near realm / earthbound dimension

near earth realm;
the non-physical realms that surround the Earth;
the fourth or fifth dimention; ≒hell;

< New Earth 10 > Many entities have been waiting for you, the aspect of your soul that exists in this lifetime and in the Now. They have been waiting for you to open, to allow the seed of Christ to germinate and to come forth. They have been, as you would say, Earth-bound (existing in the near earth realm). They have not been able to fully return Home until you, the human in this lifetime, the human that sits here, came to the point of finding the Lost Child of Christ within.

< New Earth 10QA > There are entities that, because of their belief system and because mostly of the guilt that they remain in what you would call a very dark or very depressed state. There are entities, my friends, from your previous lives that are like that, that are in a sense trapped. When you leave this Earth, there is a portion of that personality from that lifetime that can remain in the energetics of Earth (near realm), even while your more pure self, or Truer Self, returns to the room referred to (heaven). A portion of you, a portion of your soul, can remain behind. When we took you through the exercise earlier this night of having the dead awaken and come for the judgement, which was simply you, thanking them and them thanking you. This is part of the process that you are going through  Eto release those lifetimes that are held in that type of energy limbo (hell). Indeed they want to be released from that but do not know how. Indeed it is truly only you that can release them. As we have said before, even Spirit cannot. It is you that must offer this to them. With the enlightenment that you and the others here have you now have the capability to do this, to release your past lives, to allow them to walk through the tunnel of ascension.

< New Earth 11 > Camelot at that time represented the new energy of the human who was learning of themselves, who was learning at the time of their relationship with God and Spirit. Camelot, as described in your books, existed in several places. It existed on your Earth. It also existed in a dimension outside of your Earth, but close by (near realm). Each of you here, each of you reading this, has visited Camelot as described in the old books, not necessarily the one on the isles on this Earth. You have each visited a Camelot of other dimensions.

< Ascension 1 > Your strange dreams lately? That is because the veil is not thick any more. You are seeing into other dimensionalities. The strange feelings of imbalance that you have had - one foot in and one foot out - that is exactly what is happening. The veil around you is becoming thinner. It is becoming thinner, and therefore, you are going through new sensations, new feelings, the restless nights, because you are hearing things now when you are quieted. You are hearing more noises around you, both in the Earth dimension and the ones close by.

< Ascension 3 > Now, we have been asked if there are dark forces on our side of the veil (near realm). It is an interesting question, difficult to answer in human words, but we will attempt to define this. We do not look at it with the type of judgment that you do. But there are entities and even groups or families on our side of the veil that are also resisting change. They are very comfortable with the power that they have. They do not want to lose that power. They fear they will lose their identity if they give up any of their power, so they tend to become isolated. They tend to cluster together in packs. They tend to go off on their own. They like to establish their own energetic empires. Now, these same beings at times get tired of being with themselves, so they go out and try to take energy from others. They try to steal energy.

< Ascension 3 > The darkness tends to feed on lower vibration areas. They tend to try to take energy from entities that have an imbalance. This can create wars and conflict - yes, even on our side of the veil. We tend to - how to say - we use a word here to be funny, not to be judgmental… these are the "bottom feeders." (audience laughter) They like to literally hang around at the levels closer to Earth, not in human form but in energetic form. This is what you call the "fourth dimension." This is somewhat of an imbalanced and confused state. We do not like defining dimensions so much, but this is a term you are familiar with. So, these bottom feeders on our side of the veil will tend to hang out in these areas.

< DivineHuman 2 > At this point, some humans feel they must go into a time of punishment. They place themselves in a darkness (near realm). They place themselves in a space of their own, surrounded by ugly and dense feelings. In a sense, they go into a type of incubator to have a self-inflicted punishment for all the things they think they did wrong. And, when we stand around, and when we try to tell them that we love them and nothing was done wrong, they do not want to listen. We have to honor that.

