five divine senses

divine feeling center;  master sense

< Ascension 6 > There are spiritual senses, senses that are used by you and used by us on different levels than your human senses. These have always been available, but while on Earth you have not used these so much. They have remained somewhat barricaded, somewhat clouded from you. They have been somewhat unavailable to you. Yes, you use them when you come back to our side of the veil. When you leave physical form, you pick these up again. They are inherent. They are part of who you are, but when you come to Earth, you tend to leave these behind. They are not available, but they are coming in now. So much of the reason for Metatron coming today is to help carry these in, to help bridge that gap.There are five of these senses. The five divine senses are etheric, multi-dimensional, non-physical and non-human.

< Ascension 6 > Imagine the shape of a star, of a five-pointed star. At the top of the star is the first of these five senses. It is the SENSE of AWARENESS. Now these are etheric, spiritual, divine senses, the first being awareness. You developed this sense immediately when you left Home, when you left the Kingdom. Up until this time, you really did not have an awareness of who you were. You simply were. But, when you left the Kingdom and went through the Wall of Fire, you immediately developed a sense of awareness. This is the "I am" Sense. "I am part of God, but yet I am my own identity." It is the first of these five senses.

< Ascension 6 > Now, going counterclockwise on this star with five points is the divine SENSE of IMAGINATION. Imagination. When you imagine something, it begins to bring it to life. It begins to shape it. We also call this the Sense of Creation. Each one of you has something in your imagination that we spoke of before, that you are holding the lid on. It is there. It will be coming through. This is what we challenged you with before. The divine sense of Imagination takes the energy and places a type of energetic form to it. It starts to coalesce it. It starts to bring it in. This is the sense of Imagination.

< Ascension 6 > Moving again counterclockwise on this five-pointed star is the divine SENSE of COMPASSION. Compassion. We also call this the Unity Sense. This is the divine sensitivity that gives you an understanding that you are I Am, but you are also part of All That Is. This sense of compassion allows you to see God in another's eyes. It allows you to feel and to understand another. This is what links you to every other human, to every other animal and to every molecule on this planet. This is the sense that links you to All That Is.

Without this sense of compassion and unity, you would be very, very much alone and lonely. When we speak to you in our gatherings, and we say, "Dear friends, you are never alone," we are triggering this sense of compassion and of unity and of togetherness. We will not call it "oneness," but we will call it "togetherness." This is the sense that allows you to understand what another person or entity is going through. Use it when you teach.

< Ascension 6 > Now, let’s continue moving around this five-pointed star. Next is the SENSE of FOCUS. Focus. We also call it the Sense of Power. It is the ability to take raw energy that comes from the imagination, blended with compassion for others and for self, and focus that energy, to bring it to reality, to bring it to life.

This sense is so important, dear friends. So many of Shaumbra have allowed this divine sense of Focus to go dormant while you have been on Earth. You forget to focus. You forget to bring it into your reality. So many of you have totally ignored this divine sense. You don't want to necessarily focus on being human, for someone along the way told you that it was a sin. You ignore the sense of focus, and it is so important for the balance.
Focus on your imaginations and on your compassion and on your humanness. The sense of Focus draws the energies of the raw God-power and brings it into a focus. It begins to funnel the raw energies.

< Ascension 6 > The final point of this star - this final divine sense, dear friends - is EXPRESSION. It is Expression. You hold energy that is within you, that you have focused on, that you have imagined and brought in. It is now time to express it on your Earth plane in your humanness.

In our short story of Nancy and her cooking, she imagined the meal. Then she went to the refrigerator and pantry, and used her compassion to understand what would be the best balance for her, as well as the others. She used her focus to begin preparing the foods in the appropriate manner. Ultimately she used her Expression when she began putting them into the pans and stirring them into the bowls. She took her human energy and made it happen.

"Expression" is taking the other divine senses and now bringing them forth. There are many of you here who get stuck at this point. There are many of you that want your guides or Spirit to do the Expression. You are willing to imagine what it is you would like to create. You are willing to have compassion for others. You are willing to even focus on your humanness and on the needs and desires and wants that you have. But, when it comes to lifting a hand and doing it, fear comes in. Self-doubt comes in, and the snake shows up, and says, "Don’t lift that hand." That’s when we hear so many of you say, "Dear Tobias, dear Spirit, dear anybody-who-will-listen-these-days, will you do it for me?" (audience laughter)

Expression is the bursting forth of energy that is welling up within you, that is desiring to come forth. But YOUR hand must be lifted in order to express. There will be those who come knocking at your door, and you must open it with YOUR hand. You must allow this new divine energy to burst - and to birth - forward, to come into your reality. It is Expression. Bring it forth. Be bold here!

