expect changes and bless them / expect the unexpected


< Creator 5 > EXPECT CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE AND BLESS THEM. You have asked to be the ones to learn, to grow, and to experience. You are the ones who have asked to move into your next lifetime on this Earth. You are the ones who said you would move past duality into the newest of the new energies. Would it not be reasonable that there would be changes in your life, and in some of your cases, for all things to seemingly be ripped from your being? You are making way for a new energy.

< Creator 5 > We ask each of you to simply allow these changes to happen. It may seem like the old self is crumbling down. It may seem like every dream and aspiration you have ever had is being torn apart. And in a way, you are right. You are making way. The fourth element is coming in now. In order for this to work appropriately, many things in your life must change.

< Creator 5 > Expect changes in your life and bless them. When you lose your job, bless this. When your body becomes ill after you put it in your oven of grace, and you wonder why this is happening, bless the changes. We know this is not what you expected, for you had expectations that you would get healthy right away. You had expectations that you would come back to balance immediately. Dear friends, sometimes the changes are deeper. Sometimes there must be a complete reversal and renewal. Sometimes the old foundations must come down. These changes that you go through are indeed sacred. Do not panic with them. Do not be in anxiety.

< Creator 5 > But from our perspective, we can see the overview of what is happening to you in your life. The changes that are taking place are, in essence, a clearing. We can see that this is making way for the fourth element to come in now. There may be days when you are laid upon your bed, when you are ill, and you can not move. There may be days when you are depressed and cannot understand why. We suggest to each of you here and to each of you reading this - do not fight these things. Bless them. Bless them, and this will give them a new energy. Do you understand what we say here?

< Creator 5 > What is happening is that the three original marbles are indeed trying to reject the fourth. They consider it an outside threat. This is one of the first times that the three original marbles are aligned and agreeing with each other! (chuckling) There are many changes that are occurring in this, for they are confused by the fourth element. They are testing the fourth element. They believe it is an impostor. They believe that it is coming from a place that does not serve the overall good of your being. They are trying to defend something within that has been precious to them - their existence of duality. With your "allowing," the fourth marble will be able to integrate faster and easier.

< Creator 5 > Allow the white and the black and the clear marble to come close to the fourth element. Allow them to feel the love that is there, to feel the love that is inherent, to feel the acceptance that is inherent in the fourth element, and to feel the clarity. That is one thing that you will notice in your conscious human being - the clarity that comes in with the fourth element. That is when you will know it is real and it is true. But in the meantime, friends, as this new dance takes place within your being, expect changes in your life and bless them. Bless them, for they are making way for something that is profound and sacred. Bless these changes in your life.

< Creator 5 > As the white marble and the black marble and the clear marble become comfortable with the fourth element, they will, in a sense, adapt to it. They will begin taking on characteristics of this marble, of this fourth marble. As they do, they will begin to shed the electro-magnetic characteristics that they have held for so long. They will begin shedding the obvious characteristics of light and dark and clear. They will wake up one day and see that they are no longer dressed in their old cloaks. They will no longer have the characteristics of duality.

< Creator 6 > Expect changes and bless them. The changes that you begin experiencing in your life, while frustrating and aggravating, are appropriate. You will see that old things are moved out to make room for new things, grander things. There is a parallel here on what is literally happening within you. The new thing that is moving in is the part of you, the larger part of you, that was left behind at the wall of fire. The things that are moving out of your life right now were based on old human limitations. The limitations of consciousness are being moved out right now to make room for this grander energy.

< Creator 6 > You cannot expect to begin the series of changes precipitated by the oven and not have things happen in your life. The old ways move out to make room for the new. Dear friends, when you turn on the oven of grace, expect changes in your life!

< Creator 10 > The second quadrant of lessons (Lessons 4-6) were about Releasing. They were about letting go. We talked about placing things in the Oven of Grace (Lesson 4). It was about Releasing, about turning it over to your own Divine Energy. Taking it out of your hands and out of your mind and placing it in a Divine Processor that is within you. These lessons were about turning it over. Then to understand that when you do this, you are obviously going to have changes in your life (Lesson 5: Expect changes and bless them). These changes are appropriate, so bless them.

< Clarity 11 > For those who do go out and teach and who are the stewards of New Energy, expect the unexpected. Understand that there will always be surprises. Understand that even when you try to quantify the way New Energy works, that quantification will not be true even the next day. You're so used to Old Energy having it's very specific, deliberate patterns and that if it's measured a certain way one day, it's going to have the same measurement the next day. New Energy doesn't work that way, thank God. New Energy is totally different.

< Teacher 1 > Now the Old Wise Man, of course, said, "Always expect the unexpected. Things aren't what they seem. (laughter, Tobias chuckling) Keep your eyes open, keep yourself in a balanced and stable place."

< Master 2 > Opening the potentials of your past. It's as real as anything else. Understanding that your history that you know of right now is just one slice of what was and what could be. When you do that, and bring that all back into this Now moment, right here, it absolutely changes what you think is going to be your path in the future. And that's why I say 'expect the unexpected.' If you are relating everything to what has happened to you before, some version of that is going to happen to you in the future - perhaps an easier version or a wealthier version. Now we're not on that pathway anymore. It changes, so unexpected things happen. Don't let it throw you off base.

< (Next) 2 > Always be ready for the unexpected. Because that's the way it's going to be now - in the moment. In the moment. All the planning, all the advanced work that you normally do are going to start going out the door. It's going to happen in the moment, and it's going to take some of you by surprise. There are times you might get flustered. There are times you're going to get a little bit angry and want to know why you didn't have more time to plan this. It'll be in the moment.