< NewEnergy 8 > Let us go into the fourth for a moment here. Some of you are well beyond this right now anyway, but let us go into the fourth, the one that is closest to your Earth energy. It is an interesting - what you would call - dimension. We call it an energy zone. It is the one where disincarnate energies tend to hang out, the earthbound souls who have left the physical body, but have not come back fully to our side. They hang out here in this dimension. This is where so many of you go - how to say - in your daydreams as a get-away place. This is an energy that is very familiar to Earth energies, but yet without the physical form.

< Clarity 1 > If you scan into some of the more Earthbound dimensions, you are going to feel a thickness, a heaviness, a vibration because it is operating at a vibrational reality. In the New Energy, in the energy that you have already moved into - and now you are beginning to experience how you got there - it is a clear energy. It doesn't use vibration. It uses pure expression. It doesn't use force, as we have said recently. It uses expression or expansion. It doesn't have to project itself, or it doesn't have to maintain itself. It simply does.

< Clarity 3 > When he left Earth in this past lifetime as Edgar Cayce, he did go all the way back to what Saint Germain describes as the Bridge of Flowers. He did it very quickly because he understood the path. He knew it. He had walked it in his "sleeping prophet" stage. But, then from the Bridge of Flowers he was able to come back to the Earth realms without taking on a physical body. He was able to come back into the near realms, the non-physical Earth-bound realms.

He was able to - much as a magician or an alchemist - not get caught in the energy that would have pulled him back into a body… but yet to be close without coming all the way in so he could continue the work that was started by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.)… so he could be so very close to his dear loved one and a partner that he'd had for many lifetimes - Hugh Lynn Cayce - working almost as one with Hugh Lynn… almost so closely that some thought that Hugh Lynn was the reincarnation of dear Edgar. But, they worked as one.

< Clarity 4 > They come from what you would call the fourth dimension, what Adamus calls the near dimensions. They are disincarnate but they were human not so very long ago. Every one of them left Earth towards the end of 2001. And, they have been studying on our side of the veil. They did not go to the Bridge of Flowers. They stayed in the near realms to study, for the energies of Earth were very heavy with them - not in a negative way - but just very much a part of who they were.

< Clarity 4QA > You probably would assume that even the angels in heaven are taking a look at what feeds them. But, most don't, particularly those beings who have left Earth and who have not gone beyond the Earthbound dimensions. Most of them will never even look at these things, what feeds them. They simply try to jump right back in, coming back to Earth, taking on another lifetime and physical body without the true understanding of what's going on, what's sustaining them and how they're developing and maintaining their consciousness.

< Clarity 6 > Saint Germain talks in great detail about the nonphysical, earthbound dimensions or realities. He calls it the "near-realities," nonphysical, earthbound realities, near because they are near to the Earth. They are nonphysical, but they are very closely connected to the Earth. This is where you tend to go at night. And, this is where you tend to go to solve problems. And, this is where your brain feels most comfortable with because it has the look and the feel, the smell, and the walk of physical reality. You're more comfortable there.

< Clarity 6 > Most people never get past the near dimensions or realities when they die. They leave Earth; they simply leave their body. They go into the near dimensions, which have all of the attributes of the physical reality of Earth; it is simply without matter. Saint Germain in the Dreamwalker School talks about going through the next doorway that leads into what he calls the "crystalline realms." He tells the students that the mind doesn't work out here in the crystalline realms. The crystalline realms are far beyond the Earth realm, and there is no particular affiliation or familiarity in the crystalline realms with Earth. You leave everything behind.

< Clarity 6 > Every one of you has a crystalline connection that has not been used in a long, long time that goes beyond the near realms, connects directly with the crystalline realms… you see. That has not been used in a long time. And, your homework for these next days, 30 days or so of time that we have, is to go in and look - when did you shut down your crystalline connection? And, why did you shut it down? And, listen. Come into the Shaumbra Service Center and listen for the answer. It is important. This is not trivial homework this time. This is important homework. That crystalline connection is inside of you. You just deactivated it. You pulled the plug. Why did you do it? When did you do it? And, are you ready to activate it again?

