love of self / relationship with self

accepting all of who you are
; trust in who you truly are;
integrating every aspect of yourself; awareness of self;
knowing all you had done was the greatest gift you could give yourself;

< NewEnergy 11 > So, what else would be important now for this rapid change, this very quick change in your life, at this time of the Venus energy? It would be about love in your life… love in your life… and about how to get out of Old concepts, and Old relationships. Kathume is going to help you to understand how you can walk between the worlds. You can live on Earth as a human where you are expected to have a mate, where you are expected to have love relationships. That is going to help you to understand love from some different perspectives, as well.

It is going to begin with the love of yourself. And, this is where some of you may feel the most intense pressure… yes… love for yourself… how you have neglected who you are. And, this ties into how you have even forgotten who you are. You've forgotten how to love yourself.

< NewEnergy 11 > Somehow, somewhere it was painted that loving yourself is not right. It was painted as a negative, rather than a positive. So, in addition to now coming out of the closet about who you are, we are going to be asking you to come out of the closet in terms of remembering how to love yourself, learning how to love yourself also in a whole New Energy way. There is a reversed polarity and energy, if you would call it that, of loving thyself. It has been taught over and over again that you should not do that, that it is tied into the ego, that it is imbalanced. Dear friends, nothing could be further from the truth! Why wouldn't you want to love yourself? Why wouldn't you want to love yourself first and foremost? When you do, you can understand what it's like to love another.

< NewEnergy 11 > A person who hates himself and professes to love everyone else, is just a "suck up." (lots of audience laughter) They are trying to find their own love for themselves by projecting it into others, by pretending to love others. And, we see that they do not really do that. They are just pretending to love others. They are desperately seeking to find love for themselves through someone else. They won't look inside for it. So, they try to project it. They try to pretend with everyone that they are loving them, desperately though searching underneath for real love, genuine love.

< NewEnergy 11 > You've seen them. You've met them. Some of you have been them (more laughter) in the past. But, you now are able to see the imbalance in those ones who profess to love everything, but yet when it is turned on them, they cannot handle the light of love. So, with Kathume coming in now to do some work of energy shifting and shaping, he is also going to come into your face about remembering to love… and, now loving yourself in a whole New way.

< NewEnergy 11QA > Your greatest service is to allow yourself to go through the process (metamorphosis) and to give thanks to yourself as you do. This is the greatest thing you can do. And, simply embrace life. Along those lines, Shaumbra, there are not enough of you who allow yourself to even partake in the pleasures of life because you think you will get addicted to them or sucked into them, or not be able to get out. That is Old Energy thinking. You have denied yourself so much. It is time to give yourself love in every way… and, yes, absolutely to enjoy the pleasures of life. Embrace life in every way.

< Embodiment 4QA > There are very difficult energies associated with this. And - how to say - it has to do with depriving the body of any type of joy. It has to do with depriving the soul of the beauty of the feminine energy. And, some will blame it on the social pressures to be - how to say - in a thin body. But, the underlying issue is more depriving Self of the joy of living, and down to the point where it comes to even inflicting wounds on the physical body to deface itself. These are ones who - how to say - are carrying deep and old wounds.

And, it is very difficult in this short time to give a specific answer of how to deal with them. But, it has to do - as all of you Shaumbra know - it has to do with coming to love yourself in every part. And, this is a very long and difficult road with many of these humans. It is very important for them to see a human like yourself and other Shaumbra who have actually made it through the most difficult of times, made it to the point where you can say, "I truly love every part of myself. I truly embody everything. And, I am choosing this right now. I am choosing whatever is happening in my life. And, if I can choose it, I can also change it."

And, we feel that we are just glossing over the subject. We could talk about it in great detail. But, you also have the experience from what you have gone through in your life to understand what it takes to get another human to love themselves. So, begin with that. And, we will come in to work with you.

< Embodiment 7QA > This whole concept of self-love is perhaps the core issue for all angels and all humans. So, you are addressing something that is so basic and so important and a challenge that you face and all Shaumbra face. When you can accept yourself as you truly are and get to that level, then you are truly expressing as God also. Don't give yourself a hard time for this ability to accept and love self. It is the most challenging thing.

The moment that you - and any of us - went through the Wall of Fire, it was all a matter of coming to this point of love and acceptance. Now, I'm simplifying it. But, that is truly what it's been about. When you come to that intimate connection with yourself (all aspect of you) and your divinity, all of the elements, everything you've ever been done or been, come back together in the Now moment. And, there is almost like an explosion of this blissful energy that takes place. And, then you realize that you are a Creator. You realize how simple it is to create anything around you.

