Star Wars


< New Earth 1 > And so it is that there came a time for Spirit to understand the balances of energies, for the struggle and the wars in the universes had been long and many. And all sides were tired. There did not seem to be a natural resolution so this place of Earth was created. The energies and the patterns of those energies were set into place and this grand thing called duality was put into force. And then there came the call to the greatest of the angels. These were the ones who had experienced the most and endured the most. They came to this place for what we have called the final experience of the First Creation.

< New Earth 2 > This split into two created opposites and separation. Over the period of time that separation has been in force, my friends, there have been many battles. Think of the battles that have taken place within your own consciousness and within your own heart. Think of the battles that have existed within your own human family. Think of the battles that have existed in your relationships with others. My friends, these battles have taken place over your entire planet in what you call World Wars. These battles have extended out into your universe. Even the movies that you know as "Star Wars" are depictions of what has taken place since the beginning of the separation.

< New Earth 5 > But the duality in your universe was important to help understand (again something far greater) what we have termed "the second creation." This duality, this difference between light and dark, has caused many battles, has caused much pain, has caused many of the horrors of your Earth history, but it has been appropriate. It has been appropriate.

< New Earth 5 > Earlier in what you would mark your calendar year (1999), there came an event before it was anticipated. There came an event where at the core level of the energy of your universe, there was an agreement between the poles, between the light and the dark. There was an agreement that the light and dark would return together as one again, as a result of the significant understandings and knowledge from the eons of battle and the eons of separation. Now, in reality they had always been one, but they had chosen to be different sides of the mirror (king and queen). They had chosen to understand for the betterment of the One through separation. And they now have chosen to come back together.

< Creator 7 > There is an ingrained fear within you, within all humans, of your creator powers. There is a reluctance to create once again, for it has been a long time, and there is still a shame and a guilt associated with what you perceive you have done in the past. There is an original sin that you perceive in yourself of crossing through this Wall of Fire. You feel you went too far. You feel that you battled in the energy of chaos in the process of the building of the void. Oh, dear friends, the battles that took place then would make Star Wars look like child’s play! So when we talk of using your true creator abilities, some of you may be taken aback. Some of you will wonder if this is the right thing and think perhaps that it is not time.

< Ascension 9 > We said earlier that when you left Home, the Kingdom, a finite amount of energy came with you. No new energy has ever been created outside of the First Circle. You have just changed and transformed the existing energy base. And do you remember when we have spoken to you about all things in the Second Circle coming to an impasse? The energies of the universe came to a standstill at one point. Duality could no longer re-express itself. It was the "star wars" period where energy could move forth no more. It came to an impasse. It stopped. That is when the Order of the Arc was created to find a solution to the impasse. Earth was created to find solution to the energetic impasse that occurred. When you gaze into the stars at night, you are looking at your past. When your scientists use the new, sophisticated telescopes to probe the universe, they are also looking at your past. They are looking at what you left behind, at what you created. That is what it is.

< Ascension 10QA > Indeed, we heard the discussion earlier on this day about your movie, "Star Wars." This is your past. This is your past. It was about duality. It was about the conflict between the light and dark. It was about individuals or groups trying to consume others for their energy. Again, as we have talked about, this was done because you were all trying to find your way back Home. You felt that if you could conquer others and take them over, then you could find your way back Home.

< DivineHuman 5QA > Do you know, dear friends, that your greatest fear is your ability to create? You worry that, left without walls, left without rules, and restrictions, and barriers, and filters, that you might create something ugly, or terrible. You think back to the days before you ever came to Earth when you were creating the physical universe, when there were great wars and great battles. And, you said to yourself, "I will NEVER express my power in that way again!" And, here you are, standing before us, asking why you can't create?

< DivineHuman 7 > When you open up to Spirit (divinity) within you, it does bring back old memories. It brings back memories from a time long, long ago before you came to Earth, when you were so powerful and so expressive, when you created grand things, and also destructive and terrible things. You shut down. As you open up again and learn to feel, it is a bit confusing and somewhat terrifying at first.

