old Hebrew word meaning sacred gathering, inspired gathering;

< Ascension 11 > Now… now… dear friends, dear family, we are also going to be changing the way we speak to you after this lesson. When we channeling to you, we come into the room, and we gather up the energy of all of you who are here. And, then we, in a sense, channeling this through Cauldre back to you. It has been somewhat of a passive type of information channel.

< Ascension 11 > When we gather together next month to begin our new series, we will be doing it in a new way. We will be escorting all who are present and all who are willing to a new space. But, it is YOU that will be doing the talking. We will be talking through Cauldre. But, it will not so much be us. I, Tobias, will be there, very present, for I am family, and I love you dearly. But, we will be relying more and more on you. There is a word that we use here on this side to describe this. It is a word that carries the vibration of "shoud." It would be spelled "s-h-o-u-d" in your English language. This is a vibration that means that you are beginning to express yourselves and your own divinity.

< Ascension 11 > You do not need as much of the energy of I, Tobias, or the others. We will gather with you, but it will be more of your voice in Spirit that comes through, more and more of you that comes through. We will become more and more of the audience that is listening to what you are saying. The way that the information is channeled will be different. You will be able to sense it and feel it. We are asking you, and we are asking Cauldre, to make another change and another giant step. This is a new way of communicating and a new way of sharing information. We will still be there at your side. But, we are asking you to step up. We are asking you to own your divinity. We are asking you to be the ones bringing forth your divinity and, therefore, the new information in the New Energy.

< DivineHuman 1 > We ask that the channel be a direct interchange between yourselves. We ask that you put your energy in the Circle as always, and, as a group, you will collect this together, meld it together, and then it will come back through Cauldre to you. You will take the middleman out of the process. You will hear yourself. And, it will be a beautiful chorus! On this side of the veil, we call this process "Shoud," "Shoud." Not shout - we do not shout! (audience laughter) Shoud is the vibration of "shou-doe-wah." This is the vibrational pronunciation that we use here. In a sense, it is a derivative of your human word "shadow," or "reflection." That is what you are doing.

< DivineHuman 1 > In Shoud the human channels a group of humans. One human brings together the vibration of all. While it is coming out of one human - in this case, Cauldre - it is the chorus of all of your vibrations. It is like when a group of humans sing. You hear essentially one voice. But, when you listen, you can tell there are many individual voices singing the same word and tune at the same time. When Cauldre goes through Shoud today, it will not just be his voice. You will hear the chorus of your own voice, of your own soul.

< DivineHuman 1 > It will be a little different than what we have been doing in the past. Cauldre… he is nervous about this now. (audience laughter) But, it is a simpler and cleaner process. And, indeed, in Shoud you will also hear all of us. You can tune in to the frequency of an individual, the one sitting next to you. You can tune into the frequency of Metatron, or I, Tobias, or Mary, or Kryon. Or, you can listen to the collective voice, the collective song that is being sung.

< DivineHuman 1 > So, we choose that you do not call these lessons in this new Divine Human series. These are Shouds. These are expressions of Divine Humans who gather. You can do this on your own also. You can gather together in your "local circles," your groups of Shaumbra all over the world. You can sit together. And, after a period of chatting and melding, you can choose one individual to Shoud for the rest, to express for the rest. You can hear then what you sound like, what your group sounds like.

< DivineHuman 1QA > We mark this day with this group of Divine Humans in our own history books. We have talked for quite a while on this side of the veil of the day that the energy of Shoud could truly take place, when humans could channel their human selves, one-on-one without the training wheels of us on this side. We talked of taking those training wheels off and letting you fly.

< DivineHuman 1QA > There is one example that we would give here. Have them do Shoud together. Have them put their collective selves together. At each meeting have them trade-off of who does the Shoud for the group. There is an interesting dynamic that happens here. It is different when one channels an outside entity like myself. It is quite different. When you channel, when you Shoud, with the ones who are in your group, you have to be in your truth. You have to stand in truth when Shaumbra is channeling Shaumbra.

