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< New Earth 14 > We hear you praying at night. And all of your prayers are heard. Understand now that we cannot do it for you. As you work with others and as you teach others, they too will resist the concept that they are doing it, that they are the ones creating. There is a certain desire on the part of humans to count on others to do it, to believe that an external higher power is pulling the strings. Certainly there is a higher power… and certainly it is within you. So understand, dear friends, that Spirit, that God, that even your angels cannot do it for you. Become empowered. Begin using the Divinity that is now coming into your being to change and affect your creation.

< Creator 4 > When you have placed this symbol in there, we ask you to close the door of the Oven of Grace. We ask you to say nothing, to have no intent, to say no words, to have no energy behind this, to say no prayer.

< Creator 4 > Let us return to Taylor. She put her purse in the Oven of Grace, for it represented the abundance issue she was struggling with at the time. And she put it in her oven without agenda. Without agenda, do you understand, dear friends? Oh, we know you have been used to praying, and you've been used to incantations and intent and agenda. These have been good, and they have been filled with love, and it has brought you to this point. But dear friends, we are going to a new place now. In the Oven of Grace there is no need for intent. It takes care of itself.

< Creator 4QA > It is to honor her for all she has brought into your life. When one departs Earth and come back to our side of the veil, they often bring with them guilt and tears of sadness. There is energy that they bring back over. It is best to simply honor them. We are somewhat harsh here with you tonight, but so many humans pray for one who has crossed over to the other side, praying that they go to heaven, praying that there is no bad thing for them, like going to hell, praying that they find the right space.

My dear, and all who are here, simply honor them and thank them for the process, for being part of your life. You do not so much understand the energy that we are in back here. We are often curious why you are praying for them to go to someplace that even we do not understand or see. At times it can be confusing to them because there is an energy that is placed around their being that is trying to direct them to a place that does not necessarily exist!

Now, indeed there are legions of angels who guide those who are recently departed safely back on the journey. But it would give those who have crossed over the greatest joy if they looked back and saw another human honoring them. It would begin to dissolve the veil so quickly when they look back and could see that you understood the journey.

< Creator 4QA > You will learn in the new energy to create in a different way. Prayer may be appropriate for those in the old energy. We will work with you to create on new levels. We will be challenging you to release your old concepts of prayer; we will even be challenging you to release your new concepts of intent. They have been valuable tools for bringing you to this place, but my friends, it is time to release these. We will go prayerless. You will create in the Divine Moment. You will begin to understand when to use your Oven of Grace.

< Creator 7QA > We have talked of this issue of "prayer." We have riled some lightworkers! (chuckling) We want to make a point here - and underline it - that we are not in any way condemning prayer. We are not saying that prayer has not been, or will continue to be, appropriate. We are simply saying that you are changing your energy, you are changing the way you create and the way you affect your outer world. Prayer has been a powerful tool for you. It has helped bring a focus of energies. It has helped to solidify your intents. It has helped you to truly know your path. When you pray from your heart with love for others, it has had an effect, if they so choose to use that energy.

As you move into the depths of your new energy, you will not need to pray for an outcome. It will simply BE. This may be somewhat difficult to understand. As you walk in a place of balance and peace, and as you create with the broad brush, you will manifest by simply BEING. You will bring these attributes to others if they so choose to use them. There will be no need for an outward expression of prayer. It will simply BE because you are there. We know this will take some work to understand.

You are beginning to understand that certain energy dynamics are appropriate. If another human chooses illness, or abundance problems, understand that this is what their being is choosing. Honor this and be in a knowing space. Then when they seek your guidance as a teacher, you can truly, truly begin to help them.

There are some who pray for others with inappropriate energy. They pray that others are not so bad! They pray that others should come to their senses! (audience laughter) They pray that others should not be so wrong. Dear friends, as Shaumbra you are learning to honor others for where they are. You are learning to create balance within yourself, and this is changing the way things appear on the outside.

Even your most recent shaking of the land in the place called India was appropriate. To pray that Gaia stops these activities would be inappropriate, for these are necessary. Just like you, Gaia is releasing old energies. Simply love Gaia, simply be in a place of balance yourself, be in a place of divinity and so will Gaia. The humans who left the earth in India during this event chose to do so. For you to not honor this is not honoring their path. As difficult and painful as this may seem, all of those who crossed over recently simply ask you to honor them. When you pray with sorrow, you send the energy of sorrow and sadness and despair. This is what they receive, and they do not so much want this. Instead, they want the energy of your honor and your acceptance.

As Shaumbra, you are moving beyond the need to pray. Prayer indicates that there is an imbalance and that things are not appropriate. As Shaumbra, you will understand that all things are appropriate. If you choose to bring a balance of new energy into a situation, simply BE. Simply put yourself in that situation. Instead of feeling sorrow and anguish, simply put your energy in the situation. Your new balance will be available for those who chose to use it.

In this new energy, dear Shaumbra, there are many changes from the old ways. There are many changes and there will continue to be. The issue of praying versus BEING is but one.

< Creator 10 > We are not saying that prayer is inappropriate, but we are saying to you, as the ones walking into the new energy, that prayer is no longer needed. Prayer assumes that things are not in the proper balance.

< Creator 10 > As you move into the new energy you will begin to understand the power of the I AM, of the NOW and of the DIVINE MOMENT. You will no longer need to pray to an outside entity or to a spirit that you do not know so well. You will not need to a guide who you have never met and do not even know their name! You will not need to do that in the new energy. It will simply be in the I AM with no intent, but simply IS-NESS.

