physical body / body

shell, vehicle, vessel, container for spirit;  biology;
The word body literally means "cask" or "casket."

< New Earth 6 > And then your own soul began a journey, an internal journey. Your True Self had always been an outer creative expression, an expression emanating from Spirit, emanating from the source of love but creating outwards. And now, a group of angels agreed to begin an inner work, to begin going within. That was the reason that your own soul went into hibernation, protected by the angels, wrapped in energy to, in a sense, camouflage it. Your parent (in this analogy), your True Self, went into a very internal task. Part of it, part of who you are, remained external as a continuing creative expression with a silver chord attached to the Higher Self, to the cocoon. The information that was being learned and gathered, the experiences of the balance of light and dark, were constantly being fed back to the cocoon which held the True Self. This information was used continually in the internalization process. My friends, the expression is you on Earth, the portion of your True Self that walks in human biology.

< Creator 2 > Do you know, my friends, that when you left the First Creation and you took physical body, you were shocked that you would have to own anything so crude and low? You knew that you would have to carry this body around with you for lifetime after lifetime. You took this human body as punishment for going too far at the edge of the First Creation. That is not so, and we ask you to release all of those thoughts and beliefs now.

< Creator 3QA > It indeed will be, not only to those who read your energy, but also to those who look at it under a microscope, although their observations will come later. They will be somewhat shocked. They will ask many of you to undergo further testing. This is a good point to bring up here, for there is the potential for this to bring up fear within you that there is something wrong, that there is illness. We remind you to simply live in the divine present moment to let them test, if you so choose. They will see subtle differences begin in the areas where they can more readily observe them, particularly in cellular structure and alignment. They will see changes in those outward elements of your biology, including your skin and your eyes and your hair. And yes, indeed they will notice differences in your blood, in the balance of red and white cells, and also in the way the blood cells now attract new types of cells, particularly those that provide healing and prevent illness.

< Creator 4QA > It is difficult for them to transition from the first creation to what you would call a holding zone or adjustment zone, and then going to physical bodies. This is very difficult. So what they do is to create energy pathways into your energy of earth. In other words, they move very close in without actually taking on a physical body.

< Creator 6 > The ones who join us tonight are the ones who have never come to Earth before. They are the ones who have never crossed through the wall of fire, but are anxiously awaiting the proper time. They are the ones that will begin coming in within the next five years of your time. They will be the ones crossing through the wall of fire. They will go to a type of reception room, or transition room, before they can take on a physical body, before they can come into the consciousness of Earth.

< Creator 7 > Energetically, Jack was not in his light body that he knew from the kingdom, and yet he was not in dense physical form. His energy was spinning faster than that of humans on Earth as you know it, but significantly slower than when he was in the First Creation. We are not speaking of the vibration or the quotient of love here. Jack was not solid. Jack was not "light." He was in between (chuckling), in what you would think of as a gaseous state of being.

< Creator 7 > This was a very chaotic time. Jack was still learning to adjust to his transition through the Wall of Fire. He had never felt anything like this before. He was trying to remember and discover who he was, but he was taking on new attributes that he could not even relate to. He was beginning to take on strange feelings and vibrations about his own energy. Where Jack had once been only light, he was beginning to take on a thickness, a heaviness of being that would later become a body.

< Creator 7 > At some point there came, as we have talked of before, an impasse. Things could go no further. The conflicts, the battles between what you would call the light and the dark were at a stalemate. The universe, as you knew it, even stopped growing. At that point there was a decision, a consensus, an agreement to go to this place of Earth, and for once and all cross through the final veil. You agreed to cross the final barrier, to literally take on a very dense human form, to have your being go into that form that you know of as your body. You agreed to live in complete amnesia of who you were, to walk through the cycles of life and death, and what you call karma, to come full circle back around again, to remembering who you were before you ever crossed through the wall of fire.

< Creator 8 > The ones who you call angels and perceive as having wings on which to fly call each of you the Masters, Masters of the Journey. You have been on a long, long, long journey away from Home. You have been away from the First Creation for longer than we even care to remember. Those who are still Home, as well as those who have crossed through the Wall of Fire but are not in human form have so much honor for what you are doing!

