taking energy / taking over / feeding off

energy stealing;  energy consuming;

< Creator 7 > You were in chaos. There were terrible wars in your universe. This was a time where the concept of killing and death first began to appear. There was anger towards others and towards yourself. There were groups that roved in the ever-solidifying universe, trying to take power from others. They thought that if they took power and energy from another being, it would raise their vibration and send them back home to the kingdom.

< Creator 11QA > On our side of the veil we do not have money like you, but we always exchange energy. When you first crossed through the Wall of Fire and went into the void there were those who tried to take other’s energies, thinking that by stealing one’s energy they could then have the fuel, they could then have the secret, to return back to the Kingdom. That is how energy stealing started in the first place!

< Creator 12 > Along your many journeys, dear friends, there was no real remembrance of Home. In the battles and the wars out in your universe that you were engaged in, it was all about trying to find a way Home. It was trying to take energy from others, other entities and other angels. You fought with them, hopefully to take enough of their energy to get you back Home. But as you know, that did not work. That did not work. That is why there have been the battles. That is why there have been the conflicts. That is why you still have conflicts here on Earth. People are still trying to take energy from one another, trying to take things, information, love… still trying to find their way back Home, still in that deep sorrow, still wanting to reconnect. That is why you have so much sadness at times, and the deep, deep desire to be Home.

< Ascension 3 > Now, we have been asked if there are dark forces on our side of the veil. It is an interesting question, difficult to answer in human words, but we will attempt to define this. We do not look at it with the type of judgment that you do. But there are entities and even groups or families on our side of the veil that are also resisting change. They are very comfortable with the power that they have. They do not want to lose that power. They fear they will lose their identity if they give up any of their power, so they tend to become isolated. They tend to cluster together in packs. They tend to go off on their own. They like to establish their own energetic empires. Now, these same beings at times get tired of being with themselves, so they go out and try to take energy from others. They try to steal energy.

< Ascension 7 > Speaking of agenda and of recent events in your world (9-11), there are those who have agenda for terrorism, for dominance over other humans and control over other humans. It is an old agenda. It comes from the time when you left Home, when you were trying to consume another entity’s energy as a way to get back into the Kingdom, as a way to get Home. Wars are as old as the very time you left Home.

< Ascension 10 > we know that you are ready to release this old game of light and dark. You are ready to release that energy, the fear that if you do not hold on tightly to duality that you will be consumed by some evil force. That is old, dear friends. It does not apply anymore. There is no entity out there who can take you over… other than, yes, for the one who just asked… a spouse does that from time to time. (audience laughter) But, entities from our side cannot do that. Even if Metatron or Michael chose to take you over right now, to consume you and to influence you, they cannot. None can. You hold and own your own divinity!

< Ascension 10QA > Indeed, we heard the discussion earlier on this day about your movie, "Star Wars." This is your past. This is your past. It was about duality. It was about the conflict between the light and dark. It was about individuals or groups trying to consume others for their energy. Again, as we have talked about, this was done because you were all trying to find your way back Home. You felt that if you could conquer others and take them over, then you could find your way back Home.

< DivineHuman 2 > We do not have to eat on this side. Some of you think that we have to eat food like you do. We do not. We gain energy… we bring in energy in one of several ways. One is to consume another entity, to go gobble them up, take their energy! But, dear friends, all of us, including you, learned a long, long time ago that this does not work. This does not work, for it is a hunger that cannot be satisfied if you try to consume another entity. The other thing we do is sit in our moment and our space by ourselves, breathing. Indeed, we breathe! We breathe energies in and energies out. You breathe - so you think you breathe - air. You are really breathing energy. We breathe in the pulse of All That Is, of Home. We can feel it here. We can feel the pulse of Home here. So, we breathe that in, and we release it. That feeds us. That is our food and our sustenance.

< DivineHuman 2 > On our side of the veil, we meld with other entities. There was a time on our side of the veil when this was shunned, in a way. There was a time long, long ago, long before Earth was created when we feared this melding. This was a time when entities consumed and battled with other entities. We were afraid to go outside of our own energetic shell. But, now, so many of us here have learned how to do that. It is a blessed thing. I can go in and feel another entity and allow them to feel me. We maintain our own unique identities, but for a moment we meld them together.

