darkness / dark force

an aspect of oneness in duality;  mirror of light;  shadow;  divinity;
opposing force
;  resistance;  negative force;  evilfearwound;  suffering;

< New Earth 2 > You are confronted with fears in situations that relate back to your early years where there may have been, what you term, dysfunction and imbalance. At times you would prefer to hide and not to face those situations, but yet you choose to walk through them. You choose to face the demons, for that is your path. It is the path of energy transmutation. You take what was fear, what was darkness, what was void and transmute it into love.

< New Earth 2 > You have lived for many lifetimes not knowing who you are. You have lived in duality. You have lived with the constant conflict of light and dark, of good and bad, of void and love. You have lived in this so long that you accept the dualities as reality. You accept the two faces of the mirror. You have forgotten what the Oneness is like. You have lived, for all of the days of your life on earth, with the dynamics of opposites. What you would call the light and the dark. No matter how, my friends, no matter how hard you tried to move to the light - to be only in the light - there was always the shadow. There was always the darkness that was there with you.

< New Earth 9 > Now we move to the third area, that which we call the emotions. Now your emotions, my friends, have been an interesting substitute for Spirit. As you know, you have not carried your full spiritual potential with you in your physical body on your side of the veil. So your emotions have been a substitute, in a way, for Spirit. In the new energy your emotions will be a driving force for you. They will allow responses to take place. Your emotions, what comes from your inner being, your desires, will cause action and reaction. Now your emotions in the past have been used to play out dramas. Your emotions have been used to feel things, to understand joy, to understand darkness.

< New Earth 10 > Understand that what you have felt for so many years of your lifetime, the dark entities around you, has been true. Just as your own guides and angels left your energy in these past months, my friends, there was a counter to those. You could call them your "dark angels." They were there. For indeed you do not think you were simply a being of light? You are a being of All That Is! And certainly as much as your guides and angels were with you, there was a balance. There were the "dark angels." They now walk past. For all the harm and all the grief and terror and fear and death and destruction that they brought to you over the period of lifetimes, they file past. You watch them in amazement, for in spite of the darkness they brought to your lives, there is a ring of light, an aura around them, an aura of love.

< New Earth 11 > It was a template for the human at that time, the human that was walking through much darkness and much change. It is a powerful symbol that you carry within you, as is Excaliber, the Sword of Truth. As we said earlier, we have worked with you before and brought you the energies previously. We have specifically brought you back to Camelot and specifically reminded you of the energy of Excaliber. It is shaumbra. It is who you are.

< Creator 11QA > Conversely, dear friends, when there is sex and it does not involve love; and when there is sex that involves control or abuse of another; when there is dominance from one to the other and there is addiction to this; this also attracts energy. It does not attract the type of Angels and entities that you like to work with. It attracts ones that are rather earthbound, ones whose energy you would not like so much. You would call it "dark." They will converge around this controlling type of sex and they will be fed the energy from that also. Again, we caution the use of terms here for we talk in symbols many times. But in that type of sex, in that type of situation, an energy is produced that would feed what you would call the dark entities.

< Ascension 3 > We want you to understand some of the terminology. We are limited, in a sense, by your human languages. We want you to understand first that there is a difference between "void" and "creation." There is a difference also between "light" and "dark." When you left Home, to create the Second Creation, you went into the void. This was not dark. This was not evil. It was nothing. It was so "nothing" that not even darkness existed. You went into void, into consciousness that had never been gone into before, in order to create something new out of nothing.

< Ascension 3 > There are some interesting physics involved here. How do you create something out of nothing? That is what your whole journey has been about. The void is not dark. It is not bad or evil. It is the void. By its very nature of being nothing, when a force (positive energy) is applied within it, there will also be a resistance (negative energy) to it. This is duality at the spiritual physics level. When you go into nothing and interject an element into it, there will be an opposing force. This does not make that opposing force bad or wrong. It simply is.

< Ascension 3 > Now, today we will speak of darkness. Understand that this is not a bad thing. We are not placing judgment on it, but it is a type of opposing force that is part of the natural spiritual physics. When a group energy decides to move forward, there is a natural response for another group to go backwards.