< Creator 8 > At some point, dear friends, each of you descended to Earth and eventually took on the human body. You began your cycles of incarnation. You began to walk the Earth in many different forms, physical forms. You walked the Earth one lifetime as male, another as female. You walked through in many different ways to experience this thing called duality.
Now, you who are here and you who are connecting to the Crimson Circle across the dimensions, you are the ones that are completing your cycles on Earth. You are the ones who have come the long way. You are the ones now preparing yourselves to reunite with All That You Are. You are the ones that will then stay on this place of Earth to be the teachers for the others coming through.

< Creator 9QA > There are those that know it is time to leave. They are not necessarily depressed, for they have gone through that stage. They are not angry, for they have also walked through those emotions. They know it is time to leave but sometimes the physical body does not want to go. The physical body in the old energy has somewhat of a mind of its own, as you have discovered. For those who choose assisted suicide, they know at their core level that it is time to go. They've had plenty of talks with themselves, with Spirit, and the angels. They know it is time. Dear friends, there is no judgment or condemnation on our part for those who choose to leave. There is as much joy and celebration when they return Home as any others. In their hearts they know it is time to go. In their contracts they have already worked out with the others who come to assist them with this process. It is the thought of the Crimson Council that this should be a sacred and honored time for the human, not a time of shame and guilt.

< Creator 12QA > There has been a projected quantum leap or shift that has been estimated for the year 2012. There is nothing magical about this date. We have said in channeling before that from the very work that you and other humans do that you are actually ahead of schedule, actually ahead. Do not wait for 2012 for that quantum leap within yourself. You can have it now, and once you have it, and once you bring forth this divinity within, then it will touch another, and it will touch another. That is the quantum leap that will take place.

What will it mean for you personally? We said earlier tonight - instead of riding the wave and then crashing, you will ride from one wave to the other. Your job will not seem like a job anymore. There will be much love going into it. It will seem like they are paying you great sums of money that you no longer know what to do with. It will be much easier. It will not be the struggle that you are going through now. Your body, your mind will have better connection with your spirit. They will work in harmony together.

< Ascension 2 > Ascension. Ascension is when you do not need to die in between lifetimes. You do not shed the physical body. You do not need to go through this very difficult and challenging experience of death and rebirth. It is all done while you are still contained in the same package. Ascension is when you move from one lifetime to the other. In the past it was important to work on a single set of contracts in a lifetime, to complete those, and then to leave, and to not have the memory that is carried forth.

< Ascension 2 > This thing called divinity is like a child. Even though it is you, it is the essence of you from as far away a time as when you left Home. It is your divinity. It is your Full Self. And, we have to interrupt here for a moment, but we ask each of you to stop imagining your Golden Angel, your True Self, as some external, twelve-foot tall, winged being, for it is not so. As long as you continue to think of it that way, it will be difficult to integrate a twelve-foot being into yourself! (audience laughter) It is not an external thing. It is within you. It is not an outside angel. It is the essence of who you are. It is making its way through your body, your DNA, your cells. It is asking for expression through your body.

< Ascension 2 > Own your divinity through your body by being playful with your body. You get so serious! You diet and hurt yourself. Do you know what causes you to be fat? It is your damn diets! (audience laughter and applause) You hurt yourself and your body by the thoughts that you put through it. Your divinity is coming up from within your body. Play with your body! Feed it those chocolates! (audience applause) Oh, we know we will get this thought mail from many who will say, "Oh, Tobias, medical history and science has proven these things to be bad." No, what is bad is some of the thoughts that you have, some of your rules and regulations. (audience applause)

< Ascension 6 > Now, we shift into a new energy. You are not only shifting into a "4" year, but you are also shifting into the fourth age of God-man, of God-woman. There have been three ages before this. We will not go into all those details on this day, for we like to talk, (chuckling) but sometimes we are asked to keep our discussion within time limits. But, you are entering into your fourth age as God in human form.

