< New Earth 10QA > There is no penalty for suicide. There never has been. It would not be in the way of Spirit to penalize a human for exercising their free will to leave when things become difficult. When they come to our side, they are received in love and joy. They bring with them a wealth of experience and understanding. It is difficult for us to comprehend why man would label things as sin when they are truly experience. There are many souls that come into Earth knowing that they will end their own lives. Spirit loves them. We love them. It is part of the process. It is no more difficult for those who terminate their life to transition or to return to Earth than it is for anyone else. It has generally been written into their Book of Life by themselves that they will choose that path. Love those who take their own life, for there is much more involved in their process than what is known. We cannot say strongly enough - there is no sin, there is no injustice, there is no punishment for that.

< Creator 9QA > There are those that know it is time to leave. They are not necessarily depressed, for they have gone through that stage. They are not angry, for they have also walked through those emotions. They know it is time to leave but sometimes the physical body does not want to go. The physical body in the old energy has somewhat of a mind of its own, as you have discovered. For those who choose assisted suicide, they know at their core level that it is time to go. They've had plenty of talks with themselves, with Spirit, and the angels. They know it is time. Dear friends, there is no judgment or condemnation on our part for those who choose to leave. There is as much joy and celebration when they return Home as any others. In their hearts they know it is time to go. In their contracts they have already worked out with the others who come to assist them with this process. It is the thought of the Crimson Council that this should be a sacred and honored time for the human, not a time of shame and guilt.

< Ascension 7QA > The problem with these psychotropic drugs is they tend to flatline cycles of energy… spiritual, raw energy, that is coming in. It levels out everything. The cycles of energy (universal pulse), from the core of all things (Source), were not intended to be flatlined, like you are trying to do with your drugs, or like you are trying to do with your own attitudes. You want to take out the "lows," but, dear friends, it is a natural part of All That Is.

In order to truly walk into ascension, in completeness and fullness, you will have to leave these drugs behind. You fear this because you are in duality and because you have so much agenda with yourself. You fear that if you go off of these, you are going to "bottom out." You are going to commit suicide. You are going to go crazy.

We will tell you how to release these drugs. It is to release your agenda! Then, there will be no fear of bottoming out. Then, you will be simply riding wonderful waves of energies that don't have any points of duality associated with them. That pill that you take represents your agenda. It represents your fear of duality and of yourself. Look at it. Look at your agendas that are incorporated into that pill and all of your belief systems around it.

< DivineHuman 2QA > The human has ownership of their own being! They can do whatever they so choose. If they choose suicide, they are greeted here on our side as much as the person who dies any other type of death. There is absolutely no judgment on our part of suicide.

The consciousness they were in at that moment of time when they chose to cross over will determine their vibration level when they get to our side. If they were filled with anger and rage, that anger and rage are here when they show up on our side. If they were filled with compassion for themselves, the compassion shows through when they get here. So many people who commit suicide are filled with compassion for themselves in spite of the sadness or the pain that they are going through. It is quite easy for us to work with them.

There is some guilt, of course. They think, perhaps, they did a wrong thing with suicide. But, dear friends, there is no judgment on our part. It is your life. You can play it, or live it, or take it anyway you want. We will love you no matter what.

< Clarity 7QA > In terms of suicide, there is an overall increase in the suicide rate. There are many, many factors that come in here. Life on Earth is more difficult than ever before. It is going so fast that there is not just an increase in suicides, but there is an increase in mortality rates. Not necessarily ... we're trying to be careful how we state this ... but the mortality rates are increasing at a rate that they shouldn't necessarily be increasing. While health care is getting better and consciousness is getting a bit more clear, there are those who simply find it too hard to live on Earth at these times.

There's also one more factor that's leading to suicide, and this could be addressed energetically by Shaumbra, by any energy workers; there is less energy space on Earth per human than there ever was before. We're not talking geographic space, but we're talking energetic space. As there are more and more humans living on Earth, and more and more entities surrounding the near Earth realms, it is just getting congested here.

The oceans and their ratio of water to land masses was very deliberate. The oceans have a way of handling and cleansing energies and there is simply a certain amount of energetic space that is needed per person on Earth. It would be difficult to go into some of the - how to say - the formulas about this, but imagine that you needed to live in a space that was a thousand square feet and now you are being pushed down into fifty square feet. It just causes the body and the spirit to lose their sense of cooperation and the person wants to leave.

There are ways to help a person discover a larger energetic field that extends beyond the third dimensional realms. And everybody is resident on this third dimensional energetic realm or even fourth dimension, but one of the things Shaumbra is discovering is how to create more of your own energy field that goes beyond just the confines of Earth. And that is probably, in my opinion, the greatest reason for suicide.