earth-bound / earth-bound realm

earthbound disincarnated entity;
gray aspects
of your own soul's past livesdark entity;  ghosts;  spooks;  bottom feeder;
earth-bound realms in the near earth realm;  gray astral realms;  mental realms;

< New Earth 10 > Many entities have been waiting for you, the aspect of your soul that exists in this lifetime and in the Now. They have been waiting for you to open, to allow the seed of Christ to germinate and to come forth. They have been, as you would say, Earth-bound. They have not been able to fully return Home until you, the human in this lifetime, the human that sits here, came to the point of finding the Lost Child of Christ within.

< Creator 11QA > When there is sex and it does not involve love; and when there is sex that involves control or abuse of another; when there is dominance from one to the other and there is addiction to this; this also attracts energy. It does not attract the type of Angels and entities that you like to work with. It attracts ones that are rather earthbound, ones whose energy you would not like so much. You would call it "dark." They will converge around this controlling type of sex and they will be fed the energy from that also. Again, we caution the use of terms here for we talk in symbols many times. But in that type of sex, in that type of situation, an energy is produced that would feed what you would call the dark entities.

< Ascension 3 > The darkness tends to feed on lower vibration areas. They tend to try to take energy from entities that have an imbalance. This can create wars and conflict - yes, even on our side of the veil. We tend to - how to say - we use a word here to be funny, not to be judgmental… these are the "bottom feeders." (audience laughter) They like to literally hang around at the levels closer to Earth, not in human form but in energetic form. This is what you call the "fourth dimension." This is somewhat of an imbalanced and confused state. We do not like defining dimensions so much, but this is a term you are familiar with. So, these bottom feeders on our side of the veil will tend to hang out in these areas.

< Ascension 3 > These bottom feeders try to use their energies to affect humans on Earth. They look for imbalance. They look for low vibration. Indeed, if there is a human with a great imbalance of the male-female, the bottom feeders will be drawn to that. They will be drawn to this imbalanced person. And yes, in a way, they can influence humans. They cannot make a person do something, and it is nearly impossible for them to "take over" a person, even an imbalanced person. But they can influence the thoughts of an imbalanced human, to a degree.

< DivineHuman 1QA > There are some humans who have interesting interpretations when they channel outside entities. Their own heavy filters distort the picture sometimes. We have seen it happen so often. You could channel any of the archangels, and sometimes the humans in the audience would not even know, would not even know, if you are misinterpreting the information. They would not even know, for instance, if you intended to channel Michael and you ended up with some low-level Earthbound disincarnate entity. How would they know, other than if they were truly connected within?

< DivineHuman 2 > Even when you come back to our side of the veil, you still forget. There are entities who die and still don't open their eyes on our side. They are Earth-bound. You know them as ghosts. They wander the Earth. They are so lost in their humanness. Sometimes they find a way to incarnate again. Other times they continue walking the Earth as ghosts, angry at themselves or angry at others, wanting to stay in the vibration of humanness.

< DivineHuman 2QA > You asked about these entities who attach themselves to human, or as you say, they hitchhike upon your life. They become part of your life, in a sense, because you are allowing them to be. Now, there are many Earthbound entities, those who have left behind their physical body, but have not left the dimensional planes of Earth who, as we mentioned earlier, wander the Earth. They attach themselves to humans who are willing and cooperative.

Generally they do not attach themselves to well-balanced, enlightened humans like yourselves. They tend to attach themselves to people with low vibrations. They tend to be attracted to your taverns and places where there are many drugs. You can find these entities here, for they are comfortable in that type of vibration. There are openings for them to come in and attach themselves, in a sense.

Now, there are others who are fascinated with your journey, and they want to be part of it. They think if they hold onto you that you will also help them ascend and help them transform. But, we have found that they cannot hold on very long. It is like putting your hand on a hot skillet. It hurts after a short bit of time, and they let go.

We suggest to all of Shaumbra not to worry about these entities. If anything… if there is any influence that many of you have had, it is not from these earthbound entities. Rather, it is from aspects of yourself from the past who do not want to let go. They are trying to hold onto their identity, and they are trying to, even though they are dead, they are trying to continue living in you and through you, and they are trying to influence your life. That is much more likely to happen for Shaumbra.