So, you are on the perfect and right track. You're coming down to core issues. You're not worrying about the little stuff anymore. You're getting down to the basics. And, we know you've gone through many cycles of releasing. It takes a lot of cycles. It takes tremendous amount of movement of energy to work through all of these layers, all of these stories that have been created, all of the things you've been experiencing. But, I would say to you - and to all of Shaumbra - you are getting there. You are close.

< Embodiment 9 > I am speaking here of total trust in yourself - not God - because you don't even begin to know what God is. How can you trust something that is just an Old belief system? A total trust in yourself… an implicit, 100%… give everything… trust in yourself. Some of you go there at times in trying to understand the level of trust in self. Some of you get close, but you haven't gotten all the way there. Total trust… now that raises issues. How can you trust something (divinity) that you feel has betrayed you, or you don't understand? How can you trust yourself when you don't know who you are? Well, that is the irony. That is the beauty of this whole thing. You're being put in a position now to have to trust yourself - not yourself as in your limited story - but yourself as God also. You have to love yourself.

< Embodiment 9 > I had to learn to love every part of me when I was trapped in the crystal. It's easy to love someone else, by the way. It's easy to love outside things. I found it to be the most difficult thing ever to love myself. But, I knew that was the only way out. I had to love everything I'd ever done. I had to love everything about me.

< Embodiment 9 > As I said earlier, every aspect, every part and piece of you wants to rejoin you, has to rejoin you right now. You see… that's the other thing - you can't do this with any piece left behind… no one left behind. You have to incorporate every aspect, every past life, every thought. Now, some of you are thinking, "This is going to take a long time to inventory." "Every thought," you say, "my gosh, how will I remember?" It is not coming from the mind. It is coming from the heart, the pure, unadulterated love.

< Embodiment 9 > So, it is about trust. It is about loving yourself. It is about living beyond. With those basic, basic things, Shaumbra, this is going to be easy. This is going to be easy. You see, that tool, that key, that you gave yourself is going to come soaring back into your life. The knowingness is going to come to you. We cannot explain it here. We cannot say that there is a specific thing that you have to do. But, the knowingness, the remembrance, is going to come to you. With that trust and with that love and with no limitations, living without limits, you're going to be able to do exactly as I do - walk in and out, walk in and out. You're going to be able to transmute energy in any way you want.

< Embodiment 9 > You have to understand that you are creating this. You may not totally understand it right now, but you are creating it. We are going to ask you if you give permission for yourself to be fully trusting of you, fully loving of you, and living beyond anything you have ever known. With it will come changes - we guarantee that.

< Embodiment 9QA > Adamus talked to you about this whole concept of living beyond. It involves the intimate - the deepest and most intimate - trust with yourself. He talked about the concept of the total, unconditional love. And, again, you have heard the concepts. But, now you are going to start living this way, the total love of self, reintegrating every part of who you are. He talked about expanding, going beyond the limits. And, God knows, there are many limits that you create. The limits actually help you to understand the reality around you. But, the limitations and the restrictions on the energy also lock things into place.

< Embodiment 10 > Oh, and you will get angry with us, and you will cry out, and you will say, "Tobias, this a some type of trick. You say that it (the solution) is there, but I have looked everywhere." If you've looked everywhere, look at the parts and pieces of you that aren't loved, that aren't accepted. The Fruit of the Rose, the passion of passions, is a total love and acceptance. Oh, we're not talking about an intellectual love here, but a true love from the heart, a true love of everything that you are.

< Clarity 2QA > You can ONLY learn to love yourself through yourself. You can never learn to love yourself through others, through the outside, because it will always, always be a false reflection. You can only learn it from within.

< Clarity 10 > Kuthumi. Very authentic. Very authentic - had no need to impress anyone, was very independent on his own, loved people, loved nature. But more than anything else, the one thing I can say about Kuthumi, he is the epitome of learning to love himself. He is not narcissistic. He doesn't spend - how to say - days and days in front of the mirror. He learned to love himself. He learned that everything that he had ever done in any of his lifetimes was the greatest gift he could give himself. He's an example of authentic.

< Teacher 5QA > But what really are love and compassion? Well that answer is within yourself. Go inside and look for what is it like to love yourself. You are going to be the hardest person that you'll ever come to love. It's easier to "love" - a restricted type or limited type of love - easier to love other people, easier to have compassion. I get a little upset when I hear people misusing these words. Sometimes compassion, when a person uses it in reference to another, means they're just supposed to be a pushover, and they're supposed to be a sucker, and they're supposed to give, give, give all the time. That is not a good or healthy energy relationship.