< Clarity 7 > At this point in our work together, the crystalline realms become very important - very important because, as was discussed earlier, they go beyond the Near Realms. The Near Realms are associated with earthbound energies. The Near Realms contain only a portion of the energy (potential) and the answers (solutions). Right now you're expanding beyond the Near into the Crystalline. The problem is the Crystalline is not a place of the mind. But it is time to bring that crystalline energy back in. So where did it get cut off? Where did it get separated and why?

< Clarity 7 > Take a moment here as we sit together, as individual sovereign beings and as a group that has many common attributes. Feel for a moment, or even imagine for a moment. There is this Crystalline Realm within you and in the crystalline realms all the birthing of every creative energy that you could ever want. Stop going into the fourth dimension for your answers. Go into your own crystalline realms.

< Clarity 8 > It is not like we are sleeping. We definitely don't go to - how to say - other facilitators. We know how to find the space within us, the space of what we call the One Breath, the space of our own crystalline realms, to rejuvenate our energies. The Earth is very draining - very, very draining on any energy. It is not just the magnetic pull of Earth, it is not just being in matter. But the way that Earth and humans and those who are in the near realms feed off of each other. It becomes very draining.

< Clarity 8 > When we bring our energy in close, we find that we get caught, not in the Shaumbra issues but, right now literally as I, Tobias, am here talking with you, I can feel the heaviness of Earth. I can feel the drain of mass consciousness. When I am in a state like this with you, there are those who are in the near realms - they are not in a physical body - but they even come in. And they want to take energy.

< Clarity 8QA > One of the things that makes it difficult to disconnect is expectations. Expectations tend to have their genesis in the Near realms and the human conditions. You have certain expectations for how your body should be, how much health and wealth you should have. Expectations about how other people should interact with you. Expectations even of Spirit and the angels. So you are heavy with all types of expectations, which in themselves are a limitation. Your expectations tend to limit the nature of the outcome of your creative expression.

< Clarity 10 > Also on our side of the veil, in the angelic realms, beyond the dimensions that are directly connected to Earth, beyond the crystalline dimensions, are the angelic levels of your spiritual family - what you call your angel family. They have been waiting and watching. They have been waiting for you, as a representative of the spiritual family... they've been waiting for humanity in general... to evolve, to grow, to learn on Earth.

< MNEC2006-T > There are some whose mind control and the mind surgery was so extensive that they continue to come back, lifetime after lifetime, in what you would call a state of being mentally retarded. They have never gotten out of this state because of the work that was done. In between lifetimes, they stay in their mind even though they don't have a body. They find themselves in the Near Earth realms, in the gray astral realms, picking up another body any time they can, incarnating back, but once again mentally incompetent. Out of their mind, but not in their spirit either.

< Teacher 4 > What is taking place here on Earth right now is also taking place in the other realms. They are nonphysical realms, but they are so connected to what is happening on Earth. We've talked before - we called these the near realms. They are affected and influenced by everything happening on Earth. Basically the difference is that the beings in the nonphysical realms don't have bodies, but there are still battles raging on the other realms. There are still those on the other realms who are lost and confused. There are still those who form together in groups to carry forth their agendas, to try to influence things that are happening on their side and yours.

< Teacher 4 > When you make a change in your own consciousness here on Earth, it's not just about you. It affects something on the other realms. When something happens in the other realms, it can also affect what happens on Earth. We're telling you this Shaumbra because we want you to understand all of the dynamics in taking place. We tell you this because for so long there has been confusion - deliberate confusion - about what happens in the other realms. And for so long there has been this thing called the veil that has kept you from sensing or feeling or knowing anything about the other realms. We talk about these near Earth realms because they are the ones most intimately connected to what you are doing right now.

< Teacher 4 > We do have to preface this by saying there are many, many, many realms. The ones we're talking about today are not the high angelic realms or the crystalline realms. These are the near realms. They are intimately connected. Your scriptures will even tell you that. Your scriptures will tell you that for all that we created on heaven and Earth, the visible and the invisible, they are the same. They are connected. Heaven is not grander or, let us put it in these terms, the near realms are not grander than Earth. They are the same. They are just two different aspects. One is in the physical, the other is in the nonphysical.