< Ascension 6 > Now, these are the five divine senses. They correspond, and they work with your seven human senses that we spoke of in our last gathering. They work together. The seven human senses are in your tangible reality. They are in your fixed reality as a human. They are associated with body parts like the ears and the eyes and the nose and the mouth and the skin, the intellect, and your emotions.

< Ascension 6 > These five senses that we talk of today… they are divine senses. They are not necessarily new, but the application for them in your human reality is new. You are now able to meld the human and the divine senses together. Is it not interesting, dear friends, that there has always been discussion of the seven plus five chakras? And, in a sense, there are seven human senses and five divine senses.

< Ascension 6 > Now, we will give you a bit of technical information that comes through Metatron, for he asks us to clarify here. It is not a straight line that connects one point of the star to the next. It is a curved - inwardly curved line or arc - that connects one point of this star to the other. It is a curved line. It is an arc that connects one to the other. Then energetically - how to say - there is a circle at the center of this. We will ask Cauldre to draw this on his computer thing that he does, so you can see. But, there is a circle inside the shape of this star. There is a circle that then connects each one of the inward arcs.

The Five Divine Senses (Basic Star) drawn by Debi Smith


This will help you to understand. It is not sacred geometry, no. But, it will help you to understand the energetics, the patterns of this. These are your divine senses that now can be brought in and used at the human, at the Earthly level.

< Ascension 6 > One other thing we ask you to do now. Imagine yourself, your body, yourself. You generally have a head, two arms, two legs. The five divine senses correspond to these parts of your human being.
The sense of Awareness is represented by your head, dear friends.
The sense of Imagination is associated with your left hand.
Compassion is associated with your left foot… ergo, the human saying, "if you could only walk in my shoes."

There is an energy associated with the right foot with the sense of Focus, "dig your heels in." Do you not tap your right foot, dear friends, when you are trying to stay focused on something, when you are nervous, and you might go out of your body? And, then you bring yourself back in with the tapping of the right foot, because it is associated with or somewhat connected to this divine energy of focus. Do not misunderstand - that energy is not located in your foot, but it is associated externally with that foot.

Then the right hand, the hand of expression - what do you do when you shake someone's hand? You express something to them. It could be many things, but it is brought out. It is the powerful healing hand; although, yes, as many of you know, there is a balance between the two. But, the Expression is generally associated with the right hand. It is the one that creates expression and movement.

< Ascension 6 > It will take some time to assimilate. But, understand that the divine senses we use on this side, - that you use when you are here with us - are now available to you, each day a bit more available. They are now available to you with all the changes that have been made in your consciousness, and also the corresponding changes of the grids that are being done and will be completed this year by the Kryon.

< Ascension 6 > It is not just the seven human senses where the Language of Ah will come in. It will come in through your awareness for who you are now, a new awareness for the angel that you are. It will come in through your imagination. Your imagination will be ripe, and it will be bursting in these days to come. It will come in more than ever with your compassion for others and for yourself. Do not reserve compassion just for others. Bring compassion into your body and for yourself.

The Language of Ah will come in through the ability to focus, the ability to funnel energies in. This is what Nancy was doing with her cooking. She was taking raw energies - the ones that the farmers worked on - and bringing these in, focusing them. That is what your divine sense of Focus does. Your universe is filled with energy, raw, undefined energy. Focus makes it possible to bring it in and apply it on your level. This will be an important one for you to work with this year, not what we would call the most fun one, but so very important.

And, finally Expression. If Nancy had just imagined her cooking and had compassion about it and had focused on what she was truly hungry for, she would have starved if she hadn't expressed it, if she hadn't gone into her kitchen and begun the work.

< Ascension 6 > When combined with the seven human senses, you will find it so possible to do things that you would have called magic or a mystery or a miracle only a few years ago. But, the interesting thing is when these things happen, they will not appear so miraculous. You will have the understandings of the physics and the science behind them. And, you will say to others when they are standing in awe and marvel of what you have done… you will say to them the words that the Master of Love said to you and to the others, "And this, you can do also." It is not a miracle. It is not a gift from God in the sense that God gives this gift everyday. It is not a special gift. It is one that God, that I Am created… what you call this miracle.

< Ascension 6QA > There is a reason for the particular placement on this star, because it corresponds to an energy center that is located near that portion of your physical body, for instance, compassion being your foot. Again, if you want to activate the Language of Ah through that divine sense of compassion, it is to imagine your foot. It is to focus an energy there. This will help to activate that compassion point. Again, it is not IN your foot, but it is associated with that area.

