool, a very simple tool. It is awareness of the moment, "MOMENTAL AWARENESS." It is being in the moment, fully present. Again, we would have never thought that it would be quite so simple to be in the Now… to not worry about the past, for we have released it… to not worry about the future, for we have not created it yet. When we are fully present in the Now, in this moment, we are balanced.

< DivineHuman 3 > As we live in two worlds, we come to understand that THE ROAD MOVES, that we can stay in the moment, and it will come to us. Then, we have a responsibility for interacting with whatever it is, be it a person, a job, an opportunity, a challenge. When it comes to us, and we sense that it is appropriate to dance with, then we have a responsibility to do something with it. We no longer have to scurry down the path. We no longer have to go racing for some unknown destination. We can be in the moment. The road move all around us, and it bring us whatever is appropriate.

< DivineHuman 4 > Be in the Now, and the road moves through you. We know you are still grappling with this, trying to understand what this means. But, you are coming to the understanding. As you work with it, you will begin to understand the magic. Indeed, we use the term magic, the synchronicity. When you are fully present in the Now, breathing and feeling, you can attract all of the appropriate things to you. You are like a magnet. Everything will come to you in the moment. All of the resources. All of the tools. And all of the work of service that you will do will come to you.

< DivineHuman 4 > These four tools - breathing, feeling (out of your mind), being present in the Now, and attracting everything to you - are so simple, so simple. Teach this, dear friends, to the others who come along. Teach this. They will not necessarily understand it right away. It will seem too simple. The head will get caught up trying to analyze it.

< DivineHuman 5 > The stress right now is because you are making an adjustment in your mind and in your spirit to live in the Now, to live in the Now, in the moment. It is difficult because you still want to know what is going to happen tomorrow. Living in the Now is NOW. It is the moment. So, there is much stress in your mind … much stress in your mind. Understand that all of this is appropriate, and it all has to do with this alignment of the magnetic grids.

< DivineHuman 6 > You can be or live anywhere and not have it affect you. This is what we call compassion. Compassion is the true understanding of the journey of others, and of the journey of yourself. With compassion you can sit in the darkest of the dark, in the most fearful of places. You do not have to create shields. In your own right, now Shaumbra, you are illuminators. You glow. You shine. You send forth a New Energy, whether you consciously realize it or not. When you go to a grocery store, when you go to a crowded public place, you do not have to put up these defensive walls. You simply have to be in the moment. What you would consider negative, dark, or any other type of imbalanced energies pass right through. They do not have to affect you. They pass right through. When you put up these walls of protection, it also keeps the energies from coming to you.

< DivineHuman 6 > The divinity, the God that you are, is so simple. But, yet you try to make it so complex. It is so simple. It is there right now. You test your powers at times. You say, "If I am God also, then why can’t I create grand abundance for myself? Why can’t I heal my body? Why can’t I read the thoughts of other humans?" Dear friends, you are putting your energies in the wrong place, in the end result. You are not putting the energies in the moment. When you focus on abundance, surely you will have abundance problems. When you are always worried about a relationship, when you are worried about your health, you will always have these as problems. It is about being in the moment, being in the Now.

< DivineHuman 6 > This Divine Self is you. It always has been. It comes in now. It comes in to be such a part of you. It wants to share in a way it never could before. You will find now that as you rely on yourself for your own guide, that as you stop looking outward, as you stop looking for external dates that keep you from being divine… you will find that this Divine Self truly takes care of every need. You, God, truly take care of every need that you have. The abundance will flow into your life. Your health will return. The relationships will come to you appropriately when you do not focus on them, when you live in the Now, when you are divine.

< DivineHuman 7 > What are you doing on Earth? You are helping come to new understandings and new wisdoms for all of Spirit. You left Home so very long ago - but not long ago at all - on behalf of Spirit to be a creator in your own right, to go expand the love of Spirit. That is why you are on Earth. It is that simple. You are here, living and experiencing in the moment, and creating in the moment on behalf of All That Is.

< DivineHuman 8 > It does take a bold and daring human angel to be in the moment, fully centered in the Now, and to feel. It takes a bold and daring human to open up to their feelings once again. This is where the core is. This is where the real information is. This is where the divinity can come shining through. We see that you have been peeling away layers, and layers, and layers that have kept you from feeling. These layers have kept you from truly understanding who you are. Yes, indeed, it does take a bold and daring human to open that up.

