all energy seeks resolution / darkness within you seeks release

All energy seeks resolution (balance / harmony);  natural cyclecycle of expanding;
express and expandall energies come in to serve you;
/old imbalances/issues/wounds come to surface to get attention seeking resolution;

< Ascension 3 > The darkness is the snake that sits at your feet right now. It is the snake from the story of Samuel. The darkness within seeks release. As you move into your new ascension status, there are still issues. There are still the imbalances. They will appear, but understand, as Samuel came to understand, that the darkness, at its core level, are issues and energies within you that seek release. That is all.

< Ascension 3 > If you hold an imbalance of fear within you, the darkness will cause you to go scampering back to the village where you came from. If you hold fears and you allow them to let you forget everything you’ve learned, to shake you to the core, you will run backwards to the village, back to your security. This snake of fear and darkness that scared you away did not get what he came for. He was trying to scare you, but in reality he was really looking to be addressed.

< Ascension 3 > The darkness seeks release. It has insidious ways of doing this. It has damaging and crippling ways of doing it. But go straight to the core and understand that the darkness within you seeks to be released. You will then understand the events in the world around you. You will understand what is happening with the current situation in your world. (Bringing issues and imbalances of inside to the surfice.) The darkness seeks to be released!

< Ascension 3 > When you try to kill the snake as the second, male lightworker did, when you go after it in anger, it is throws you into imbalance. You have discovered that in yourself. When you are angry, when there is something that happens from within and you get angry within yourself, you lose! Anger is an imbalance. Understand this when the snake is standing in front of you, and you are angry, and you draw your knife, and say, "I will cut your head off. I will kill you here." Even if you do manage to kill the snake, it will come back through all of its relatives. It will be there, because the darkness seeks to be released. You have only inflicted anger and pain on it. But it will persist. It will be there. It will be in your path of ascension and enlightenment. Anger does not solve the problem.

< Ascension 3 > Now, let us take a look at the third Lightworker, the healer woman. Her objective was to change the snake. She wanted to process the snake. The snake wanted to be released, but not in that way. The snake didn’t want to be changed to fit a certain mold. The snake doesn’t want sympathy. The snake didn’t want some sugary type of healing that really only works on the surface. The snake was hurting within, the darkness within you. The snake wants real, direct and true answers, and energies from you. It does not need some fluffy type of healing.

< Ascension 3 > The terrorists who stand here know that fluffy solutions will not solve the problem. Their relatives  Ethe organizations that they came from before their deaths  Ewill not respond so nicely if you sit speak empty words and do not show your strength. Our third Lightworker, the woman, did not show an internal strength. She did not hold her divinity. She was in imbalance. She was trying to change something, trying to change the world and transform it with an agenda that was her own, trying to change it to conform to a certain picture of how she wanted it to look. That is why the snake bit and killed her.

< Ascension 3 > Samuel, the fourth lightworker who was balanced in male and female energy, knew in a terrifying and difficult moment that he could not think fast enough to pull all of his tools in when confronted with the first snake. But he knew one thing that was simple - breathe, breathe in divinity. As you practice this each day, it becomes an unconscious thing. As you breathe in, the divinity comes with it. Samual knew in a moment that the breath would bring him to a balance and anchor his divinity.

< Ascension 3 > And what happened, what happened but the eagle soaring overhead had always been there with a watchful eye, always waiting to get a piece of the snake, but waiting for the right opportunity. That opened the door. An outside event happened, a seemingly outside, event happened that kept Samuel from certain death. But he also had the wisdom to know that he must understand the reason why the snake had been there in the first place. That is why, in his journey down the road, that he took time to think why the snake was there. He knew, as you would know, that it was there for a reason. It was there for a reason.

< Ascension 3 > When the darkness comes up, and the fear comes up, and the snake comes up within you, own your divinity. Breathe it in. Stay in your balance. Do not try to change something that you do not quite yet understand. Do not try to kill it. Do not run away in fear. Hold and own your divinity. Ask the darkness within you why it is there, what needs to be released. There is an imbalance of energy within you that needs addressing. Perhaps there was an old remorse. You do not need to go back into lifetime after lifetime to know exactly what it is. That would be a waste of time and energy. But, there is perhaps an old remorse or guilt. Or perhaps it is part of a wisdom that it is not fully complete, so it stands in imbalance within you. The snake will come forward at the appropriate time to let you know that there is something within that needs to be released.

