Ascension Series 3 Q&A Session
Presented at the Crimson Circle October 13, 2001
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TOBIAS: And so it is, dear old friends who are Shaumbra. We come back into this circle to continue with your questions. (chuckling) We will attempt to give you answers. Now, we know the time is running out here. We will forgo our normal conversation that we have, for, in a way, we have said all that needs to be said on this day regarding Lesson 3. We have gone through all these materials. All the energy is already within you. So, with that, and knowing that your time runs out, we will go directly to the questions.


QUESTION: Tobias, why? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Now, if we were human philosophers, we would say, "Why not?" for that is the question. (audience laughter)

Why? … is such a good question, and it is about your journey. It is about your search. It is about your ascension. It is the question that has been asked by entities ever since we left Home. It is about your journey on Earth. Ever since you left Home there has been one basic thing - the search for God, the search for God. When you were in the void and creating this Second Creation, the real question was about where to find God, how to get back Home. As we all matured, we understood it was not about getting back Home. It was about creating something new. But, the search for God continued.

The Order of the Arc was created, it was to help define a very imbalanced energy, an energy that was searching for God. It was an answer to the question "why." It was about a venue and an experience that would enable you, and then ultimately us, to once again know God, but a different relationship than you had with the King and the Queen when you were Jack. The relationship now comes from within you. The relationship is yours to hold personally. It is about integrating your divinity.

Why? If you return to the story of Jack, you will recall that we chose our words very carefully. It was said that Jack was the prince, the son of the King and the Queen. One day he would inherit the throne. But, he wanted one last journey. Why? It was to understand how to bring the energy of Home, how to bring the energy of God, how to bring the divineness into you directly, into your experience and your being. Jack did not have ownership of this when he was in the Kingdom. In order to be a true creator, Jack needed to discover this on his own.

You have been searching for God ever since. You are beginning to understand the dynamics of this and how this works. It is difficult. It does not come so easy. Why? It is the fulfillment of a circle that started the moment Spirit contemplated Self and began a whole dynamic of new creation, of duality, and of experience. It is the completion of Spirit’s quest to know Self, to know of expression by living through experience.

And, why not? (audience laughter)


QUESTION: Tobias, now more than ever, we need to know about transmutation.

TOBIAS: That is indeed accurate. The first level of this was discussed on this day. The transmuting of energies comes when you address it, and when you have the wisdom to know that these energies, as insidious as they are… they want to be released. They want to be released to their highest, not your highest. That was the mistake of the third Lightworker, the woman who tried to heal and to try to process. These energies want to be released to their highest order.

The first lesson in transmutation is to ask what should be known. What are these energies searching to be released from? What do these energies represent? Why are they holding back? Why are they causing fear and darkness and terror and anger and all the rest of these emotions?

We will continue talking of this, as we said in a session like this not so long ago. We are still learning from you. We are still learning. We have watched you over these past weeks in particular. We are coming to understand how fear is transmuted, how it is worked with, not just from our theoretical standpoint, but also from the practical application on your Earth. And, then we are giving you back this information.

For the next several of our discussions with you, the next several lessons, we will continue this story of transmuting, of spinning, of evolving. Indeed, transmutation of energy is really evolving energy, evolving it. Each time you attempt to move to your next level… each time you attempt to take your next major steps, this causes the darkness to come forth. This causes the snake to appear on the road. The first level of transmuting is to ask "why." We thank you for this question, and we will continue discussing this. This is such an important, such a vital area that we will continue talking of it.


QUESTION: Tobias, ever since September 11, I have felt tremendous grief and tears overwhelm me at unexpected times. I don't know how to deal with it. What's happening? What can I do about it?

TOBIAS: You, dear one, all of you… you have become so sensitive, in particular in these past six months of time. You are opening up parts of your being. You are becoming so attuned to things. You are feeling the grief of humans around you. But remember it is not about you. It is not about you anymore. You are here now in service as a teacher.

