end of the journey and time of experience

end of the line / end of evolution; full circle / completion;
time for the feast; joy and celebrate; fun;
getting off the old path and come into a new point of experiencing life;

< NewEnergy 5 > So, in our gathering last month we talked to you about the journey, said that the journey comes to an end.

< NewEnergy 5 > But, dear friends, we will tell you right now there is so much to do in the New Energy. It is nothing like the Old. But, there is a tremendous amount to do. The New Energy is about expression. It is not any longer about challenge, or suffering, or trying to find the answers. It is about expression. That is what God is - expression, pure expression. It is time for the journey to end, and realize that everything then will come to you… to realize that you have had energies, and talents, and abilities that have always been there but have been dormant. They have been latent. They have been waiting for the right time.

< NewEnergy 5 > Some of you here have had urgings to be musicians, but thought that you weren't born into the right family, or have the natural talent. You will be surprised as you let go of the journey and come into the time of experience how musical you are, how quickly you can learn what music really is. You will have a whole new understanding. It won't simply be chords and notes. It will be vibrations, and harmonies, and New Energy all working together.

< NewEnergy 5 > As you end the journey, and you come into a time of experience, you'll understand and realize how wise you truly are. And, wisdom will help manifest what you call smartness… intelligence… the ability to grasp concepts like never before… to understand how things work without having to go through the Old schoolish ways of learning… without having to study all the boring details… but, to be able to be ever-present in the moment… to be able to hold a flower in your hand and understand intuitively how it all works. Later you can go and read about the specific scientific process. But, you will understand beyond what even a scientist can know about how life comes into that flower and creates it.

< NewEnergy 5 > So, as you end the journey and come into experience, you will have a whole new type of intelligence, not just a human brainy intelligence, but a divine intelligence. Yes, we know so many of you are already experiencing this. As the journey ends for you, you won't have to try to figure people out. You won't have to try to go through a mental process to understand them. You certainly won't have to use Old Energy psychological principles to try to put boxes around them to help you understand. You can be in the presence of others, and so easily feel and read their energy. And, the knowingness of them will come to you. You will have such a new level of understanding and empathy for other humans.

< NewEnergy 5 > As you get off the Old journey, and you come into experience, you will find that it's so easy, dear friends, to manifest financial abundance into your life. You think right now because you don't understand the stock market, or because there is only a small group of people who really understands money flow, because you're not an accountant or financial expert that therefore you're not in the stream of abundance. When you stop the journey, and you allow yourself to be in full experience and expression of human life, it will just come to you. Opportunities within the current structure, within the current financial structure, will come to you, the knowingness of how energy - which is all money is - how energy flows will come to you.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will also understand that hoarding it, stockpiling it does not serve you or anyone else. To have abundance come to you and then not experience it, dear friends, makes it lose all its effect. Do you see? For many of you abundance has come into your life. And, then you sit on it, afraid that it might go away. Then, you wonder why more doesn't come in and become even more afraid. You will find that, as you get off the Old path and come into a New point of experiencing life, of feasting on life, that you can go and spend money. Does that make you feel guilty, Shaumbra? Spend money! Buy things for yourself! And, new money will appear.

< NewEnergy 5 > As you allow the journey to come to an end, you will have a whole new understanding about yourself and why you are here, why you ever came to this place. You won't be struggling with it. You will have a divine realization. You are already getting glimpses of that. It is already coming in.

< NewEnergy 5 > We have a bit of a secret here between you, and God, and me. It's going to happen anyway. This whole transition into New Energy and releasing of duality is going to happen anyway. You have given permission. You have allowed it. You have opened yourself to it. The wheels turn. The motion begins. The energy builds. It's going to happen anyway. So, you can either struggle with it… and work against it… and wonder… and try to figure it out… and try to develop some specific techniques and ways to actually make it a drudgery. Or, you can simply know it's happening. It is happening with or without you. It is happening. It will happen in your life.