< NewEnergy 2 > "Are we in the fifth dimension right now as we are speaking?" No, we are in all dimensions as we are speaking. "How do I get to the sixth dimension?" It is by being in the Present Moment and allowing your divinity to come through you. "What is on the twelfth dimension?" It doesn't matter! We don't see the dimensions from our side like you do. We don't segment them. They all occur together in the Now. You don't need to take journeys out to these other dimensions. You simply need to expand yourself in this Now moment to allow them to come in to you.

< NewEnergy 5 > As you end the journey, and you come into a time of experience, you'll understand and realize how wise you truly are. And, wisdom will help manifest what you call smartness… intelligence… the ability to grasp concepts like never before… to understand how things work without having to go through the Old schoolish ways of learning… without having to study all the boring details… but, to be able to be ever-present in the moment… to be able to hold a flower in your hand and understand intuitively how it all works. Later you can go and read about the specific scientific process. But, you will understand beyond what even a scientist can know about how life comes into that flower and creates it.

< NewEnergy 8 > This imagination also will allow you to start soaring into new dimensions. Yes, indeed, it works both ways - you bring things into your life, but you also now can start going into the other dimensions. When you do, never leave your grounding. Never leave your body behind. Don't try to astral project. You're not a missile (some laughter). It is about being in the Now moment, fully grounded in the human body, but expanding out your energies and opening up into the other realms.

< NewEnergy 9 > There are still vestiges of the Old Energy. It does not happen overnight. This whole process we thought would take many, many lifetimes. But, you have worked through it, and - how to say - in a sense, battled your way through it. And, then you realized that battle should be no more within yourself or outside of yourself. You gave it your full passion. You gave it all of your energy. And, then you've realized it was time to stop fighting yourself, time to stop struggling, to stop the suffering, and to be in this Now moment.

< NewEnergy 10QA > When you are feeling safe, it is much easier to open. All of your energies - your divinity, everything else - need this same thing. And, you can create it. You can be in the safe moment. You are in it right now in this Now moment we sit in together. It is only when you get caught up in the past or the future, when you explore possibilities of the past - or realities - possibilities of the future, it tends to bring in the fear. And, then you tend to shut down. If you exist and stay in the Now moment, it is safe.

< NewEnergy 12 > You sit in this Now moment in a safe energy, in a sacred energy. And, it is safe to open up to everything… everything… everything that you are. We have talked about being in the Now moment and allowing yourself to express once again… no more holding back… allowing yourself to be grounded in the Now moment… but so fully open and expanded that you can express. Dear friends, this safe energy - this fully expanded energy, grounded in the Now moment - is where the miracles occur. But, the true miracle - the true miracle - is the remembrance of why you are here, the remembrance of who you are. The true miracle is the open and free consciousness.

< Embodiment 1 > As we said before, the miracle - that true miracle - is the open consciousness. And, the open consciousness allows you to break out of that limited linear human condition, go into the multi-dimensional while still staying present, fully present, fully present and alive in the Now moment.

< Embodiment 2 > I, Tobias, give myself permission to be fully present in the Now, and that includes not just the human reality, not just the human illusion, but all of the others. I give myself permission to be here with Shaumbra on Earth as I am on the angelic realms. I give myself permission to be full and expansive, soaring across the realms and through the realms of dimensionality. I, Tobias, give myself permission to be more than Tobias, to be more than an aspect that it was in one lifetime a long, long time ago. I give myself permission to be all that I am and all of the potentials that I can ever be and all of the expressions I choose to express.

< Embodiment 3QA > You've all experienced some moments in your life where you are in such a place of joy and passion and with melded energies. You are doing something that you absolutely enjoyed, and everything just flowed. You know the feeling - it just came together. It was synchronistic. It was flowing. Everything worked together. It was a point of joy and creation. You know what that feels like. As you release the Old story… as you let go of the worry about tomorrow… and all of these are the things we talk to you about - that can be in your life every moment. Every moment can have that blended, melded flow of spirit and human and self with all of the answers being right there.

< Embodiment 11 > Being in this pure moment together like this without expectation, literally allows you to spiral and to transform into a new level of living, a level that you could not comprehend in your Old Energy human mind. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to know details, structures, controls. That Old Energy human mind always wanted to have everything defined through the brain. You transcend that. Let us just sit here in this moment, not trying to do anything, not trying to force anything. As you do this in this sacred state of being, the radiance, your radiance, expands. Your divine comes in and melds with your human. Everything starts expanding, glowing, radiating.

