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mind drugs;

< Creator 11QA > Dear friends, and you who specifically ask this question, many of you have used these medications for a layer of protection, to get out of the intensity of your own mind. We can tell you from what we have observed that in order to fully move into your divinity you will have to, you will need to and want to release these drugs. They provide you with a blanket. They provide a barrier that has protected you from the old energy ways of yourself.

You will need to release these to move forward. Now the drugs will continue to carry residue within you for a period of time, unfortunately. When you stop taking them they will not go away right away. There is a chemical buildup in your body but more than that, it has caused a somewhat longer term blanket, an emotional blanket, that will take some work to release. There is a layer that will take a lot of love and a lot of attention to release. We suggest to you and to all others who have taken anti-depressant drugs and any sort of psychological drugs to find a way to release these. We are not saying they are bad, but they will continue to keep a barrier between you and your divinity.

We would suggest to you to have a support group of Shaumbra that you can talk to for you will go through some difficult and challenging times releasing these. You will be opening parts of your self that you have tried to close off through these drugs. This will be a difficult and challenging time. Have a support group of Shaumbra. If they are not in your area move to an area where they are! Learn to work with them and as they give you time and attention and love and help you through your journey, give back to them also; help them with things. There has to be a balanced exchange of energy.

On our side of the veil we do not have money like you, but we always exchange energy. When you first crossed through the Wall of Fire and went into the void there were those who tried to take other’s energies, thinking that by stealing one’s energy they could then have the fuel, they could then have the secret, to return back to the Kingdom. That is how energy stealing started in the first place!

So, back to the question. For those who are in your support group who are working with you and nurturing and loving you, return the energy back to them. Help them clean their house, if that’s necessary. Help them with mundane chores, do favors for them, but return the energy. We work with balanced energy on this side. We found out what it was like to have others steal energy and not return it. Do the same on Earth.

These drugs provided padding and perhaps were appropriate but we see, for those who are moving into the new energy, that these are something that you will want to release. Cauldre can also feel our emotions and knows that we do not so much like these drugs! You are hiding from the problem (snake) rather than addressing it with these. The work of a good new energy facilitator will do much to balance and heal than what these drugs can do. There are core issues that are seeking to come out here. Your doctors and counselors of the new energy can help address the deep inner issues that are causing the imbalances in the first place.

< Creator 11QA > You are speaking in general of those who are still walking in the old energy. We are speaking of those who are walking in the new energy and are Shaumbra. We understand that this - Cauldre stops us quite often here but we will continue - we understand that there are implications of going off of these medications. But you do not understand yet what type of reaction that a new energy lightworker will have when they release these medications. The reaction will be quite different than that of a human who is walking in the old energy. Yes, they will need to be under supervision, that is why we said they needed a support group. They will need the guidance and counsel of qualified new energy doctors and facilitators. But dear friends, you cannot go into the new energy with a complex chemical that alters the natural and divine processes that are taking place. Period!

< Ascension 1QA > This would be a very, very long discussion, but in a sense, there is a combination of factors that are taking place here. One is on your psycho-spiritual level. There were - how to say - plans that you had for checking out at a certain point. It was a set-up for disease that would have caused you to leave this planet. Again, because of the options that you are choosing, because of the new realities you are choosing to go into, you are finding that the initial attack of cancer takes place, but that it can be overcome. It can be overcome through your medications and drugs and treatments, but you are finding more and more that you are overcoming it by those programs and homeopathic remedies that provide a new balance.

< Ascension 2QA > Because this happened in the past, does not mean it will apply to the future! There are those who still hold to the physics and the understandings of the past and assume they will become part of the new energy. This is not true. There are those who do not understand yet of a person getting off of one of your mind drugs. They assume a certain reaction based on what they have observed when they were in the old energy, or dealing with people who are still in the old energy. What you and what they have not observed yet is the reaction in the new energy. It is different. It is quite different.

< Ascension 2QA > There are few things that have the effect of these mind drugs that we have spoken of. These are powerful chemicals, and it is also our … now Cauldre stops us. He does not like predictions so much, but we make a prediction that with what is being learned and understood about these drugs, and about alternatives that are being worked on, and that even some of this group and family may work on… these drugs, these very drugs will be pulled off of your markets within the next three to five years, because it will be discovered what difficulties they create. They would be pulled off sooner, but there are those who know that you could not just do this without an alternative solution. We see these no longer being sold or marketed. We see other ways of dealing with this. This is not a prophecy as such, but it is our understanding and a prediction in a way.