< NewEnergy 3QA > You are correct in your perception within this family. There are some very Old energies, but it is not a gray energy. It is an Old alien type of energy that is affecting everyone right now. There are changes that many are trying to make, but they feel inhibited because of this. Your presence with them has been important because they needed to see someone who can say, "I am God also." In a sense, there is - it is difficult to define - but they are battling back and forth still in a time long, long ago, but it is also present. They are still battling with each other, even as we speak right now, but it is an Old battle, you see. It is happening on a different dimensional level. They are trying to come to resolution. But they cannot find a balance within themselves. Parts of them are still here on Earth now, going through a lot of conflict, and a lot of drama, and dilemma.

< NewEnergy 4 > You think because of some of the - how to say - your perception of destruction and chaos, of working with the dark forces… you think that is something to be shameful of. You have carried that wound with you for so long. Some of you here allowed yourself to be enlisted by the dark forces. Oh, your movies (referring to the Star Wars movies) depict it so well. You go over to the dark side. You work for them because of your anger. And, then you feel guilty about it, and you make yourself suffer. We are talking about events that took place a long, long time ago, in a place far, far away. But, dear friends, it was only a breath away.

< NewEnergy 8 > And, for all of the lifetimes that you have ever spent here on Earth, what you have been doing is going back and reliving experiences that happened long before you came to Earth, long before you ever took on physical body - things that happened when you were in the angelic dimensions, trying to find a way back Home, trying to understand who you were and who others were. So many things happened… what you would call the battles. But, there were also many wonderful things.  We have said to our groups before that this movie series of yours - Star Wars, and even many of the sci-fi - are about things that happened so very long ago that are projected onto your screens and reenacted. You didn't have physical bodies then. You didn't travel in metal ships. But, the essence is the same.

< NewEnergy 9 > The other thing that limits the imagination that you have is the fear of being a Creator. You all know what this is like… the fear that you have. "If I am a full Creator in my own right… oh, my gosh, what if I cause more wars? What if I kill more people?" Shaumbra, you are beyond that! You have learned that lesson. Now, move beyond that. You are in a New place of balance. If you can hear these words, if you can feel our vibration, you are well beyond that. You don't need to worry about mis-creating, about creating something that is in imbalance. If you are fully present in the Now moment, if you are with us right now energetically, you don't have to worry about these things.

< NewEnergy 10QA > Indeed… this is going to be happening more and more with you - and with others - where the dreams become so much deeper and so much more mystical and, as you said, like a soul experience. And, indeed, they are because you are opening the imagination and going into a whole different level in your dreams also. You've all noticed your dreams shifting lately. You are going into different levels.

There is a different purpose now for your dreams. The dreams of the past in the Old Energy were designed to help - how to say - resolve issues. They were also designed to help live out different potentials of situations. But, now that is changing. And, the dreams are - how to say - your dream, in particular, was - finding the right words - it was an expression of how the divinity is going to be melding - and is melding - into your life right now. So, what was a dream to you will now also begin to happen in your everyday life of your waking Now state. It doesn't have to be a dream anymore.

< Embodiment 3QA > Yes, indeed… indeed… and as a human begins their whole awakening process and opening up, one of the first things that is affected is their dreams, which you have experienced. The dreams become much more intense, and sometimes it appears to be quite violent, or confusing, or dis-empowering.

The vast majority of these dreams have to do with times long before you ever came to Earth in what we call the Star Wars time and when you were in the Void. And, there were so many things that happened back then that all of us are still trying to understand, trying to come to terms with. When you go into your dream state, you almost immediately project back to these pre-Earth days, back when there was no physical body, trying to help understand and resolve the situation. You will literally pick up pieces or aspects of conflicting energy situations that happened back then. You will literally attempt to go back there through the dream state so that you can pull some of the energies into your Now reality, into this lifetime, to help them get resolved. You could say you're trying to go back there to rescue yourself.

Now, you don't have to do it that way anymore. You don't have to go back and go through the trauma of the dreams and relive so many of the things that have happened. You can literally allow those pre-Earth energy aspects of yourself to come to you now to be in this space with you. You have built a beautiful and safe house, meaning that in this lifetime you have created a very stable and a very healthy type of energy around you.