You are feeling the energy of those who need your wisdom and your teachings. You are hearing and feeling the knocking on the door. It comes in the form of grief and emotion and anxiety and tears. You are feeling the pulse of humanity. At the same time you are being called to service. This is the knocking at the door that we have spoken of. This is the knocking at the door.

Now, when you understand that it is not just about you, it does not make the grief go away. It is not like you become insensitive at all, but at least you know how to balance that energy within. You can feel that the humans and that the Earth is grieving and going through difficulty. Then it is time to pause and ask within, "What is it now that I am being called to do?" And, you know the answer will come to you. It may come to you in ways that you do not so much expect, but it will come to you.

This is an excellent question. Understand it is because of the progress you are making. Understand there is also part of you that is a loving, caring human that feels compassion for everyone that is hurting. That is the thing we love about Shaumbra. You care about others deeply, sometimes to the point where you are not able to balance how it affects you. You care about others so deeply that you take on these burdens yourself. Have compassion. Have love and hope. Understand it is a calling now for you to do your work, the work that you have planned to do for thousands of years. We thank you.


QUESTION: Tobias, is there wisdom in the military actions currently being undertaken?

TOBIAS: That is yet to be decided. (audience laughter) As we see from our perspective, there was incredible wisdom… there is incredible balance in waiting for anything, even though there was immediate evidence about who perpetrated these events. There was a careful waiting period.

Now, in the story of Samuel, in his first encounter with the snake, he knows it is time to breathe in divinity and balance. Then there is an outside, unanticipated and surprising event that seems to intervene to protect him. Then, later he learns, by asking from within, what it is that he should do. He learns that he should address the snake. He asks why it’s there. He comes to understand that the snake truly wants to be released of the old ways.

Now, perhaps this will tell you that to be in a place of balance and strength is good. Understand that when you are, it is not even necessary to pull out your knife or your sword. There will be an event that comes in from the outside to help to rebalance the energy. As you remember, the second Lightworker, the one who pulled his knife in anger and was going to kill the snake… he was killed instantly. That should tell you something about the nature of imbalanced strength.

We do like telling stories of journeys on roads. We like that very much. (Archangel) Raphael is very big on that. As a matter of fact, we joke with him on this side and say, "That is only a story." He will always start out telling us stories with "there were three humans on the road… there was a human on the road." (audience laughter while Tobias is teasing Raphael) He always starts his stories as such. (more laughter, partly at how amused Tobias seems - yes, Tobias, sometimes we laugh at you, lovingly, of course)

But, that will tell you something about the balance that is necessary at this point. Understand that the darkness seeks release. Understand that it must be addressed, but addressed from a place of strength. Now, we are not going to even insinuate that we have the answers to this question. But we see directions. We see it is important to maintain strength, but yet continually ask the questions, continually ask these old forces, what you would call dark forces, terrorist forces… ask them what it is they seek, what it is they seek to release.

Push them with the unification of all the nations of your world. Push them to a table to talk. But, do you know what? That will be hard for them to do. But, if there is continual pressure, mounting pressure from all of your leaders and all of your nations, they will crumble to this. It will weaken them in the knees. Sitting down in a place of truth and a place of looking eye-to-eye will cause them to tremble.

We hear that from the three who have been with us today. They say that is about the last thing that this group wants. They want commotion. They want terrorism. They want to tear the fabric of the new energy. When they are called to truth at the table, this will ruin them. They will not know how to handle it. These are all just speculations on our part. The angry male, military-type of attitude, dear friends, could backfire if it's not in balance. It could backfire, as it did on our second Lightworker. Strength with love and wisdom is what is needed right now.


QUESTION: Tobias, my circle of friends and people I meet all want to pray for peace. I suggested they pray for full consciousness for everyone on the planet. I believe full consciousness is remembering who we truly are, pure love, so there can be only no room for anything else. Is this too simple?