< Teacher 4 > There is this thing called the veil that was created that kept you from seeing into the other realms and for a very large part kept the other realms from seeing to you. The veil works both ways and is not just a one-way mirror.

< Teacher 4 > But there are those who can see through the veil or feel through the veil, and there are ones on the other side (near realms) right now - deliberate and very specific groups - who are working very hard right now to maintain the old balance and the old separation. I don't want to say this is a conspiracy. It is just a group. It is just entities of similar consciousnesses, entities of similar agenda, and much of the work that they are doing right now is deliberately influencing mass consciousness and therefore deliberately influencing what you do and sometimes even what you think.

< Teacher 4 > These groups on the other side (near realms) who have a very strong agenda about maintaining the separation of masculine and feminine are influencing those who are church leaders, unbeknownst to the church leaders, for so many of them do have good intentions and good hearts, but because of their own imbalance of masculine and feminine, they are vulnerable. They are susceptible to the energies from the other side.

< Teacher 4 > The extent of these energies and these influences from the nonphysical realms (near realms) should not be overlooked by any of you because they are deliberately trying to keep Earth from moving into the New Energy and they are deliberately trying to keep humans from integrating or melding their masculine and feminine back together. The influence is strong right now and it is getting stronger every day, and it is going to be something that every one of you is going to feel in these next few weeks of time and even over the next eight or nine months of time. It is my task, my job, to come here and discuss this with you, not from a standpoint of fear, because there is nothing that these energies can do.

< Teacher 4 > If you are totally whole and you are totally into your own self, knowing who you are, there is nothing that I can do, nothing that I can take. Entities on the other side are no smarter and no more talented than humans here, but they play tricks because you can't see them. They play tricks and they try to instill fear in you. They will play games because they play deliberately with the minds of humans. You see, the very ones who are on the invisible realm have been humans before, for the most part, so they understand what it is like. They understand how to manipulate, how to invoke fear, how to come in so subtly that you don't even know it's their thought in your mind.

< Teacher 4 > They (order in the near realms) do this all the time, all the time Shaumbra. Ultimately, most humans, because they tend to be a little bit thick headed, don't let it affect them overly in their lives. But right now it's heating up. Right now the pressure is stronger and stronger. Between now and the end of the year, in particular, each of you is going to be challenged three or four times by these energies, and I want you to understand that there is nothing that they can do to you.

< Teacher 4 > They (order in the near realms) will try to trick you into thinking that you are inadequate. They will try to trick you into thinking that there is something inherently wrong with you. They will try to trick you into thinking that there is nothing you can do to effect your own life. They love playing in this whole energy of destiny and they love playing in the energy of this false God that you have.

< Teacher 4 > These entities (order in the near realms) on the other realms, in the invisible realms, are doing a wonderful job of marketing this old God. They are doing a wonderful job with the way it controls people, the way it brings people to fear, the way it intimidates them and the way it limits their life. There is a deliberate attempt to do that, and they have their partners who are in physical body on Earth.

< Teacher 4 > Oftentimes the ones (their partners) on Earth who are carrying out the same message simply don't know any better. They became hypnotized. They started preaching all of this rubbish, spewing it out to humans basically to keep them in the old divided energies of masculine and feminine. And they're going to continue to do it. In a sense you could say they have their own order on the other side, highly organized, very broad and they know exactly how to manipulate individual and group consciousness.

< Teacher 4 > Don't go overboard with this Shaumbra, in any type of worrying or trying to figure out who's doing what to whom. This is a very personal thing we're talking to you about today. We're telling you this because particularly as a group of Shaumbra, enlightened human beings and individuals as you are, you're going to feel the effects - not only feel it all around you - but you're going to feel it right in you.

< Teacher 4 > It is almost like a laser beam coming through from the other realms and it's going to cut right through some of the old blockages, some of the old ways that people kept out energy from their consciousness. And it's going to cut right through into many of you as well. You're not immune from it. You're not immune from these tremendous amounts of very powerful and deliberate streams of consciousness being sent to Earth right now from those in the nonphysical realms. But you can let it pass right through you. You don't have to let it affect you. You don't have to let it freeze you in your tracks.