Now, you can invite all of those aspects of yourself - they are like your spiritual relatives - to come into your house. In your house you can heal them. You can help release them from the energies that they are tied up in. You can tell them about who you are. You can sit with them… and share the love you feel in your heart… the joy that you have for living… what you have learned about being in human form… and what Earth represents. So, invite them into your house. Then you can release them from the energy that they are currently bound in. You can release the spell, you see. And, you will no longer need these types of dreams affecting you.

< Embodiment 11 > Recently you had the introduction of this new movie, the "Star Wars," the return of the dark ones. This has been an incredible series, spanning nearly 30 years of time, nearly 30 years of your awakening time, Shaumbra. So many of you awoke, truly, truly awoke when you saw the first movie the first time. Perhaps, you didn't even consciously know it.

But, there was… there still is… or are triggers that are literally woven into the energetic fabric of this movie, the remembrance of what it used to be like. These movies are based more in fact than in fiction. Even though it happened a long, long time ago, it seems like it was in the future. Time becomes distorted.

In the movie the one goes over to the dark side, becomes the leader and the commander of the dark side, exploring what it is like. There is the other, Luke, who works on the light side. You see, Luke was training to be a warrior. But, when he went to his advanced training, he had to forget everything that he had learned in his previous training. He had to forget about how to hold the light saber. He had to forget about all of the routines. He had to forget about the controls that he learned, that he became disciplined in as a warrior. He had to let those go.

Remember when he ran into trouble, he heard the voice that came to him, the channeled voice that said, "Feel the force, Luke." It didn't say, "Think the force, Luke." It didn't say, "Analyze the force." (audience laughter). It said, "Feel the force, Luke. Let it flow through every part of your being. Get out of your mind. Let go of the controls. Forget everything you have learned."

And, Luke, like you, resisted this at first. He had learned his controls so well. He had learned how to handle himself through the mind, how to control his actions, his thoughts. And, it felt very uncomfortable letting all of that go.

But, once he (Luke) did, once he felt "the force" (divinity) and allowed it to race through him, allowed his mind to handle the things it was supposed to, but allowed "the force" to flow through, there was that golden feeling when he first did that. There was that feeling of euphoria. There was that feeling of remembrance when he connected once again with "the force." And, then it flowed. He knew what to do before he had to do it. He knew what his opponent was going to do even before his opponent did it. It was just there. It flowed.

Shaumbra, many of you have already experienced that. You have experienced that, would we call the divine knowing, that golden moment that transcends the normal state of human consciousness. That's the cosmic consciousness. It is the golden moment where you just know. You can't explain it to anyone. You can't even explain it yourself. You just know.

That is that moment when you let go of the controls… sometimes because you have to. Luke had to let go of the controls. He knew that he was out-maneuvered by his opponent. He knew that it was going to be certain death if he continued using his old warrior ways, his controlled warrior ways. He didn't have a choice. He had to let go.

You have a choice, of course. You're not in that predicament that Luke was in. But, yet there is a wonderful lesson to be learned about letting go of the control. Tobias spoke about that last month - totally letting go. Now, you've only just begun to scratch the surface of that. You've had your first experiences with letting go of control. We are going to encourage you to keep letting go.

There is this thing; it is called divinity. In the movie "Star Wars" it was called "the force." But, it is your divinity. It is all around you and inside of you. It doesn't belong somewhere else. It is not some removed energy. It is so close and so personal. Letting go of control allows that divinity to come in, allows that melding between human and divine. Letting go of control is a bit frightening at first. It takes getting used to. And, we know so many of you let go of some controls. You had some experiences with it in these last 30 days. As you continue to release those, you are going to come to this whole new understanding, the divine knowingness, the flow… then comes the radiance after that.

< Teacher 1 > Before you came to Earth back in what we call the star wars days... everything came to a standstill. Everything stopped. All of the energies stopped flowing. That is when it was decided to create this place called Earth to seek resolution to 'why.' Why all of the energies outside of Home came to a standstill. Well those energies have been waking up recently. Those energies have been coming back to life. If you could imagine just freezing everything, stopping everything until some resolution was reached on this place that you call planet Earth, some resolution was reached through the Order of the Arc.