authentic self


< Clarity 10 > Speaking of authentic, it is time to even get away from some of these old terms that you have used in the past relating to your divinity. You call it your Higher Self. You call it your True Self. What about your Authentic Self? What about your Authentic Self? It is truly the greater expanded Being that you are. You've been so focused on this human aspect, you've forgotten. You haven't been authentic with yourself about who you are.

< Clarity 10QA > But when you feel you have to sit in front of the mirror every day and affirm or declare, well then what your authentic self is hearing is that you really don't believe yourself that you have to say it over and over. You have to try to convince yourself. Now you're in a trap. Now you're in hypnosis and you're going to feel it energetically. Whereas, if you make a choice, everything starts flowing.

< Clarity 11 > Four years two months ago Metatron asked you a question, "Are you ready? Are you ready?" And today Metatron comes in, and Metatron speaks to each and every one of you because it is your voice also. Metatron is an entity - is a collective energy. Metatron is you also. It is your Authentic Self, your Godself. And Metatron comes in today to work with us in this Shoud, the Shoud where we close out the Clarity Series. Instead of a question, Metatron makes a statement and says "You ARE ready. You are ready."

< Returning 3QA > I disdain authority, because I'm grander than authority. Your problem is that you were authority in the past, and many, many lifetimes in very strong positions and now, knowing what you were like, you just can't even stand the smell of it, the taste of it. So, it's time to get over that. It's time to let that one go. Past life, old stuff, who cares. Now it's time in your life to stand back a little bit and understand that you are your own authority and you are grander than any outside authority. You still want to battle them, but you are grander than the authority itself.

< Kharisma 1> But here it's going to be a little bit different. It's not just about a shiny, happy personality. The Kharisma is the grace from within. The Kharisma is that natural really authentic you, sans the personality that's not you, coming forth. It's the real you. It's the I Am in expression. Kharisma. It's there. It's already within you. It's already inside just ready to come out. It's the authentic you, the one you keep asking yourself about. You keep saying, “Well, am I being authentic?” Well, no. Actually, you weren't. So back away so that your authenticity can come out, so that the real you can come out.