< New Earth 2 > What you have created is a new energy called Hope. HOPE! Look at yourself and you will see that Hope is stronger than darkness. Hope is inner trust. Hope is the tie and connection back to Source, back to Love, back to the remembrance of the Oneness. Hope is the energy that allowed you to go this deep into duality to do the transformational work that you have done. It is a wonderful thing, this Hope. The Creator did not know of Hope before you created it. It will be brought, this energy of Hope, into what we have called the Second Creation. It will be a foundation that will stands right next to Love and Truth in the Second Creation. Love, Truth … and Hope.

< New Earth 5 > There is an energy that you as humans created. It will be one of the core energies of what we call the Second Creation. It is the energy of HOPE that you created. In spite of the duality, in spite of the hardships and the struggles, in spite of reality wanting to turn you off of your true path. You created and held an energy of HOPE. HOPE - difficult to describe that word. HOPE. It is not blindness. It is not numbness. It is knowingness.

< New Earth 5 > And in this Second Creation, in this new creative event that is happening all over, that is evidenced in other parts of your universe, there are foundation energies that are being placed there from the very work that you have done on Earth. Those foundation energies at this time are LOVE, TRUTH, and HOPE. And these foundation energies for the Second Creation come from the very work that you do here. And you wonder why, oh, why it is, that we gather here today to honor you, and to love you, and to ask you to continue your journey.

< New Earth 8 > Blessed are the humans who came here, who have endured lifetime after lifetime, under the veil, through the spiritual amnesia, through the difficulties, but yet have persevered, who have been guided by hope, by love.

< New Earth 10 > My friends, the work that you have done has had an effect. It has changed not only this universe and reality, but it has created the energy and template for the next creation. Each of you is blessed. Each of you is dear. The dearest of energies is Hope. As we have said before, it is not what we had expected. We had expected you to come to understandings of Love and of Truth, but Hope is a new energy that humans created. Hope is what keeps you going through the darkest of the dark.