< Ascension 3 > Energy, spiritual energy, is an amazing thing. We know you are beginning to study it. The group that went to England and stood in the vortex of Avebury experienced it. It is still affecting their circuits. It is still affecting their health and their tissues and their spiritual energies. They stood in the middle of one of the most powerful vortexes in the world that was filled with energy that needed to be released, darkness that needed to be released. They understand now its power and its capability. Within you is the same - energies that need to be released.

< Ascension 3 > When darkness comes to you on the path of enlightenment and ascension, own your divinity. Hold it. Breathe in and ask what it is you should know. And understand all the time this is about releasing and transmuting an old energy.

< Ascension 3 > Look into the world at this time. There are old energies that need to be released, old energies that need addressing. They don’t come forward, and say, "We are hurting inside. Tell us what we need to do to release." It does not work like that. As Cauldre calls this type of energy, whether it is within you or in the outside world… it is like "spiritual cockroaches." They go, and they hide. They hide within you, these darknesses, these snakes. They are hiding in caves. They represent an old energy of Earth that needs to be released. You must address them with strength. You must address in balance; otherwise it will backfire on you.

< Ascension 3 > There are old unbalanced energies of Earth regarding the original duality of male and female. It is time for those to change. Things cannot go forward without these changes. So, what happens? They come up to the surface. There will be other events here in the next several years of your time. There is a whole area that has an explosive energy. It is a terminal energy. It is a low energy that will only eat on itself and destroy itself. It needs releasing. This is your area of Africa. Look at the energy there. It is seeking release. But remember, remember the third lightworker. Do not go there as Pollyanna-ish Shaumbra to try to change the world. It will come to you, and you will know what to do. You will know how to handle it.

< Ascension 3 > As you go through these many, many changes, and as you personally evolve, there will be imbalances that come up from within you. Address these. Understand at their core level they want to be released. When they are, there is an energy of the darkness that spins the light. Do you know this is another basic law of spiritual physics? When the energy from the dark is released, it then spins the light. This allows you to soar to new heights. It allows you to discover new things on your path to ascension. It is like a fuel. It is there in service to you. But if you do not release it correctly, it does have the tendency to explode in your face.

< Ascension 4 > There are still attributes within you that need this transformational process, that need you ask, "Dear snake, why are you in the road? Why are you here?" Demand the answer, for this snake truly is miserable. It truly seeks release, but it will hold on as tightly as possible until it knows that you are genuine and sincere. The snake needs to know it can trust you. Then, it can release its old ways. Then, the transformation takes place, when the darkness allows the release to take place, because you have been in your truth. Then, a new energy bursts forward. It comes up, and it begins this transformational process that you are going through right now, that you are experiencing right now.

< Ascension 7 > There is an energy that is being released within you. It comes forward in your life, seeking release. There is a way to do this. There is a way to release the energy of duality that has been with you since the time you left the Kingdom. It will be challenging to release this. It will feel odd. It will be difficult at times.

< Ascension 7 > There are still issues (snakes), including the issue of duality, that come directly into your life at this time. You would like all of these issues to be gone. You would like to say, "Tobias, I am in ascension now. I should not have to deal with these things. They should be gone." But, dear friends, they come to you now, stronger than ever, to be dealt with, to be understood. Once they are understood, you can truly go to grand new levels within your own being.

< NewEnergy 10QA > It is about the imagination. Yes, you can literally go back into the past. You cannot alter the sequence of events that took place in the past, but you can change the wisdom and the understanding, and therefore provide the healing.

So, go back to the people who were involved, the incidences that took place. Go back through your imagination. Ask each one of them why these things happened and listen carefully. Ask yourself why you chose this. Ask the energy of anger why it is still around. And, listen… it will tell you something.