< Ascension 8 > You have learned to continue moving forth into the New Energy by releasing the things of the Old Energy. This has allowed you to truly begin making that divine internal connection. And, that is what it is all about. That is what you ask us to come here to talk to you about each time. "Dear Spirit, dear Tobias, and All That Is, come and talk to us about how to make that divine connection while still in human form. Talk to us about how to once again make that connection with the energy of Home." That is why we speak these things to you.

< Ascension 8 > When it came time for what we have called the Order of the Arc, when the Earth was created, you came to Earth once again, carrying these energies of duality with you. You had the energy of duality, the polarity of the "plus" and the "minus," the "black" and the "white," the "high" and the "low." And, you also had the veil, the veil, which brought you to a new level of experience. Now, not only had you forgotten the energy of Home, but you had also forgotten the energy of home away from Home. It provided the opportunity to come to this grand place to take on body, to slow things down so that you could make conscious decision, so you could make conscious choice - all this a way of helping you to understand who you truly are.

< Ascension 11QA > The cells, the molecules, the atoms of your physical body have a certain memory to them. They have a certain pattern that has been established over generations and over eons of time. They are in the pattern, so to speak, of going through a birthing, a living, and a death process. Now, how do we change this? Well, the easiest way is through your consciousness. That is not, by the way, through your mind. You cannot WILL yourself to live longer, but you can ALLOW yourself to live longer. Look at the stone that this one has in the question that came up earlier. The stone shows the effect of consciousness on matter. As you change your consciousness, you can change the patterns of the cells and the molecules within you. You can expand your health. You can expand your life.

< DivineHuman 1QA > Understand that everything you are doing is being recorded, being gathered together. The information is being gathered on our side of the veil. There are many, many entities who have never taken human form, more than you can possibly imagine who have never taken human form, who are wanting to come into this experience of physical being. They are studying your records. They are looking at what all of you are doing. You are the ones in the leadership position. Just talk to us. We love when you do that.

< DivineHuman 5 > When you asked the question, "Who am I?" it started a long journey. You went out to learn what it was like to have your own identity. You learned about the deepest of the deep. You learned about the widest of the wide, and the longest of the long. You learned about the color blue. You learned about birds. You learned about stars. You created all of these things. You created them and then experienced them. You created water. And, then you put yourself in body so you could experience it. You created energy waves that float around in space. And, then you went and played with them. Using these energy waves, you created whole groups and societies.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth, you will be able to go back and pick up any of the attributes of anything you have ever learned and use them there. You will not have a physical human body, unless you want it. You can create it, and you can literally go back into biology, into mass. But, then you can depart it whenever you want. Right now, in the Old Earth you are, as you say, stuck in these bodies, and if you leave, you face certain death. On the New Earth you can create the body, and you can create mass whenever you choose to. If you want to enjoy a fine meal, you can do that. And, at the end of the meal you can move out of physical form, back into pure energy form. I have talked about creating my own scenario of my cottage out in the country. But, in a sense, it is just my hologram, an illusion. But, on the New Earth you will be able to create reality, material reality whenever you want.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth there won’t be any death because there is no permanent body. You never die. On the New Earth there is no death, so you don’t have that dreaded thing to look forward to. On the New Earth you go through cycles and changes. You go from one level of vibration, to the next level, to the next level, perhaps taking breaks in between, but there is no death.

< DivineHuman 5 > What happens to the Old Earth? We don’t know yet. It is up to you. It is up to the other humans. We see the strong potential for the same changes that are taking place on the New Earth to also happen on the Old Earth. We see that the understanding of "I Am" can occur here on this physical Earth, just as well. We see that the Old Earth, the physical Earth, also has the potential to release duality. We see the potential that you do not have to carry around the physical body all of the time on the Old Earth. We see the potential where there are not wars because there is nothing to battle about anymore. With the understanding of "I Am" there is no need to battle.

