Metatron / new Metatronic energy

your voice in Spirit;
collective energy
of your divinity; purity of Spirit;

< Ascension 6 > The visitor who comes in today… the time is appropriate, and this energy of our honored guest is intense. It is fiery. It is the appropriate time. Feel this new energy. Yet, it is an energy that you know of, that you have worked with, an energy that you helped to create, but whose time was not appropriate to be here until now.

< Ascension 6 > He is the one who has been prodding you here as I, Tobias, have been chatting away. He is the one who has been disrupting the energies here to work with you on different levels. He is a grand one. If there was a conference table in the Order of the Arc, this wonderful being would sit at the front, right-hand chair. He would sit next to the head chair. And, you wonder who sits in the head chair?? It has been vacant for a while, but it is you! You have been busy doing other things. You have not been able to preside at the spot that you indeed own.

< Ascension 6 > This one that comes in today carries the name of Metatron. He comes in to visit on this day. His energy is so powerful that even a whisper from him is so grand and large that it could - how to say - knock you over. So, we had to do much prior to our gathering on this day to create a framework that would temper the energy. Metatron comes in on this day to be here with you. It is Metatron who influenced this celebration that we have here today, and the energies behind it.

< Ascension 6 > Now, it is interesting to note that Metatron has not been one who could directly work with humans. The vibration of his name gives that. Most of the archangels who work directly with the humans have an "i-e-l" (or a-e-l) ending to their names, such as Uriel, Amael, Michael. Up to now, dear friends, Metatron has not been able to directly interface with humans. Metatron has had to dispatch other archangels or other entities from our side for the interface. If he had directly interfaced with you as a human, it would have blown your circuitry. It would have burned you up. It would have been too much energy. But with some advance work, he is now able to enter this space.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron comes in today to fulfill a promise. He made this promise when he sat next to you at the table in the Order of the Arc. Metatron comes in today to fulfill a promise that is even written of in your scriptures, but it is taken out of context. Metatron said, "I will come to Earth to see you again when the energies and the times are appropriate." And, he comes back now, without the other archangels having to interface for him. He comes back directly to be with you. There is a reason for this, and there is a reason for his visit. This will be a scientific year for Earth. It will be a year of many technological developments. The reason is simple. You have made the change in your own consciousness, and this allows science to move forward. Consciousness provides the energy for scientific changes. Indeed, science and spirit work together, hand-in-hand.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron helped to architect the technology and the physics and the math of your universe and planet. Metatron came to Earth, never as a human, but he did come to Earth when the energies were being formed. He came to help you and the others create the energetic templates for Earth. He helped place within Gaia certain crystalline energies that would surface at the appropriate time. Metatron returns now to be with you. With the changes that the Kryon has made in the grids, Metatron can now come in and be of assistance to you in the work that you are doing.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron has been depicted as the one who sits closest to Yahweh, the one who sits next to God, indeed, the one that sits next to you. Metatron is one who holds the balance between human and divine, but could not do it directly because of the immense responsibility and energy behind this. He had to use others.

< Ascension 6 > Metatron has been called the "Angel of Death." This is somewhat of a wrong interpretation. He prefers to call himself an "Angel of Transition and Change." He assists you, whether your transition is that of leaving the body between lifetimes, or whether you are simply transitioning into the New Energy, into your ascension. That is what he comes forth to do. Metatron will be an important part of the work that you and the Crimson Council do this year. It is the year of the final releasing of old energies and the bringing in the new. It is a wonderful year of balancing, shifting, and changing.

< Ascension 6 > For those who are wondering, Metatron is not a single entity. It is a composition of energies. It is not a male or a female. Metatron is a collection of energies from the Order of the Arc, representing all of the archangels AND you. If you would put this together as a composite, this is Metatron. You will see Metatron with your new eyes, or in your psychic eye. You will see Metatron at times, taking on a human-like quality - radiant and glowing - but human-like. Understand this is your way of perceiving Metatron, but it is not a single entity.