< Teacher 9QA > All Shaumbra have the potential to understand the true magnificence of the sexual energy and to understand that, more than anything, it is just self love. It is not necessarily physical, not even necessarily about what you would term pleasure.

Pleasure - we could do a long dissertation about that - but pleasure ... there's still very old Atlantean implants based on pleasure. It is a trigger. Used inappropriately it can be a method for stealing energy from others, entrapping them, manipulating them and controlling them. So there is always that fine line, that fine balance. You have to answer the question within yourself.

I would give you one hint though. If it is just about sex, whether it is in a physical act with a physical human or in the perception of a physical act with a non-human, I would take another look at it, because there is so much more to sex than the physical. Sex can be enjoyed ... Saint-Germain says he can bring a person to a point of orgasm without it becoming physical or even what you would say is even sexual. It is an energy exchange that is equal and balanced, but more than anything else, has to start at home. It is about self love.

What happens if you are not in a place of self love, when you go out and have physical or even non-physical sexual relations you will find yourself ... you're going to be feeding off of others. You're going to be looking for completion. When you can absolutely love yourself then you will absolutely understand what this whole thing is about energy exchanging and you won't be using terms like "divine prostitute" anymore.

< Teacher 11QA > Well, I'll give you an answer perhaps you don't want to hear, but have the relationship with yourself first and no other relationship can take anything away from you. You're going to be so grounded in yourself that another human coming along to feed and to take and to take your energy will not be able to do so. Now, the other side of that issue is how many humans right now are there on Earth who aren't looking for a relationship because they want to feed? Very, very few; very few. So that now limits the total number of available partners that you would have.

So I'm going to have to state something perhaps you don't want to hear but as a Shaumbra living in this day and age, you're going to have to accept the fact that you may be by yourself. The relationship may be with you. You may not find the one who can share with you on the highest level. The other thing is to make the terms of the relationship very clear up front. So, make it very clear with the one whom you suspect you might have a relationship with that "Here's my energy terms for this relationship." And perhaps as it comes out of your mouth it could sound a bit selfish, but it makes it very clear to the other "No feeding allowed."

< QuantumLeap 2 > Your life in this New Energy should be that way. It should be that simple. It should be as simple as you, in the house or the temple of yourself, acknowledging and loving you. When there is a complete acknowledgment, love (for all of who you are) and surrender of you unto you, all things have to work. You don't have to place your daily focus on making money or repairing a relationship or working on your physical body, repairing it. You don't have to engage yourself in this whole thing of the mind games that are played - the games, the battlefields of yourself that are played out in your mind.

< QuantumLeap 2 > When you allow yourself the complete love of you, you're going to be such a whole, integrated, divine, human, outstanding, Standard being that that will have the amazing effect on them. That would be like a huge mirror for them. That will give them the motivation and the potential to change things in their life if they choose - and I have to underline that.

< Returning 2QA > Why do people create drama? Indeed. So they know they're alive. And what's the byproduct of drama that they get? I'll give you a hint - attention from others. Because they can't love themselves, they create a drama that makes them feel alive, they suck in energy from people around them who love them and would give them attention and get in there with them so they don't have to love themselves, and now you have a wonderful, wonderful creation going on. Oh they scream about it and they kick about it and they suck you into it, but what if you went home, met with your daughter and applauded her - applauded her (Tobias claps his hands) - for creating such a wonderful drama in her life.

< Master 5 > However, and part of the frustration that you have at a deep level, it's not quite right. It doesn't feel right to give that same message anymore, because something changed. Something's different, and you're absolutely correct. Therefore, for a lot of you the reluctance to come forth with what you have to share. I'm not talking about a big philosophical or religious message; the world's had enough of that. I'm talking about - it's hard to describe - a message from your heart. A message of the I Am. A message of love of self, put quite simply. Love of self.

< (Next) 5 > Ahmyo is that trust. You start learning how to absolutely trust yourself in here. It takes a little bit. It doesn't happen overnight, but you learn, you're the only one that you have. And that's the beauty. That's the secret. That's the mystery of life. You're the only one. Now, what are you going to do with it? Hate yourself? Reject yourself? Loathe yourself or love yourself? You actually really don't have too much choice, do you? It's about you ultimately loving yourself. A being can only hate themselves or deny themselves for so long - a few million years and that's about it - and then it has to be about learning to love themselves.

< (Next) 8 > A lot of sexual energy feeding taking place, going on, and a lot of relationship issues, mostly based on energy feeding. Most relationships in the Old Energy were based on feeding. Really. Relationships were meant to fill the void of your masculine/feminine imbalance or your karmic imbalance or your doubt imbalance or … It doesn't need to be. The greatest relationship in the world is the relationship with yourself. When you have an intimate loving relationship with yourself, then any other relationship can be so beautiful and liberating and joyful and unencumbered. You can actually enjoy life with another human. That is a true gift. And it can be sexually.