< Teacher 4 > How do you know it's there? How do you know it's around? The first thing it does is confuse. It comes in and confuses you about right decisions, wrong decisions to the point where you make no decision at all. Not only that but then you blame yourself. You say that you're indecisive. You say that you cannot make a decision. You blame yourself for being weak. You say you are filled with fear. Shaumbra it is not about you. Blow it right through. Let it pass right on by. You know who you were when I asked you today for permission to come into your body, and your mind, and your spirit, and your gnost. As we're sitting here together in a safe space, and you know I would not manipulate you. And even if I tried to, you know yourself enough that you'd just let it pass right through.

< Teacher 4 > These energies coming from the other realms, as I said, are very vested into the old division of masculine and feminine. They are sending so much energy to Earth right now that it is causing things like battles and wars and it is causing people to go crazy. When one person goes crazy, when one person loses their mind, ends up in a mental hospital, that's more than just that one person. It affects the balance of human consciousness - mass consciousness - and that is exactly what these beings, what this order on the other side is trying to do right now. They are trying to affect and hold back mass consciousness.

< Teacher 4 > And you could ask yourself why, what is the agenda? Aren't they enlightened beings on the other side? Not particularly. Some of them feel very righteous in what they're doing. They feel that this essential split of the soul into masculine and feminine was the fault of one or the others of the energies, and that if these two energies of masculine/feminine reunite, that one in particular - the feminine - will try to now dominate and annihilate the masculine energy. They don't truly understand about energy balances. They don't understand about the reunion. They are so into their own consciousness, into their own hypnosis, that they're playing out this drama.

< Teacher 4 > They could feel that something is happening on Earth, that things are speeding up, so they've intensified their efforts. When energy gets very intense like that, it has a habit of finding the weakest link in the chain - the ones who are pompous, the ones who are egotistical are easy to influence. Leaders who carry so much weight and responsibility that it makes them personally weak in themselves, they are very susceptible to these energies. Anybody who is imbalanced to a large degree in their own masculine and feminine, for instance let's take a priest - very much into a masculine only energy - they become very vulnerable as well.

< Teacher 4 > As you see this intensify all around you and you even feel it within yourself, take that deep breath, remember who you are. Remember there is not a being, no matter how grand or powerful they are, there is not a being on the other side who can do anything to you. They have no dominion or rule over you, no matter what they say. They have no influence on your soul, no matter what they say.

< Teacher 4 > You're in the process of birthing right now. During this birthing process of yourself, you become very vulnerable in a way. You are birthing the united reunited energies of the masculine and feminine for yourself. You are birthing what you could say would be your own next lifetime, but not a lifetime that you've been used to, not a lifetime where you come into a physical body. You're birthing the next grand aspect of yourself, the next version of your own consciousness. Right now it's in a gestation process, but soon that birthing is going to take place, and as you guessed for most of you, that next level of birthing takes place in September 2007.

< Teacher 4 > So there is a very deep concern from those who choose to remain back in the Old Energy whether they are living as human beings on Earth right now or whether they are without physical body in what you would call the invisible realms, they don't want to see this new birth of yourself take place. They have literally sent out their energies and their scouts to try to find where this birthing is taking place, to try to find and destroy this new process that is taking place - your process.

< Teacher 4 > And I say "they" ... and you say, well who is they. It is not just one person. It is actually not even just one group. It is those who are very invested into the old separation of masculine and feminine. There are many, many, many entities on the other side who are vested into that. There's also energies on the other side that are like the great lost group. Many of them, they don't even know they are a group they're so lost. They are just hovering around the other realms. They are - if you feel their energy for a moment ... they are not evil, they are not bad, they are just lost and confused.

< Teacher 4 > Many of them have been on Earth before and were so traumatized by events. Some of them just linger around the near realms, but it is a gray energy. It is a lifeless energy. They are lost, they are wandering and they are confused. They are part of this whole energy right now. They don't want to see anything change. They don't want to see any evolution in energy because they are so much into being lost. And their energy has a direct influence on you as well.