< Ascension 6 > Many of you will see Metatron in your dreams or lucid states. It will be a very high energy - a shimmering vibration - ranging from the copper tones into the golds, into the flaming whites. You may see a bright light out of the corner of your eye at times, a flash of light. You are seeing a touch of Metatron coming into your awareness field. When you see that bright flash of light, you are allowing this energy of Metatron to come in. It will be an important energy to work with throughout this year.

< Ascension 6 > Feel beloved Metatron now in all of your senses, in all of your being. It is a high energy, almost metallic. It is a very technical and very sophisticated energy. It does not have some of the warmer tones or mellower tones that you would find with Amael or Raphael. It is very intense and crisp. This helps to make the transition that you, that Earth will be going through this year.

< Ascension 6 > Yes, and Metatron reminds us to tell you, "Do not worry so much when all those electronic devices break around you this year." (audience laughter) Unfortunately, that is part of his and your energy. You will find devices will simply break down. They are of the old, and they cannot hold the energies that you are now bringing in. When this happens - after you get done cussing that device - breathe in and allow for a moment. You will have an understanding of how to bring the new and appropriate equipment into your reality. This could be everything from your computers, to light bulbs, to your electronic devices. The electronics will be the most affected, but there are mechanical devices, too. This is the energy of Metatron, very technical and scientific, filled with physics of the New Energy. He also asks us to tell you that he is simply delighted to be here today!

< Ascension 6QA > We continue with the celebration of this time that allows the energies of Metatron to come to Earth, finally. It was foretold. It was prophesized that he would be here, that he would come, and place his energy in Earth once again at the appropriate time. It was envisioned that the time of his return would be at the time you had raised your consciousness. You are coming to the completion of a long journey, and it is appropriate for Metatron to be here now.

< Ascension 6QA > Science and technology is catching up. Metatron is the one who comes in to directly influence this now in your life. He is the one. He is the consciousness that takes raw energy, universal energy, and works with you to interpolate the physics and the energies, even the math and the wavelengths behind it, and to help bring it in to the human level at the appropriate energy balance.

< Ascension 6QA > It is a grand celebration that Metatron can come to Earth now. It has never before been possible, other than in the early days before Earth was truly matter. But, now that it has developed and mature and ready to go to the next level because of the work you've done, this energy comes in. That is why we are celebrating today; celebrating your work, celebrating a grand shift that takes place.

< Ascension 6QA > This is such an appropriate question, for you can say that the energy of Metatron is the guardian and the guide of sacred geometry. There are several points to make here. Some of your current understandings of sacred geometry that is written in the books and that is available on your Internet are so far off! (some laughter) We do not quite understand where these come from. There are depictions of the Metatron energy on your printed pages that do no justice at all, do not look like Metatron. There is a reason for this. The sacred geometries that have been created were created with an Old Energy understanding. Things have changed quite a bit now.

< Ascension 6QA > In a sense, you are all carriers of the Metatron energy. There are some like you that have a closer connection, a deeper compassion for it. You have been working with Metatron on the etheric levels, in particular, in your dreams states. You teach classes here on our side about Earth Energy so we can understand. You are technically oriented, but you have that barrier that we talked about. It is time to lift that. Forget the fact that you don't have a degree in this area. It has nothing to do with it. You work closely with these highly complex, universal mathematics and physics. The challenge for you is to bring this into your Earth level. Your self-doubt will try to stop you this year, but bring it in at this level and begin applying it. Meld the human senses with these divine senses, all in the Language of Ah, and you will see how easy it is to understand concepts you have struggled with before.

Indeed, you are one that is very close to the Metatron energy, and you will find this will be an exceptional year for you. You will burst forward with new understandings. It is important to also bring these understandings down to a level so those who you talk with don't get lost. You will see in their eyes if they begin to leave … because they do not understand you. Do not talk so lofty and etheric. Use the Language of Ah at all levels, but particularly at the compassion point. Understand where they are, so you can better understand how to speak to them.