If you feel the influence of these hitchhikers, simply release them. If they do not leave, then demand that they get the hell out of your energy! (audience laughter) And, they must. They must. When you are strong within yourself, they have to go. They will scream and kick. And, they will cause some commotion in your life. But, when you are taking ownership of your own divinity, they have to go. They have to go.

Oh, they will tell you otherwise. They will tell you that they can stay and that they control you. But, take ownership of your divinity. And, tell them they have to go. What they fear is death of the identity. They know they have already died, but they want to continue living out their old identity. They do not realize there is so much more to their identity than what they think. They are so much grander than who they think they are. Tell them to be gone.

< DivineHuman 5QA > There are layers and levels of interdimensional consciousness that exist even in this room, layers with entities who have left the human body but are still walking the Earth. You call these ghosts. There are some in this room right now. They are very puzzled by you, by all of you. (audience laughter) They are not sure why they are here, but there is something that attracted them. There are indeed the layers of consciousness of the angels that are here. They love when you talk to them. It makes them shine and it makes them glow.

< NewEnergy 3 > They'll (aliens) make themselves known to you so that they can feel your energy… so that they can begin to release some of the Old imbedded energies within them… so they can be God also. It is amusing from our side because we see that none of these Old agendas have any power over you… unless you want to play their game. You know, there are - how to say - disincarnate spirits, ghosts, that come by you every night. They gather around because they see a light and they feel a vibration that is so different. But, they don't do anything to you. They cannot harm you. They cannot. They are simply attracted to your light. They cannot take anything away from you. They cannot come into your body and take over.

< NewEnergy 5 > The body allows you to manipulate and to work in this physical reality. The body is like any organism on Earth. It is susceptible. Every organism on Earth has a cycle of birth, of living, and of death. And, so does your body. As we said before, when your body gives out, you continue on. You can either come back to our side of the veil. You can linger around Earth without a body, like so many entities do… quite a few coming in and out of here today even. Or, you can choose to incarnate into a new body.

< NewEnergy 8 > Let us go into the fourth for a moment here. Some of you are well beyond this right now anyway, but let us go into the fourth, the one that is closest to your Earth energy. It is an interesting - what you would call - dimension. We call it an energy zone. It is the one where disincarnate energies tend to hang out, the earthbound souls who have left the physical body, but have not come back fully to our side. They hang out here in this dimension. This is where so many of you go - how to say - in your daydreams as a get-away place. This is an energy that is very familiar to Earth energies, but yet without the physical form.

< Embodiment 2QA > A salute to you… I, Ohamah, will answer this for you. Every expression of who you are that exists in another dimension or another reality must pass through you, dear child, in the Now. It must pass through you. It must come in through you now. It is not that you go out there. It is not that you have to worry about all of these expressions having all of these various livelihoods and jobs and other things that they do. Everything comes back through you.

Now, you have to realize that many of these expressions that are out there - it is so difficult to put into words - but many of them are fragments of you, fragments that you have disregarded or abandoned. They are like orphaned children, wanting to come back to their mother. Many of the expressions are also potentials that you are working out in other realities, some potentials that you are afraid to bring into this reality, others that you just choose to keep out there.

It is time for your re-integration. It is time to bring everything back in through this vehicle of the Now moment in your physical body and your divine being in this Now moment.

Is there another part of you wandering lost across the Earth somewhere else? We don't even know why you would want to think this. You are sovereign. It is contained within YOU right now. Stop fragmenting yourself.

Yes, there are parts and pieces of you wandering around. They don't have physical bodies, though. They are aspects and energies of yourself that you have fragmented, that you have abandoned, and that are roaming the Earth. And, they don't even come with you when your physical body dies. You leave them roaming.

Not just you… we are not singling you out. Tobias is asking me to settle down a bit (audience laughter). It is all of humans.

I look at humans and become so aggravated sometimes - and I was one at one time - because you shatter yourselves, and you deny yourselves, and you leave parts and pieces of yourself. You are littering the cosmos (more laughter) with parts of yourself. And, we are trying to clean this up (more laughter). But, in greatest love to all of you, it was done for many, many reasons. But, now it is time for all of that to come back together, all of that to rejoin you in the Now.

So, don't worry about aspects of yourself in some other part of the world, other than the aspects that you have sent out there in nonphysical ways. Don't worry about a soul mate, or any of this.