< Ascension 3 > Now, we have been asked if there are dark forces on our side of the veil. It is an interesting question, difficult to answer in human words, but we will attempt to define this. We do not look at it with the type of judgment that you do. But there are entities and even groups or families on our side of the veil that are also resisting change. They are very comfortable with the power that they have. They do not want to lose that power. They fear they will lose their identity if they give up any of their power, so they tend to become isolated. They tend to cluster together in packs. They tend to go off on their own. They like to establish their own energetic empires. Now, these same beings at times get tired of being with themselves, so they go out and try to take energy from others. They try to steal energy.

< Ascension 3 > On our side of the veil, there are levels that are not affected by the dark. For instance, at the vibrational level of Yeshua. When these levels are attacked, it simply passes through them. It is like water flowing in a river. It flows in. It flows out. At levels on our side of the veil, the attacks by the dark have no effect at all. There are those here who are in such a place of balance and harmony that they cannot be affected by the others.

< Ascension 3 > The darkness tends to feed on lower vibration areas. They tend to try to take energy from entities that have an imbalance. This can create wars and conflict - yes, even on our side of the veil. We tend to - how to say - we use a word here to be funny, not to be judgmental… these are the "bottom feeders." (audience laughter) They like to literally hang around at the levels closer to Earth, not in human form but in energetic form. This is what you call the "fourth dimension." This is somewhat of an imbalanced and confused state. We do not like defining dimensions so much, but this is a term you are familiar with. So, these bottom feeders on our side of the veil will tend to hang out in these areas.

< Ascension 3 > So, the darkness on this side of the veil is much like the darkness on Earth. For instance, when a tree is imbalanced, the insects will come in to help clear the imbalance. When a part of your being that is imbalanced, it will go into disease. It is part of the natural clearing process. Energetic imbalance will attract energies that help clear it.

< Ascension 3 > He is the one you know as Archangel Raphael. Raphael now enters the space you are in, radiant and beaming, sending his energy out to each of you. His energy should feel familiar to you. Raphael walks with you, particularly in the difficult parts of your journey. He has been walking with you lately. We jokingly refer to Raphael as the Archangel of Fear. Raphael is one who works with you to transmute the energies of darkness and fear. He walks with you during the most difficult of times. Raphael helps you transmute energies that are difficult or uncomfortable.

< Ascension 3 > Raphael stands strong and noble. Indeed, he is an old friend. You asked him to be on the other side of the veil to you connect with when you became a human. You can connect with Raphael at any time to help transmute fear, to help transmute darkness. Raphael makes his presence known throughout this entire room, spreading his energy, letting you know he is here.

< Ascension 3 > This is a snake, who represents your own fears and your own darkness. This snake slithers in on the floor to coil up next to you during the remainder of our time here together. This snake represents your own darknesses, your own fears. Remember that first, the energy of Rafael filled this room. We know there are a few who are somewhat uncomfortable and are now asking, "Oh, Tobias, we thought you were our old friend! And now you bring snakes in to sit by us! What type of meeting is this?" (audience laughter)

< Ascension 3 > To his questions, the snake responded, "Dear Samuel, I am you. I am no different from you. I am not some external reptile. I am your darkness, and I come here today to stand in your path because you, Samuel, do not like change. You, Samuel, have issues that need addressing. I am here as a messenger to help you bring your issues to the surface." Samuel thought for a moment and then asked the snake, "But if it is so simple, if it is so simple, then why did the first snake kill and scare the other humans? Why couldn’t you just come to us and explain why you are here?"

< Ascension 3 > So Samuel now understood his own power, his own balance, and he understood why the snake had been sent there in the first place. They talked for many, many, many hours. Samuel learned much through this experience about himself. He saw the darkness and the fears that were within him, expressed through the snake. When they were done, Samuel said to the snake, "I still do not like you. I still do not like when you show up on my path. I still do not like what you represent. But, now I know that you come bearing a gift. Now I know there is a reason for your being, and now I know how to address you and what to do."

