< New Earth 11 > Now about your new place. It is, my friends, what you could call the New Camelot. It is appropriate on this night that there was the discussion of Excaliber. You know, in your lore, in your stories, and to a degree in your true history, the place that was called Camelot was built in a new energy of that time.

< New Earth 11 > Camelot at that time represented the new energy of the human who was learning of themselves, who was learning at the time of their relationship with God and Spirit. Camelot, as described in your books, existed in several places. It existed on your Earth. It also existed in a dimension outside of your Earth, but close by (near realm). Each of you here, each of you reading this, has visited Camelot as described in the old books, not necessarily the one on the isles on this Earth. You have each visited a Camelot of other dimensions.

< New Earth 11 > It was a template for the human at that time, the human that was walking through much darkness and much change. It is a powerful symbol that you carry within you, as is Excaliber, the Sword of Truth. As we said earlier, we have worked with you before and brought you the energies previously. We have specifically brought you back to Camelot and specifically reminded you of the energy of Excaliber. It is shaumbra. It is who you are.

< DivineHuman 7 > When you feel what is out there, you will realize your physical universe is quite empty. But, all of the universes, the layers that exist in and around it, are quite full. Out there in these multi-dimensional states so many of the human experiences and journeys are worked on. For instance, the legend of Camelot and King Arthur that so many of you are so fond of, did not really so much happen here on Earth, we are sorry to say. But, it happened in the other dimensions. It happened in the energies surrounding this place you know as Arcturus. It was lived out there, not in human physical form, but the whole reality, and the concept, and the energies behind it were acted out there.

< DivineHuman 7 > There was a King Arthur, and a Guenevere, and a Merlin, and all of the other characters. Dear friends, this was so important, so symbolic of a time of a change.
You were the actors in that play. When you weren't acting, you were helping behind the scenes. At other times you would sit out in the audience, and you watched the legend of King Arthur and the story of Camelot unfold. And, it did happen there. It did happen.

< DivineHuman 7 > It was a script that was not written in advance. We did not know, and you did not know the end of the story. In a sense, you could say that the story of King Arthur continues in these other dimensions. The story never ended. It continues. You go back there from time to time to reconnect. Many of those energies were brought here to Earth by you because you had been involved in the story.

< NewEnergy 1 > So, the energies of Camelot join the energies of Yeshua - interesting combination here today - and Buddha, Moses, and Mohammed to hand you the baton… not to leave you alone, dear friends… for as we always say, "You are never alone"… but to say, "It is time for you now to carry this seed of Christ consciousness even further for those who are ready. These masters… they were ones who helped to spread the Christ consciousness. This was not just about Yeshua. Within Buddha was the consciousness of Christ… and within Mohammed… within Moses indeed… many others. But, now it is up to you.

< Embodiment 4 > Many of you are holding energies from the Arthurian times… King Arthur and Camelot and Merlin. You are holding this so that magic comes back once again. We talked about magic recently in the land of Slovenia. We explained exactly what magic is. We brought in the energies of Merlin. We talked about Camelot. We talked about how all of this can be integrated into your day-to-day life. We talked about the fact that magic is nothing more than a belief system that you get other people to buy into. And, Cauldre says here that the tape will be available soon.

< Returning 10 > I'd like to invite in the energies of Camelot into our group today - King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and all of the rest of cast and characters. It's an archetypical energy, meaning that it's an example. It's a way to help us discover. We all have a bit of King Arthur in us, even though there was what you would call a real King Arthur - oh, fictionalized and fablelized now of course - but there was this entity, both here on Earth and in the other realms. It's a very, very important story for humanity.

< Returning 10 > Arthur unified his country; he unified himself. They were looking for a leader. They were looking for the wars to end, the battles to end. They wanted somebody that would guide them into Camelot, into a new consciousness, just like every part of you.