fear of losing who you think you are / identity / story / belief systemdarkness;
old issues/old imbalance
that come to the surfice to be addressed and released;  snake;
fear = demon = god = ruler of humanity;

< New Earth 1 > This group, this family that is here, your family of lightworkers on this planet are indeed among the first to be going through this. It involves the transmutation of fear within you, first and foremost. And as you do that, as you walk through the fears, you transmute all energies and turn them into an energy of love. This energy will be used to seed, what we have termed before, the Second Creation. Very impressive work that you do here without even knowing who you are!

< New Earth 1 > The biggest challenges that will be facing each of you has to do with fears. These fears will pop up in front of you and within you. We ask you to simply dance through them. Even as the storm approached on this night and the level of fear built within you and you wondered if you should take cover elsewhere, you were able to walk through the fear. You knew it was simply an illusion. You knew you could transmute it. You knew that you were in a safe space.

< New Earth 1 > You stand at the edge of the chasm knowing not how far it is, knowing not even how to fly at this time. It is time for each of you to do a bit of soul searching, to pull up from within you all that you are, to face the greatest fears that you will ever face and to simply walk through them. All of the intellectual, rational thoughts that you have will not work now. This we give in truth. We have said before to this group and to others, this is not the time to go back to your old bookshelves to read up on how to cross the chasm because it has never been written. This is not the time to go find the security of old words that were read by you. This is not the time to call on your guides. For there is a higher power, a greater love that is yearning to be called up at this time.

< New Earth 2 > You are confronted with fears in situations that relate back to your early years where there may have been, what you term, dysfunction and imbalance. At times you would prefer to hide and not to face those situations, but yet you choose to walk through them. You choose to face the demons, for that is your path. It is the path of energy transmutation. You take what was fear, what was darkness, what was void and transmute it into love.

< Creator 2 > As she lay awake at night with a tremendous feeling of release surging over her, she came to another realization. She realized that she had been living in the future, and she had been creating a picture of fear for what the future might hold. She realized that she was worrying about unpaid bills in the future that never existed. She was worried about illness that may come to her. None of these were real, but she was projecting her own sense of unworthiness into the future. The future represented a lack of trust in her divinity. She found that she was spending much of her time and energy in the future with her fears.

< Creator 7QA > You are used to battling fear when it comes in. Your natural reaction is to put it as an opposing energy. Oh indeed, fear will come in and panic and anxiety will come in. These are all appropriate and natural energies now, and will be for a period of time. Instead of battling fear - which gives it power - sit with it when the anxiety of your fearful situation confronts you.

Your natural reaction is to worry, to get frantic, and feel you have to do some external activity. You feel you have to do a counter-activity to the fear. Simply sit with it, simply look at this fear (snake). Ask why it is in your life. Ask if it would like to be released now. Perhaps it is waiting to go out of your life. Understand that it is not a reality if you no longer choose it.

We have already talked of what you call the "aliens." It is an example of unfounded fear. When you give them power over you, they will continue to grow. They will tell you they come from an ascended place, a high and mighty place. They will say you are a peon and that you are an experiment and you have made great mistakes in the past. These aliens, these lies, will tell you that they come here to bring you the answers. If that is so, then why have they not landed and shown themselves to all? Why is it that they have not worked with your governments and lightworkers. It is because they cannot! They cannot come here - they are aspects of the past that cross over into your reality. They will lie to you to take away your power.

The same with your fears: they will lie to you and they will tell you that they are real. Dear friends, we give you this simply tool: when these fears come in, take out your paint brush and paint right over them! (audience laughter and applause)

< Creator 11QA > These are core issues. You are done with your other basic issues. You have walked through and processed those. We are now coming to the core issues. The issue of the fear of being Creator. We talked much today of the ego, of the male energy, of the battling energy. These are all fear issues that will come up. In a sense, you would like to be "junior creators", or "sub-creators". You would like to have an energy higher and stronger and above you that places controls or limitations on the extent of your ability to create. Dear friends, it is not meant to be that way! There is not meant to be another who is higher. As we said in our story of Jack, one day Jack will inherit the throne.

< Ascension 3 > He is the one you know as Archangel Raphael. Raphael now enters the space you are in, radiant and beaming, sending his energy out to each of you. His energy should feel familiar to you. Raphael walks with you, particularly in the difficult parts of your journey. He has been walking with you lately. We jokingly refer to Raphael as the Archangel of Fear. Raphael is one who works with you to transmute the energies of darkness and fear. He walks with you during the most difficult of times. Raphael helps you transmute energies that are difficult or uncomfortable.

< Ascension 3 > Raphael stands strong and noble. Indeed, he is an old friend. You asked him to be on the other side of the veil to you connect with when you became a human. You can connect with Raphael at any time to help transmute fear, to help transmute darkness. Raphael makes his presence known throughout this entire room, spreading his energy, letting you know he is here.