< Ascension 7 > They (Metatron's entourage) work closely with the energy of Metatron. They are much like guards of the energy. They are ones who help balance. These are ones who work directly with your runners, helping to fulfill and complete grand cycles of energies. They are tall beings who stand here. They accompany Metatron as he journeys closer and closer to the energy of Earth. They help provide a balance. When you work with the energy of Metatron, as so many of you will be doing, you will feel this entourage. This is an important part of the Metatron energy. There are angel-entities who will work more directly with you than what Metatron can do directly. It is still difficult, even though you are in a much higher energy now, to work directly with Metatron.

< Ascension 7 > A major shift occurred, a shift that is allowing us on this side of the veil to work more directly with you. It has helped Metatron work closer to the Earth plane. This September shift (after the event of 9-11) bumped up the consciousness and the vibration of All That Is.

< Ascension 8 > Metatron comes in closer. He has not been able to do this in all of the history of humankind. He comes in closer now. And, it is in direct response to your understanding and becoming aware of your divinity and of your ability to hold it.

< Ascension 8 > That is why Metatron comes closer and closer… closer and closer to you. Metatron IS you, dear friends. You are part of that energy, of that energetic family or group that makes up Metatron. It is not really a "he." It is not an individual. It is a consciousness of God. It is a consciousness of love.

< Ascension 9 > Metatron, dear ones, IS you. Metatron is the collective energy of those who are moving into the New Energy. You can see your reflection in Metatron. It is the illumination of who you are. It is your divinity. Metatron, who introduced himself as "your voice in Spirit" is a part of you (collection of the part of each one's divinity) that has not been able to integrate at the Earth level for many, many reasons. Metatron is the divine consciousness that was not able to come into duality until now. And, this energy of Metatron, of you, of your divinity is now firmly planted here.

< Ascension 9QA > But, even as Gautama (Buddha) found out on his long journey, you never go Home. You can't go Home, for you are in a new place of consciousness that does not make going Home practical anymore. Home will come to you. Home expands to meet you. This is what is happening now. The energy of Home, represented by Metatron, comes to Earth, comes to you.

< Ascension 10 > Metatron IS you! Metatron is "your voice in Spirit". Metatron held a balance of energy on the other side of the veil. Metatron held the balance of energy in a very sacred temple within the Order of the Arc, a temple that was secure, and safe, and very sacred. Very few were allowed into this temple. That is where part of your own divine energy has been watched over by Metatron. That is where part of you that is so divine, and so pure - the purity of love - has been waiting, watched over by your voice in Spirit, Metatron, until the time was appropriate. Metatron has walked with all of us throughout this Ascension Series.

< Ascension 10 > Metatron is now able to bring his energy directly to the level of Earth. This was not possible before. It was not possible. Metatron is able to join with us now, bringing his energy into this space, into this circle. And, indeed his energy is here today. Feel the energy of Metatron today, not as an outside being, not as some male-angel entity. Feel the energy as your very own divinity, under the name of Metatron, under a collective energy of Metatron. Allow yourself to feel yourself in Metatron. And, allow Metatron to feel himself in you. Allow the melding to take place. Metatron, the symbol of your divinity and "your voice in Spirit", joins us now. Metatron is your divinity.

< Ascension 10 > Is it no wonder that Michael comes in to be with us now? He comes here as one who was your trainer, as one who you have bonded with closely over long periods of time. Michael comes in for this lesson, for it is also a type of graduation ceremony. He is here to release you, so that you can come to those final energetic moments of finding your truth (divinity) within. (also Metatron is your divinity.)

< DivineHuman 1 > As you know, Metatron is you. Metatron is your voice in Spirit. Metatron is the representation of your God-self. It is part of your consciousness that you were not able to bring into your human level when you came here. It was part of your soul that stayed on the other side.

< DivineHuman 1 > But, now with the changes of the grids that have been done by the Kryon, Metatron, your voice in Spirit, can come in so much closer. Metatron has been present in so many of our lessons of the last series and will continue to be here because you are anchoring and owning this energy. It is not a single individual, although you may perceive it to be this way at times. But, it is your own divinity and the divinity of all of Shaumbra, and ultimately, all of humanity.

< DivineHuman 3QA > But, we do tell you one thing. You all visit the New Earth at night in your sleep, in your dreams. You are helping to build this place. You are going there, working with Gabriel, the giver of life. And, you are working with Metatron. And, you are working with Amael, and Uriel, and Raphael, and all of the others from the Order of the Arc to set up this new place. So, you already have a feel for it.