< Ascension 3 > The darkness is the snake that sits at your feet right now. It is the snake from the story of Samuel. The darkness within seeks release. As you move into your new ascension status, there are still issues. There are still the imbalances. They will appear, but understand, as Samuel came to understand, that the darkness, at its core level, are issues and energies within you that seek release. That is all.

< Ascension 3 > If you hold an imbalance of fear within you, the darkness will cause you to go scampering back to the village where you came from. If you hold fears and you allow them to let you forget everything you’ve learned, to shake you to the core, you will run backwards to the village, back to your security. This snake of fear and darkness that scared you away did not get what he came for. He was trying to scare you, but in reality he was really looking to be addressed.

< Ascension 3 > The darkness seeks release. It has insidious ways of doing this. It has damaging and crippling ways of doing it. But go straight to the core and understand that the darkness within you seeks to be released. You will then understand the events in the world around you. You will understand what is happening with the current situation in your world. (Bringing issues and imbalances of inside to the surfice.) The darkness seeks to be released!

< Ascension 3 > Now, let us take a look at the third Lightworker, the healer woman. Her objective was to change the snake. She wanted to process the snake. The snake wanted to be released, but not in that way. The snake didn’t want to be changed to fit a certain mold. The snake doesn’t want sympathy. The snake didn’t want some sugary type of healing that really only works on the surface. The snake was hurting within, the darkness within you. The snake wants real, direct and true answers, and energies from you. It does not need some fluffy type of healing.

< Ascension 3 > When the darkness comes up, and the fear comes up, and the snake comes up within you, own your divinity. Breathe it in. Stay in your balance. Do not try to change something that you do not quite yet understand. Do not try to kill it. Do not run away in fear. Hold and own your divinity. Ask the darkness within you why it is there, what needs to be released. There is an imbalance of energy within you that needs addressing. Perhaps there was an old remorse. You do not need to go back into lifetime after lifetime to know exactly what it is. That would be a waste of time and energy. But, there is perhaps an old remorse or guilt. Or perhaps it is part of a wisdom that it is not fully complete, so it stands in imbalance within you. The snake will come forward at the appropriate time to let you know that there is something within that needs to be released.

< Ascension 3 > Energy, spiritual energy, is an amazing thing. We know you are beginning to study it. The group that went to England and stood in the vortex of Avebury experienced it. It is still affecting their circuits. It is still affecting their health and their tissues and their spiritual energies. They stood in the middle of one of the most powerful vortexes in the world that was filled with energy that needed to be released, darkness that needed to be released. They understand now its power and its capability. Within you is the same - energies that need to be released.

< Ascension 3 > When darkness comes to you on the path of enlightenment and ascension, own your divinity. Hold it. Breathe in and ask what it is you should know. And understand all the time this is about releasing and transmuting an old energy.

< Ascension 3 > Look into the world at this time. There are old energies that need to be released, old energies that need addressing. They don’t come forward, and say, "We are hurting inside. Tell us what we need to do to release." It does not work like that. As Cauldre calls this type of energy, whether it is within you or in the outside world… it is like "spiritual cockroaches." They go, and they hide. They hide within you, these darknesses, these snakes. They are hiding in caves. They represent an old energy of Earth that needs to be released. You must address them with strength. You must address in balance; otherwise it will backfire on you.

< Ascension 3 > As you go through these many, many changes, and as you personally evolve, there will be imbalances that come up from within you. Address these. Understand at their core level they want to be released. When they are, there is an energy of the darkness that spins the light. Do you know this is another basic law of spiritual physics? When the energy from the dark is released, it then spins the light. This allows you to soar to new heights. It allows you to discover new things on your path to ascension. It is like a fuel. It is there in service to you. But if you do not release it correctly, it does have the tendency to explode in your face.

< Ascension 3QA > When you pray, you do not understand so much what you pray for. When you pray for peace, what does that look like? What is peace? If you pray for peace, but yet there is darkness that needs to be released, then it is glossed over. There is a sugar coating on peace, and it will not hold. That has been the problem in the area of your world called the Middle East. There is a sugar coating that is saying, "Let us shake hands and be friends." But, the moment they turn around, the snake arises within, for it has not been addressed. It has not been released.