< Ascension 3 > This is a snake, who represents your own fears and your own darkness. This snake slithers in on the floor to coil up next to you during the remainder of our time here together. This snake represents your own darknesses, your own fears. Remember that first, the energy of Rafael filled this room. We know there are a few who are somewhat uncomfortable and are now asking, "Oh, Tobias, we thought you were our old friend! And now you bring snakes in to sit by us! What type of meeting is this?" (audience laughter)

< Ascension 3 > We ask you to feel the energy of this snake. It is your fears. It is the outer manifestation of your fears. It is also a swirling, rising potential of energy that sits at your feet at all times, metaphorically. The snake is depicted in the DNA. It is your kundalini, a rising energy potential, but one that holds much fear.

< Ascension 3 > So Samuel now understood his own power, his own balance, and he understood why the snake had been sent there in the first place. They talked for many, many, many hours. Samuel learned much through this experience about himself. He saw the darkness and the fears that were within him, expressed through the snake. When they were done, Samuel said to the snake, "I still do not like you. I still do not like when you show up on my path. I still do not like what you represent. But, now I know that you come bearing a gift. Now I know there is a reason for your being, and now I know how to address you and what to do."

< Ascension 3 > If you hold an imbalance of fear within you, the darkness will cause you to go scampering back to the village where you came from. If you hold fears and you allow them to let you forget everything you’ve learned, to shake you to the core, you will run backwards to the village, back to your security. This snake of fear and darkness that scared you away did not get what he came for. He was trying to scare you, but in reality he was really looking to be addressed.

< Ascension 3 > When the darkness comes up, and the fear comes up, and the snake comes up within you, own your divinity. Breathe it in. Stay in your balance. Do not try to change something that you do not quite yet understand. Do not try to kill it. Do not run away in fear. Hold and own your divinity. Ask the darkness within you why it is there, what needs to be released. There is an imbalance of energy within you that needs addressing. Perhaps there was an old remorse. You do not need to go back into lifetime after lifetime to know exactly what it is. That would be a waste of time and energy. But, there is perhaps an old remorse or guilt. Or perhaps it is part of a wisdom that it is not fully complete, so it stands in imbalance within you. The snake will come forward at the appropriate time to let you know that there is something within that needs to be released.

< Ascension 4 > But now, dear friends, if you dare, let it go - all at once. Let that old energy that has been making you ill… let it be transformed. Not healed, not changed, not hidden under a rug, and not destroyed - but transformed. Energy can only be transformed. Humans want to change things and heal things or run from things. You remember our story of a month ago of the four lightworkers and the snake. Energy can only be transformed. It can only be placed in a spiraling motion that raises it to a new level. The transformation receives its energy when you release the old ways, when you release the darkness and the fear.

< Ascension 10QA > The children come in with a heightened sense of awareness. They come in with more sensitivity. The veil around them is not quite so thick as it was for you when you were growing up. They remember these things we have spoken of. They remember past lives. And, in particular, they are troubled by the energies and the memories of the times before they ever came to Earth. They are troubled by the times that are being replayed in so many ways, replayed on your movie screens, replayed even in the experiences that you have today. What is being replayed are the times before you came to Earth when you were in the void, creating the universe.

Indeed, we heard the discussion earlier on this day about your movie, "Star Wars." This is your past. This is your past. It was about duality. It was about the conflict between the light and dark. It was about individuals or groups trying to consume others for their energy. Again, as we have talked about, this was done because you were all trying to find your way back Home. You felt that if you could conquer others and take them over, then you could find your way back Home.

Now, as you have discovered, this is not the way Home. Home comes to you. Home comes to you when you take responsibility and accept your divinity. What is happening is that the young ones… they do not have so many filters around them. They are more aware, more in tune with their own past. You will find they are, as you know, very talented, very intuitive. They pick up on things quite easily. But, yet they have this other side that is filled with fear, that is filled with phobias.

< DivineHuman 3 > When you have peace, and balance, and integration within yourself, when you have transmuted the old fears and the old guilts that are within you, and have transmuted these into wisdom and divine energy, dear friends, that does more to change the consciousness of the planet than anything else. You do not need to do anything specific at that point. Your vibration will change those who are around you. It will change events and change situations, and perhaps then allow some of the conflicts that exist to find a way to resolve themselves in a healthy, positive manner.

< DivineHuman 5 > The changes you made by facing the darkness within you, by facing your fears, by releasing old wounds… these changes have changed your world to the point where you did not need to go through any sort of catastrophe or termination. The work that you have done within yourself is the true work. The work you have done internally has changed people all around you. It has prevented what could have been very catastrophic Earth changes.

< NewEnergy 4 > But, yes, he is a bit of an animal. He stays in the background so often because his energy - which is really part of your energy… it is an archetypical part of you - his energy tends to bring things up.

