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< freedom 1 > So now I want to give my answer – it's going to be a little bit of an odd answer – to what is freedom. Or specifically, how can you give yourself freedom right now? One very simple word, for lack of a better word. The issue at hand for you, the planet, Spirit, everyone, everything – the real transition, the real end of the old world issue – there is one thing as it applies to you in your life. One very simple thing. It's that word “forgiveness.” That's it. Forgiveness.

< freedom 2 > To be free it's important to forgive yourself. Not in the old Catholic or parochial way, sorry Pope. Not in an old religious way where you run around suffering your forgiveness. Not at all. True forgiveness is saying, “That wasn't me. Sorry. Looked like me, sounded like me. It actually wasn't, believe it or not! That was not me that did that. That was not me that was offensive, abusive or whatever else. That was not me that gambled away our house payment. It really wasn't. Truly wasn't.” That's forgiveness.

< freedom 2 > So the point, the moral of the story is – that's the simplified version of forgiveness – “It wasn't me. It was an aspect. It was yesterday. I'm not going to carry around that old luggage – emotional, physical, painful luggage – anymore.” That is freedom. That's a tough one, and most of you aren't going to do it. You'll think about it.

< freedom 2 > Is it more responsibility to carry your past? Which really isn't your past, you're going to see, because your past is not what you think it is. Your past is a series of potentials, most of which have never been realized or understood. None of them – or very few of them – actually manifested, but you believe it's your past because of programming. But your past can be changed the moment you say, “That was not my past.” Suddenly, your past really isn't a series of chronological linear events that took place. Suddenly, your past is no longer history or his-story. Suddenly, the past is but one of many potentials or options that could have been played out. And now, literally, the moment you release yourself from your past, you suddenly realize how you can also change it tomorrow.

< freedom 2 > The first forgiveness is for separation. There is a guilt, a shame that you are carrying around – and been carrying around for a long time – that you did something wrong by getting separated. Did you really get separated from Spirit? No. You, you … there's a very deep wound that you have from that – it goes way, way back to when you crossed through the Wall of Fire a long time ago, but it's also very current, very present – and you keep repeating separation over and over, trying to learn something new.

< freedom 2 > So you have this anxiety, and the first thing about forgiveness is let go of that separation. You didn't get lost. You really didn't get separated. You just took a different path to have a different type of experience. So let's right now do some forgiveness. Remember forgiveness is saying, “Mm, wasn't me. And I didn't really get lost, and I really didn't get separated.” You never did, at all. And the moment you do, the moment you take that deep breath in your radiance, it suddenly changes the dynamics so that tomorrow isn't going to be another today.

< freedom 2 > Second forgiveness and more traditional – sin. Sin, karma, destiny and fate – they're all the same. Different words for the exact same energetic dynamic. There is no sin, there's no karma – unless you want there to be. Oh, it's been pounded into you, drilled into you. Eh, it's an interesting concept, but it's just not true. Sin begets sin. Do you realize that? Sin. And you're told – many of you are told – you have original sin. Oh! And if sin begets sin, you're in for a wagonload of trouble!

< freedom 2 > Selfishness. Selfishness. Who said that selfish was bad? Your mother! Your father, your priest, the church, anybody – everybody – your brothers, your sisters, your lovers, your teachers. The list goes on and on. They're the ones that said it. There's nothing wrong with being selfish unless you believe in sin and separation. So let's do a forgiveness on all the Old Energy around 'selfish,' and from this moment on let's put a good energy on that, a pleasing, joyful energy on taking care of yourself, loving yourself. Hardest thing a human will ever do and the greatest thing a human will ever do – love themselves. Easier to love somebody else, of course.

< freedom 2 > And one last one for our list … stupid. It's the only “s” word I could think of that related to giving yourself a hard time for doing what you call are the wrong things. Let's do a little bit of forgiveness, because that wasn't you that's stupid. And you're not stupid. There's nothing stupid. You're in the midst of experience. You're starting to understand that you can choose your experience – how you want to have it, how you want to become enlightened.

< Discovery 4 > Where at one point you had felt like a mighty grand being, royalty, boss, the big guy, the big lady, power and everything else, and suddenly coming face to face with your own soul who doesn't see you quite that way. Your soul who says, “What was that lifetime about?” Suddenly, falling into the abyss, seeing the ghosts of yourself and of your past, and then what? To raise you up from those depths and that darkness, then what? Forgiveness of yourself. Taking a deep breath and releasing all of that guilt, all of that shame. Not an easy thing to do. Saying, not just saying in your head, but saying, “I release myself. These were experiences in a lower consciousness in a less awareness time. These were part of my experiences and everyone else's.”