When you pray for peace, what is it that you pray for? In a way, the agenda is, "Please, dear God, make my problems go away. I do not want to see them." It is about understanding the rising of consciousness. Each time the consciousness rises, the serpent will appear. But, it will become increasingly easier to deal with by saying, "Why are you in my path? I am Shaumbra. I stand strong and divine, and I demand to know what it is you seek."

< Ascension 4 > But now, dear friends, if you dare, let it go - all at once. Let that old energy that has been making you ill… let it be transformed. Not healed, not changed, not hidden under a rug, and not destroyed - but transformed. Energy can only be transformed. Humans want to change things and heal things or run from things. You remember our story of a month ago of the four lightworkers and the snake. Energy can only be transformed. It can only be placed in a spiraling motion that raises it to a new level. The transformation receives its energy when you release the old ways, when you release the darkness and the fear.

< Ascension 4 > And, as we have been speaking here, we can see the changes occurring within so many of you. We can see a swirling, spiraling energy. This is the indication of transformation that is taking place in this very room. When each of you walk from this place, or for those who are reading when you put your book down, you will notice something different. When you walk out of these doors, the world will appear slightly different to you. You are releasing the darkness within. You are transforming it. Remember the words that we say on this day. You will no longer heal, and you will no longer change. It is transformation.

< Ascension 8 > To deny your duality of the energies of both the white and the dark marble… to deny that is to deny part of who you are. You will go into energetic imbalance, and you will not be very happy. It is a balance of these elements that is so important - and so important right now. You have an intense fear of the darkness. But, you have been there. You have played in it. You have gone to the depths of it, even in this lifetime, and certainly in other lifetimes.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, embrace all aspects. We understand that the light, and the dark, and the neutral serve a purpose. We embrace all of the things we have done in the past, whether we have judged them to be light or dark. We embrace all of the things of other humans that we meet along the path. We understand some of them are playing out old roles, old karma. We embrace them. We do not judge them. We understand where they are on their jouney. We understand that the darkness also serves the light, also creates the new experience. We embrace all elements… light, dark, neutral, and everything in between. For, in this completeness of energy, we truly then know we are Divine Humans.

< DivineHuman 5 > The changes you made by facing the darkness within you, by facing your fears, by releasing old wounds… these changes have changed your world to the point where you did not need to go through any sort of catastrophe or termination. The work that you have done within yourself is the true work. The work you have done internally has changed people all around you. It has prevented what could have been very catastrophic Earth changes.

< NewEnergy 4 > You think because of some of the - how to say - your perception of destruction and chaos, of working with the dark forces… you think that is something to be shameful of. You have carried that wound with you for so long. Some of you here allowed yourself to be enlisted by the dark forces. Oh, your movies (referring to the Star Wars movies) depict it so well. You go over to the dark side. You work for them because of your anger. And, then you feel guilty about it, and you make yourself suffer. We are talking about events that took place a long, long time ago, in a place far, far away. But, dear friends, it was only a breath away.

< NewEnergy 6 > Imagine sitting in a space so safe that you can unshackle your mind, where you don't have to fight within your mind anymore. You can have the realization that there are many aspects to your mind, to your personality, to yourself. They don't have to fight with each other or compete with each other. You don't have to have some little tyrant controlling your life… you see. You don't have to have some dark side of you that you are afraid of anymore.

< NewEnergy 10 > Sometimes we do - how to say - tend to ramble a bit at the end of our Shouds, because we are simply waiting for - how to say - waiting for the appropriate amount of energy to be delivered to you… and then also to allow us to bring back an appropriate amount from you… energies that you have released from yourself, Old Energies, or what you would call negative energies you don't need anymore. It takes us a bit of time to gather these up so they are not cluttering your Now realities, so they are not in your way. So, yes, the angels with brooms come in and sweep up around you (some laughter), much like when you go to get a haircut - you loose something you don't need anymore.