< Teacher 9 > An interesting thing happened after Earth was inhabited by angelic beings who turned into humans and languages were developed to help explain what was very foreign and very odd to angels. After the languages were developed, and after the angelic beings-turned-human died and came back to the nonphysical realms, the languages started coming back with them. Particularly, in what we define as the Near Realms - those realms that are still connected to the energy of Earth, and there are many. Many angelic beings in the Near Realms - the nonphysical earthbound realities.

< Teacher 9 > The language has come back over with those who are coming here in between lifetimes, so much so that in the Near Realms you will find that generally the angelic beings speak languages. Generally, they are also very attached to the native language that they used in their previous lifetime. So literally in the Near Realms you have angelic beings who cannot understand each other. Some speak German. Some speak English. Some speak Japanese. So even on the angelic realms you find that there are languages being used to define energy, used to define feeling and thought. So much so that this is even seeped out past the Near Realms and the energy of language has even gone into the Crystalline and beyond.

< QLCeleb 4 > Somewhere in the other realms, not of Earth but in the near Earth nonphysical realms, in this very moment someone that many of you know - many someones that many of you know - who have been trapped in the near realms wandering aimlessly, filled with sorrow and darkness and anguish, have suddenly seen the face of the angels who have always been there to guide them to the Bridge of Flowers. They have not been able to see them up to now. Something shifted that has allowed them now to release their bonds of Earth and karma and sorrow and now move to the Bridge of Flowers.

< Returning 6 > As you do your work on Earth, the work of consciousness change and evolution, there is a parallel work going on our side - the awakening and the reintegration of the souls, to bring them back into wholeness, the souls that have had human incarnations that have been wounded, broken, that have been raped, that have been imprisoned, that are so tormented that even their soul cannot look at them. As you are doing your work - and it comes first, it leads the way. As you do your work, there is work taking place here on our side, bringing souls back to their human expressions. Not just human expressions from this lifetime, but expressions that are buried in the soil of the Earth, expressions that are wandering in the near Earth realms, bringing them back together.

< MNEC2009-T2 > They’re coming because of you, because you’ve helped to change the consciousness of Earth. You’ve made it possible for the sovereign being to come back. These ascended masters coming back to Earth are going to work with you in many, many ways - some very human and direct, some in the other realms tightly connected to Earth - but they’re going to work with you to bring the consciousness of this planet to an unimaginable level over the next few decades. This is the shift. It’s happening right now. As Kryon said before, don’t wait until 2012. You’re going to miss it.

< (Next) 1 > I hate the near Earth realms. Oh, there's so much garbage out there, so much garbage. It is polluted with energy garbage. It's my passion to clean it up. Eh, it's my passion to have you clean it up. The Near Earth realms are where beings go after they die to act out their continual dysfunctions. They've forgotten that you go past the Near Earth realms. You go either into the crystalline realms or you go back into the angelic family realms. They hang out, and it's just become … what used to be such a beautiful, beautiful place.

You know, the reason I don't like it, you and I used to be able to go there. We used to be able to kind of imagine ourselves there when we just needed a little bit of a break, when we needed to get away from the rigors of everyday human life. And it used to be nice and quiet out there, and now it's just filled with garbage. You can't go there anymore, can't find a quiet spot in the Near Earth realms to save ya. So, I'm somewhat pulling your leg.

< (Next) 4 > If you could really understand the intensity of all these energies - the energies coming in, the energies going out and the swirling that it causes here on your planet, not only on your planet, but in the near Earth realms surrounding your planet is like a hornet's nest right now. It's really difficult. If you have a loved one who has crossed over recently or is going to cross over, please spend a little time with them out there. They're having it tougher than you have it here. It is crazy out there. It is bizarre, and it is good.