< NewEnergy 4 > Archangels are not humans, indeed. Archangels do not have souls of God, like what you have. They have a type of persona or a character about them. But, they are truly archetypical energies. Metatron is that part of you that is your voice in Spirit. Metatron is that part that is so sharp and so intense. And, yes, sometimes it is easier to think of him as a "he," as a personality, as an entity. It is all YOU. Raphael is an archetypical energy that manifests with you at the time of fear. Raphael - Rapha, energy - has been such an important part of the Crimson Council and the Crimson Circle. Indeed, his energies show up in the very story of Tobit, or Tobias, as you would know it. It is a story of a journey, and it is a story of fear.

< Embodiment 5 > I ask you to simply feel how the Metatron energy has changed since we first brought this in… how the Metatron energy comes in now different… perhaps gentler… perhaps a bit closer… perhaps much more embodied within you… your body truly being able to bring in and accept all of these energies. Now, Metatron is indeed you, is indeed a collective, and in so many regards also an individual energy. The energies of Metatron are very strong, very clear, difficult sometimes for humans to even get near, for it affects their own systems, their biological and their electromagnetic systems.

< Embodiment 5 > But, dear Shaumbra, as you are grounded, fully present, these energies (Metatoron) come in to help you release some of the energy that you have been holding. Some of these energies that have wanted to stay with you haven't wanted to leave. You see, as much as you have difficulty releasing some of the energies you have been holding - the energies of family, or the energies of past lives, or energies of Gaia - some of these do not want to leave you. Some of them are so attached to you.

Some of them are so used to feeding off of you… yes, feeding off of you like a child, a baby feeding off its mother. It continues to feed off of you. It continues to help you perpetuate a story… you see. It doesn't want you to let go of the story because that Old aspect thinks that if you let it go that it will go out of existence. It doesn't. It truly doesn't go out of existence. Anything that has ever happened or ever been created always exists. But, there are aspects, perhaps, of past lives, or even aspects of you in this lifetime that want to be held. Being held can be comforting. Being held can be loving.

< Embodiment 5 > So, Cauldre is telling us we have been far too wordy today. This happens when Metatron moves in (audience laughter).

< Embodiment 6 > The work of Metatron is continuing, even since last month. But, it is different this time. You have been associating the energy of Metatron as being male, being very high energy, almost a metallic, electric, vibrant energy. But, today in my house, Metatron is showing another side… what you would call a feminine aspect of Metatron… indeed very strong… but a strong compassion… a strong love. After the work of Metatron - your voice in Spirit - was done two weeks ago, now comes the energy of the other side of Metatron… that of compassion… that of rebuilding… that of renewal… and that of evolution… evolving energy.

< Clarity 1 > Also accompanying Hossaf today is the energy of your voice in Spirit, Metatron. Ah, some of you have been feeling the Metatron energy this past week. And, in an interesting way the moment that this portal (of dark energy) was opened by those in human consciousness that don't want to change, it also interesting enough brought the energies of Metatron in in a whole new way. Now, Metatron was going to be here anyway. Metatron, with the intense energy, the clear energy, was going to be here at this gathering.

< Clarity 1 > But, it was interesting that Metatron rode in on this whole wave of very dark energy because that is also just an illusion. Because of the intensity of energy coming into Earth, bombarding Earth all at one time, this energy of Metatron, the voice of Spirit and your voice in Spirit, was able to ride in. So, you could say, in a sense, there has always been a conscious separation between Metatron, which is the purity of Spirit… there has always been a separation between that and Earth. It was sometimes - how to say - a bit challenging to get Metatron's energy in.

< Clarity 1 > And, sometimes, as many of you experienced, Metatron would tend to burn the circuits out. Yes, some of you have literally worked with the Metatron energy and found the experience of - how to say - blowing up your computers, finding problems with the Internet, blowing out light bulbs when you didn't even touch them because it was difficult for Metatronic energy to meld with human energy. Ah, but interesting that with all of this dark stormy energy coming in last week it also made available more Metatronic energy. You see, everything has its sister side. Everything has another - how to say - expression. Don't believe the illusion… you see.