What matters now… we are going to ask you to take a deep breath. What matters now, yes, is this moment. Everything comes to you now (new paradigm #3). You are like a magnet now, a magnet energetically attracting, bringing in all of these aspects, all of these energies so that you can be the sovereign God being right now. Everything emanates from this moment, so bring it all together. Bring it all back home.

< Embodiment 3QA > When one departs their physical body and comes over to our side, if there is grieving that is based on guilt, it is very difficult for that being to come over easily and gracefully here. And, they are kept, in a sense, earthbound. But, when there is the accepted grieving process, when there is the understanding and the releasing, then that angel can come back and visit, and you can have a wonderful relationship, a wonderful companion. And, they will actually help take you into some of these nonphysical realms. They will be your guiding hand in this. And, it is wonderful.

< Embodiment 8 > You helped to build some of the structures of the churches, the structures of ways of living. And, that's all you were trying to do. And, it's all Yeshua was trying to do is build ways of living, rules that people could look at. But, they could decide whether or not they wanted to use them, pieces of enlightenment and wisdom that others could tap into, if they so chose. But, these energies have become distorted. These energies have become abused. The energy stealers of Earth and of the other realms (earth-bound, alien agenda) have taken the churches and used them to suck the energy of humanity dry. And, they're doing it right now all over Earth. They speak words of love. And, they recite words that supposedly Yeshua said. But, how do they act? What wars do they create? What hatred do they hold in their hearts? And, what fear do they have in their spirit?

< Embodiment 9QA > There was a whole session done in this place of San Diego regarding death and dying, the need for what has been termed "the flower hospices." The need for "dream walkers"… it used to be a long, long time ago that there were dream walkers that literally would assist those who were transitioning. These were human beings in the days of Atlantis and in some of the other cultures, human beings living on Earth who understood the nature of transitioning. They were literally employed as dream walkers to escort the ones who were departing, to escort to them over what we call the "Bridge of Flowers."

They literally worked in an altered consciousness, again while staying in the physical body. But, they worked in an altered consciousness, standing ready to walk with the one who was dying up to a certain point on the Bridge of Flowers. At the certain point the humans would let go and the angels on our side would take over. It makes for the most balanced and beautiful transition. But, imagine now the way your culture works: a person dies, and they have to find their own way to the Bridge of Flowers. They have to find their own way across this great chasm. And, it is frightening, and it brings up issues. And, it makes the work of transitioning so much more difficult for all of us. It has a tendency to cause many humans to become very, very Earth bound.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed, what you did was intuitive in the dream-walking. And, it made the journey for her so much more friendly and warm, less lonely and fearful. There are some zones that the being crosses through on the way from the Earth dimensions into what you would call the angelic dimensions. It is very easy for a being to get lost or confused along the way. In some of the harder cases in this - but not involving your mother, but we're using it as a general example - sometimes when a spirit, the energy first departs the physical body and starts its crossover journey, there are non-physical beings that are very close around that sometimes want to play tricks or try to frighten the just-released soul.

And, they will - how to say - it's like getting a bad taxi driver in New York City (some laughter). And, they will give you one heck of a ride until you make the choice to get out of that car and get a better taxi. So, it is very confusing sometimes for the souls that have just departed the Earth plane. They're not sure where to go to.

We - how to say - we can only come in so close because - we're trying to explain this - we can't be right there for the human who crosses over because they're not going to accept us when they first cross over. They need the consciousness of a human in a type of expanded, altered state of being to help them make that first half of the journey over the Bridge of Flowers. From there we can greet that person and take them the rest of the way.

So, your work was very intuitive, and because of the relationship with your mother, very loving. And, it made her transition here very easy. She didn't get distracted along the way. She didn't go down into any of those dark alleys.

These beings who take some of those routes and get off on some of the bad astral streets… they are eventually found and brought back. But, it is a very frightening experience on some of these other dimensional levels. What you would call the forth, even the fifth dimension, tend to have some very needy and very depressed energy.

But, there are also some wonderful con energies in there. These are dis-incarnate beings who do not want to come fully to our side and have learned to exist in these realms. It is a subculture within itself. They don't want to go back into physical form. They don't want to come fully back onto our side. And, they will resort to all sorts of trickery to try to take energy from the one who has just departed.

