chaos / disorder


< MNEC2006-A > I'm responsible for providing an organization of energies, because in a sense you could say energies are in a state of potential and sometimes what you would call a state of chaos. You call it chaos only because you do not see the potentials that lie in every - every - morsel of energy that surrounds you, that is inside of you, and that is in the other dimensions.

< MNEC2006-A > There is flow of energy and then the energy receives structure or order out of what you would call chaos or nothingness, but what is truly potential, and this structure or order is important for the work that you do. It is basically a focus or direction.

< Teacher 10 > We have heard him talk about numbers before and the alignment and the significance of this alignment of the calendar tomorrow. Of course, there is no significance at all, it just happens to be aligning all together! (laughter) And here you thought there was going to be some deep hidden meaning. Actually, there is a sliver of truth in this. Any time when you get the obvious alignment of things, it helps to show you that everything in the universe is in its perfect order. It helps to ... you can actually tap into that energy of the alignment of these days and months and hours, something that doesn't take place very often but it is taking place tomorrow, because it helps you to recognize and to understand that there is order in everything.

< Teacher 10 > It is something I talked to the group of Shaumbra about one week ago in Kelowna, talking in this ascension school about the fact that the omniverse is in perfect order. Everything is in order. It may appear to be chaos at times - particularly from your perspective here on planet Earth, locked into this human body and trapped at so many times by the human brain - but everything is in perfect order.

< Teacher 10 > There is all these debates back and forth about the omniverse, the universe, and its seeming chaos and all the disorder. Everybody worries about where is it going. Well, it has been going just fine since the beginning. It has been going the way it's supposed to be going. It is perfect in every way. Stand back for a moment. Go behind the short wall - but go a long way behind the short wall - and you'll understand that it is in perfect order. Absolute perfect order. Humans are doing what they're choosing to do. They're doing what they're choosing to create. Sometimes perhaps it may not be the smartest thing. Perhaps sometimes they're choosing the hard way over the easy way, or they're choosing struggle and suffering over joy and fulfillment, but it's still in its order. It's the way they want to experience things.

< Returning 7QA > Indeed the significance in this for you and for all of Shaumbra is actually that out of chaos comes perfection. Out of what seem to be these different events, not knowing how they're happening, is actually a type of proof that you are grand creators. You synchronize different events, even though you feel you're living in chaos, and how you can bring all these things into being. These events are really nods or winks from your own inner self, your own essence, but if you get into the mathematics of this, it's also telling you that everything is in its alignment and its order, even if the human mind would consider it chaos. What a beautiful time then to go to that additional level of letting go of some of the needs to control, to manipulate and really jumping into chaos energy.

< Master 9 > I asked the question what is balance? My answer is, it's absolute chaos. It seems to be a contradiction, but true balance at the core levels of creation is chaos. It is chaos to the human perception, but it's actually in its perfect order; not order of mathematics, not order of nature or science, definitely not order of God. It is in a state of unfolding perfection. Now that's a contradiction in human terms, because theoretically perfection doesn't need to change. It's perfect. So, but yet perfection, all creation, is constantly evolving. So it would be a contradiction of terms, which would appear to be chaos, but it's not, because true perfection and true balance wants to continue to experience its perfection and its potentials.

< (Next) 5 > Remember what we talked about. Chaos is just energy. Actually, chaos is beautiful. The mind sees it as chaos because it doesn't follow old patterns, so it tries to reject it or it tries to fix it. The New Energy human, Shaumbra, understands that chaos is beauty. It's energy in motion. It's energy looking for the appropriate new potential. Chaos oftentimes is stuck energy that's rebelling, doesn't want to be stuck anymore, and it's trying to find the appropriate new potential. Breathe it in. Don't be afraid.

< (Next) 10 > I love chaos, because chaos isn't chaos at all. Chaos is re-ordering. It just appears to be chaos for a moment while everything is getting re-ordered and reorganized.

< freedom 8 > Chaos – the definition of chaos – is what the mind doesn't yet understand. There is no chaos anywhere. Anywhere. It's only when you try to use current measurement systems. Your current math is interesting as an Earth practice, but current math is far short of really understanding true cosmic activities.