< Clarity 2 > Now, what happens to you and your guidance, your support right now in these very, very interesting times of change? The support comes in for you from the Shaumbra energy. It is also a doorway for other energies to come into your life. Not only the energies of I, Tobias, and the Crimson Council… we are always here with you. But, now with the recent changes and the new Metatronic energy coming in to Earth, it also opens other doorways of support, support from the angelic realms, support even from Gaia in ways that you haven't been able to experience before, support from even energies of past lives that have been released, their energies transmuted. And, now they too come back into your life.

< Clarity 11 > Four years two months ago Metatron asked you a question, "Are you ready? Are you ready?" And today Metatron comes in, and Metatron speaks to each and every one of you because it is your voice also. Metatron is an entity - is a collective energy. Metatron is you also. It is your Authentic Self, your Godself. And Metatron comes in today to work with us in this Shoud, the Shoud where we close out the Clarity Series. Instead of a question, Metatron makes a statement and says "You ARE ready. You are ready."

< QLCeleb 1 > Oh, by the way, the engineer on this train, ever since we left the Order of the Arc, has been chief Metatron, chief engineer of this train of consciousness. He's been your voice in spirit. It's been you. It's been the Shoud of you through this being called Metatron helping to guide this train. The one who has been consistent, the one who has always been there, because it represents you. In just a few hours we're going to be pulling into the Quantum Leap station. Metatron isn't going forward. Metatron isn't going ahead, because Metatron, your voice in spirit, is going to transform. We're going to have a new engineer that's more you than ever before. And the name of that engineer, formerly Metatron, is Yo-ham.

< QuantumLeap 5 > One of the layers that you've been feeling is the energy of our guest today. Our guest Yo-ham - you - a transformation of Metatron into the physical and into the personal. Metatron, your voice in spirit, was a type of go-between, between you and the multidimensional realms, between you and your essence. Metatron was the go-between from the earthly state of being to the angelic state of being, help to continue to flow those energies back and forth. Metatron was a spokesperson for all of you, because as your energies were so tied up on Earth, it was difficult for you to have conscious awareness of how you were affecting yourself and Spirit in the other realms.

< QuantumLeap 5 > On the eve of the Quantum Leap, this energy of Metatron was transformed into a more personal, into a more melded state, taking on the new vibration or name of Yo-ham. "You are." You are All That Is. You are that you are. Metatron transformed into a rather impersonal ... some of you had even a feeling of a metallic or electric energy, a scientific or a type of physics to the very name of Metatron ... and transformed into Yo-ham. You in this reality now. Yo-ham, your essence, comes in today closer and closer than ever before to be part of your reality. Not to rescue you. Not to save you, but to join you in this triumphant discovery of life, of purpose and of expression called the planet Earth.

< QuantumLeap 5 > It had been eons of time since you left the angelic realms (Order of the Arc), you came to Earth, and the representative for you in the other realms (Order of the Arc) was Metatron. But now with the changing of consciousness, with your choosing of life and choosing of your own sovereignty, this energy of Yo-ham, of you, can be right here. It's not removed, distant, unknown.

< (Next) 5 > Metatron used to be what you would consider kind of a colder energy, kind of metallic, not so personal and friendly as me, because Metatron was your voice in spirit. But Metatron existed, you could say, in the other dimensions. It was separate, was in a different place. So you brought Metatron in close, and as we talked about several years ago at the Quantum Leap, Metatron's name actually changed and evolved to Yoham. Yoham. Not the musical group - well yes, they're Yoham also. Metatron evolved.

< freedom 6 > The true Embodied Master, simply walks the Earth knowing that they no longer have to be here. There's no longer any terms of service or obligation to others. The true Master walks on Earth simply to shine their light. The true Embodied Master that you are soon going to become, still has challenges with duality, still feels the harshness of this reality, but knows they are not trapped, knows that at any moment they can simply walk out. The hardest thing of getting from this Awakening Human into the Embodied Master is the question, in the immortal words of Metatron, “Are you ready?”