< Ascension 7QA > There is energy that comes forth from Source, from the core of all things. And, as this energy goes deeper and deeper into the void, and even into your creation, it is transformed into cycles, into frequencies, or pulses. There are some on your side, on our side even, who see this as a pulsing, as an on/off pulse of energy, on/off, like a blinking light. There are others who see it like waves, like frequency waves. Either way of thinking works with this.

As you bring in the energies into your life, into your consciousness, it does go in cycles, or waves, or pulses. There is a reason for this. It is part of duality. It is a way of generating more energy. What we are saying is that the "highs" and the "lows," or the "on" and the "off" are important right now.

Many humans try to avoid this. They try to do everything that they can to avoid the "lows." We can tell you that when you are without agenda, the "lows" will not be what you think they are. The "lows" will not be like they have been in the past. Agenda makes the "lows" miserable, because it takes a reverse energy (highs) cycle and grinds away at and causes friction against it. That is why you feel so bad, emotionally and/or physically.

When agendas are released, it no longer becomes "high" and "low," "good" or "bad." It just becomes changing energy. You do not, and you will not feel it, dear friends, as depression vs. exuberance. You will feel it just as waves of energy coming in. Release the agenda, and you will not feel the friction. You will not feel the pain that you have experienced in the past.

< Ascension 7QA > The problem with these psychotropic drugs is they tend to flatline cycles of energy… spiritual, raw energy, that is coming in. It levels out everything. The cycles of energy (universal pulse), from the core of all things (Source), were not intended to be flatlined, like you are trying to do with your drugs, or like you are trying to do with your own attitudes. You want to take out the "lows," but, dear friends, it is a natural part of All That Is.

In order to truly walk into ascension, in completeness and fullness, you will have to leave these drugs behind. You fear this because you are in duality and because you have so much agenda with yourself. You fear that if you go off of these, you are going to "bottom out." You are going to commit suicide. You are going to go crazy.

We will tell you how to release these drugs. It is to release your agenda! Then, there will be no fear of bottoming out. Then, you will be simply riding wonderful waves of energies that don't have any points of duality associated with them. That pill that you take represents your agenda. It represents your fear of duality and of yourself. Look at it. Look at your agendas that are incorporated into that pill and all of your belief systems around it.

< Ascension 8 > That is why we have spoken so ADAMANTLY about these drugs of yours. They take away the light and the dark. ALL of those elements are important. You need the ups and downs. It is how they are polarized now, how you work them within you.

< Ascension 9 > It is very detrimental to try to avoid the lows. That is why we have spoken against these psychotropic drugs that put a blanket on living in the now. Ah, the lows! They have been so precious. They have been such a part of your journey, and such a part of Gautama’s journey. This is the way duality has worked. We know so many of you fear these lows. You loathe the lows. You do not want to be in these. You think there is something wrong with them, but they are a natural part of duality. The waves of high and low have brought you to this point on your path.

< DivineHuman 2QA > Generally they (Earthbound entities) do not attach themselves to well-balanced, enlightened humans like yourselves. They tend to attach themselves to people with low vibrations. They tend to be attracted to your taverns and places where there are many drugs. You can find these entities here, for they are comfortable in that type of vibration. There are openings for them to come in and attach themselves, in a sense.

< DivineHuman 7QA > Mental illness is not something that can be cured. It is a condition that is brought over from our side of the veil in agreement when somebody is born. They choose this - what you would consider a disability, which is not at all - for a variety of reasons.

And, yes… how can we say this enough? These drugs that you have developed for the mind are holding back the evolution of consciousness. We know at times it helps to even things out. It tends to make it more comfortable. But, we are not in favor of these things. There are homeopathic remedies that your fine homeopathic doctors can prescribe to help get these ones off these drugs that limit the mind. So, we suggest that you go to see the homeopathics, several here in this room today.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will see a remarkable increase in mental health problems to the point where the government, your governments, will not be able to handle the problems. They will have to close the door, close their eyes to the problems. They will hand out drugs like candy because it will help to reduce the effects. People are having a very difficult time right now adjusting. There are New Energies coming in, Old duality trying to leave. There are such forces that cause the mind to go a bit out. These will continue.