< NewEnergy 11QA > There will be a group of Shaumbra and soon many, many others who are going to allow this very simple process to take place, the coming back together, the resolution of the elements. As it was shared with this group earlier today, the darkness is not what it appears to be and neither is the light. These are values… these are judgments that have been placed on the energies… the darkness having taken on all of the negative attributes… all of the things that you didn't want… all of the things you are afraid to look at. All of the fears were all put and burdened onto the darkness. If you were to clear all of these negative energies and perceptions away, you would find that the dark is not what you think it is. The negative is not what you think it is at all. It has beauty. It has depth. It is the reflection. It is part of the Creator energy.

< NewEnergy 12 > The OH energy has taken on all of the attributes of "dark," all of the attributes of "negative," all of the attributes of the pain in honor and compassion for the AH energy. The OH energy has allowed itself to be separated in consciousness from the AH energy because the AH energy couldn't bear to look at it any longer. Because the darkness was being absorbed within the OH energy, it became burdened. It became crippled. It became ugly. It became vile in the eyes of the AH. Dear friends, what we are talking about here is the separation of light and dark, the reality of what light and dark energies are. They are nothing like humanity understands them to be right now.

< NewEnergy 12 > Humanity continues to battle light and dark. Humanity continues to try to annihilate the dark. Humanity continues to try to dump all of what it doesn't love about itself in the darkness, in the OH energy. Humans, individual humans, do this to themselves. Everything they fear… everything they reject… everything they deny about themselves is dumped into the OH energy. And, the OH has taken on this role, taken on this whole role of the darkness. And, as you know, then the human thinks that they have to battle the dark. They have to annihilate the dark. They have to get rid of the dark. But, Shaumbra, as you already know, it cannot be done. It is all part of the same (the mirror for each other).

< NewEnergy 12 > Take a moment to look at the OH energy, the dark energy. It isn't what it appears to be at all. Humanity, individual humans continue to fight the light and dark within themselves. This provides a barrier, a wall, which prevents them from integrating everything of who they truly are. It prevents them from truly living in the New Energy. By separating the light and the dark within themselves, it prevents them from experiencing the joys and the miracles that life offers. Dear friends, we ask you to take a moment with us. Look beyond the obvious of the darkness, of the OH energy. Let us feel the compassion that this energy has had, the lover who would do anything for you.

< NewEnergy 12 > All energy seeks resolution. And, in this moment the darkness seeks to be released from the role that it has played within you. It seeks to be released as the dumping grounds… the demon… the bad and the evil… the unacknowledged… and the hated. It has carried this burden for so very long now. It wants to come back to you. It wants to love you in a whole new way. It wants to be in love with you in a whole new way. It is not at all what you have thought it was. All energy seeks resolution. And, what you have called the "dark"… the "negative"… the "bad"… is simply part of you.

< NewEnergy 12 > Dear friends, THE DARKNESS IS YOUR DIVINITY. It has been hidden away. It has been hidden away for so very long. Oh, yes, indeed, the divine IS the darkness. That will give you all something to ponder for a long, long time.

< NewEnergy 12 > But, in this safe energy that we are all sharing together, I want you to take a whole new look at what AH and OH truly are. OH - the divinity that loved you so very much that it took on all of your burdens and pains, all of your darkness - it seeks resolution. It wants to come back right now. It wants to stop playing the game of AH and OH, and simply be the unified tone within you. OH seeks to come back.

< NewEnergy 12 > OH… and you have been calling out for it for so very long. But, you were denying what was there, weren't you. Calling out to your divinity, "Where, oh, where is it? Where is the golden angel? Where is the God within? Why has my divinity… why has my God forsaken me? Why am I alone here on Earth? Why don't I hear the voice of Spirit?" Dear friends, it has been there all the time. It is the OH. It is what you have labeled the darkness, the negative. It has been your spiritual landfill for everything you didn't like about yourself. It is time to let that go now.

< NewEnergy 12 > It is the Shadow that has always been there, dear friends, always closer to you than anything else… the Shadow that you have been afraid of for so many times… the Shadow that you didn't want to look at because there were parts of yourself you wanted to deny, that you wanted to reject, that you didn't love. Oh, the OH loved you so much that it took all of this on with the greatest compassion, the greatest compassion ever, ever imagined. OH took on every imbalance, every bit of suffering, every bit of self-loathing, and self-doubt. You've dumped it there, and the love of OH, hidden by the veil of darkness, has held it so that you could continue experiencing.