TOBIAS: No, dear one, you are a wise one. You are a wise one. It makes us so delighted to see how far you have come. Now, let us talk about prayer for a moment here. When humans pray, particularly in groups, we would love to share with you what we see from our side. We see, at its core level, good trying to be done, but we see inappropriate energies. When we hear groups of humans praying at times, there is so much confusion and imbalance that we have to leap out of the way, to get out of the way of these prayers. Humans do not know for what they pray.

Cauldre… he thinks of these E-mails that he will get when we say these things, but (audience laughter) we must continue here. It is when there is a consciousness of balance. It is when you look within first. When all these events transpired (the terrorist attacks), we are not saying it was bad that the world prayed, but you should have heard some of the prayers that were being said! They did not make sense!

Do you know what is more powerful than the prayer? It is a hug! It is a hug given without asking for anything in return. It is a sharing of love and of energy. It is not trying to change or transform the person. It is trying to connect with them. When two energies that operate at different vibrations touch each other, there is a new, higher level of energy that is reached by both parties who have touched. When you hug each other, it is a simple expression of love. There is a transformation that changes both. No one person's energy should be considered lighter or stronger, better or worse. It is a connection that takes place.

Prayer is so misunderstood in your society. We challenge Shaumbra to begin looking into this to find the new way to pray. Humans are so attached to that word "pray," and we know they are shocked when we say it is not effective anymore. It is when you felt compassion, and when you had tears in your eyes, and you cared for another human… this is what made the difference in the measurement of energy. It was not the prayers that were said. It was what was felt in the heart.

The third Lightworker in our story today wanted to "process" the snake. She wanted to find the inner hurt child of the snake. This was imbalanced energy. She did not know what she was trying to heal. She had no earthly idea, but she thought she would heal the snake. She thought, as her own agenda, when she healed the snake, she would be the hero. She thought she was the healer, and the snake was simply the patient. That is not the way energy works. It is to understand why the snake is there in the first place. She did not understand that. She did not ask the question.

When you pray, you do not understand so much what you pray for. When you pray for peace, what does that look like? What is peace? If you pray for peace, but yet there is darkness that needs to be released, then it is glossed over. There is a sugar coating on peace, and it will not hold. That has been the problem in the area of your world called the Middle East. There is a sugar coating that is saying, "Let us shake hands and be friends." But, the moment they turn around, the snake arises within, for it has not been addressed. It has not been released.

When you pray for peace, what is it that you pray for? In a way, the agenda is, "Please, dear God, make my problems go away. I do not want to see them." It is about understanding the rising of consciousness. Each time the consciousness rises, the serpent will appear. But, it will become increasingly easier to deal with by saying, "Why are you in my path? I am Shaumbra. I stand strong and divine, and I demand to know what it is you seek." We thank you for this very enlightened question.


QUESTION: Last question. Tobias, you say to build new churches, but they aren’t churches. Then, why call them churches? Isn’t it just a new way of teaching "walk your walk and teach it?"

TOBIAS: Indeed, and we carefully chose that word. It can be used, in a sense, because it is a word that humans are familiar with, and they will understand it. It will make the transition somewhat easier for them. If you come up with another name, they will not so much understand, and they will think that you maybe come from a different planet. (audience laughter)

To use the word "church" is to show a new light, to show a new way for an energy that has already been established. It is also to cause humans to raise the eyebrow, and say, "And, this is a church?" That gives you the opportunity to say, "Yes, but it is new. It is without walls. It is without a book that is glorified. It is without worshiping an entity who we have never seen and perhaps never will."

The new church is about understanding the relationship with God from within. Ever since you left Home, you have been searching for God. The new church is you… the new church is you. This is where God and divinity can be found. We chose our words carefully, because the church is not the building or the structure. The church is the one who sits in front of you. The church is you. The search for God will end there. This is where you will come to know Spirit. This is when you will come to know Home.