< NewEnergy 8QA > Indeed… using these psychotropic drugs, indeed, it will be difficult to go into the imagination realms. Literally - for you personally - you are more ready to release these than you think. There is a fear that if you let these go that all sorts of difficult things will happen. But, you are truly ready to release. There are homeopathic remedies and natural remedies, as well as energetic remedies, that are available right now in this room. There are practitioners here.

< Embodiment 4QA > It is - how to say - a difficult question, for there are those who are elderly or going through a transitional time who want to remain as sharp as possible and as present as possible until the last possible moment. But, they have to understand that there is an aspect of themselves that is releasing the grip on their mental faculties, so they can go out and explore what it is like to cross over.

Now, it raises some interesting questions. When you leave the human body and cross over to our side and come to our side of the veil, there is not a set criteria of what happens. There are many variations. It all depends on a combination of your belief systems and what you choose to embody.

You can come back to our side and choose to bring in a grand feast or celebration for yourself, to be an honored guest at your own party of your own creation. You can choose to come back to our side and hold onto perhaps some religious beliefs that would have you waiting for the savior, waiting to be judged. And, we are delighted to wait with you. And, you will be waiting for a long, long time (audience laughter).

Many of you, Shaumbra, when you come back to our side, you will choose to - how to say - come back here and spend a bit of time. You will choose to take a look at many of the experiences of your life and to play them out or to replay them on many different dimensional levels. You will choose to come back here, as some Shaumbra already have done, and you will take different potentials and look at them to see what would have happened if you would have chosen different potentials. But, when you come back here, there is no set pattern.

So, what happens when - how to say - a non-awakened human begins their transition process and the realization that they are about to die comes over them, they begin to go off and explore all of the different possibilities. They begin to explore the religious and spiritual nature. They begin to explore death. In a sense, they are probing on our side for where they want to land once they leave their body.

So, to take these drugs that you are speaking of here deprives the mind and the spirit of going out and doing this probing. But, yet it keeps them more aware, more functional in your world. So, they have to make the choice.

And, we have to remind you here that it is not for the families to make the choice for them. Many times the families want to give them these pills, demand that these pills be taken, so that these transitioning ones can be - how to say - more able to take care of themselves and to hold conversations and such things. But, you have to understand that there is also an important aspect of letting the mind go, letting the mind wander off prior to death taking place. We are not particularly advocates of any of the drugs that alter the psychological and the psycho-spiritual nature of the human because sooner or later the toll will have to be paid.

< Embodiment 6QA > The children who have had these concentration problems - these things that you call ADD, or HDDH, or whatever these things are - these are misdiagnosed problems. These children are highly sensitive, highly sensitive. It is said that they can't focus. They don't want to focus. They want to allow their energies to expand. And, it is very difficult for them to live in some of the energetic environments around the world right now. They need an outlet. They need the ability to use the imagination. Then, their human focus will work out just fine. The worst thing to do is to put them on drugs. This is killing their spirit. This is very, very difficult on them.

< Clarity 3QA > But, right now there is a rejection; there is a pushing back of energies. And, this is causing what you call the allergy. It is our advice to limit the amount of the medications that you're on because again they just mask the core problem. They don't truly address it. And, now you're just going to be medicated, but still highly sensitive or trying to get rid of Old Energies, but having plugged yourself up. Occasionally, you're going to want to use some of the medications if it gets so severe. But, our advice would be to work with other Shaumbra facilitators - or even with yourself - in doing the breathing that's going to open up the energy pathways, not just your eyes and nose and body, but the etheric energy pathways and to allow the flow of energy to get back into place, much like what we did today.

< Clarity 4 > Alcohol and drugs… they can serve you. They can feed you. Oh, it's not just about getting drunk, or taking a trip, being doped up. There is another energy that comes in when you use alcohol or the drugs. It is not just about the high that you get at that time. That is only what you think it is. Something else is happening there. You're feeding yourself somehow. What is it? Is it that you are feeding yourself an escape energy, or perhaps a relaxation energy? Are you feeding yourself a way to expand your consciousness? Or, are you feeding yourself a way to collapse your consciousness, or perhaps deny it? You have to answer that for yourself. We can't answer that for you. But, somehow you're getting fed on it.

< Clarity 6 > The crystalline realms are where new things are birthed. The crystalline realms are called "crystalline" because they are the Christ seed energy in an embryonic form, birthing. If you come out to these realms, you'll feel birthing taking place. It is creative. It is non-mental. The mind doesn't work out here. Some have tried to propel themselves into these realms through the use of drugs, and they go crazy because the mind doesn't work. And, on drugs you always bring your mind… you see… bad trip (some laughter).