< NewEnergy 6 > Feel the safe space that you have helped ground and anchor on this day… the safe space that is embodied in your being… the effortless safe space… effortless, like we talked about at the beginning of this Shoud. Then, make your choices and decisions from this platform, rather than the Old imbalanced platform of duality. This is where life gets fun, Shaumbra. This is where it gets exciting. This is where you don't need to be in fear anymore. This is where you begin to understand truly that everything comes to you… in service to you… no more being afraid of the mind or the body… or disconnected from the spirit. In the safe space they come together.

< NewEnergy 7 > Your journey has ended. The seeking has ended. You are in a New Energy. You are in a place where the divine seeks to come in, where it will do so anyway. You don't have to force it. You don't have to regulate it. You don't have to push it. The divine comes into your reality. As we said in a recent gathering on the full moon, when questioned by Shaumbra about what they should do in their life right now, "Get out of your way." The divine energies are coming in. You have planned it this way. You chose to experience it. Get out of your way. You have come to this point where the journey ends, indeed. You've come to this point where you can begin playing with New Energy in a whole new way of creating, of being a Creator.

< NewEnergy 8 > You are here quite simply to experience life. Can you allow it to be that simple? You are here to experience life… anything you want. You can experience what it is like to be in pain, what it is like to hold onto these things of darkness within yourself. You can experience a joy of each day, the joy of watching other people in their own creations. You can experience what it is like to have great love and compassion for others. You can experience what it is like to receive love and compassion from them. You are here on Earth right now to experience… to feel… to learn… to know what it is like to live… to live.

< NewEnergy 8 > You're also here on Earth right now - literally for the first lifetime ever - to enjoy, to enjoy. Now, as odd as this may seem, this whole concept of truly enjoying life is relatively new. You have always been, in a sense, in a school here. You have been learning. You have been giving yourself many challenges, some of you many tests. You have been trying to rack up as much experience as possible. In more recent lifetimes you have been trying to overcome earthly karma.

< NewEnergy 8 > And, for all of the lifetimes that you have ever spent here on Earth, what you have been doing is going back and reliving experiences that happened long before you came to Earth, long before you ever took on physical body - things that happened when you were in the angelic dimensions, trying to find a way back Home, trying to understand who you were and who others were. So many things happened… what you would call the battles. But, there were also many wonderful things. We have said to our groups before that this movie series of yours - Star Wars, and even many of the sci-fi - are about things that happened so very long ago that are projected onto your screens and reenacted. You didn't have physical bodies then. You didn't travel in metal ships. But, the essence is the same.

< NewEnergy 8 > But, all that changes now in this lifetime, where you are at now. In this lifetime right now you can actually enjoy life. The journey ends. And, now you can truly enjoy. We have spoken about this before. You can sit down at the feast of life. You can enjoy everything from the foods… to the relationships… to taking a walk in the woods… or along the beach. You can enjoy what it is like just to live… just to live. You are here now to experience life and to enjoy life.

< NewEnergy 11QA > Your greatest service is to allow yourself to go through the process (metamorphosis) and to give thanks to yourself as you do. This is the greatest thing you can do. And, simply embrace life. Along those lines, Shaumbra, there are not enough of you who allow yourself to even partake in the pleasures of life because you think you will get addicted to them or sucked into them, or not be able to get out. That is Old Energy thinking. You have denied yourself so much. It is time to give yourself love in every way… and, yes, absolutely to enjoy the pleasures of life. Embrace life in every way.

< Embodiment 12 > The next attribute to remember - and this will really cause your head to spin but your heart to open up - you have already gotten there. You've already completed all of this. It is so very true. What you are doing now is having fun with the experience of getting there… you see. You have already arrived. You have already ascended. You have already integrated. You have. Oh, we're not speaking metaphorically. We are speaking literally. You have already transitioned into New Energy. You have already received your full Creator-ship… whatever you want to call it. You have gone full cycle. You have closed the circle.