We would like to have one more question asked at this time. (There was a long pause here while Linda searched for another question. Tobias said, after waiting a short time, accompanied by audience laughter, "We did not think it would be so difficult." Linda’s response: "You’re pleasing yourself with answering so many of them already.)


QUESTION: Tobias, last, last question. I know that Christ refers to a level of consciousness and is the same as Krishna consciousness, Buddha, etc., but there seems to be a difference between Yeshua Ben Joseph and Sananda.

TOBIAS: Indeed, there is. This provides us with an opportunity to talk about something that we wanted to address here, but the question was not asked, so we had to ask for the question to be asked. (much audience laughter and Tobias chuckling) Cauldre does not like so much when we outshine him! (more laughter)

There is the energy of Yeshua, who you could say was the being or the entity, an old friend who walked the Earth. This was his name and the energy imprint identified with it. Yeshua is part of a spiritual family. Now, human words sometimes are quite limiting. But, he is part of a spiritual family. You would say that it is the family of Sananda. Now, within the family of Sananda, there are many beings and many entities who carry this energy. Even on your Earth you have many Lightworkers, you have many Shaumbra who channeling Sananda. Does that mean they are channeling Yeshua? Not necessarily. Sananda is a broad family energy. It would be as if you had the name Smith. There is a broad family associated with this, but your name is Jim. This is the individual.

So, there is the family of Sananda that is indeed part of the Order of the Arc. It is - how to say… it has somewhat different attributes than the regular beings you know as archangels, but Sananda is a very unique energy within the Order of the Arc. Its members, its family members, tend to come to the Earth at certain times of major changes and major leaps of consciousness.

Now, that allows us to share with you what we wanted to. (audience laughter) I, Tobias, am one who walked the Earth thousands of years ago. I am one who is an old friend with you, back to the times of Atlantis. I have also walked with you in non-physical form, even in these past several thousand years.

But there is a grander, broader Tobias family energy. I am not just a dead human, or as Cauldre calls me, the "old Jew." (audience laughter) There is a much broader family energy. It is in direct lineage to the Order of the Arc. The Tobias family energy has been written recently by others as TO - BI - US. This is not so much an accurate interpretation. It energetically would sound - these are very difficult to translate - it would energetically sound like "To-ah-mus." But, you call it the family of "To-bee-us." This is a very broad, very large, very dynamic spiritual energy that I, Tobias, am part of, and you are part of. It is different than just the Crimson Council, for that is a group within this energy of "To-bee-us."

This group, this family that we are from, comes to Earth at specific times. We work closely with the Sananda energy, but we come in as the workers of change energy. We come in at times when there has been a major consciousness shift. This is the time to send in the seasoned energy workers. You are the ones who know how to take the change in consciousness - to take this etheric energy - and to help implant it, to help it move forward, to help it materialize.

We have been waiting for a while to discuss this, but dear friends, there is something much larger going on here than even what you recognize. There is more than this entity called "Tobias," sitting here with you. There is a much broader family energy that comes in when we talk. It is easier to address you as "Tobias," the human who walked the Earth, the one who has compassion and understanding, the one who has walked with you, who is your old friend. It is easier to address you through this energetic identity, rather than some - how to say - grand and broad and illustrious energy that comes direct from the Order of the Arc, because then we could not talk as closely and as personally as we do. So, I take on the identity of "Tobias" to be one on one with you. But, understand there is something far greater, far broader going on here. It is the very reason why you are here.


This is how we wanted to end our discussion on this day, but the question was not asked! We want you to understand the enormity of the work you do. You come in now at a consciousness change point. It is time for you to do your work. You will know what that is if you simply ask the question. We have now asked Cauldre to put into force the real purpose and the real meaning of the Crimson Circle, to be a place to nurture and support and to facilitate all of the work that you are doing, to be a central point to come to when you need guidance or love or just hugs.

We love you dearly.

And so it is.


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