< Teacher 8QA > You tend to … you're actually two-thirds out of your body right now! So you float and you drift, because you love those realms. We're going to ask you personally to be much more present in this reality, much more in your body. You take the deep breath, you ground yourself, and I'm going to ask you to spend some time everyday working with this - getting fully present here and then expanding. You see right now you project out ... you basically leave a lot of your energy, you go out of your body into the other realms ... but you're not expanding, you're projecting yourself out. Try it a different way. Get very grounded, breathe, and then expand yourself from this present moment, from this point of here, right now, and then expand into the other realms.

< QuantumLeap 2 > So you see, you come to Earth with that fear and then you live it out, and it's amplified by the fact that somebody can "take your life," that you can be in an accident and die. So there's this constant fear, constant fear that ultimately creates such a collision of energies within you that you don't want to be here anymore. So your body - kind of like Sam - out there (other realms) wandering around, but not really occupied, not really present, no longer making choices, no longer trusting.

< QuantumLeap 2 > It is ... this beautiful energy of your prantay coming forth, has the ability, has the ability for you to truly finally understand yourself and your effect on energy, and how to appropriately and efficiently use it. It is measurable, and as I said it is measurable best when you are participating in your life, when you are fully present. It has a dynamic that is very different than what you have been used to using in the past, therefore, it seems to be somewhat elusive.

< QuantumLeap 2 > In the New Energy, it goes very simple, very fast and very graceful IF you are present, you are you and you have surrendered. You've been very acclimated, you've been very ... actually trained in some of the old human focuses, and that would be on just your basic needs, the human needs. The needs of the mind, the needs of the body. In this New Energy that we are in, you don't have to worry about those anymore. They will be taken care of by you. You.

< QuantumLeap 2 > Your life in this New Energy should be that way. It should be that simple. It should be as simple as you, in the house or the temple of yourself, acknowledging and loving you. When there is a complete acknowledgment, love (for all of who you are) and surrender of you unto you, all things have to work. You don't have to place your daily focus on making money or repairing a relationship or working on your physical body, repairing it. You don't have to engage yourself in this whole thing of the mind games that are played - the games, the battlefields of yourself that are played out in your mind.

< Master 7 > You're going to find out now this connection between your Pakauwah that's always changing and how it relates now to outside energies. You can observe, you can be aware of what's happening right now in Norway in a specific city, in a specific house or community, through a bird. You expand your Body of Consciousness and then you're there. You really are. Now, because you've spent so much time getting back into your body and breathing and understanding the Now moment, you're not going to pop out. You're not going to leave your physical body. You expand that Body of Consciousness now, working with another Body of Consciousness.

< Master 9 > I would personally say that about 70 percent of the time is spent in the past. About another, oh, at the most, 5 percent is spent in the Now. The rest, pondering the future. And the future is very different from the past. I'll go into it later.

< e2012 1> Consciousness is awareness, but put more concisely, distilled down, consciousness is your presence. That's a little bit different than being in the Now moment. Very similar, they're like cousins, but it is your presence. Your consciousness is your presence and what you are allowing yourself to be aware of. Your consciousness is your presence, and your presence right now is right here, is sitting right here. Your consciousness is your awareness of sensory, of mental, and intuitive. And the question that I have for each and every one of you: How present are you? How real are you in the moment? How conscious are you?

< e2012 11 > As you allow yourself to experience life in a whole new way, free yourself of some of the bonds and some of the limitations, one of the key suggestions I have for you, for many reasons, is to allow your presence into this reality. Oh, it's kind of old stuff, in a way, being in the Now moment; maybe spiritually unfashionable now. Let's state it in a different way – to be present. Why? Because so often you're not. So often thinking about other things, which is old. We've talked about it before. But right now it becomes more important than ever to be present. It means to be embodied in your physical body, in your mind, in yourself to be here.

< WalkOn 2 > If you are present, if you are conscious – not of time but conscious of yourself, aware of your awareness, “I Exist” – the flow rate of Timespace is different. Not necessarily faster though. As a matter of fact, you're going to begin to understand it actually appears to go slower. It actually doesn't. Everything else goes slower, but the perception is that things slow down. When you're in the Now moment, the flow of Timespace is more harmonious, it is more compatible, it is more serving to you than when you're hanging out in the past or hanging out in the future. That's the physics reason for being in the Now, not just it's nice airy-fairy, but it has a dramatic effect on you. On you.