< NewEnergy 12 > The Shadow has always been there. As we told a group some six months ago, think about it in these terms. A shadow can only exist when light shines upon a unique spiritual identity - you. When the light of Home and the source of God shine upon your soul, your individual being, it casts a shadow. Those beings who have no soul have no shadow. It is only you who were given the gift of true spiritual identity and creatorship. It is only you that has a shadow.

< NewEnergy 12 > Let us embody the OH and the AH. Let us release old mental thinking and images of what darkness was and what divinity was. Let us let it all flow together in this safe and sacred space. This is where the healing of the soul is right here, right now, dark and light back together.

< Embodiment 1 > While you were doing your thing, not conscious of other things going on around you, the energy of the OH, the holder of the darkness, your divinity, wants to share with you what it was doing… you see. Oh, it wasn't doing it here on Earth so much. It wasn't doing it in any part of the physical universe that you know. The energy of the OH was embracing you the entire time. It was living through other experiences for you, other potentials for you, things… oh, my dear, dear friends, things that you could not possibly imagine in your mind. It only can be imagined in your soul, in your divinity, in your full expression of you.

< Embodiment 1 > Yeshua went off into the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. And, you went with him on a level of your own. You were there with Yeshua. You were there to take a look at what the darkness really was and wasn't, for up until then it was not so much understood. Yes, it was portrayed as these demons. Oh, they were given names, and they were given their own identities. They were bad excuses for things humans didn't like about themselves. As much as they would put the energy of the almighty into outside gods, into idols, and many, many gods, they would also put the energies of what they didn't like about themselves into all of these demons and into this entity called Satan and Lucifer.

< Embodiment 1 > And, so Yeshua went off into the desert to take a look at what felt right to him, at what was real. He didn't battle the devil. There came the understanding that the devil was part of him. There came the understanding that there had to be some type of reason for it. It wasn't put there as a test to him. It wasn't put there to make him feel any less human or any less angelic. Why was it there? What was this darkness? And, indeed, Yeshua - and all of you at that time - came to the realization that the darkness was everything that was rejected by the human self. The darkness was everything that was rejected by the spirit self.

< Embodiment 3QA > Indeed, this fullness that you speak of in the body, and particularly the physical body, is what we have discussed several months ago when we said, "As you learn to re-embrace what you have called the darkness, in other words, that compassionate side of yourself that has held all of the negativity, you will feel a fullness in your body because you are filling it back up with everything that you are." As you release the Old stories from past lives - or even this lifetime - you will feel more of a fullness, an aliveness in your body because they are coming back to fill the empty spaces.

It is interesting - some of you have such empty spaces in your biological body. And, you try to fill them with food. And, then you wonder at times why you gain weight. But, there is an emptiness within you. And, you are experiencing what it is like to have a full body. Some humans… they complain about this; they don't understand it. There is some confusion with it. They don't understand how empty they are until they start to fill up again. It is a whole new sensation as you understand in the body to feel it once again, you see. You feel aches and pains, Shaumbra, but you don't really feel your body because it has been empty for quite a while.

< Embodiment 6 > Only when it (old issue) is embodied can it be released. Do you understand? Things that you deny, things that you hate will follow you around. Things that you embody and bring in fully into your reality and love and admire, even if they were dark - and remember what darkness truly is - only when they are embodied can they be released. When they are released, the energy serves you in a whole New way.

< Clarity 3 > So, some of you like to go out and play with evil. You like to say, "I'm going to go shine my light in evil." You are playing with an energy that, first of all, is mocking you because you are unbalanced to the light when you start doing that. You can be unbalanced to the light and to the dark, you know. You can be so naive and innocent of things that you can be unbalanced to the light. It is the integration of the two. Some of you say, "But, Tobias, you say that the darkness is simply my divinity." It is YOUR divinity, not others. They haven't recognized that yet.