< DivineHuman 6 > What is happening with cloning on Earth is also something that will be worked on intensely on the New Earth. You see, the principle is simple. You are not your body. You are Spirit. When you choose to leave your old physical body, you can clone yourself. You can go from one lifetime to the next without having to go through the whole traumatic birth process. If you want to stay on this Earth, you do not have to go through the long and rather painful cycle to get back here. You can just hop back into a new body. Dear friends, there are those who misunderstand. You are not cloning Spirit. You are simply cloning biology. There are those who do not understand that life is eternal. You can change your physical body very easily. It is coming.

< DivineHuman 6QA > Here is how it works. When you, all of you, first came to Earth before having physical body, you seeded Earth with your energies. You seeded this rock of earth with new life. You placed very special energies all around the Earth that now form a crystalline lattice, a crystalline gridwork. These crystalline grids then helped to bring life as you know it on Earth - the plants, and the waters, the animals, all of these things. The crystalline grids help to bring that to Earth. The crystalline grids are the giver of life to Gaia. Now that your consciousness has changed, now that you are putting two feet into the New Energy, this changes the crystalline grids and adjusts them. It also releases a whole new energy. In a sense, you could say that you buried this energy in the Earth long before you came here. You buried it and said, "It will not be available until my consciousness, my vibration, is at a certain level. And, then it will come forth from the Earth."

< DivineHuman 10QA > So, why oh why would you have this large, large living room? It is so that guests can come in. It is so that when Spirit expands from the Kingdom through you, it has a place to play in this thing called the cosmos or the universe. What is being learned here on Earth about life force and life forms will then be carried to other planets and other places, places that right now seem uninhabitable by the likes of human forms like you. But, the human form will take on a whole new dynamic as we go into the New Energy. The universe is not so large, but it is indeed not at all what you think it is. The universe is the New Home for the expanding Spirit. And, you are the ones who are creating it.

< NewEnergy 2 > In the times of Lemuria, dear friends, you did not have churches. There were no religions. There was not even the understanding of God! There was no need to try to understand at that time. You were coming into this Earth to experience what it was like to be in human body… and also to help balance out the biology… and to also help Gaia develop the life system here on Earth. You had difficulty holding your energy in the physical body. It was rather challenging. But, it was a fun game to play. As the energies became more and more focused, you were able to hold yourself in biology.

< NewEnergy 3 > When the Order of the Arc created this place called Earth, this was a method to help come to a new understanding of the energies in all parts of the cosmos. Earth was created as a neutral place where you could re-experience things from before - "before" meaning before you were ever human, before you were ever on this planet. On Earth you could walk through Old experiences in a very slowed down fashion… you could walk in matter in these human bodies… you could forget who you were and where you came from. Earth was designed this way on purpose so you could re-experience things that happened to you eons of time ago, so that you could come to points of choice and points of understanding, so that the past could be healed. The future IS the past healed.

< NewEnergy 5 > First, understand why you chose a physical body to begin with. You wanted to experience. You wanted to come into this material world, this world of matter and mass. You wanted to feel what things are really like, what creation is like. It is difficult for entities on our side of the veil to have the full level of feeling that you can have on Earth. So, you took on the physical body as your vehicle. You don't necessarily own it. You are borrowing it. You have responsibility to care for it, and to love, and to nurture it. But, it is not you, as you know. Your soul is not hidden inside of it somewhere. In a sense, the body is the animal inhabited by a spirit… by God… by you.

< NewEnergy 5 > The body allows you to manipulate and to work in this physical reality. The body is like any organism on Earth. It is susceptible. Every organism on Earth has a cycle of birth, of living, and of death. And, so does your body. As we said before, when your body gives out, you continue on. You can either come back to our side of the veil. You can linger around Earth without a body, like so many entities do… quite a few coming in and out of here today even. Or, you can choose to incarnate into a new body.

< Embodiment 4 > Some of you are holding energies from Lemuria. You hold it for the hope that there is a time again for the soft energy to return, for the loving energy to come back to Earth. We remind you that Lemuia was wonderful, but it was also difficult, learning to adjust to a physical body, learning to adjust to other human beings. But, you are holding this Lemurian energy. You are waiting for Lemuria to come back. Dear friends, that bus is not stopping here (some laughter).