< (Next) 8 > Humans don't even know what to think about sex anymore. They just know they're driven to it, but is that really, for the most part, fulfilling? Is that really what you, the angels, intended it to be? And this whole idea of masturbation! What's wrong with loving yourself in every way? Is there something wrong with loving yourself physically? In Atlantis, in some of the earlier better days, the young ones were taught to honor their bodies in every way, if you know what I mean, long before they could ever have a partner. How can you be intimate with somebody if you're not comfortable with being intimate with yourself?

< e2012 2 > You know now that the only way to heaven, which is actually just awareness, the only way that I know of, that the other Ascended Masters know of, is to love yourself. That's it. It is so simple to me that when you love yourself, it means you've accepted yourself. You've had total compassion for you without having to go to confession or without any sort of remorse - any at all. And I hear the "buts" come out all the time. "But … I did this really bad thing." "But … if I give myself full forgiveness, then I'm probably going to go back and do something bad again." Absolutely not.

< e2012 2 > When a person absolutely loves themselves and has full compassion for themselves, to me, to the other Ascended Masters, there's a very beautiful side benefit. Suddenly, they love everybody else. Suddenly, they have compassion for everybody else. Suddenly, they understand everyone else's journey. Suddenly, they're not trying to push everybody else through this tunnel to heaven first. Suddenly, they're going there first, right to their home first and becoming the Standard.

< e2012 3 > Well, what's wrong is you're not allowing yourself to be a sensual being, with every sense that you have; so immersed into life that you don't care if you get lost, because you won't. You really won't. So immersed into yourself, the I Am, that you really don't care where you go or what happens, because you're on such a sensual journey into yourself, and therefore, with others. There's definitely a resistance to immersing into you. It's like, "Well, that sounds selfish." It sounds like you should be doing everything for everybody else. Absolutely not. Letting yourself be so into you, so wildly and madly in love with yourself - that's what changes this planet.

< e2012 3 > But, for the most part, very, very few humans know what it's like to love themselves. They tolerate themselves. They have an awkward relationship with themselves, and they're still looking for love and still creating love with other people. This planet has created love, shared love and been in love. What happens next on this planet, that's never been done anywhere else in all of creation, is for the very beings who came here to start loving themselves. It's the next frontier. It's the next evolution. It's the next spiral.

< e2012 3 > You could say that your experiences have been like a big spiral and continuing to expand, continuing to experience and to share all that. But a funny thing happens at a certain point in this awakening that you're going through. The spiral comes back into itself - and then you would have to create a hologram, we can't write it on the board like this - but you go through like a doorway, a doorway into yourself. And you're never going to be alone in there, because you've found yourself, but you'll have an intimate understanding of everything and everyone else when you fall in love with yourself.

< e2012 6 > As has been said many times, the toughest thing that you’re going to face in this lifetime is how to love yourself. You distract yourself. You do anything so that you don’t have to take the time to love yourself. You find drama, distractions. You’ll intellectualize; you’ll get philosophical, all as a distraction. I’m always amazed with this beautiful course that Adamus did called Sexual Energy School, the bottom line is about loving yourself.

< e2012 6 > When you love yourself, you release the personal karma, you don’t have to feel guilty about anything. You do, but you don’t have to. Nothing. And you say, “But I really did something really bad, and I just have to carry that around with me.” No you don’t. Not at all. Try it for a week – letting go of all of the guilt, the remorse, the bad feelings, the feeling that if you were truly fully empowered, that you’d go do bad things. You’re not going to. You can let that personal karma go right now.

That way the aspects are going to come back in – finally, a safe space; finally, a place of love – and that's all they wanted. Like little lost runaway children, that’s all they wanted was the acceptance and the love. But if you’re not accepting yourself, there’s part of you – many parts of you called your aspects – that are out there lost, cold, angry, really, really angry, hateful, disillusioned, not ready to come home. Try loving yourself.

< e2012 6 > “But what about love for my dog or my cat? What about that kind of love?” You’re getting close, because pets are basically extensions of you, kind of. Not you, directly, because then you wouldn’t like the pet so much, but they’re kind of like your energy in that pet. And so it’s actually part of the step or process in learning to love yourself. If you can learn to love your animals, your pets, these blessed beings, you can take that now, that same thing, and learn to love yourself.