< Teacher 11 > An incredible generation of New Energy Artists, amongst the first. Yes indeed, some of you are considering the energy element around. Indeed, most of them partook in drugs because in a sense the drugs helped them to expand, helped them to go through some of those very difficult barriers, barriers that you have encountered also. But you are finding that you don't need the drugs to expand - well, not anymore. (Kuthumi chuckling to himself). We see a few personal stories here! (much laughter) Hmm! They were an incredible generation of New Energy Artists. They used the tools of music and they used the tools of actual artwork or comedy to evolve consciousness. Look at the impact that they had on the world and still have on the world today. They were phenomenal.

< Teacher 12QA > For those of you who have been on the psyche drugs, the mind drugs, depression and mood drugs, if you've been off of these drugs for about a year of time and there are tendencies to either go back on or generally a tendency of feeling very incomplete ... they leave a hole, kind of a psychological hole in you, an incompletion that tends to stay on even long after you give up these medications. We have found in our energy research on this side to eat a lot of fish, fish from the ocean not from the lakes or rivers. Things like what you call the tuna, salmon, shrimp, shellfish, any fish that comes from the ocean tends to have a homeopathic or natural healing effect. This is not true, by the way, if you are currently taking the medications and you are trying to get off of them. You'll find almost a reverse effect. But if you've been off for about a period of about a year, a lot of fish.

You'll find that first of all it is ... your system likes that much better than the heavier things like meats. And you'll find that you have a preference, after having a fairly steady diet of fish for ... not just fish, but fish once every few days ... you'll find that after several months of this that hole, that sense that there is still a hole inside you and any incompleteness will go away. It will actually help to wash out some of the psychological and whatever physical residue still remain within you. Thank you. Stop worrying.

< QuantumLeap 6QA > The medications inhibit the proper and natural rebalancing of energies within anyone. They put a damper or a type of a blanket over the natural workings and the integrated workings of the body, mind, spirit and gnost. And although they may appear to temporarily -how to say - calm somebody down, they are putting them in a type of comatose hypnotic state that will eventually explode and erupt just like a volcano would explode and erupt. You can hold the energy down for a while but ultimately it, and all energy, evolves.

< Discovery 7 > It used to be in your earlier lifetimes when you would leave the physical body, you'd go to the other side, there was somewhat of a type of reconnection with soul Self, other realms. You know, the great release from the physical reality. But as the Near Earth realms got more and more dense, it became more and more difficult to go into the crystalline, to go the Bridge of Flowers, to go beyond, and so many now stay. Even when they die they stay in the Near Earth realms. It's not physical, but it's pretty dang close. It has all of the consciousness factors of this planet. So there's not that rest or reprieve in between now. Not in the dream state, not in the death state.

And people then do extreme, emotional, dramatic things just to feel something again, thinking maybe this is the way back to Source. They take drugs, hallucinogenic drugs, and that gives them just a glimpse sometimes, but in a very distorted way.

< Discovery 7 > And then somebody comes up with these (anti-anxiety and anti-depressant) drugs –  that puts one in a true zombie state. It's basically saying, “Stop that noise down below. Stop calling out that you're tired of this journey, that you want to break out of prison.” It's a shut up pill, and it gets people back into that zombie-like condition of “walk the line, toe the line, stay in the matrix, stop complaining.” But you know what happens? They take the medications and for a little while they feel better. For a little while they feel better. But that voice, which is the voice of truth, the voice of the I Am, will not stop, and it will keep saying, “It's time. It's time. We have to get back. We have to reconnect to the Source.” So in a way it overrides that pill, but then it drives the human aspect absolutely crazy. Absolutely. And that's why there's a higher incidence of insanity and suicide when people are using these on a long-term basis.

< Discovery 8 > There's an epidemic on this planet of people using anxiety and depression medications. And you could say perhaps it's appropriate, because there are so many people going out of their minds. So many people breaking down, cracking up. But the funny thing is these medications really do not help in the long run. Take them temporarily, sure, you're going to feel a little better. But haven't you heard the ads on television and the radio saying, “By the way, if your anti-depression medication doesn't work and you feel more suicidal than ever, try this on top of it.” (laughter) Like the second one is going to make you even less suicidal?! I don't think so.