< (Next) 7 > It's an interesting phenomena. There are spirit energies in the ground - old incarnations that don't currently have a physical incarnation on Earth, these can be released a little bit easier - but they've been stuck in the temples, in the walls, in the ground for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, and they're coming up now. What you're just seeing on the news is the tip of the iceberg. You're not seeing the millions of entities who are leaving now, who are departing. They're re-collecting themselves back in the other realms. Their soul has been so fragmented - a piece here and a piece there in the ground, hanging around the Near Earth dimensions - and now they're re-collecting themselves.

< (Next) 10 > At the same time all this is going on, there are parts - a lot of parts - of the Near Earth realms … these are the nonphysical realms that you could say surround Earth. That's where the ghosts and the spooks hang out. That's where your aspects that are all screwed up tend to hang out when they're not pestering you. That's where beings with very deep convictions, strong belief systems, particularly those of a religious nature; this is where the addicts and the others hang out in between lives. They don't go to heaven; they don't go to hell. They go to the Near Earth realms, which is kind of heaven and hell all at once.

< (Next) 10 > They (earth-bounds) go there (Near Earth realms) and continue to experience exactly what they've been doing here (Earth), but perhaps actually with more fluidity, more ability. They can really act out their beliefs on these other realms. They are not literally physically surrounding Earth, but they are very connected to Earth, even having nonphysical elements of physicality. In other words, they can pretend very easily, because they've been here on Earth before.

< (Next) 10 > The Near Earth realms, there are parts of it that are in chaos right now. Total chaos. Total confusion. There didn't used to be Near Earth realms. Back in the beginning of this great planet there weren't Near Earth realms. It was only when you started to die out of the biological bodies that you were in and started to really miss Earth, and you kind of started hanging around in this psychic cloud around Earth. Well, they've gotten really congested. You can imagine all the beings that have died, all their aspects hanging out here.

< (Next) 10 > Now, you go there, there are some very safe beautiful places. The Shaumbra Service Center is a great place in the Near Earth realms. It's not all bad, but you can imagine that this is where a lot of beings hang out in between lifetimes. Most of them never make a conscious choice to come back here to Earth. We need to get over this whole story about these grand planning sessions and making choices. A lot of these beings are sucked back in here. It's like an energetic vacuum tube that just sucks them back down, back into the physical body, back into the womb. They suddenly appear and say, "I'm here again."

< (Next) 10 > So they're in chaos. This is affecting you. You're connected to the Near Earth realms. You have loved ones there. You have been there. They've been your home in between lifetimes on Earth on many occasions. So you can imagine, with all this chaos and clutter, how this is affecting how you're feeling and how Earth is going right now.

< e2012 2 > It's causing a lot of controversy in what I call the Near Earth realms where a lot of the departed ones hang out. It's causing a lot of controversy in some of the forces in the cosmos that they don't believe in a spirit. They don't believe in really much of anything, except themselves - nothing wrong with believing in yourself, of course, but the full Self. The self that doesn't need to feed off of anything else; the self that knows that the balance is already within, that the tools are already there, and you can use them any time you want; the self that is removed from mass consciousness-think, old think. People want to know right now that there is magic.

< e2012 8 > Dream-state has changed. If you imagine dream-state kind of extends into the Near Earth realms – and beyond, and beyond – but it goes into the Near Earth realms. There are sections of these realms connected to human consciousness that are for dream states, and you go there. It is very, very intense right now. A lot of changes. It makes this change here (on Earth) look like nothing. Very intense.

< Discovery 7 > It used to be in your earlier lifetimes when you would leave the physical body, you'd go to the other side, there was somewhat of a type of reconnection with soul Self, other realms. You know, the great release from the physical reality. But as the Near Earth realms got more and more dense, it became more and more difficult to go into the crystalline, to go the Bridge of Flowers, to go beyond, and so many now stay. Even when they die they stay in the Near Earth realms. It's not physical, but it's pretty dang close. It has all of the consciousness factors of this planet. So there's not that rest or reprieve in between now. Not in the dream state, not in the death state.

And people then do extreme, emotional, dramatic things just to feel something again, thinking maybe this is the way back to Source. They take drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, and that gives them just a glimpse sometimes, but in a very distorted way.