< e2012 7 > The soul, your essence really wants to know what it's like to be loved firsthand. It understands it from a distance coming from you, coming from your experiences and your wisdom of the ages. But it doesn't know what it's like to have it firsthand. In other words, right here. So you could say there's even a bit of reluctance about that. The soul has pondered love, contemplated love, feels the love that you've had, that you've experienced. But doesn't know it in a practical sense. That's a lot. That's a lot on the soul, to come here and have that. Call it a bit overwhelming for the soul. It's up to you to guide your soul into the experience of love, but how can you do it if you don't love yourself.

< e2012 8 > Humans beings are wonderful until they get in an organization. Any organization – a company, a church, a benevolent foundation – I don't care what it is. What is it about humans? Wonderful individually, but the moment they organize, you have control issues, power issues, hierarchal issues. This is where the sexual energy virus comes in. It loves organizations. Once humans organize it brings out sometimes the very worst of them. Why is that? Beacause it's not meant to be organized. Ultimately, sovereignty is about loving, accepting and owning yourself.

< freedom 6 > You can study. You can work hard, but ultimately it's only the love of self that will bring you into the I Am-ness of yourself. It's not how much you know, how much money you have, how many spiritual rituals you've ever done that will bring you to this wholeness. It is simply the acceptance, the compassion and the love of self. Period. Nothing else needs to be studied. Nothing else needs to be attained. Nothing needs to be bought or bartered for. Simply the love of self, but perhaps also the most difficult thing you'll ever do.

< freedom 6 > The soul is much like this beautiful globe. The soul comes initially empty simply wanting to know itself, so it creates this thing called aspects that eventually turn into facets. And the aspects, through their experiences, start filling the empty vessel with experience and knowingness, wisdom and love. Within the empty vessel when it first starts, it is filled with potentials, but the potentials have yet to be realized or experienced. So it is like it is empty, and the desire of the soul is to fill itself with its potentials and its experiences, to know the I Am of itself. And it cannot do that through Spirit. It cannot do that through another being, even though it has tried. It can only do it through the experience of its potentials (of energy).

And when this vessel is full, when it has felt into its potentials and experienced as many as it chooses to experience, and even felt into the ones that were never experienced in physical reality, it becomes complete, pure, crystalline, fulfilled. That is the I Am. And within that state of I Am, this vessel, this soul, knows itself beyond knowingness. It knows all of its facets, all of its angles,

And you ask, “Does it continue to experience?” Yes, it does, but not like a human experiences. It continues to experience its love for itself, and that's all it needs, all it wants, all it desires. When the vessel is full, complete, it continues to fall in love with itself every breath, every moment, without condition, without doubt, certainly without shame. It continues to fall in love with itself, because that is the grandest thing of all. I Am that I Am falling in love with myself each day.

< freedom 6 > This psychic gravity will pull you deeper until you know love within yourself, until you know completion, acceptance, compassion for yourself, it will not let you out. It will not let you emerge. It will pull you back for what you call lessons. It will pull you back for all things unresolved and uncompleted. You designed it that way. You put together the game that way and said, “I will not find my way out until I find myself.”

< freedom 6 > It has nothing to do with capabilities, powers or any of that. It's simply about the ability to accept yourself. That's it. Now with that true love of self, all things are possible. With that true love of yourself, there's never a question again about money. Money is just a rude way of telling you you're not loving yourself – or the lack of money, I should say. Or health – just a rather painful way of saying you've yet to totally come into love with yourself. Once the acceptance is there, the true magic begins.

< Discovery 4 > Did Yeshua have sex with others after he left his community, after he left the Yahad? Yes, absolutely he did. He had sex, he masturbated. And he felt guilty about it until he realized the love of Self, the acceptance of Self. Until he realized somebody else placed this crap on him that sex and playing with yourself under the table are bad. It took him a long time to get over it and realize that he could love himself. He could touch himself. He could feel himself. He could pleasure himself, and he could really love himself. Absolutely. And he would go on, my dear, to teach this to many, many others. And when he sat in front of some of the groups, the reaction very similar – gasp! – “Ohhh! You can't talk about this.” But he did, because he said, “Dear brother, dear sister, it's about loving thyself. Then you will come to understand the love that your soul has for you.”

< Discovery 5 > The knowingness is already there. It doesn't come from me. It doesn't come from that God. It's already right there. It's not in your belly necessarily; it's in your moment. It's in your I Am-ness. It has the answer to everything, even if you're faking it. It knows where to be at the exact right moment. It knows how to bring in the exact right amount of energy at the exact right moment. It is trust and it is love. And, by the way, this year, if you're having a difficult time loving yourself – I guess that is a pretty big leap for some – at least just be kind to yourself. Start with being kind to yourself.