The reason for the school for the dream-walking is to help those who are learning how to do this dream-walking not get caught and not be deceived in some of these other realms… how to go through some of the potential obstacles and challenges… how to keep the soul energy of the person who has just died at a very calm and balanced level… and how to tell a few jokes along the way… and how to have fun along the way. But, also one of the reasons why we do this training is there is an overwhelming desire for some of the more ancient dream-walkers… once they got to the Bridge of Flowers they would come right over with the one who had just died. And, now we have two on our hands instead of one (some laughter). So, part of the training is how to get back to the human realms.

< Clarity 1QA > This energy of incest is perhaps one of the strongest forces for taking or imprisoning the energy of another human. But, far beyond just their human energy, it goes into their spirit energy. It is a way of enslavement or entrapment. It establishes some of the most wicked karmic energies between two people.

And, we don't want to dishonor this subject with a very brief answer, but rather to say that any time there are sexual energies involved it is the easiest way to steal energy from another. And, it crosses over from lifetime to lifetime. There might have been an incident in one lifetime of sexual abuse or incest, and that energy crosses over. The enslavement of another person or another soul carries over from lifetime to lifetime.

Some of you have carried, did carry, over energies from other lifetimes into this based on sexual abuse, and then found yourself trapped in it again, perhaps somebody else doing it to you. Some of you have been psychically manipulated by non-physical beings into actually thinking that you were being physically abused. This came to you in dream states or in altered states of being because those old connections from past lives are still ingrained.

< Clarity 3QA > Sometimes you are literally picking it up from disincarnate beings, non-physical beings whose energy is still lingering on the Earth, who are attracted to you because they are seeking help. They are seeking a way to release their hell that they are in. They left their body behind, but that's all they left behind. They perhaps are still alcoholics, energetically anyway. Perhaps they are still suffering from abuse. And, they find their way to you. But, you haven't discovered yet how to differentiate your own feelings and thoughts from theirs, whether it is them, or whether it is even us. Many times we come in to talk to you, and you hear it as yours because you put it through this processing center where you just take ownership of everything. By continually going in to say, "Is this mine… is this my voice… are these my choices… are these my desires," you are going to be able to differentiate what's you and what's an external energy.

< Clarity 4 > They come from what you would call the fourth dimension, what Adamus calls the near dimensions. They are disincarnate but they were human not so very long ago. Every one of them left Earth towards the end of 2001. And, they have been studying on our side of the veil. They did not go to the Bridge of Flowers. They stayed in the near realms to study, for the energies of Earth were very heavy with them - not in a negative way - but just very much a part of who they were.

< Clarity 4 > They all plan to come back to Earth in the next - what you would call - dozen years of human time. They're all planning to come back. They're planning to go to the Bridge of Flowers, but they haven't been ready yet. They're planning to go back to the highest angelic realms. But, quite frankly, the consciousness that they had when they left Earth truly did not allow them to go all the way back. They were - what you would call - Earthbound. They were stuck in their old ways and old belief systems. But, there was something that triggered them to want to understand more, that there was more beyond what they knew and what they felt in their lifetime.

< Clarity 7 > At this point in our work together, the crystalline realms become very important - very important because, as was discussed earlier, they go beyond the Near Realms. The Near Realms are associated with earthbound energies. The Near Realms contain only a portion of the energy (potential) and the answers (solutions). Right now you're expanding beyond the Near into the Crystalline. The problem is the Crystalline is not a place of the mind. But it is time to bring that crystalline energy back in. So where did it get cut off? Where did it get separated and why?

< Clarity 8QA > Indeed, there are entities floating around all the time and particularly if you're open like you are, they are very willing and desirous of having conversations with you. At all times, when you're dealing with any of these entities, understand first and foremost that YOU are Head Master. That YOU are God also. That these are not grander beings. There is not a grander being out there, that is the biggest lie of all. When the beings come to you and start telling you that they are grand and they are here to save you... we love to tell you, all of Shaumbra, that we are totally impressed that you would let us even come and talk to you because you are the masters and the professors. You are the wise ones. We are simply helping to reflect back to you things about yourself.

So... understand that you are indeed communicating with nonphysical beings. Understand that just because you're dead doesn't mean that you're smart (laughter). There is a perception that when a Being dies that they come to our side and they are totally enlightened and they know everything, and it is simply not true - particularly if the entity is earthbound... staying in the Near realms. Now they will fool you into believing it. They will play games. But understand at all times that you are the Master.