< Embodiment 6 > You are allowing that (victimhood) to be a hindrance and a block. Why? Because you don't necessarily want to face what it's like to be a Creator. You're sometimes afraid of going back to being a full and conscious Creator. You regret some of the things that were done in the past, especially before you came to Earth. You see… I created this cottage that we are sitting in. I made it real through the imagination. You used to do that also, especially before you ever came to Earth in a human body. When you were creating the stars and the heavens, when you were free out there, without a body, you could create very quickly and imagine very quickly. There were many, many things you didn't like about what you created.

< Embodiment 8QA > Absolutely, you will want to be in your physical body. There is a great gift in being here on Earth. And, there is a great gift of being in the physical state of being. So, this is something that Tobias and I are going to encourage everyone to do - to have the choice and the option to walk in and out of your physical being. A few of you will walk out of your physical being and look back at it and decide to start over. But, the important thing there is that you won't have to go through the traditional birth process in order to do it. You won't have to be born out of the womb. The… the… whole other discussion… but the fabric of biology will be there waiting for you to inhabit it. But, in answer to your question, no, you won't have to give up the physical body, unless you choose to. That is the whole purpose of this movement into the New Energy - it is to stay embodied, stay embodied, but yet be free.

< Embodiment 12 > You create the story. You give it a name in this lifetime, and you give it a body form to walk in. Then, there comes the point when you realize that it is no longer you; it is an aspect of you. And, you let that story go. Oh, and when you do, things change, of course. But, it truly allows you to expand and to go to the next levels. It allows you to go beyond this 3-D that you are in, a 3-D that can feel so real and look so real but it was only one reality, this 3-D that is so dense, so thick that it actually gets murky after awhile. It loses the clarity. You lose your clarity about it. You lose the way. So, in the embodiment, in the acceptance of all that you are and everything around you, everyone, everything… oh, it releases energy that wants to express in a new way. It wants to go into the New Energy.

< MNEC2006-T > So the brilliant architects of humanity - you and many of the other angelic beings - designed this thing called the body so you could live within your creation and experience it in a way that angels can't even experience it. It is a beautiful vessel. It is a very important part of your journey. We've said this before in other Shouds, you never want to reject or deny your body. When you do, it will respond. It will start shutting down, it will cause disease, it will cause certain types of imbalances that make it more difficult to live on this planet.

< MNEC2006-T > Ault, the original name of Atlantis. Ault was the second era of humanity. As most of you know, Lemuria was the first era. Lemuria was the time that the angelic beings began coming into matter, descending their angelic energy, taking on physical form, integrating with what you would now call the third dimension or the physical reality. That was the first era of humanity, and then along came Ault, Atlantis.

< MNEC2006-T > And Ault was a time that lasted many, many - how to say - hundreds of thousands of years of time. Ault was the time where we truly began to develop the whole human identity. We were getting more comfortable being in a physical reality. But yet, in Ault, bodies took on all sorts of shapes and sizes and forms. Some angels were incarnating into tiny, tiny little bodies the size of a fly. Others were incarnating into physical beings the size of large buildings. So in Ault we wanted to commune together. We wanted to standardize. It was a desire. It was a choice.

< MNEC2006-T > In Ault we began to work with the body and the mind (brain) to try to standardize and conform, to try to create a oneness, a conformity to bridge our energies together. A lot of work was done on the physical body, going into... using energies - not electric energies - but using types of energies that are not around right now, vibrational energies... to go into the DNA and to start changing the body, so that when the being reincarnated, it would carry a different type of coding with it and eventually all of the bodies would be relatively standard.

< MNEC2006-T > So in the days of Ault there was much work that was done on the bodies that is literally woven in or coded into the DNA. We're going to say that one of the things that we're going to do this weekend is let go of some of that old coding so that your body can really get back to some of its pure energy and pure essence. Some of you have been plagued with types of sicknesses or diseases, illnesses for a long time, because you continue to carry forth the coding from Atlantis and it comes to you in many different ways. It is a memory from Atlantis that stays with you.

