original separation

1. separation of Oneness into the king and the queen; original split;
2. your separation from the Oneness/Home; original sin; original seal;
3. your separation into two side/duality;

< New Earth 2 > When the dynamics of your universe and your consciousness were originally created, it was that there was a "split." There was a split from what was once Oneness, or All That Is, into duality. There was a separation of energies and this was by design. This was for Spirit - for you - to understand more of creation and of energy. It is somewhat difficult to explain the rationale, but this split from oneness into two, into opposites, was of utmost importance for Spirit. This split into two created opposites and separation. Over the period of time that separation has been in force, my friends, there have been many battles.

< New Earth 2 > Even the movies that you know as "Star Wars" are depictions of what has taken place since the beginning of the separation. This is what you have lived with. This is the consciousness that you have accepted. You have played both parts. You have worked in the darkness. You have worked in the light.

< New Earth 2 > Now when this separation occurred - this creation of the opposites - it began at the very core in the center of All That Is. That has been referred to as the Great Central Sun - that which you know as God, the Eternal One. And the separation emanated out from the center into this creation (Second Creation), into this dimension of consciousness. A separation went forth like waves into all that existed. As the waves moved through the consciousness and through matter, it broke those pieces and thoughts and energies into two. Then each of you went into that consciousness of opposites and began your work.

< New Earth 2 > Do you remember when we said that from the source - from the Great Central Sun - there was a split that created opposites? It sent waves of separation out into your realities and consciousnesses. Within your recent time frame, my friends, the original seed (Oneness) that had been split (the King and the Queen) has re-melded. it has joined together again. it is in unity. But it is not like what it was before the split. The Oneness is expanded, with greater consciousness from all the work that has been done. From the very, very essence and center of all things, where this original split occurred, there has now been a melding.

< New Earth 2 > My friends, you have done much lightwork in the past, and you have wondered why you kept hitting the wall. Why did it feel like there were days you could never overcome the difficulties? From the core of all things, it was not possible for complete unity within yourself! If you wondered why there are days that were so difficult, it is because the consciousness of separation and opposites still existed from the very center of all things.

< New Earth 5 > Earlier in what you would mark your calendar year (1999), there came an event before it was anticipated. There came an event where at the core level of the energy of your universe, there was an agreement between the poles, between the light and the dark. There was an agreement that the light and dark would return together as one again, as a result of the significant understandings and knowledge from the eons of battle and the eons of separation. Now, in reality they had always been one, but they had chosen to be different sides of the mirror (king and queen). They had chosen to understand for the betterment of the One through separation. And they now have chosen to come back together.

< Creator 2 > You began to feel a rumble that you had never felt before. You began to feel an uncertainty that was never known within your being. You began to feel a disconnection from Spirit (original separation). In your perception, you began to feel that Spirit was no longer One. That created within you a sense of uncertainty and mistrust. It created within you a sense that all things perhaps were not what you thought they were. The rumbling was the first time that you felt Spirit, the Eternal One, did not have control of everything. You were living on the outer edge of the circle of the first creation. This is, in a sense, the impasse that we have talked of, where you could go no further.

< Creator 2 > What you are experiencing right now in your life is not about past lives! Your contracts are over. The rumbling that you are feeling, the experiences that you are coming to you at night, the terror in the night dreams, relate back to this feeling of the original separation. It is not about past lives. It is not even about you in this lifetime!

< Creator 2 > The biggest challenge will be the remembrance of the time when you lived at the outer edge of the All That Is. This is when you felt the original rumblings of duality and separation, and you lost trust in Spirit. This is what will be coming back to challenge you right now. It is not about your past lives. It is not even about this life. The nightmares you are having are about a different time and a different place and the original feeling of the rug being pulled out from underneath. We are reminding you of this at the very time we are asking you to trust in self. This will be the challenge.

< Creator 4 > And this was duality. You continued to create and experience at the edge of the first circle. And dear friends, this was a very challenging and difficult time. This is where you first felt disconnected from Spirit. It is when you first felt there was no longer a single harmony but rather an opposing duality. This was all part of the experience that you chose. There was no mistake in this. There was no mistake in what you were doing here.

