divine processing center / divine center

energy center; one chakra; heart; divine inteligence;

< Creator 10 > The second quadrant of lessons (Lessons 4-6) were about Releasing. They were about letting go. We talked about placing things in the Oven of Grace (Lesson 4). It was about Releasing, about turning it over to your own Divine Energy. Taking it out of your hands and out of your mind and placing it in a Divine Processor that is within you. These lessons were about turning it over. Then to understand that when you do this, you are obviously going to have changes in your life (Lesson 5: Expect changes and bless them). These changes are appropriate, so bless them.

< Ascension 4 > You will start getting the answers from a new place. It will be spoken to you from your divine center. We will call it a "Divine Processing Center." And, it will come in the Language of Ah. You will not hear it. You will not necessarily feel it. And, you will not see it in your brain. So, you say, "Tobias, I do not understand. Where will this come from? How will I know?" AH! You will know! It will strike you. We cannot tell you where this place is, because we know what you will do anyway. You will go in your mind, trying to figure it out.

< Ascension 4 > How do you connect with your divinity? How do you communicate with all of who you are? It is not through the English language or French or any others. It is not even through the vision of the mind. Some of you have had that gift of vision. It is not through the senses. It is at a new place. It is your divine center. You will be communicating within your own being to yourself now for 30 days. You will get frustrated. We know that. You will get angry. You will want to put all of this down. But then, you will go back to it, and you will continue using it. Then, you will get it. And, then you will go, "Ah. Now, I see. I feel. I understand where it is, and I didn't have to struggle in my brain. I am now able to communicate with my Divine Self in a language I never knew before, in a language that I did not even know existed. It is a language of energy and vibration."

< Clarity 3QA > Sometimes you are literally picking it up from disincarnate beings, non-physical beings whose energy is still lingering on the Earth, who are attracted to you because they are seeking help. They are seeking a way to release their hell that they are in. They left their body behind, but that's all they left behind. They perhaps are still alcoholics, energetically anyway. Perhaps they are still suffering from abuse. And, they find their way to you. But, you haven't discovered yet how to differentiate your own feelings and thoughts from theirs, whether it is them, or whether it is even us. Many times we come in to talk to you, and you hear it as yours because you put it through this processing center where you just take ownership of everything. By continually going in to say, "Is this mine… is this my voice… are these my choices… are these my desires," you are going to be able to differentiate what's you and what's an external energy.