< Creator 10QA > What you are experiencing is an evolution in what you are learning. Prayer was an important part of your life early on. You moved from prayer to intent and now you are moving past intent to what we call the I AM. A simple Isness exists now. It is part of you. It is already here. As you teach others, you will walk through the process of prayer … to intent … to now simply I AM. Intent was appropriate at the time when we spoke to you of it. It is still appropriate for most humans. But you are now moving past intent into Isness, into the All. You are transcending intent, and moving into the Divine Moment where all things that you need exist. Intent has been an important tool. We are not saying that it was inappropriate, for it served its purpose at its time. But now we are moving you past that.

< Ascension 2 > When miracles happen, when things out of the ordinary happen, it is not because the angels have interfered, or intervened, or done it for you. It is because for a moment of time, even with all the tension or stress of a traumatic situation taking place, you call on the help of the angels and of Spirit. What is happening is that you are letting your guard down. You are letting your mind get out of the way. You are opening up to the energy of love that comes flowing through the veil at that moment. It is not the angels who lift a car to enable someone to get out from underneath. The prayers you have prayed have been heard, but when miracles happen, it is YOU allowing our love to come in.

< Ascension 3QA > No, dear one, you are a wise one. You are a wise one. It makes us so delighted to see how far you have come. Now, let us talk about prayer for a moment here. When humans pray, particularly in groups, we would love to share with you what we see from our side. We see, at its core level, good trying to be done, but we see inappropriate energies. When we hear groups of humans praying at times, there is so much confusion and imbalance that we have to leap out of the way, to get out of the way of these prayers. Humans do not know for what they pray.

Cauldre… he thinks of these E-mails that he will get when we say these things, but (audience laughter) we must continue here. It is when there is a consciousness of balance. It is when you look within first. When all these events transpired (the terrorist attacks), we are not saying it was bad that the world prayed, but you should have heard some of the prayers that were being said! They did not make sense!

Do you know what is more powerful than the prayer? It is a hug! It is a hug given without asking for anything in return. It is a sharing of love and of energy. It is not trying to change or transform the person. It is trying to connect with them. When two energies that operate at different vibrations touch each other, there is a new, higher level of energy that is reached by both parties who have touched. When you hug each other, it is a simple expression of love. There is a transformation that changes both. No one person's energy should be considered lighter or stronger, better or worse. It is a connection that takes place.

Prayer is so misunderstood in your society. We challenge Shaumbra to begin looking into this to find the new way to pray. Humans are so attached to that word "pray," and we know they are shocked when we say it is not effective anymore. It is when you felt compassion, and when you had tears in your eyes, and you cared for another human… this is what made the difference in the measurement of energy. It was not the prayers that were said. It was what was felt in the heart.

The third Lightworker in our story today wanted to "process" the snake. She wanted to find the inner hurt child of the snake. This was imbalanced energy. She did not know what she was trying to heal. She had no earthly idea, but she thought she would heal the snake. She thought, as her own agenda, when she healed the snake, she would be the hero. She thought she was the healer, and the snake was simply the patient. That is not the way energy works. It is to understand why the snake is there in the first place. She did not understand that. She did not ask the question.

< Ascension 3QA > When you pray, you do not understand so much what you pray for. When you pray for peace, what does that look like? What is peace? If you pray for peace, but yet there is darkness that needs to be released, then it is glossed over. There is a sugar coating on peace, and it will not hold. That has been the problem in the area of your world called the Middle East. There is a sugar coating that is saying, "Let us shake hands and be friends." But, the moment they turn around, the snake arises within, for it has not been addressed. It has not been released.

When you pray for peace, what is it that you pray for? In a way, the agenda is, "Please, dear God, make my problems go away. I do not want to see them." It is about understanding the rising of consciousness. Each time the consciousness rises, the serpent will appear. But, it will become increasingly easier to deal with by saying, "Why are you in my path? I am Shaumbra. I stand strong and divine, and I demand to know what it is you seek."

< DivineHuman 3 > we know so many of you are praying for peace right now. That is fine. But, it is not necessarily the appropriate thing for an enlightened, Divine Human to be doing at this moment. Again, as we said, understand first what you are praying for. Understand the dynamics of what is going on before you pray for peace. We know your prayers come from a loving place in your heart, a place that truly desires resolution and balance. But sometimes when you pray for peace, you are literally laying a blanket over a problem. You are trying to cover up a sore that needs a different type of attention. Sometimes praying for peace is delaying the inevitable, and actually causes the conflict to heat up, to intensify.

< DivineHuman 6QA > If 100,000 people who do not have peace within their soul sit together for the purpose of world peace, the answer is still zero. (audience laughter) If ten Shaumbra who have come to peace within themselves, and have total compassion for themselves and others, sit together in joy, they will radiate such a light, such a vibration, that will be available to all others when they choose. It will be available to humanity at the time when they are ready for it. This is what changes the world!

If people who are in duality, and in conflict, and unhappy with their own lives pray for peace, it will have no effect until they are at peace within themselves. We are not saying that these activities are not proper, for they do help to focus attention on the issue of peace. But it must first come from within.

We look at the prayers that are prayed by humans. We look at the group actions and movements. And, dear friends, we see that there is such a void in these things. The void is what is within the individuals.

< QuantumLeap 2 > Spirituality is a bunch of mental activity. It's searching and seeking. It's looking for answers somewhere else. It's looking for God to try to solve it for you. Oh dear! - this praying that humans do. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! (laughter) Now that is a funny joke on the angelic realms! Angels didn't invent prayer. Humans invented it so they could get out of doing it themselves, you see. Praying is a way of asking someone else to do it for you and they can't, ultimately. Even the angelic beings on our side, we can't do it for you. You can do it. It's such an important point.