So... the ones who come to talk you ... and we're giving a very general answer for Shaumbra here first, to understand ... you can easily communicate with the nonphysical beings, and they have the attributes and personalities and characteristics very similar to humans, until you get to the very grand angelic realms - the purer realms - they are not going to have those type of characteristics. So it is wonderful to talk to them, but treat it as you would in talking to any other human. They are no better than you.

And if they start telling you that you have some incredible assignment on Earth... if they start telling you that you are their long lost leader and master, and they start telling you that you are the chosen one... tell them to go away, quickly. (Some laughter) Because generally that's what they will try to do, is they will try to flatter you. So we're not saying one way or the other, with these beings that are communicating with you, what their agenda is. That is for you to determine and for you to understand that you are God also.

< Clarity 9QA > Here is one who has a past life energy that has been brought into this lifetime, and it is not just his. He is also taking on many of the dynamics of an ancestral sexual abuse energy, and he was part of that ancestral lineage. You were also, and other family members, but he is the one acting it out right now. Because of these very strong energies, it has also attracted energies from outside of him. Some of these are nonphysical energies or what you would call the ghosts or earthbound energies. Some of them literally are coming from Earth. He basically has a type of radar and receiver that scans and picks up sexual energies. He can't get enough of them. They're an energy food that he needs to keep feeding on over and over.

< Clarity 11QA > Once you totally let down those guards, you'll understand that nothing can hurt you. You're not going to have some demonic force coming into your life. You going to understand that you are the center point of all of your essence. Nobody can take it away from you, particularly when you are operating in compassion. When you're not trying to change anything else, nothing else will try to change you. Call it being invisible if you want. When you're in total compassion a... what you would call a "dark force" or "negative force" won't even see you because there is - how to say - you're not casting a shadow.

< Teacher 4QA > One of the things that is going to be very important in this process for you to do personally is to make decisions. This energy of separation and confusion has it so you find it very difficult and challenging to make any decisions, and by default then the decisions are made for you by mass consciousness, by your old ghosts and demons or by things outside of you. Once you assume or re-assume authority of yourself as a sovereign being and start making decisions, this energy from the outside sources will blow right through you. It will keep you unaffected. You won't be diminished by any of these energies that are trying to hold back this reunion of masculine and feminine.

< Teacher 9 > An interesting thing happened after Earth was inhabited by angelic beings who turned into humans and languages were developed to help explain what was very foreign and very odd to angels. After the languages were developed, and after the angelic beings-turned-human died and came back to the nonphysical realms, the languages started coming back with them. Particularly, in what we define as the Near Realms - those realms that are still connected to the energy of Earth, and there are many. Many angelic beings in the Near Realms - the nonphysical earthbound realities.

< Teacher 10QA > By default, Shaumbra, when you have these entity visits, you feel an energy lingering around and particularly feeding off of you, by default it is going to be an aspect of yourself first. It is going to be one of these disassociated or parts of you that is still lingering. A part from another lifetime perhaps, but very often an aspect of you even from this lifetime. You are so clever, you're such a grand creator that you can disguise even these entities as something outside of yourself, but understand it is part of you.

Now, with any of these entities, whether they are a part of you or outside of you, you - the essence who exists in this Now moment, the one who is conscious of these thoughts - is the Master ... is the Master in the moment - in every moment - and you can literally demand that these entities leave. If it is an external entity, which does happen - they will play games with you at times, pretend that they have control or power over you - simply demand from your place of mastery that they leave. They have to, by the way. And if they don't leave the first time because they don't necessarily believe you - why should they believe you when you don't believe yourself? - demand three times. Use the I am. "I am the Master. I demand you leave. I am the Master." You say it long enough to yourself, even, you might even begin to believe it! But use those simple words.

Now if it is an aspect of yourself, let that aspect know that you are the Master. Let them know that they are simply an aspect and without you they are nothing. Feel the energy of that aspect. Feel where it is blocked or wounded or hurt and then release that energy. You're not trying to annihilate that aspect, you are releasing its blocked energies. "I am the Master, therefore, I release the blocked, wounded or distorted energies of you."

