energy of sin / seal of sin

the fourth of the Seven Seals; the fourth chakra;
energy of guilt;

< DivineHuman 12 > Dear friends, in the Fourth Seal is the energy of Sin, It is also the guilt you have carried for so very long. It is deeply embedded within you and is part of the human spiritual condition. Sin and guilt - the same thing. You have carried guilt about leaving Home. You have carried guilt for trying to annihilate or consume other angels in the times long past, the times during the creation of the stars and the galaxies, long before you ever took on physical form. You have carried guilt because you've been told that you do things that are less worthy of the love of God.

You have carried the energy of sin and guilt within you. It has been part of your human spiritual condition. As you open this up, you will realize that there was never a reason to feel guilty, that there was no such thing as sin. There is ONLY experience.

So, dear friends, with the love in your heart and the tears from your eyes, allow the Fourth Seal to open. Release yourself from the burdens of sin and that guilt that you have carried for so very long. In the New Energy there is no such thing as sin. There is nothing to be guilty of.

Let no man, woman, or church ever tell you that you have done wrong in the eyes of God. It is all about experience.

In the New Energy you have a balance within where you will not be compelled to do things that are against the will or the love of another man… or woman… or of Earth… or any living object, because you have a greater understanding of their journey. You will have great a compassion for them, such a compassion that you can watch them do heinous things to themselves and still love them. Release the sin and guilt. And, as teachers of the New Energy, help others to move through this very difficult hurdle, this very difficult chakra.

< freedom 2 > Second forgiveness and more traditional – sin. Sin, karma, destiny and fate – they're all the same. Different words for the exact same energetic dynamic. There is no sin, there's no karma – unless you want there to be. Oh, it's been pounded into you, drilled into you. Eh, it's an interesting concept, but it's just not true. Sin begets sin. Do you realize that? Sin. And you're told – many of you are told – you have original sin. Oh! And if sin begets sin, you're in for a wagonload of trouble!