< MNEC2006-K > And sometimes you forget to look at your own beauty and the beauty of the things around you, and then what happens? Well, your body literally manifests everything. Your body is like a mirror, your face and your eyes in particular, and then you don't feel so good looking. You don't act so good looking, and it is very difficult to be an ugly teacher. (laughter)You want to be reflecting the beauty of everything inside of you and around you.

< Teacher 10QA > The pain sometimes is caused by a variety of things. Everything within your body is being re-done - the DNA, the cells, the communications network in your body. The pain, while uncomfortable, actually is an indication that this is all taking place. You don't necessarily want to numb the pain, in other words, by taking harsh medications, because the pain itself actually serves a part of the purpose in the reworking of the body. Pain signals to your bio-mechanical system that it needs energy diverted or directed into certain places and it goes into a type of emergency response mode any time it feels pain, even if the pain is throughout your entire body. And it therefore develops a type of bio-intelligence that actually facilitates part of the rewiring or the rejuvenation of your body, literally using the pain not only as an alert system but as an energy system to help with this whole changeover that you're going through. And remember, you're the one who chose the changeover.

< Teacher 11QA > Your body absolutely knows how to keep itself balanced and healed. What it doesn't necessarily know is the outcome of the - what we would call - the New Energy physical or biological reconstruction. It understands itself in the Old Energy, but it is still learning how to become adaptive to the New Energy. So you have a very interesting combination of elements taking place in the physical being right now. The body is discovering its new self. This will cause - what you say - the pains and sometimes the concerns about the body. The best thing you can do is go in energetically and encourage your body to continue this path of remaking or reconstructing itself.

< Returning 4 > Most people aren't aware of their physical body. They reluctantly drag it around with them every day, but they're not aware of it. And it is such a beautiful precious vessel. When you're aware of your body, when you're doing the breathing, it's going to bring more life-force energy into your body requiring less food nutrition. Your body will operate at a more efficient level. You'll stay in your body. When you're floating halfway out your body, you're going to be bumping into things. Have you noticed that these last few weeks, the increased incidence of bumping into things? When you're in your body you're much more efficient.

< (Next) 4 > Your body hurts. You get up in the morning and say, "What is that all about?" The neck. Now you're getting it in the feet. You're getting it so intense that sometimes your hands and your feet start to go numb, shutting down, because it's so intense. Your teeth, your mouth, all of those, feeling the intense energies. What's wrong? And then - let's not get gross - but the sinuses. The sinuses are acting up. Plugged up in the eyes. And then, what's happening down here. It's actually not about you. Your mind is sending out false signals. They are false signals with false responses. Period.

< (Next) 5 > You try to go out of existence; you try to get absolutely so numb, so unfeeling and indifferent; you shut down your mind so you can't think anymore, not even rational; you shut down your body so it's not rebalancing - you basically are angry with the body for putting you in this horrendous journey on Earth - you shut down the body. I'm amazed at some of you sometimes, your body is amazing. It should have died by now! It should have gone toxic on you. It really should have - it's amazing - because of what you were putting it through and the lack of allowing yourself to heal. And the junk they put in the bodies these day.

< e2012 1> And bodies - Bodies of Consciousness - that don't need huge quantities of food. They just need the little bit of a connection with energy. You can get by on half the food you're eating right now if you wanted to. You don't have to. You don't have to. You could get by on half. It's not about losing weight; it's about attuning your body. It doesn't need these volumes anymore. As a matter of fact, some days have you noticed when you overeat it kind of hurts? Because your body is becoming more sensitive.

< e2012 10 > They are supporting or facilitating the physical change in the template of humans – the Adam Kadmon body – literally changing the DNA, changing the biological structure, literally separating or pulling apart some of these Atlantean conformity energies that have been so much a part of biology. Particularly, for those who are ready, and there are not many, but for those who are ready, this energy is literally going to go into their biology and start pulling them out of their family hereditary characteristics, pulling them out of their ancestral karma, and they're going to notice it first in their body.