Understand at the heart of your heart that these energies want to be released. The energy of anger carries with it other energies. It is simply a carrier of energies that want to be released. And, we will stress this with you - and with all of Shaumbra - over and over. All of the healing wants to take place. It does want to take place - the healing of the body… and the mind… and the spirit… of past lives. It is aching to take place. It is not trying to be more unhealed and unbalanced. It wants to take place, indeed… yes, that aching (come to surfice for your attention).

So, now can you allow it to take place? Can you open your reality base up… what we call the imagination? Open up your reality base to be able to go back and talk to all of these incidences and events.

< NewEnergy 12 > All energy seeks resolution. And, in this moment the darkness seeks to be released from the role that it has played within you. It seeks to be released as the dumping grounds… the demon… the bad and the evil… the unacknowledged… and the hated. It has carried this burden for so very long now. It wants to come back to you. It wants to love you in a whole new way. It wants to be in love with you in a whole new way. It is not at all what you have thought it was. All energy seeks resolution. And, what you have called the "dark"… the "negative"… the "bad"… is simply part of you.

< Embodiment 1 > Energy seeks resolution. Change finds its own level. It just begins happening. What should you do then? Take that foot off the brake! You see… change starts coming around, and you put that foot on the brake. And, it stops everything. And, everything responds to you, and says, "Fine, no change." And, then you get angry with us that there are no changes in your life (audience laughter).

< Embodiment 1QA > Stop using that story to limit yourself. People around you… life around you responds to you directly. If you allow your story to change, that is something you do not have to work on. You do not have to go back and re-create it. It wants to be released. It wants resolution. If you allow your story to now fill out and encompass everything about you - not just the part that you have known about - but everything of your spirit, of your entire being, of the AH and the OH within you, people will respond different. Life will respond different to you.

< Embodiment 3 > These Old Energies of Atlantis want to be released. These Old Energies want to be released so they can change. But, you have this whole thing going on with you now… changes on the outside… Atlantean energies coming up (to the surfice) wanting to be changed… everything calling on you… demanding your attention… demanding your energy. That is why it is so confusing right now. But, it doesn't have to be, Shaumbra.

< Embodiment 9 > And, change is the most wonderful thing. You see, you are trying to solidify yourself in that story. But, the story - even the story - doesn't want to be the story any longer. Even the story that defends you and protects you and supports you knows that it is time for it to be released from its structure. Every energy ultimately has to be free of a structure. Every energy has to soar. Every energy has to be able to expand. As Tobias says, energy seeks resolution, fulfillment, and freedom. You have trapped energy in this illusion, in this body, in your identity. And, it is time to get out of that.

< Embodiment 10QA > Now, it is… once you understand the influence that it (ancestral karma) has, you can now release it, every one of those energies of the past. And, as we say, some of the most wicked and dark energies… ultimately they are seeking release also. They will pretend. They will try to scare you. They will try to influence you. They will try to tell you that they are powerful. They will try to tell you that you are possessed… any of these things. But, ultimately they are seeking release also. They are tired of the role they are playing. That's why they are popping back up right now.

They see an Energy Mover and facilitator in you. They see your ability - or any Shaumbra's ability - to let that energy go. They see the fact that you can bless them and free them of the hell that they exist in. But, they are going to challenge you because they want to know how steady and stable and loving you are in your energy. They are going to test your grit to see if you really believe it or if you're just thinking it. They're going to test to see where your level of - how to say - balance is. Or, are you just saying the words, just talking healing, but not living in that balanced energy?

So, these energies will come forth. You will feel them. You can feel them in your life. They, in a sense, are like a bad driver in a taxicab, taking you to all of the places you didn't want to go. It is time to dismiss that again. You dismiss it by loving it, letting it know it can be released. Hand it its walking papers, literally if you want to create that type of scenario. Hand it its walking papers. You are not bound by your family karma anymore. When Saint Germain says the words, "I am; yes, I am," that means I am free of all of those other things. "I am my own sacred and sovereign identity. I am; yes, I am."

< Clarity 2 > What happens if you hold back? In a sense, what happens to any energies that are pent-up, any energies that are enslaved, limited, or restricted: sooner or later they have to get out. Somehow they will manage to set themselves free. Perhaps, it is through the body or the mind. Perhaps, it will be attracting an external event to you that will get you into the driver's seat and going, moving. Again, no agenda on our part… it is your part we are responding to.