Now, you are tougher to deal with than an external energy because you know all of your tricks. You know your shortcomings and weaknesses, and that aspect entity is going to try to fool you. It's going to try to tell you all sorts of things; that it can't leave until you give it all of these things; it's going to lay a guilt trip on you; it's going to try to fool you, perhaps even tell you that it's not you. But again, you go back to "I am the Master, therefore I release all energies that no longer serve me - and you don't serve me! So I release you back to your pure essence."

Simple as that. If you get more complicate than that; if you get into long discussions with these entities; if you allow them to keep coming back; if you give them an inch, they'll take a foot. "I am the Master and I release you from your blocked energies. And so it is." It's that simple. They will go away.

< Master 8 > As you probably already have guessed … figured out … it's not just in a geographic location on the planet that this group is operating. They're operating in the nonphysical realms. As a matter of fact, you could say that the humans who are operating in the physical realms are being manipulated by beings on another realm who are projecting their voices onto the humans, their agendas.

< (Next) 10 > At the same time all this is going on, there are parts - a lot of parts - of the Near Earth realms … these are the nonphysical realms that you could say surround Earth. That's where the ghosts and the spooks hang out. That's where your aspects that are all screwed up tend to hang out when they're not pestering you. That's where beings with very deep convictions, strong belief systems, particularly those of a religious nature; this is where the addicts and the others hang out in between lives. They don't go to heaven; they don't go to hell. They go to the Near Earth realms, which is kind of heaven and hell all at once.

< (Next) 10 > They (earth-bounds) go there (Near Earth realms) and continue to experience exactly what they've been doing here (Earth), but perhaps actually with more fluidity, more ability. They can really act out their beliefs on these other realms. They are not literally physically surrounding Earth, but they are very connected to Earth, even having nonphysical elements of physicality. In other words, they can pretend very easily, because they've been here on Earth before.

< e2012 2 > It's causing a lot of controversy in what I call the Near Earth realms where a lot of the departed ones hang out. It's causing a lot of controversy in some of the forces in the cosmos that they don't believe in a spirit. They don't believe in really much of anything, except themselves - nothing wrong with believing in yourself, of course, but the full Self. The self that doesn't need to feed off of anything else; the self that knows that the balance is already within, that the tools are already there, and you can use them any time you want; the self that is removed from mass consciousness-think, old think. People want to know right now that there is magic.

< freedom 2 > We had a magnificent DreamWalk the other day into the earthbound realms, where those who have left the physical body in a traumatic or sad way have stayed. They don't go through the doorway of death, because they don't want to admit they died. They're so angry that they're still connected to this Earth, to other people, to buildings, to things that they did before. What they're really doing is they continue to live out yesterday over and over. There's not even a tomorrow for them, even though their tomorrow probably wouldn't be much different than today, like most people. They are stuck in yesterday. They do insidious things, but they're actually really not evil. They are just repeating every day over and over again.

< freedom 2 > You had a movie called Groundhog Day. Each day the same. That's what earthbound realms really are. Well, of course they're screaming. Of course they're going to try to terrorize. Of course they're going to try to get your attention. They're trying to get energy, because energy is food, and energy comes to them through things like fear. So of course they're going to be rattling the rafters and scaring the crap out of little kids in the basement. Oh, they love little kids. Why? Because little kids can feel them, still, and see them, still. They don't really care if they scare the bejesus out of some little kid, because it's food and they're hungry, because they keep living yesterday over and over.

< Kharisma 5 > But what consciousness you have of your past, whether it’s a past life, whether it’s anything in this lifetime, consciousness is generally placed in things like failure and struggle, hardship, suffering, traumas. The consciousness that you have of your past is not truth. Not the real truth. But you put these little particles of consciousness at the most difficult, depressing and dark points of your past. And there they sit, these little particles of limited consciousness, and then they’re separated from the main consciousness, which would be your divine, your Free Self. It’s still consciousness, but then it starts coming back to you in limited thought and memory.

< Kharisma 5 > It’s still consciousness of your past, but now it comes back to you in a very perverse way – bad memories, stuck energy, ghosts, doubts and darkness. Your past, it doesn’t want that. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t want that limitation. It wants full consciousness, the full light … unlimited. I’ll say it over and over and over again until the popcorn starts popping, but your past is not what you think it is, thank god. Your past is not what you remember it as. The past, it deserves as much consciousness as the present. It deserves as much charisma as the future.