< DivineHuman 5 > On the New Earth there is no need to seek a partner or a mate to be part of your life. You will be complete unto yourself. You are whole unto yourself. But, on the New Earth you will find that you can easily meld and blend your energy with another entity if you choose. You can become part of them and part of their experience. You will understand everything their soul has ever gone through. You can literally view it from within them. But, on the New Earth you do not need to consume them. They do not need to consume you. You are whole and complete unto yourself.

< DivineHuman 6 > We realize that there is something that we need to look at and address. It is drama, drama. (audience laughter) We have all been going through it lately. In a sense, we don't know another way. We have become so embedded in drama that we think that everything in life is about drama. As Shaumbra, we know that drama can be fun, but it can also deprive us of energy, take energy away from us, valuable energy that we need.

< DivineHuman 8 > In our gathering last month, you acknowledged that power was an illusion. Therefore, dear friends, when you open up, when you allow yourself to feel once again, you do not need to worry about somebody intruding on your space or energy. You see, you have closed down so much. You have put up those barriers so that another entity could not control you, consume you, steal your energy, control your mind, control your life, or enslave you in any way.

< NewEnergy 3 > Now is their agenda coming forth on the Earth. That is why you, Shaumbra, can start seeing it physically manifest in front of you. That is why sometimes you can be with certain humans and feel nauseous or feel that something is trying to consume you, or sometimes feel that something is trying to take all of your energy away. So, with all of the energies now moving intensely, headed towards a point of quantum leap in consciousness, which is four years away, and with your new insights and understandings, you can begin to see these "hidden" agendas.

< NewEnergy 6 > You didn't feel safe with the energies around you, from other people. You created this thing of "white light" that you encased yourself in and shut yourself off from the rest of the world, using it as a tool because you didn't feel safe. You felt like the other energies of humans were going to attack you and devour you. You didn't feel safe, so you created your own little island. You entombed yourself from outside energies… afraid to touch people at times… afraid of germs… afraid of energies. So, you shut yourself off.

< Embodiment 4 > Yes, indeed, there have been times when who you thought you were, when your identity was shattered by yourself, deliberately, where it was taken over by another being, deliberately, and at some level by agreement. Shaumbra, the energy of the unit of yourself - the energy of you, that angel, you, that aspect of Spirit - has always been there and always will. It was created for you and shall always be. It can never be taken away. It can never be destroyed. Nobody can ever take it from you.

< Embodiment 5 > But, dear Shaumbra, as you are grounded, fully present, these energies (Metatoron) come in to help you release some of the energy that you have been holding. Some of these energies that have wanted to stay with you haven't wanted to leave. You see, as much as you have difficulty releasing some of the energies you have been holding - the energies of family, or the energies of past lives, or energies of Gaia - some of these do not want to leave you. Some of them are so attached to you.

Some of them are so used to feeding off of you… yes, feeding off of you like a child, a baby feeding off its mother. It continues to feed off of you. It continues to help you perpetuate a story… you see. It doesn't want you to let go of the story because that Old aspect thinks that if you let it go that it will go out of existence. It doesn't. It truly doesn't go out of existence. Anything that has ever happened or ever been created always exists. But, there are aspects, perhaps, of past lives, or even aspects of you in this lifetime that want to be held. Being held can be comforting. Being held can be loving.

< Embodiment 6 > But, Shaumbra, at your core you are a Creator. There is no need to truly worry about what was done in the past because it has gotten you here. It has gotten you to this point. No matter what you think, you've truly never killed anyone. A soul cannot die. It simply comes back in a new form. You can never truly take another's energy away, even though you have tried. Sooner or later you have to let it out because it's not yours. You have to release it. So, Shaumbra, many of you have been playing victim, and it has held you back. No longer blame anything else… unless that's the way you want to live. Take full responsibility. And, as you do, you will understand how Creator energies truly work.

