potentials of the past

potentials of the past that have not been manifested yet;
alternative realities; shadow potentials;
the future is the past rewritten;

< Master 1 > We're going to explore the locked or the hidden potentials of the past. The past contains a tremendous amount of love. The past is trying to bond with this thing called New Energy, but so much of the past is locked up in belief systems and in history. By the way, history is … you might as well throw all history away, for it is written in a very linear way. Your history too. You look back and you say, "What, Adamus, I have a very clearly defined past, let's say just in this lifetime." Not at all. You say, "But Adamus, here's all my photographs. I can show you from the time I was born right through now, it's very clearly defined." You are only seeing a sliver of your history, of your past.

< Master 1 > What's happened is the potentials of the past have been locked away. They have been hidden, very, very cleverly, so you would think that you are who you are, rather than who you really have been. You've locked them away, you've allowed others to lock them away, and you defined yourself in a very narrow spectrum. But it's not at all who you are. Going into the past and unlocking its potentials and its, what you would call, alternative realities - which are not alternative at all, for they actually existed; you just choose to ignore them - but going into the past is a very dangerous thing. There are dragons and demons guarding the doors of the past. You put it there partly for your safeguarding, partly for your sense of illusion. We're going to go back into the past now and unlock those potentials. It's going to change your past.

< Master 1 > Dear Shaumbra, we're going into the past to discover, really, our future. We're going into the past to unlock a very dynamic, love-filled, but sometimes frightening energy so that you're not squeezed into the definition; you're not in your own crystal. You laughed when I said I was in a crystal for 100,000 years. Do you know how long you've been in your crystal? Longer than 100,000 years. Your crystal is your past, and you've been locked in it. You've been isolated from it at the same time. We're going to go back and open it up.

< Master 1 > You're going to understand what a release it is; how much energy has been tied up; how much weight has been on top of you. It's like you've been buried underground the whole time. When you go into the past and unlock every part of it, it changes the present. It changes the past. It changes the course of your history. It changes everything. You're going to discover things about yourself that will amaze you.

< Master 2 > Whether it's this lifetime or any other that you've ever had, there are potentials that are as real as what you acted out - acted out - in human form. They exist. They're real. They're no less than what you actually chose to experience in physicality. Those energies are available to you right now. Those energies are desiring to meet you in this present moment. There is going to be a variety of energies that come in - feelings and reactions - as we open some of these doors, and it's not for you to try to judge them or to battle them. That's why I asked you in our last gathering to honor everything, including honoring these energies of the doors we're going to open.

< Master 2 > As we open some of these doors … and I'm not talking just about suppressed memories; I'm talking about potentials of things that were never manifested - a lifetime, for instance, where you might have been some type of grand healer, and instead you chose a lifetime as a schmuck. But that grand healer potential is still there. It still is active. It's still circulating. It wasn't lost. It didn't go out of existence. You might have had a lifetime where you were a leader of many, many people - responsible for them but you didn't actually choose that. You chose a lifetime to be a housewife or perhaps an assistant to somebody else. You didn't allow that expression. You didn't select that expression, but it's still there.

< Master 2 > "Well, if I chose one thing for reality, how many potentials are there?" Almost infinite. Almost infinite. There's a circle of the highest probability potentials - the highest probability being the ones that were most complementary to your journey, the ones that would allow for the greatest evolution of your soul and the ones that you were attracted to. So those are in the big circle, (Adamus is "drawing" in the air) and the reality that you selected is a point right in the middle of that.

< Master 2 > Right behind that is another circle a little bit smaller - secondary backup potentials, didn't have quite the amount of energy or dynamics as some of these first level potentials (highest probability potentials), but they're still right there. And you could go off almost into infinity, saying a potential … you had the potential to die when you were a child, but you didn't. You had the potential to be a multiple in that lifetime. You had a potential and potential, so it's a series of circles with different levels of radiance in their potential and it could appear to go off into infinity.

< Master 2 > And you say, "Well where does it end? How many potentials are there for this lifetime? Billions?" In a sense it doesn't matter, because the potentials don't trail off into infinity. What happens is you get to a certain point and in a manner of speaking it comes back full circle. It doesn't trail off into infinity. Actually, nothing does. Not even your physical universe, not time, not space. They don't go into infinity; they end up doing a big loop and coming back around.

< Master 2 > You're now choosing to release that energy. You're now choosing to bring it into this Now moment, this reality. You're choosing to realize, above and beyond anything, that your history itself is an illusion. Your history itself is nothing but potentials. You are not … you are not your history. You are not the past that you think you are. And this is the "I Am" principle.

< Master 2 > As you walk down the hallway and the doors open, it releases those potentials. And perhaps not now, perhaps later you'll come to realize how much potential you created. You'll come to realize that some of the things that happened to you in the past, what you thought was real, was just one expression of reality. You'll come to realize that this moment that you live in right now is filled with so many potentials.

< Master 2 > Opening the potentials of your past. It's as real as anything else. Understanding that your history that you know of right now is just one slice of what was and what could be. When you do that, and bring that all back into this Now moment, right here, it absolutely changes what you think is going to be your path in the future. And that's why I say 'expect the unexpected.' If you are relating everything to what has happened to you before, some version of that is going to happen to you in the future - perhaps an easier version or a wealthier version. Now we're not on that pathway anymore. It changes, so unexpected things happen. Don't let it throw you off base.

< Master 2 > When you do this, it will also invite into your life this thing called New Energy. I don't want to define New Energy, we're not going to get into that today. Later. But now, with the potentials of the past opened up, brought here, now New Energy has the freedom or invitation to come in. Within New Energy … I'm going to have to write a book about this. Within New Energy are not potentials. There are no potentials in New Energy, and I know that seems to be contrary to what we've talked about, but there are not potentials in it anymore, and we'll talk about that in our next gathering. What is in New Energy? If it's not potentials, what is in it?

< Master 3 > You know, my definition of God, actually … it's not singular. It's not this big angry old white man with a beard up in heaven. That's somebody's God, but hopefully it's not your God. What if God is the accumulated potentials of the past - everything that was and could have been - all the potentials of the past and all the potentials of the future, everything that could be? What if God is everything except this moment? Potentials - every potential, including things you experienced and those that you didn't and everything that you're going to experience and those that you won't - what if that's God? And you as God Also are here in the present moment pulling in these energies (potentials), bringing them into reality in this moment, bringing them into you? Just an idea, something to chew on in a few nights when you're trying to get to sleep.

< Master 3 > So anyway, Shaumbra, you come to the point here in getting back into trust with yourself. Every part of you - your body, mind, spirit, your aspects, the God within, your divinity, every potential experienced and not, every potential to be - truly wants to serve you. It is you. It is you.

< Master 3 > So when you opened the doors last month and allowed the potentials of the past to come in to visit you in this Now moment, I contend that you allowed half of your Godself in by allowing those potentials.