There are some humans who have interesting interpretations when they channel outside entities. Their own heavy filters distort the picture sometimes. We have seen it happen so often. You could channel any of the archangels, and sometimes the humans in the audience would not even know, would not even know, if you are misinterpreting the information. They would not even know, for instance, if you intended to channel Michael and you ended up with some low-level Earthbound disincarnate entity. How would they know, other than if they were truly connected within?

< DivineHuman 9 > There was no need for a separate Shoud. There is no need for I, Tobias, to speak and then for the Shoud. It all becomes one. We sit at that point of separation where all the layers intersect or meld together. The Shoud is the channel. I am you. You are me. All the voices are one. The Shoud is the channel. There is no need for that distinction anymore. A bit of a change… we should have warned Cauldre… he gets so nervous. (audience laughter) For the past 15 minutes he has been saying, "But, Tobias, you are talking long today. Will we have time for a Shoud?" We have been in Shoud, dear friends.

< DivineHuman 12 > As you become more and more of the energy of the Shoud, as you open your hearts and express yourself energetically through us, then WE can be more and more a part of the Shoud. The Shoud can be more fulfilling and more complete. You see, the energy of the Shoud is not linear. It is multi-dimensional. When you open up to all of who you are and add your energy to this vessel of love and information called the Shoud, we can open up more and more. Dear friends, this is the way that Spirit works. As you become more and more of the God that you truly are, God can become more and more of the God that She truly is! This is the physics of the New Energy.

< NewEnergy 1 > In this coming year, dear friends, we are going to switch somewhat the energy of the Shoud with you, based on - how to say - your request. We are going to be indeed talking to you about what's going on our side. But, we are going to be talking to you about - how to say - somewhat timely topics of Earth - what is happening on Earth… where the energies of Earth are going to.

< NewEnergy 2 > The work with these channels - what we now call the Shouds - is becoming so much easier. There is a profound difference for I, Tobias. I used to come in to a nervous and somewhat bewildered Cauldre (Geoffrey Hoppe). He was not so sure if I would show up! He was not so sure if his energy was clear enough to allow me to come in with the highest amount of integrity. Back in those early days… oh, dear friends, you were so different then, so much sadder, so much more fearful of yourself!

Now we can join together energetically and Shoud in a single voice, yet in many, many voices. What you hear now is much more than I, Tobias. You are hearing Cauldre. He is finally allowing himself to become part of this. Amazing! (audience laughter)

You are hearing yourself, for you are opening your heart, and you realize that we are all connected. You realize that we simply bring your message back to you. You are opening your heart in love and in trust, and lending your energy. Therefore, you can hear your voice written into these words, written into the vibration of this energy. You are allowing yourself to hear yourself for the first time.

< NewEnergy 8QA > Indeed… we do collect - how to say - we collect, and hold, and embrace all the energies of Shaumbra who are joining us in the Now moment, not necessarily those who will read later. But, we collect the energies in the Now moment of everyone who was gathered, or here in person, or online. And, in a sense, you could say, we have a large discussion with all of you.

You will begin to be able to take part consciously in those discussions now as you open your imagination. But, we discuss back and forth something very specific. Everything that you are doing right now is laying the groundwork for those who come after you, dear teacher. And, you say to yourself, "Where I am right now in my understanding and evolution… what do I need to know, so that this information can be imparted for others later?" You take a look at all of the potentials and all of the energy, and say, "What I need to know - and what they will need to know when they get to this point before they launch into opening the imagination - is the value of life."

In a sense, you could say, all of you are doing it for the others who come after you. You are setting the curriculum and setting the energy. You are the ones that say, "What they will need to know right now - after going through a very challenging and difficult journey in arriving at this space - is to embrace life before they go to the next step." You are writing the curriculum for the ones after you because you are the teachers. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE.

< NewEnergy 10 > Sometimes we do - how to say - tend to ramble a bit at the end of our Shouds, because we are simply waiting for - how to say - waiting for the appropriate amount of energy to be delivered to you… and then also to allow us to bring back an appropriate amount from you… energies that you have released from yourself, Old Energies, or what you would call negative energies you don't need anymore. It takes us a bit of time to gather these up so they are not cluttering your Now realities, so they are not in your way. So, yes, the angels with brooms come in and sweep up around you (some laughter), much like when you go to get a haircut - you loose something you don't need anymore.