< Embodiment 6 > If you don't like something, if you don't like things in your life, or any of your life, you can change it. How do you do that? First you acknowledge that you are ready for a change, and you are willing to go through what it takes, which all of you have. Then, Shaumbra, you begin to change how you are feeling on the inside. You begin taking a look at how you are creating these things. Are you playing the role of the victim? If you are, you will always have victim experiences happen to you. Are you playing the role of the disempowered? Then you will always have things that come into your life that take your power away.

< Embodiment 6QA > We don't feel any of you should place any rules or restrictions about sexuality. In other words, you shouldn't say that it has to be this way or it has to be that. There is not a right or a wrong in it from our concern. However, as a Creator and as a human who has a sense of responsibility, understand the implications with your mate. If your mate feels comfortable with this, that is one thing. If they are not, then you have some decisions to make with yourself. There is nothing wrong with having multiple partners. However, many have abused this in the past, for they have sought to take energy and power from other people. Sexuality is the fastest way to abuse another person, to literally take their energy, to use it to feed yourself. Sexuality can be a highly addictive energy.

< Embodiment 8 > So, I had to learn to let go of everything… everything… 100 percent. I had to learn to let go of every belief system. And, that's where I came to understand what hypnosis is. We'd never talked about this thing called hypnosis back in the temples. But, that's exactly what it was - belief systems that can be like demons, like monsters… needing to feed off of more energy… needing more and more energy… needing you to create more stories… in other words, taking a neutral state of being (potential), turning it into energy. It's a vicious and mad cycle. A belief system needs to continue feeding. So, it needs you to continue creating story. It needs you to make your story bigger. You see… you see how this works? It is a very interesting dynamic… until you walk out of it… until you walk out.

< Clarity 1QA > This energy of incest is perhaps one of the strongest forces for taking or imprisoning the energy of another human. But, far beyond just their human energy, it goes into their spirit energy. It is a way of enslavement or entrapment. It establishes some of the most wicked karmic energies between two people.

And, we don't want to dishonor this subject with a very brief answer, but rather to say that any time there are sexual energies involved it is the easiest way to steal energy from another. And, it crosses over from lifetime to lifetime. There might have been an incident in one lifetime of sexual abuse or incest, and that energy crosses over. The enslavement of another person or another soul carries over from lifetime to lifetime.

Some of you have carried, did carry, over energies from other lifetimes into this based on sexual abuse, and then found yourself trapped in it again, perhaps somebody else doing it to you. Some of you have been psychically manipulated by non-physical beings into actually thinking that you were being physically abused. This came to you in dream states or in altered states of being because those old connections from past lives are still ingrained.

< Clarity 3 > Evil is essentially stealing of energy, taking of energy. It started out as a simple thing. One being wanted to take energy from another, felt that would make them stronger, or smarter, or give them the answer on how to get back Home. And, when consuming one, or trapping, stealing their energy didn't work, they tried others. When that didn't work, they teamed up together in groups or families. And, they went and attacked other groups or families on the angelic realms. And, it has been going on ever since we left Home. Stealing energy… that is all evil is… trying to take away from another what belongs to them.

< Clarity 3QA > Those forces who do attempt to control - who are based in fear or directly based in evil - will continue, will try to continue to do their work, especially over these next few years. Whether they are terrorists or politicians - and not much difference between the two (much laughter) - or any other beings, whether they're large companies or small, they're finally going to realize what you have already realized: you are sovereign in your own right. You don't need to steal someone else's energy. You don't have to try to take away from another. It is actually easier to create on your own as a sovereign being rather than trying to take somebody else's energy for power. Ultimately, you can have what you choose as a Creator unto yourself, rather than having to take it from others.

< Clarity 8 > When we bring our energy in close, we find that we get caught, not in the Shaumbra issues but, right now literally as I, Tobias, am here talking with you, I can feel the heaviness of Earth. I can feel the drain of mass consciousness. When I am in a state like this with you, there are those who are in the near realms - they are not in a physical body - but they even come in. And they want to take energy.

< Teacher 2 > You see when you give your energy away, your energy balance to someone else, all of a sudden you're going to get energy hungry. You're going to want to get some energy, but you're not feeling real good about yourself. You're not feeling worthy, you're not feeling appreciated or, more than anything else, you're not feeling energy balanced. So you're going to go out and get some energy junk food. You're going to go steal some energy somewhere else.