< Creator 10 > When you move into Divine Will, you are transcending a duality and a separation that you have carried with you since the Wall of Fire. You are transcending the separation from Spirit you first experienced when you left the Kingdom. When you move into Divine Will it is about the Divine Will that comes from within you. It is connected and it is integrated with Spirit at the deepest levels of who you are. When you move into Divine Will you transcend the humanness (ego) that you have carried with you. You transcend the duality that has been part of you are ever since you have been on Earth. You move past the two into what we call The All. In the Divine Will there will be solutions that have never been there before. They have not been able to come through Free Will and duality. In the Divine Will there is not so much the consideration for just yourself, but there is a greater compassion and understanding for All That Is.

< Creator 12 > You woke into this (void), dear friends, carrying nothing with you from Home. In the metaphor it would mean that you had no luggage. You had no belongings. You had no real remembrances. You woke up into nothing. It was part of your new journey. It was part of your new adventure. And from this there was a tremendous sense of loneliness and separation and guilt and anger. When you woke up in the void after you left Home, after you left the original creation, there was nothing. The feelings of loneliness and separation and guilt and anger and sadness and the wanting to return back to wholeness and completeness have been with you ever since.

< Creator 12 > We ask you to consciously practice this. Set no agenda on it. Do not intellectualize it. Do not try to think your way into your divinity, for that will hurt! (chuckling) It will not feel so good! Simply breathe it in. This seed of divinity you brought from Home has been waiting for the appropriate time to come forward. And now as you are shifting into the new energy, it indeed is the right time. It indeed is time to have that new relationship with Spirit. That loneliness, that separation that you have felt for so long, dear friends, is ready to be filled, and it comes from within you. It comes from within.

< Master 5 > So the question is where did this energy come from in the first place? Good question. When you left Home - I'm going to put Home in a big cloud up here. You left Home, your own unique identity, your own consciousness - one of the first things you did was to separate, of course, from Home. So you … I'm going to show this as a way of depicting it, but - many different ways - but you basically separated yourself from Spirit. The original separation, the original seal. So you separated yourself from Spirit, pulled yourself apart.

< Master 5 > Next you created what would be a, you could say, a masculine/feminine aspect of yourself and a light and a dark and an inward looking and an outward looking. You created separation of yourself in many different ways. It was brilliant, because separation, diversity, division allowed you to see yourself, to know yourself, all in answer to the question that you asked - perhaps you shouldn't have - "Who am I? Who am I? Where am I? Why am I?" All of these questions of the consciousness caused you to separate. You now had a yin and yang. You had the mother/father, light and dark. You had all these different dualities within yourself.

< Master 5 > The moment a separation occurred, and to this day a moment separations do occur in a cosmic sense, it creates a desire to return, a desire to integrate back, a desire to become whole again. And that created energy (old energy). This desire to, yes, to experience yourself as masculine/feminine, light and dark, spirit/human, the desire to experience duality, to come to know yourself is grand, but there is a bigger desire and a bigger passion, and it's called "Come back together. Be one again. Infuse or meld back who I am."

< Master 5 > This illusion of separation - that's an important factor; an illusion of separation - created such an intense energy where only consciousness had existed, it created the energy to bring you back Home. That's how brilliant you are. Would you have separated yourself and not given yourself the tool to get back together? Would you have separated yourself and said "Maybe I'll be lost forever"? I don't think so. I don't think so. I know not.

< freedom 1 > There's an innate fear of freedom by any souled being. Why? Separation from Spirit. The ultimate. Separation – the perceived separation – from the eternal. The especially perceived fear, concern that in freedom, in basically untying yourself with the Eternal One, letting go, that you will cease to exist – or that you're going to go to hell or something like that – but something really bad will happen. It won't! There is the huge fear that if you take on your own I Am-ness that you're going to flounder, going to make mistakes. You see, this is all human thinking. Only a human would think like that. “I may do it wrong.” You can't do freedom wrong. You can just do it, but you can't do it wrong.

< freedom 2 > The first forgiveness is for separation. There is a guilt, a shame that you are carrying around – and been carrying around for a long time – that you did something wrong by getting separated. Did you really get separated from Spirit? No. You, you … there's a very deep wound that you have from that – it goes way, way back to when you crossed through the Wall of Fire a long time ago, but it's also very current, very present – and you keep repeating separation over and over, trying to learn something new.