< NewEnergy 11 > How long I, Tobias, will remain on this side before I come back to Earth for another incarnation. It is my agreement, my commitment, to stay here on this side at least through the time of the quantum leap in 2007. Beyond that we are not quite so sure. There are many elements that come into play. Cauldre and I are having a little discussion here. Beyond 2007, dear friends, it would not even be appropriate to do the type of channeling, or what we now call Shouds, as we are doing now. So, the dynamics of all of this will change, the dynamics of how I work with you should I stay here on this side of the veil. After 2007 the dynamics will change considerably.

< Embodiment 6 > And, remember a Shoud is simply you. It is your gathered energy together. It is like we come and gather it, and we put it in a basket. And, then we relay it back to you. So, everything here should be familiar.

< Clarity 4QA > I've been asked to do one thing by Shaumbra. And, that is to reflect your energy back to you. That is indeed the whole energy, the essence of a Shoud that I allow part of my character and my aspect to come through. I present myself to you as the kindly, benevolent Jewish one who was in the Bible. But, that is only a small portion of who I am. But, this is how you have asked me to present myself in my human-ness, in my humbleness (some laughter), in my… Cauldre can't keep a straight face on that one (more laughter). This is how I present myself to you, because this is how Shaumbra is asking that I present myself.

But, what I am truly doing is simply using this illusion to reflect back to you exactly what is in your heart and what is in your mind. Several of - many of you actually - have had an experience with me that goes beyond this pious, humble and somewhat jovial being that I was in a past lifetime. But, even that story was very distorted. Some of you have had some very different and interesting experiences and understand the true nature of the To-bi-wah energy in many ways. But, truly I have no agenda. I'm here simply as a mirror.

< Returning 10 > You can hear your own voice and you feel and know your own experience in these Shouds, because you have been part of helping to create them. It creates a library of information that's going to not only serve you, but also serve many others, whether they read it here in this earthly existence or they read it in the New Earth. But we've created an incredible repertoire of information. The Shoud is the history of your journey. It's like we've been writing a book together or creating a play together for all of these years, going through all of the challenges and the difficulties and the hardships and the joys and the celebrations and the renewals of life.

< Returning 10 > What you have heard in these Shouds and what we have experienced together is not new. Is not new. We don't deal with the new, you see. The Crimson Council does not deal with the people who need new information. That is why there are many different types of channelers or inspirationalists around the world. Sometimes we're asked, "Why is the message from Tobias or Saint-Germain different from the message of another channeler or another entity or angel?" Because each deals with a specific group and a specific focus, a specific energy. Ours has never been to deal with those who are just coming into spiritual development - not at all.

< (Next) 4 > Let me explain the dynamics here. When Cauldre is going into what you call this channel state, there's a surrender that takes place. I assume he trusts me to come into his body and mind and spirit, so we meld together. I infuse my energy deep within him, and then we do this beautiful meld. So what you see here is Adamus, Cauldre, lovely Linda, and now, how about you. How about I infuse into you, hmmm, and then we create this amazing thing, which we've been doing for a while, called a Shoud, where we become together. And let's not call it "one," but we are in sync and in harmony.

< (Next) 4 > In this New Energy, there's nothing that you don't already know, nothing that any of the other Masters or ascended beings have anything any better than you. But what happens when we gather like this, we join our energies together, and in a sense you're making a request specifically for where you are. You're sending a message, shortly in advance or when we go into the Shoud energy, saying, "Here's what I need to know about today." It's amazing. We just went about two levels deeper or broader, as you can say, by allowing me to infuse myself in you. And then you can exhale when Aandrah does the breathing at the end of this gathering.

< e2012 9 > Shoud is a word that Tobias first used. It's an old, old Hebrew word. And a Shoud means sacred gathering, inspired gathering. In a sacred Shoud, it is about the collective workings of you – of all Shaumbra – adding your energy. It is about Cauldre and Linda adding theirs. Aandrah and On adding theirs. Everyone watching in online right now. Everyone connected to this work later on adding their energies to the sacred Shoud. It is a unique combination of all of our energies, and it's only done here, and it's only done like this.