< e2012 10 > Your physical body is simple a byproduct of your damn ancestors. What's happening now as these energies are coming in, for those who are ready, it's pulling apart, getting you out of the whole ancestral thing. This body should be and can be the byproduct of your own passion, your own soul, and your own choosing. What am I saying by that? I'm saying that with these intense energies coming in, literally you can transform your body, if you choose; it no longer belongs to this ancestral line. This is my life; it's not just a byproduct of my past life aspects. "This is my mind. It's not just a byproduct of hypnotic programming. I Am that I Am.” Then, you see, you start literally transforming your body, mind, your identity.

< freedom 8 > The reason you sleep is to get out of your mind, and if you're not so much trapped in this mind, you're not going to need to sleep. The body actually really doesn't need sleep. No, because you can sit here, as Sart is doing, rejuvenating right now. The body doesn't need to sleep; the mind does.

< Discovery 10 > This biological vessel has been foreign for a long time. When you came here to Earth for the first time in your angelic body, your nonphysical being and suddenly started taking on biology, it was very awkward, very uncomfortable. Now, you spent lifetimes and lifetimes trying to adjust to it, but more than anything, the biology has been like monkey on your back – a monkey that's constantly smacking you in the head, constantly chittering in your ear, constantly crapping on your back – and you put up with it. You put up with it and you just get used to that monkey on your back, but something intuitively tells you that it's a foreign object. It's not really supposed to be there.

< WalkOn 4 > You live in physical bodies and the Knowers are going to realize that the physical body is simply one of the sensory tools that they have. Just one. Sensual awareness. The physical body is your way of perceiving reality. These are your senses and your mind. But there is a sense, and many senses actually, beyond that that are not associated with the body. So you're going to start living in a very “and” reality.

< Wings 4 > It's been a quiet journey, a lonely journey and a difficult one, because of the doubts, because once in a while you lose that inner compass, that inner knowingness of why you chose to be here. You didn't come to try to save the planet. That does not work. But you know, because of what you're doing within yourself, taking on things that aren't even yours; you know what you're doing by being here, being a presence. Not a lecturer, not doing sermons, not preaching, but being a presence on this planet and staying in the body and actually totally changing the dynamics of the body, the DNA.

< Wings 7 > Low energy. There are a lot of complaints about that and you often think it's because you're getting old. That's really not the reason. The body gets more efficient as it gets older. The body is designed to be more energy efficient. Your contemporary view is that the body gets old and then it gets sick and then it gets tired and then it dies. It's not designed that way, actually. The original design of the body, created in part by you, is as the body matures and it gains experience, it learns how to adjust. It learns how to heal itself faster. It learns how to be more efficient with energy. It learns how to slow down what you call the death process. It learns how to be much more at ease with itself.

< Wings 7 > You look at it that, you know, when you're young, you have a lot of energy and you get old and it all kind of falls apart. It's actually not the original design of the body, so let's go back that. Go back to the wisdom in your biology. It actually should be getting wiser and wiser, understanding how to utilize energy to serve it, not to use death to serve it. That's one of the reorientations that we're going to do with energy. We're going to throw out some of these old concepts that really were never put in place back in the beginning and that really aren't serving you know.

< Wings 7 > Your biology, even with bringing in the light body, your regular biology actually has the built-in wisdom to be much more energy efficient. Don't believe what they say about aging at all. Don't believe it. There's ads and there's commercials and there's all the mass media consciousness. It is not true. The body gets wiser as it gets older.

< Emergence 1 > I just said the body and the mind are the same now. They're not separate. You always think of the mind being somewhere else. The mind is taking its rightful position as part of the physical body. I mean, it's attached to the physical, it needs your shoulders and your arms and your legs, but it's now just becoming a physical thing. Not a center of power or intellect or anything else. It's melding with the body.

< Emergence 9 > Changing the orientation to energy sounds wonderful, but it creates tremendous stress on your body. Stress in your body, because it has to change all the ways it's been bringing in energy. The body essentially uses something we call an anayatron, the body's light communication network. The way all cells, the way even the DNA communicates with each other is called the anayatron. That's what has brought in the energy and that's what's distributed the energy to the body. The anayatron has been around for ages, and ultimately the DNA has been around for ages. It's all changing. All changing.