We ask you to welcome in the Archangel of fear - Raphael. What a title, Raphael, you have! But, as you know, fear provides such a motivator. Fear helps you to get through some of the challenges and the changes that you are going through. Raphael helps you, dear Shaumbra, to transmute fear.

< NewEnergy 4 > When you feel difficulties, or strong and strange energies around you… when you know intuitively that there is a challenge for you that has come into your reality… and you're trying to deny it… you're trying to pretend it's not there… and the fear comes up - Raphael is right there with that fear. Oh, he is not the one creating it - you are. But, he is there as a potential energy for you to use to transmute fear into wisdom… into awareness… into moving into a whole New Energy. So often you associate the energy of Raphael with that of creating fear because, where there is fear, there is Raphael. So, when you feel his energy, sometimes you think, "Oh, dear God, what comes next?" That is why he remains in the background so often.

< NewEnergy 10QA > When you are feeling safe, it is much easier to open. All of your energies - your divinity, everything else - need this same thing. And, you can create it. You can be in the safe moment. You are in it right now in this Now moment we sit in together. It is only when you get caught up in the past or the future, when you explore possibilities of the past - or realities - possibilities of the future, it tends to bring in the fear. And, then you tend to shut down. If you exist and stay in the Now moment, it is safe.

< NewEnergy 11QA > There will be a group of Shaumbra and soon many, many others who are going to allow this very simple process to take place, the coming back together, the resolution of the elements. As it was shared with this group earlier today, the darkness is not what it appears to be and neither is the light. These are values… these are judgments that have been placed on the energies… the darkness having taken on all of the negative attributes… all of the things that you didn't want… all of the things you are afraid to look at. All of the fears were all put and burdened onto the darkness. If you were to clear all of these negative energies and perceptions away, you would find that the dark is not what you think it is. The negative is not what you think it is at all. It has beauty. It has depth. It is the reflection. It is part of the Creator energy.

< Embodiment 8 > In Atlantis, in Lemuria, there were no religions. We didn't understand the concept of God. We understood oneness. We understood love. We understood evolution and all of these things. But, God is a relatively new invention. Duality in the churches is a form of hypnosis. And, at this very moment around your world, it is holding billions of people in place out of fear.

< Embodiment 11 > Let down the controls and the fears and the belief systems. Let that all go. The synchronistic life then begins to immediately connect, take place in your life. It is all there. It is difficult to describe because it is not a formula. It is just a way of being. In the synchronistic life there is that flow. Yes, you do; you're still living in the human reality. You are still going to have to get up in the morning, if you choose. You still have to participate in the material world. But, it becomes so much easier. There's not the stress. There's not the push. There is not the mental battling.

< Embodiment 12 > But, now we can really be with you, sitting not just in the seat next to you or behind you, but sitting within you because you have come that far. You have allowed the full embodiment. You have opened up that much and let the fears go that you can embody anything fearlessly. You can accept us. You can accept anything into your space, into your reality, without fearing that it's going to take from you, without fearing that it's going to distract you, without fearing that it's going to somehow annihilate you. Oh, that is the true mark of a Divine Human when they can embody like what you are doing right now.

< Clarity 2QA > So often the human self, what we call the "little self," is afraid, and it is crying out. It wants your attention. You have gone on this tremendous spiritual journey but you forgot to take care of the little human self. You didn't even leave it a babysitter. You just left it there (some laughter). It is afraid. It is not sure what is happening. So, the best way it gets to you is sending you fear energy. You respond to that faster than just about anything else. Go back; make peace with your human self, and bring that human self with you in this expansional journey. And, you will find that the fear starts going out the door.

< Clarity 3QA > Those forces who do attempt to control - who are based in fear or directly based in evil - will continue, will try to continue to do their work, especially over these next few years. Whether they are terrorists or politicians - and not much difference between the two (much laughter) - or any other beings, whether they're large companies or small, they're finally going to realize what you have already realized: you are sovereign in your own right. You don't need to steal someone else's energy. You don't have to try to take away from another. It is actually easier to create on your own as a sovereign being rather than trying to take somebody else's energy for power. Ultimately, you can have what you choose as a Creator unto yourself, rather than having to take it from others.

< Clarity 3QA > You have everything you need within your being. Our advice, dear friend, is not to spend your energy, your days worried about conspiracies. Most of the conspiracies are filled with an energy that you might be familiar with - drama. Conspiracies have to have drama and enormous amounts of it to work. Conspiracies work on fear, fascination, drama. And, it is a hypnosis, no different than the type of hypnosis that is being used on those who do occasionally try their conspiracies. We wouldn't get all wrapped up in that energy because it can tie you up and drain you faster than the reality of the conspiracy itself.