< Clarity 2QA > So often the human self, what we call the "little self," is afraid, and it is crying out. It wants your attention. You have gone on this tremendous spiritual journey but you forgot to take care of the little human self. You didn't even leave it a babysitter. You just left it there (some laughter). It is afraid. It is not sure what is happening. So, the best way it gets to you is sending you fear energy. You respond to that faster than just about anything else. Go back; make peace with your human self, and bring that human self with you in this expansional journey. And, you will find that the fear starts going out the door.

< Clarity 4 > So, move beyond this fear of change. Move beyond fearing the unknown. The unknown is simply potential - that is all it is. What you view sometimes as the vast unknown - "What's going to happen tomorrow; what's going to happen in 10 years?" - you view it as a vast darkness, unknown, frightening because you don't understand it. It is just potential - that is all it is, just potential. So, you allow yourself now to go through change. Change is natural… or perhaps not. Change is evolution, energy seeking a new level, consciousness desiring to express itself in a new and different way. So, allow the change to come in. Shaumbra, allow your consciousness to open up.

< Teacher 1 > The issues that were brought to the surface because of the changing consciousness within you? The difficulties and the trials and tribulations that you went through? Your own internal battles. You're just now seeing it outside of you. You're seeing old issues, for instance with Hapuru - the family of Hapuru - which is both the Jews and the Palestinians. It's the Jewish world and the Muslim world. It's an old family issue that's being pushed to the forefront. It's demanding resolution right now.

< Teacher 3QA > The world is not going to end and yes, these countries are developing their weapons. Many energetic reasons for this: number one being attention, and number two being that there is a - definitely as you can see in both places (North Korea and Iran), feel the energy - an imbalance of sexual energy in the leadership as well as in the people. A deep imbalance that is causing the need for attention. They are calling out. It is being done in a rather crude and childish way, but they are calling out for help. They need help. They want help even though they may deny that. Also, these countries have given their energy away for eons of time.

< Teacher 9 > I have to laugh sometimes - what humans call real and what they don't. Houdini and some of the other great illusionists and the magicians and those who work with the Merlin energy understand absolutely nothing is real. Nothing. It's all an illusion. Or to say this better, it's all a temporary creation. Because even the creations that you create, that others do, they're going to change. The energy will continue to expand. That is the one thing about Spirit, about God, whatever you want to call the overall energy. That is the one thing is that it is always seeking expansion and expression. That is the one thing about Spirit - always wants to express itself and then expand. Express itself and expand. You know why? Because Spirit is in joy. Spirit is in love, and that's what the energy of love does - continues to expand and express.

< Returning 2 > All energy seeks resolution and it finds it. If a human sits in a safe space - sit is a metaphor - but be's in a safe space, takes a deep breath, lets go of the struggle, lets go of the control and the expectation; if they fall into themselves, surrendering to who they really are, not to some outside God - dear God, that has caused so many problems in the past. But when you surrender unto yourself, to your God, to you within, and you just allow the natural process to take place, the body starts healing itself. As we've talked about in Standard Technology, it heals itself. The mind quiets down, and in quieting down, it starts to come back into balance. The spirit feels welcome to begin making its connection and integration with its human aspect. And it can all happen in this safe space.

< e2012 1> You are consciousness; you're not energy. Energy naturally falls into place and goes to work for you, totally efficient, as you become aware, as you become conscious of your presence. Consciousness is awareness, of all the different things that are gong on. Consciousness ultimately is about your presence right here, right now, your presence in this moment.

< freedom 6 > You came here on behalf of your spiritual family. You came here to help resolve, let's say, stuck energy. That's why you're still resolving stuck energy. You came here on behalf of your Spiritual Families to come to the wisdom of something that then would be shared with them, to free them. We talk about freedom here in this Shoud – freedom of the human – but in reality, it is truly freedom for your Spiritual Families. You could say that right now back at their home, they're waiting, their energies and their consciousness on hold. They're waiting for you to go through with your lives to learn how to clear energy, move energy, love yourself. Then you will become the true Standards.