< Clarity 3 > So, the evil, this dark, dark energy, is very smart and very experienced in this whole process of capturing energy, hypnotizing it - what term you would use - "enslaving" it. Evil enslaves through torture of the physical body, one of the easiest ways to take energy from another, sexually the very easiest. Many of you have been enslaved - or still are - because of sexual abuse. It started a long time ago; it wasn't just in this lifetime. It started a long time ago. You have been held slave to it ever since.

< Clarity 5QA > Darkness is a natural occurring energy that is part of the duality reality. It is an energy that is - how to say - literally is part of the whole but helps the light understand itself. There is no bad in the darkness. It is just an opposing force. It actually works in harmony with what you would call the light.

What you now term as evil, we say would be the unbalanced or the imbalanced darkness. Evil is when you take the energy to an extreme, and you literally try to shut out its partner, the light. It becomes obsessed with itself and - how to say - it believes in only itself. It becomes very centered in self, and it begins to twist and distort its relationship with the light. In a sense, it will deny the light in order to pump itself up.

As much as you have the imbalanced energy of the dark called "evil," you have an imbalanced energy of the light as well, believe it or not. There is an energy of light that denies the darkness, that finds comfort and joy only in itself, that pretends it's the beginning and the end, and that wants to take everything for itself. That is also an imbalance. Just like evil is to dark, there is this other side of the light.

It is about understanding that the two - lightness and dark - both have a right to exist. And, both work together in harmony in a duality scenario. Once you move out of duality you don't any longer have the opposing forces of light and dark, and therefore evil cannot be present in total pure New Energy.

< Clarity 6 > Darkness can be called many other names, negative. It can be called the feminine energy. It can be called the "other" energy, the "other side," whatever name you want to give it. It is just part of the equation. It could be the "zero" compared to the "one" of lightness. Or, it could be the "one" compared the "zero." The darkness and the light in the purest sense are not locked into their energy structures. They change… you see. They change back and forth - darkness to light. They change their personalities (white and blak marble).

< Clarity 6 > So, the question was asked - darkness versus evil. And, we said darkness is a natural state of being. It is part of duality. It is a dimension in itself. It is the partner and the lover of the light. And, they switch rolls back and forth. Evil - which some of you know would be "live" spelled backwards - evil is an imbalanced dark, where there is so much focus on the dark, and so much focus on - what you would call - energies of perhaps anger… or hate… or emptiness… lack of love… however you want to define it. It is an imbalanced dark. It is putting a focus on the dark and trying to ignore the light.

< Clarity 6 > The dark is simply asking to be acknowledged… you see. Now, this is a tough issue for some because of the overlay of dark. Dark has gotten a bad rap… you see… from, yes, from the churches, from everything. You can't be dark. Dark is often equated with evil. And, it's not. It's simply an imbalanced version, unstable version, of darkness. There is nothing wrong with darkness.

< Clarity 6 > Now, several years ago at our annual Shaumbra gathering, we talked about that darkness is your divinity. It was the toughest one we ever had to get through Cauldre and a few of you, opening up to say that the darkness is simply the companion of the light. It neither is right nor wrong. They have been lovers. They have been mates. They have filled in for each other. They have been the mirrors that have allowed you to look at who you are.

< Clarity 6 > They're expressions. The dark helps to spin the light, Shaumbra. It moves the light. The light helps to illuminate new areas, but it takes the dark to spin it. It takes the dark to ground it. We are not talking about dark/evil, dark/bad, dark/violent. We're talking about the core energies. Every once in a while, as we explained a long time ago, the dark and the light trade roles (black and white marble)… you see. The light says, "I want to experience now what it is like to be the dark." And, dark wants to experience the illumination of the light. So, they switch roles.

< Clarity 8 > Fear, at its core level, is just energy. It is just energy. It has been assumed to be bad energy. Fear is such an overlay right now that it literally stops people in their tracks. It causes them to do things they wouldn't normally do. Fear is this… well, just feel the energy of fear for a moment. Fear is the demon. Fear is the destroyer. Fear is the darkness and the unknown, at least in the concept or the overlays that you have right now. But when you really feel into it, fear is just energy. That's all it is.