The divine senses we brought in today do not need to go in a particular order or sequence. They can go in any order. That is why there is a circle at the inside of this star shape, because it allows the instant connection from one aspect to the other. Now, we're getting too much detail here. But, in the arc that goes from imagination to compassion, that connects those two points, there is yet another energy that is embedded in there. It is the meld, or the summation, of imagination and compassion put together. It creates yet a new energy that we will speak of here more in the future. There are power points within each of those arcs.

< Ascension 7 > Metatron asks you have joy in being human, and of all the rewards that it has. Can you imagine when you combine this feeling of joy with your new divine awareness? Ah! What a beautiful thing! Divine awareness combined with the human being-ness. You can have it all, in a sense. You can be in matter, in form. You can be immersed in this wonderful dimension that you are in AND have an awareness of who you truly are.

< Ascension 10 > Your "new identity" will be nothing like your old. You held tightly to your old identity and to who you were and to what you saw in the mirror. In the New Energy it is not that way. You will not have an identity that is locked in. It will be very flexible, very fluid. With your new identity, you will be aware of self, but you will also be more aware of all things around you. This awareness will come in through the divine senses, through the Language of Ah.

< Ascension 10QA > The children come in with a heightened sense of awareness. They come in with more sensitivity. The veil around them is not quite so thick as it was for you when you were growing up. They remember these things we have spoken of. They remember past lives. And, in particular, they are troubled by the energies and the memories of the times before they ever came to Earth. They are troubled by the times that are being replayed in so many ways, replayed on your movie screens, replayed even in the experiences that you have today. What is being replayed are the times before you came to Earth when you were in the void, creating the universe.

< Ascension 11 > You will find more and more people channeling the Mary energy, working with this energy, being drawn to this energy in the next few years of time. You will feel the pure, pure blue color of her energy around you at many times, loving you, and nurturing you, and supporting you. The Mother energy is here because you are birthing your own divinity. The Mother energy is here at this time of birthing your divinity. You will feel this energy through your divine senses. She is very present in this space right now. Many of you have worked with her before. But, there are new aspects to her that you are not so familiar with. There is a brighter and lighter appearance and feel to Mary.

< DivineHuman 10 > Breathe in, dear friends. Notice something. You cannot have an intellectual discussion with yourself when you breathe. Your mind stops cranking away. You stop analyzing when you breathe.Take the deep breath. Try to think and breathe at the same time. It doesn't work. Such is the gift of the breath. It opens all of the feeling centers - the human feeling and the divine feeling centers. Now, take a breath and feel the flow of your creation energies come through you. They are unrestricted, undefined. They simply want to dance in your Now. Take a deep breath and feel your creative energies in the Now. They - you - want to express.

< NewEnergy 2QA > There was such an energy attached to the darkness of sex, particularly by the churches. They taught that sex was not a good act. It was only done for producing other humans, and it was not meant for pleasure. Women were taught that they should not have pleasure.

This is a very sad thing, for indeed this is one of the finest parts of being human, where you can be together with another - or just yourself - and truly open up. It opens up all of your senses. It opens up your divine senses as well. But, just like Jesus being placed on the cross - which is the symbol of divine and human intersection - there has been dark energy placed on this thing you would call sex.

Sex is one of the great ways of opening yourself to trust… and to love… and to feelings… and to divinity. If you want to feel your divinity come into play, then open yourself totally when you are making love. So, we see this as a wonderful thing for you.

< NewEnergy 8 > The imagination is not mind control. If you find yourself in your mind, take a deep breath and get out. We are opening a whole new center, somewhere between the heart and the mind. We are not speaking geographically. We're talking consciously. It is about creation. It is about bringing in potentials. It is nothing that has to be pushed. You don't have to struggle with this. You allow yourself to soar… to open up… to have freedom.

< NewEnergy 8 > It is the imagination, but it is real. As Myriam taught the disciples, it is more real then the human reality. Your society teaches you to discard, to discredit the imagination. It is time to give it back its rightful place. As you open and allow this center to open, it will become more defined, more detailed, more understanding. You will begin to hear the words that Yeshua tells you. You'll be able to feel the touch of Myriam's hand on your back where it's been hurting… feel the relief.

< Returning 6 > Now, you're racing right now in your mind. Let's stop that. Let's go into the feeling. The feeling is an all-encompassing part of you that integrates the body, the mind and the spirit. The feeling is the opening of your senses and your awarenesses - the physical senses as well as your divine senses.

< (Next) 10 > Everything else (but I Am) is an act. Everything else is just for fun. Everything else is part of an experience. But instead of being unaware of who created the experience, instead of being unaware of why the experience, instead of being unaware of how you get out of the experience, suddenly it all comes together. It all starts to make intuitive divine sense. Not human sense. It will not make human sense, but it will make divine sense.