< Embodiment 12 > And, you say, "But then why does everything appear to be the way it is? Why does it appear to be incomplete?" It is because it is part of your brilliant and magnificent creative desire. You now want to experience it… you see. So, you are going through the experience. Now, that should give you some sort of comfort. Perhaps, now you can enjoy the experience, rather than worrying about it every day. You have already gotten there, Shaumbra. Enjoy the experience now. There are no traps along the way between here and there. There are no bogeymen. There is nothing that's going to devour you. There is nothing that's going to take away from you.

< e2012 10 > You come to the end of the line, and that line is – and this is going to sound strange for a bit, but breathe it in – evolution. Evolution. You've come to the end of evolution. Does that mean you die now, or you go backwards? No. Not at all. You've been programmed and you bought into evolution. Constant evolution. You believe in evolution of the mind – learning more, getting wiser, having more problem solving abilities – so you've been conditioned for that, programmed for it. And that's what you basically have lived for. That's what you have, you know, “I'm becoming an evolving being.”

< e2012 10 > To a certain degree, there's an evolution overlay of the biology. So you come to a point where there's no more evolution of the body. You think you're a part of this evolution of biology. You look at the Darwin pictures. You look at the apes from a long time ago and say, “Well, I'm just one little stepping stone in the evolution of the physical biology.” No, you're at the end of the line on that too. Literally, with what we talked about before, you no longer evolve your ancestral biology. You create your own. So it's no longer evolving along the old line. Evolution stops. When you get to this point of awakening, it stops.

< e2012 10 > Even the concepts of spirituality stop evolving. Because that indicates that there is something yet to learn. That indicates there is almost a required growth that comes next. That indicates that the spiral keeps spiraling. And it does for a long time, for a long, long time until it comes back into itself. That stops the cycle of evolution.

Makes a dramatic change also in the concept of your livelihood, your living. You will no longer evolve when you come to a certain point on the spiritual path. Maybe frightening? The common reaction should be “This is it?! I'm not going to get any smarter? I'm not going to get any healthier? I'm not going to get any wiser?” That's correct, and that's a good thing.

< e2012 10 > First of all, it relieves you from a tremendous amount of responsibility – burden, I should say. Lack of freedom. There was a program inside you that said “Evolve, evolve, evolve. Every day I'm supposed to get better. Every day I'm supposed to get wiser. Evolve thyself.” Done with that. I'm not saying all humans. I'm saying you. If you're listening, if you're here, done with that. Very strange concept and uncomfortable also. The evolving tends to be, again, a mental construct, an idea, literally an implant that has kept you spinning on this spiral, growing and growing. You even think that the spirit evolves. The divine evolves. No it doesn't.

< e2012 10 > When you're no longer trying to force or push the evolution of yourself, you come into one of these big “aha's.” Big “aha's.” And in that “aha” you realize there's nothing more to gain, there's nothing more to lose; there's nothing more to acquire or to aspire to. In that moment in which you may suddenly get the “aha,” at some point you suddenly realize that now, with no more evolution, it is about the living ascension. Now all of the wisdom that has been in the soul, all the wisdom that you have been, let's say, sharing with the soul – the soul, the consciousness – from everything you've been doing.

< e2012 10 > Now, you've got this being wonderful consciousness, and it is dripping with this wisdom. Now is the time to take this – this essence, this wisdom – and live it. That is truly what it's about right now. When you stop evolving, then you start living. When you stop doing your mental attempts at evolving, (a) you'll realize how unnatural it was; (b) you'll realize how incomplete it was; and (c) you'll realize that the real joy – you and Spirit now – being that wisdom, living it. Your consciousness, your Spirit wants to go into experience now.

< e2012 10 > The nectar, the essence, was basically put there in the beehive based on the input of experience; distilled into wisdom, distilled into beautiful essence – soul essence – and now it wants to come back into experience. Kind of an interesting evolution, kind of an interesting cycle, you would say. But in order to do so, it requires the end of the evolution as you have known it. No more mental evolution.