< Clarity 4 > Who wrote the Bible? There are those who believe that it was written by God. We saw it was written by man. And, it was changed many times over, many times over. It is a wonderful story, but not wonderful enough for me to want to stay in it (audience laughter). I didn't want to be just another character in a book. I wanted to write my own books. So, Shaumbra, there are those who believe it, and the fear energy feeds them. Yes, fear energy feeds you too sometimes, doesn't it? You create fears in your life, and then it feeds you. You think it is hurting you. It is helping you somehow.

< Clarity 6 > The brain collects and stores information. It is a database. And, it also has the ability to make judgments, based on things that have happened in the past. It has no way of making judgments of things it hasn't experienced before. The brain in itself is very limited that way. It collects data, makes judgments. But, it doesn't have the ability to predict into the future. As a matter-of-fact, if you start talking new experience, or future, or something it has never gone through before, the brain puts up an energy of fear. It doesn't know; it is protecting the car-self now. So, it puts up fear, just like you do.

< Clarity 6 > And, it's time to re-invent the car, re-create the car, and stop trying to rebuild it. The fear has been death. The fear has been finality. You've been operating in the three - what we would call - lower levels, or basic levels, of trying to always maintain the integrity of the car, trying to preserve and protect it. So, your agenda for making the car just a little shinier, a little faster, making the car a little better than someone else's is not necessarily consistent with the desire of the soul. You've been removed from your soul because you've been trying to focus on the basic things of keeping that old car running.

< Clarity 8 > Fear, at its core level, is just energy. It is just energy. It has been assumed to be bad energy. Fear is such an overlay right now that it literally stops people in their tracks. It causes them to do things they wouldn't normally do. Fear is this… well, just feel the energy of fear for a moment. Fear is the demon. Fear is the destroyer. Fear is the darkness and the unknown, at least in the concept or the overlays that you have right now. But when you really feel into it, fear is just energy. That's all it is.

< Clarity 8 > If you allow yourself to move into fear... move right into the energy of it... when you get in there, and, as the late great president said, "there is nothing to fear other than the fear itself"... when you allow yourself to go right into the energy of fear, you find out that there is nothing to fear in it. It's just energy of transmutation and change. Just energy that is there available for you if you need or want to use it.

< Clarity 8 > You already know what happens when you battle fear. It always wins. It always wins, because it is just a part of you that you're giving your energy to. You're letting it grow. You're letting it turn into the monster, and it will always win. But Shaumbra, if you let yourself go right into the fear without battle, without trying to manipulate it, you'll find out it really isn't the monster that you thought it was.

< Clarity 8 > And now you're in the Attraction stage, just letting everything come in, but what tends to happen is your fear jumps in the way. Your fear about the unknown. Your fear that wondering if your idea - your book, your business, your invention or whatever it is - perhaps isn't worthy. Perhaps people will laugh at it. Perhaps you'll never get the support that you want. Perhaps you'll be a failure. You see, the fears start coming in at this point. Your fears will change the energy level... the vibration and the level of attraction now... of your idea. You've just sabotaged yourself. Your idea is going to stay in those attraction realms somewhere, not doing anything, not moving forward, because the fear has come in and put a hold, or changed the way you are attracting the appropriate energies to you. So it's not going to go anywhere.

< Clarity 8 > That's why we are saying right now with the energy of Raphael - with Rapha here - we'll help you to overlook those fears to help you look at what energy is within them, help to keep your attraction level very open, help to keep you attracting very pure energies. When you do this, it allows for a more pure and full manifestation of your idea. You'll pull in all of the appropriate energies to make it happen. We're going to say now; watch in particular, watch right now what happens at your Attraction level. How are you bringing energies in and how are fears tending to sabotage what you're trying to do? Watch how this unfolds over the next few months. Pay particular attention to what you are attracting and what you are blocking.

< Teacher 5 > Every little thought that you have has its own identity. Every little fear that you have is actually just a little child. Every piece of stuck energy is really wanting to be unstuck. And you, dear ones, you (the creator self) can guide that part of yourself into your own New Energy. Go in and talk to it - that little fear.

< QuantumLeap 1 > But the point, our point, was it's time to shake up some of the humans that are really stuck - and this would be a way of doing it! They are so stuck in some of their ways, their fears and their demons. They love their demons, by the way. Oh, so do you, and that's why we're here today. (laughter) They love their demons. Their demons are their gods because they rule over them. They rule over humans.

< Returning 2QA > Fear is an interesting energy. Fear is used often by humans as a way to make them feel alive, because it is a very dynamic energy. So they bring fear into their life for whatever reason - fear and drama - and it makes them feel alive. They remember that they're here. It gets them out of their mind for a little while, believe it or not. But then fear is a very interesting energy. It's very addictive and it will keep coming around until you no longer are focused on it, until you can breathe through it and understand you don't need that drama - that's all fear is, is drama - you don't need it in your life.