< Teacher 2 > Now, you pretend that you're spiritual and that you would never do that, but I beg to differ with you. You do it all the time. You're constantly stealing from other people. You don't call it stealing, you just say that you're trying to do the right thing... you're trying to - let's say - even help someone... you're trying to better yourself. You're stealing. A bit of Saint-Germain here!

< Teacher 9QA > All Shaumbra have the potential to understand the true magnificence of the sexual energy and to understand that, more than anything, it is just self love. It is not necessarily physical, not even necessarily about what you would term pleasure.

Pleasure - we could do a long dissertation about that - but pleasure ... there's still very old Atlantean implants based on pleasure. It is a trigger. Used inappropriately it can be a method for stealing energy from others, entrapping them, manipulating them and controlling them. So there is always that fine line, that fine balance. You have to answer the question within yourself.

I would give you one hint though. If it is just about sex, whether it is in a physical act with a physical human or in the perception of a physical act with a non-human, I would take another look at it, because there is so much more to sex than the physical. Sex can be enjoyed ... Saint-Germain says he can bring a person to a point of orgasm without it becoming physical or even what you would say is even sexual. It is an energy exchange that is equal and balanced, but more than anything else, has to start at home. It is about self love.

What happens if you are not in a place of self love, when you go out and have physical or even non-physical sexual relations you will find yourself ... you're going to be feeding off of others. You're going to be looking for completion. When you can absolutely love yourself then you will absolutely understand what this whole thing is about energy exchanging and you won't be using terms like "divine prostitute" anymore.

< QuantumLeap 1 > A lot of you have this almost undefinable demon that something is going to consume you - something external - and it's just going to come in gobble you up. The churches portray this through Satan or Lucifer as a being who's going to take your soul for eternity. No soul can take any other soul. It doesn't work. It just doesn't. Yes, for a period of time you can create the illusion, but ultimately no one can have your soul for eternity. Nobody actually wants it for eternity!

< QuantumLeap 2 > Ultimately, in the bad parts of the angelic neighborhoods, when an angel takes over another being, it doesn't last. It can't last. Every angelic being, every human being is also a sovereign divine being by birthright. It's not something that you have to earn. It's not a badge that you achieve after so many eons of lifetimes. You started with it. You started with a divine sovereign self. You just kind of got away from it, like all of us did. You kind of went for the experience - what was it like to get away from sovereignty? What was it like to get away from being singular and you to being very, very multiple, very, very scattered in so many different ways?

< QuantumLeap 2 > So, one angelic being trying to steal from another. It doesn't work, ultimately. It can't work. The, what you call, physics won't allow it to work, so eventually the being who is taken over has to come back into their own consciousness. And the point where they come back into their consciousness is when they stop fighting it, you see. When they stop resisting it. When they stop tormenting against it. When they stop trying to figure it out. When they let go.

< (Next) 8 > A lot of sexual energy feeding taking place, going on, and a lot of relationship issues, mostly based on energy feeding. Most relationships in the Old Energy were based on feeding. Really. Relationships were meant to fill the void of your masculine/feminine imbalance or your karmic imbalance or your doubt imbalance or … It doesn't need to be. The greatest relationship in the world is the relationship with yourself. When you have an intimate loving relationship with yourself, then any other relationship can be so beautiful and liberating and joyful and unencumbered. You can actually enjoy life with another human. That is a true gift. And it can be sexually.

< (Next) 10 > Their agendas - oh, they feel very righteous about this, very righteous - but what they're doing all the time is sucking the energy, sucking the life force, and feeding themselves. Ultimately, stealing energy. And, as ridiculous as it sounds, stealing energy to try to get back Home when they actually don't believe in a home. But yet something, even in the darkest being - dark meaning empty of consciousness, very little consciousness - even in the darkest of these beings, there's that little speck of light, meaning some consciousness or awareness. And that little something is trying to get back home. Ah! Ha ha ha! Yes, a dual-ality, it is.