New Energy Artist / New Energy pioneer

pioneer of New Consciousness.

< Teacher 11 > Now I use the term "artist" here ... not like you have to paint on canvas, not like you have to even create a piece of music. An artist is a being, a soul, an entity, who goes into something new to explore, to discover, to learn and to experience. That is what an artist is ... keep your hand out, I'd like to keep holding it ... that is what an artist is. They play with energy. And today we're going to talk about New Energy Artists, because that, above all, is what you are. You can put that on your business card. You can hang a sign above your bed. (chuckling) You are New Energy Artists.

< Teacher 11 > He (John Belushi) was from a generation of New Energy Artists, the first true generation that stepped beyond the old structure and the limitations so that they could help to begin opening up consciousness in anticipation of this thing that we call the Quantum Leap. He was part of a generation of incredible artists - Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney - oh he's not dead, just his music is dead! (much laughter, Kuthumi chuckling) That was Belushi, not I! (more laughter)

< Teacher 11 > An incredible generation of New Energy Artists, amongst the first. Yes indeed, some of you are considering the energy element around. Indeed, most of them partook in drugs because in a sense the drugs helped them to expand, helped them to go through some of those very difficult barriers, barriers that you have encountered also. But you are finding that you don't need the drugs to expand - well, not anymore. (Kuthumi chuckling to himself). We see a few personal stories here! (much laughter) Hmm! They were an incredible generation of New Energy Artists. They used the tools of music and they used the tools of actual artwork or comedy to evolve consciousness. Look at the impact that they had on the world and still have on the world today. They were phenomenal.

< Teacher 11 > Right now, right now the energy is moving, as Adamus said, and right now on Earth is the time for New Energy Artists. As I said, an artist is one who explores. An artist is the pioneer. Don't think in terms of just painting or drawing. Think in terms of an artist as one who experiences something that has not been experienced or done before. An artist immerses themself into the newness, into the openness, tries it, feels it and then shares it with others. That is my definition of an artist.

< Teacher 11 > Right now the world needs New Energy Artists just like you. The world needs the ones who will go off into the new areas of consciousness, and that is exactly what Shaumbra is doing. When we say that you are truly the first going into this New Energy, we truly mean it. No exaggeration. You're the ones allowing yourself to open up, to go beyond, to go beyond the beyond into these new areas. And when you do, you open a type of barrier or what would have been a doorway - but a closed door - that leads into a grander, bigger and more dynamic energy for all of consciousness. Whether you are asleep at night, whether you are conscious during the day, this is what all of you, bar none, are doing right now.

< Teacher 11 > You're going into these new realms. What used to be your thoughts have turned into feelings, and even going beyond that into the pure realms of the sans definition. In order for humanity in general, and the other levels, what you would call the angelic levels, to move smoothly, gracefully into the New Energy, it needs pioneers. It needs New Energy Artists. In order for these technological developments that Saint-Germain talked about last month to take place on Earth, the New Energy Artists are needed to go out into these realms. That is exactly what you have been doing.

< Teacher 11 > In order for spirituality to evolve on Earth right now; to go beyond some of the old and restrictive concepts of God and heaven and the angels; in order to move beyond that into a new understanding of a living God, of a compassionate God, and a God that is in this reality right now embodied in you, the world needs the New Energy Artists. So that's what you do. You go through consciousness barriers. We're doing it right now together. You may say, "Kuthumi, but I don't realize that I'm doing anything." But you are. You're letting yourself expand. You're letting yourself go beyond what were the old concepts, what was the old you, what were the old limitations. You are truly the New Energy Artists.

< Teacher 11 > I will say that it's time - perhaps my call to action for all of you - is for the New Energy Artists to ignite, for you to ignite. For you to ignite that New Energy fire that is here available to you to do something, as Saint-Germain said last month. Start anything to ignite that creative flow of energy in your life right now. Tobias has said it, Saint-Germain has said it, I will say it also: It's time for you to do something creative. Now, have no expectation of the results or the outcome. Just do it for the experience, for the pleasure of doing it. It doesn't necessarily mean it's going to make you rich or successful or popular overnight. But the whole idea is just to experience it.

Once you ignite the New Energy fire within you - you get it going, you get it flowing - you'll move beyond an intellectual concept of New Energy and being a New Energy Artist; move beyond the concept of what we have called creativity. You will truly begin to experience and to understand on the most powerful level. It's time to do something. It's time to ignite that New Energy within.

< Teacher 11 > And in this moment I would like to thank and honor all of you. You've all come from diverse backgrounds in this lifetime, coming from many different parts of the world, many different professions, many different backgrounds as children. But there was one thing that all of you - all of us - had in common: a desire ... a desire to make this the lifetime; a desire to discover in this lifetime what we'd worked so many lifetimes for; a desire to be the New Energy Artists at the forefront of this whole Quantum Leap. You're doing it.

Oh you perhaps you look at your job that you have in the everyday world and you don't think you're making an impact on society or on the world. But now look at your job, your work that you are doing as a metaphysician, a New Energy Artist: you are doing it. You are doing it. You are opening new realms.

< Teacher 11QA > This is your time, all of you, to be the New Energy Artists. What does that mean? It means creating what you choose, without boundaries or without limitations, without trapping yourself in the mind, without carrying around the old baggage. So indeed you are going to continue to feel these things. You are in a type of a - I'm going to call it a consciousness chamber right now - with humanity. You don't have to be subject to it. You don't have to let it determine your life path, but you are feeling it.

< Master 3 > So Shaumbra - this group of New Energy pioneers, this group of beings who have had so many experiences here on Earth and in the other realms, a group of people who have been leaders in their spiritual families, leaders in your spiritual families. The ones - you - who left your spiritual family to go it alone, but knowing all the time that it would have a profound impact on those that you left behind.

A group that in recent years, a group - you - who have actually disconnected from the spiritual family from which you came, whether it was the Order of Sananda, whether it was the House of Michael, Gabriel, any of the other archangel houses where you were leaders. You eventually, in recent years, disconnected from those, for a couple of reasons. You had to find out what it was like on your own without carrying the responsibility of trying to free the energies in the other realms. You had to free yourself first. You had to do it for you, not for everyone else. You had to learn to love yourself first.